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  1. Jan 2022
    1. edito

      edo, edire; = perexcelsus

    2. perstringere

      perstringo: tie up; touch upon

    3. ordiri

      ordio, -ire: to begin to weave (literally or figuratively)

    4. coarguitur

      coarguo, -ere: prove guilty

    5. infitiandi

      gerund, active in voice infitior, ari - to deny

    6. Qui

      "How" (Qui can also be ablative, in an archaic form)

    7. adamasti

      ad+amo, amare

    8. defertur

      see note on deferunt in 99

    9. deferunt

      defero can specifically mean reporting to the officials, giving information, ratting someone out, petitioning for action

    10. aeditumi

      = custos (aedes + tueor)

    11. bucina

      a trumpet

    12. num

      "whether" (introduces an indirect question)

    13. Noli

      Second person singular imperative of nolo, nolle

    14. arulae

      diminutive form of ara, arae, f.

    15. signa

      can mean "signs" generally, but here means sculptures or statues

  2. Dec 2021
    1. Numquam tam male est Siculis quin aliquid facete et commode dicant, velut in hac re aiebant in labores Herculis non minus hunc immanissimum verrem quam illum aprum Erymanthium referri oportere

      Numquam tam male est Siculis

      • quin aliquid facete et commode dicant,
      • velut in hac re aiebant
      • **in labores Herculis non minus hunc immanissimum verrem quam illum aprum Erymanthium referri oportere

      quin - "but that," "that...not" verres, -is = aper, apri - wild boar (a pun on Verres' name) refero, referre - to report, relate, tell the story of facete - cleverly, facetiously

    2. sigilla perparvula

      diminutives of signum and parvus

    3. fors

      fors, fortis - luck, chance

    4. vectibus

      vectis, -is - lever

    5. convulsis repagulis ecfractisque valvis

      ablative absolute<br> convulsus - shaken, torn apart<br> repagula, -ae - bolt<br> valva, -ae - door

    6. clavis ac fustibus

      clava, -ae and fustis, -is are both types of cudgel/club

    7. mulcati

      mulco, -are - to beat

    8. rictum eius ac mentum

      rictus, -i, n. smile/mouth <br> mentum, -i, n. chin

    9. praefuisse

      praesum, praeesse: to be in charge of (the thing you're in charge of goes in the dative)

    10. commodaturum

      commodo, -are - to lend future active participle (esse implied makes it a future infinitive)

    11. veri simile

      "similar to the truth" = "plausible" or "likely"

    12. pecuniarum captarum

      These are all genitives of legal charge <br> pecuniam + capio = take a bribe (or maybe extort money, here?)

    13. tamquam

      "as though," "as if"

    14. spectat

      specto, -are can mean "pertain to" or "be relevant to"

    15. peculatus

      <"peculation" in English - embezzling public funds

    16. opus est

      "there is need of" + ablative or nominative (+ dative of the person who needs it)

    17. disposite

      in an organized/orderly way

    18. obriguisset

      obrigesco: to go stiff or rigid

    19. usque eo

      "up to that point" or "to that degree" (usque = as far as)

    20. divaricari

      divarico, -are - to spread out

    21. caederetur

      caedo, caedere - to strike, beat, cut down, or kill (not in this case, though)

  3. Nov 2021
  4. Oct 2021
    1. glissades

      a way of sliding down a steep slope of snow or ice, typically on the feet with the support of an ice axe.

    2. meristem

      a formative plant tissue usually made up of small cells capable of dividing indefinitely and giving rise to similar cells or to cells that differentiate to produce the definitive tissues and organs.

  5. Aug 2021
    1. derrick

      "A machine for hoisting and moving heavy objects, consisting of a movable boom equipped with cables and pulleys and connected to the base of an upright stationary beam." - thefreedictionary.com

    2. grove

      a small wood, orchard, or group of trees. -Oxford Dictionaries

  6. Jan 2021
  7. Jun 2019
    1. wasteful

      Adjective:(of a person, action, or process) using or expending something of value carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.

  8. May 2019
  9. Jan 2019
    1. Of course men haven't been discriminated against as much a women in the work place. Men are "meant" to do jobs in STEM, while women aren't really seen in the STEM program as much. Women deserve to be recognized in anything as much as men are they're just as good.

  10. Dec 2018
    1. NewsNightly NewsMeet the PressDatelineMSNBCTODAYSearchSponsored ByHalf of women in STEM have experienced gender discrimination at work, study finds Share this —U.S. newsHalf of women in STEM have experienced gender discrimination at work, study finds An Assistant Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology works on stem cells.Spencer Platt / Getty Images filemps._execAd("interstitial");Breaking News EmailsGet breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.SUBSCRIBEJan. 9, 2018 / 2:26 PM CST / Updated Jan. 9, 2018 / 2:26 PM CSTBy Elizabeth ChuckHalf of all women working in science, technology, engineering and math have experienced gender discrimination at work, according to a new study released the day after a disgraced Google engineer filed a lawsuit claiming white conservative men are the true victims of Silicon Valley.James Damore was fired from Google after writing a 10-page memo citing women's "neuroticism" as a reason there are fewer female workers in high-stress jobs at the search giant. The lawsuit he filed Monday argues that Google was so overly concerned with filling gender and racial quotas that it was hurting male employees as well as potential male employees.Video Will Begin In...3Fired Google engineer James Damore defends his manifesto about diversityAug. 10, 201702:34But a study out on Tuesday from the Pew Research Center, which polled more than 4,900 workers in the U.S., found that in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), only 19 percent of men said they had experienced gender discrimination at work, versus 50 percent of women.mps._execAd("boxinline");In certain STEM subsets, the proportion of women reporting discrimination was even higher: 78 percent of those who work in majority-male workplaces reported gender discrimination, followed by 74 percent of those working in computer jobs.Even outside of STEM, the numbers were high, with 41 percent of women in non-STEM jobs saying they've dealt with discrimination, the Pew study found."The challenges that women in STEM face often echo the challenges of all working women," said Cary Funk, lead author of the report and Pew's director of science and society research. "What the study does is take a broad-based look at the issues facing the STEM workforce. I think they really speak to the complex issues surrounding diversity in the workplace."The Pew study, which was conducted last July and August, before Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal led to a national reckoning, also polled women on sexual harassment. Both groups were equally likely to say they had experienced sexual harassment at work — 22 percent.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,1,false);Both groups were less likely than their male counterparts to think that women are "usually treated fairly" when it comes to opportunities for promotion and advancement.RecommendedVideo Will Begin In...3Penny Marshall, famed actress and comedian, dead at 75Video Will Begin In...3Actress Penny Marshall dead at 75Damore's viewpoint, both in and outside of Google, is disputed. Google faces a separate suit filed by three women who allege the company pays women less than men for similar work and gives them less opportunity for promotions, bonuses and raises — a claim Google denies.Stephanie Newby, the CEO of Crimson Hexagon, an artificial intelligence company that provides consumer insights based on publicly available data, said she was "not at all surprised" by Pew's findings.In 2004, Newby founded Golden Seeds, an investment firm that provides capital to women-led businesses. At Crimson Hexagon, she said she has made a point of hiring and promoting qualified female candidates after seeing first-hand the challenges that women entrepreneurs and women in male-oriented jobs face.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,2,false);"We need environments where women can thrive, not be cornered about how they look or have to think about the kinds of things that make them worry about being different or trying to prove themselves, because so much energy can be expended on that instead of getting the job done," she said. "I think it provides a competitive advantage for us that we have women in senior positions."by Taboolaby TaboolaSPONSORED STORIESNationLandlines Are Disappearing with This Increasingly Popular OptionNationUndoExperianWhat is Alternative Credit Data?ExperianUndoby Taboolaby TaboolaSPONSORED STORIESDroneX ProThis $99 Drone Might Be The Most Amazing Invention In 2018DroneX ProUndoMy Smart Gadgets19 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out This YearMy Smart GadgetsUndoUSA TodayMilitary Dad Comes Home To Unexpected ReactionUSA TodayUndogo.gadgetspost.com23 Cool Products Flying Off Shelves These Holidaysgo.gadgetspost.comUndoMicrosoft AzureHere’s What Makes An Azure Free Account So Valuable...Microsoft AzureUndoGadgets PostThe 19 Best Products Of 2018 RankedGadgets PostUndoTactical WatchMilitary Watch Everybody in United States is Talking AboutTactical WatchUndoTact WatchFinally. The Smart Watch Every Man In United States Has Been Waiting For!Tact WatchUndoU.S. newsSenate passes sweeping criminal justice reform billThe House is expected to take up the Senate version of the bill at a later date before sending it to the president.Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell speaks during a news conference on negotiations to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government on Capitol Hill on Dec. 18, 2018.Michael Reynolds / EPABreaking News EmailsGet breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.SUBSCRIBEDec. 18, 2018 / 8:02 PM CST / Updated 8:38 PM CSTBy Rebecca Shabad and Phil HelselWASHINGTON — The Senate passed a huge criminal law reform bill on Tuesday night, seizing on bipartisan support for the broadest set of changes to federal crime statutes in a generation.A rare coalition of conservatives, liberals, activists, prosecutors and defense attorneys — spanning the political spectrum — pushed senators to pass the "First Step Act" by a final vote of 87-12.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,3,false);The House is expected to take up the Senate version of the bill at a later date. The House passed a similar version of the bill back in May by a wide margin, 360-59.President Donald Trump announced in November that he backs the legislation.Supporters of the bill claim that changes passed in the Senate would make America's criminal justice system fairer, reduce overcrowding and save taxpayer dollars — much to the benefit of drug and non-violent offenders.The bill would not affect state prisons. It only covers federal prisoners, who make up less than 10 percent of America's prison population.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,4,false);Trump quickly jumped on Twitter to hail the bill’s passage, and said "America is the greatest Country in the world and my job is to fight for ALL citizens, even those who have made mistakes.""This will keep our communities safer, and provide hope and a second chance, to those who earn it. In addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved. I look forward to signing this into law!” the president tweeted.Durbin: Kushner 'very important partner' in passing criminal justice reform billDec. 18, 201802:44The Senate bill overcame late obstacles by Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and John Kennedy, R-La.RecommendedSchool district police officer hit and run caught on cameraMcConnell convinced government shutdown won't happenCotton railed against the First Step Act as a "jailbreak" and said too many crimes were being included to allow prisoners consideration for early release.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,5,false);Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in urging senators to reject an amendment sponsored by Cotton, said “this law is centered towards those people that are the least violent people that are in prison already," and that “we’re only going to help low-level offenders.""Let's see if we can keep our bipartisan coalition together, to pass a bill that the president said that he is ready to sign," Grassley said. The amendment was defeated.A major provision of the bill gives judges more leeway to diverge from strict mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders with criminal histories.House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., tweeted after the Senate vote: "Criminal justice reform is about giving more Americans a chance at redemption. The House looks forward to sending it to the president to become law."Rebecca ShabadRebecca Shabad is a congressional reporter for NBC News, based in Washington.Phil HelselPhil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.David K. Li and Frank Thorp V contributed.MORE FROM newsAboutContactCareersPrivacy policyTerms of ServiceSiteMapAdvertiseAdChoices© 2018 NBC UNIVERSAL

      What is our praxis here? What do we advocate for here? The whole article is just stating problems.

  11. gutenberg.net.au gutenberg.net.au
    1. jointure

      An estate settled on a wife for the period during which she survives her husband, in lien of a dower.


    2. dowager

      A widow with a title or property derived from her late husband.


    3. coruscations

      Flashes or sparkles.

    4. pales

      Pales are the stakes of a fence that represent a property boundary.


    5. supernumerary

      (adj) present in excess of the normal or requisite number


    6. half mulatto

      The definition of "mulatto" according to an American census in 1850 is a person who "has from 3/8th to 5/8th black blood." There were no instructions on how to determine the percentage of African ancestry, besides the use of previous censuses and even skin colour. The British and later Americans with Caucasian ancestry were very particular in describing how much African ancestry a person had, which lead to specific rules and regulations on their behaviour.

      Miss Lambe is the first and only person mentioned in Austen's works identified as other than white, and it is interesting that she is rich and the "most important and precious".


    7. assizes

      The assizes were criminal courts of more serious cases, presided over by a judge.


    8. hale

      Hale: retaining exceptional health and vigor, alternatively free from defect, disease, or infirmity. interesting that this the second mention of disease/injury so far.

      Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hale

    9. insalubrious

      Insalubrious: not conducive to health. Note that what is good is characterized as healthy and what is bad is characterized as unhealthy, which is especially significant given that Austen wrote Sanditon while suffering from poor health herself.


    10. milch

      A cow or other domestic mammal kept for its milk.

    11. consumptive

      "Affected with a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis." A dated term.

    12. eleemosynary

      Relating to or dependent on charity; charitable.

    13. amelioration

      The act of making something better; improvement.

    14. groom

      Groom refers to someone who is responsible for the management of horses.


    15. the high road

      A now uncommon way of saying main road, but also euphemistically used to describe the most moral way. This text grapples with ethics in business ventures, particularly given the evident gentrification happening in Sanditon as a result of hypochondria that Austen describes as a pass time of the privileged. http://www.oed.com/view/Entry/86929?redirectedFrom=high+road#eid

    16. cottage ornèe

      Cottage ornée or decorated cottage, dates back to a movement of "rustic" stylised cottages of the late 18th and early 19th century during the Romantic movement, when some sought to discover a more "natural" way of living as opposed to the formality of the preceding baroque and neo-classical architectural styles. via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cottage_orn%C3%A9

      For more on the origins of the cottage ornée (in the Regency era in particular): https://regencyredingote.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/cottage-orn-style/

    17. coadjutor

      (noun): a bishop appointed to assist a diocesan bishop, and often also designated as his successor.

      A diocesan bishop, within various religious denominations, is a bishop (or archbishop) in pastoral charge of a(n arch)diocese, as opposed to a titular bishop or archbishop, whose see is only nominal, not pastoral. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diocesan_bishop

    18. sagacity

      Sagacity refers to showing keen mental discernment or good judgement.


    19. Michaelmas

      Michaelmas is a Christian festival taking place on September 29 which honors the archangel Michael for defeating Satan in the war in Heaven. This article contains specific British traditions and emblems from Michaelmas festivities:


    20. Links to common words/themes throughout the annotations

    21. unremittin
  12. Oct 2018
    1. This document describes a vocabulary for annotating descriptions of vocabularies with examples and usage notes.
  13. Aug 2018
  14. Dec 2017
    1. Creating a habit to use vocabulary in normal classroom talk makes a lot of sense using vocab. in normal conversations so students understand it in a practical manner. I'll develop a habit to use more vocab. while talking with students about peer interactions like: playground issues, talking with peers and friends. If they hear new words and understand them in a real-world context they maintain them long-term. Makes sense! love it!

  15. Sep 2017
  16. Apr 2017
  17. Mar 2017
  18. Feb 2017
    1. pancgyrical,

      Definition: a lofty oration or writing in praise of a person or a thing; eulogy.

    2. torpid

      Definition: having lost motion or the power of exertion or feeling; numb

      (I am really into some of Campbell's word choice throughout this whole piece)

  19. Aug 2016
    1. the incentive


    2. overwhelm

      vocab. Need usages with strong emotional impact.

    3. consider

      часто употребляется в каких контекстах? F.e. consider I have two apples.

  20. Apr 2016
  21. Dec 2015