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  1. Jan 2020
    1. continuous rather than a discrete variable, a relative rather thanan absolute term

      try and understand this better. Ask about it in the synchronous meeting?


    1. Mining can include extraction of metals and minerals, like coal, diamond, gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin and iron. Mining can also include other things like oil and natural gas.

      How do you mine gas?

  2. Dec 2019
    1. The sodium-restricted diet group received a regimen aiming a maximum intake of 3 g of sodium per day (equivalent to 7.5 g of sodium chloride).

      That sounds incredibly high to me. 3000 mg is the absolute maximum intake that could ever be considered 'low' sodium. Under 1500 is usually considered ideal. Would, then, a diet aiming for half the sodium be twice as effective?

    1. You do need the double quotes in other cases, in particular in export VAR="${VAR1}" (which can equivalently be written export "VAR=${VAR1}") in many shells (POSIX leaves this case open).

      This doesn't make sense. Why are double quotes necessary?

  3. Nov 2019
    1. Astronomers are still trying to accurately measure the shape of the universe.

      Will their telescopes be able to see out that far?

    2. universe is determined by its density, which is the amount of mass per volume.

      why is that? how do we know for sure that will happen every time.

    1. nforced by moving the , hole population several miles in-land

      How was this executed? It must have been a logistical nightmare

    1. On a recurring basis,subscription listens would be tallied and payouts wouldbe made to artists by a transparent, auditable subscrip-tion system running on the Audius blockchain.

      What are the mechanisms of the system?

    1. Risk assessment◕Risk management strategy○Supply chain risk management◑

      okay, answer to previous question above.

    2. Risk assessment

      Note the differences between risk assessment and risk management. The project would look towards risk assessment and then migrate its focus to risk management potentially, but what then? and how will this transition be smooth/original?

    3. none of them analyzed the threat of, and vulnerabilities to, a cyberattack spanning all three interconnections.


    4. Problem definition and risk assessment

      nice nice

    5. Problem definition and risk assessment.Addresses the particular national problems, assesses the risks to critical assets and operations—including the threats to, and vulnerabilities of, critical operations—and discusses the quality of data available regarding the risk assessment.

      This is the crux of what I should be looking at I guess This is in regards to national strategies. Is this what I need to do?

    6. Further, federal agencies have performed three assessments of the potential impacts of cyberattacks on the industrial control systems supporting the grid.

      Risk assessment or assessment of impact?

    7. The electric grid is becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks via (1) industrial control systems, (2) consumer Internet of Things (IoT)45devices connected to the grid’s distribution network, and (3) the global positioning system (GPS).

      1) ICS 2) IOT 3) GPS

      worthwhile to assess one or all? Followed up question later

  4. Oct 2019
    1. 3. Letter Regarding the Northwest College Personnel Association Student Relocation Committee

      This is a remarkable letter from the Dean's office assigning responsibility to a young professor at OSU to head a committee to oversee the relocation of Axis-related college students in the Pacific Northwest and listing institutions that might accept Japanese American college students. Although Italian and German students are named, only the Nisei relocation is "imminent" (and, presumably, the only one that actually occurred). I wonder how the tuition arrangements were to be made, particularly for those who had scholarships, or were paying state school tuition but were being transferred to a private college?

    1. Let's make the example even easier. function convertDate<T extends string | undefined>(isoDate?: string): T { return undefined } 'undefined' is assignable to the constraint of type 'T' Means: What you return in the function (undefined), matches the constraints of your generic type parameter T (extends string | undefined). , but 'T' could be instantiated with a different subtype of constraint 'string | undefined'. Means: TypeScript does not consider that as safe. What if you defined your function like this at compile time: // expects string return type according to generics // but you return undefined in function body const res = convertDate<string>("2019-08-16T16:48:33Z") Then according to your signature, you expect the return type to be string. But at runtime that is not the case! This discrepancy that T can be instantiated with a different subtype (here string) than you return in the function (undefined) is expressed with the TypeScript error.
    1. const renderMapping: { [l in letters]: renderFunction<l>; } = { 'a': (a: 'a') => 'alpha', 'b': (b: 'b') => 'bravo', }; type renderFunction<l extends letters> = (letter: l) => string; function renderLetter<l extends letters>(letter: l): renderFunction<l> { return renderMapping[letter]; }
    1. The identity of a storyteller gives credibility

      is this why people tend to tell a personal story before giving advice? there have been countless times where i'll be in a weird space, and when i seek advice about X, they'll tell me about Y before laying the actual piece of advice on me.

    2. enhanced by choices they made through which they became “organizers’

      so does this mean that identity is the centre of story telling? i ask, because what i'm interpreting is that identity is shaped by agency and enhanced by motive.

    1. Warum ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts? Das ist die Frage. Vermutlich ist dies keine beliebige Frage. »War- um ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts?« — das ist offensichtlich die erste aller Fragen. Die erste, freilich nicht in der Ordnung der zeitlichen Aufeinanderfolge der Fragen. Der einzelne Mensch sowohl wie die Völker fragen auf ihrem geschichtlichen Gang durch die Zeit vieles. Sie erkunden und durchsuchen und prüfen Vielerlei, bevor sie auf die Frage sto- ßen: »Warum ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts?« Viele stoßen überhaupt nie auf diese Frage, wenn das heißen soll, nicht nur den Fragesatz als ausgesagten hören und lesen, sondern: die Frage fragen, d. h. sie zustandbringen, sie stellen, sich in den Zustand dieses Fragens nötigen. Und dennoch! Jeder wird einmal, vielleicht sogar dann und wann, von der verborgenen Macht dieser Frage gestreift, ohne recht zu fassen, was ihm geschieht. In einer großen Verzweif- lung z. B., wo alles Gewicht aus den Dingen schwinden will und jeder Sinn sich verdunkelt, steht die Frage auf.

      "Why are there beings at all instead of nothing? That is the question." Heidegger is probably quoting Hamlet.

    1. API keys are generally not considered secure; they are typically accessible to clients, making it easy for someone to steal an API key. Once the key is stolen, it has no expiration, so it may be used indefinitely, unless the project owner revokes or regenerates the key

      hmmm... what about client-API architectures where there are no username/pwd pairs?

    1. Then Balbuena argues that there would be no music were it not for poetry.

      Did Balbuena argue that music without lyrics was also descended from poetry, or did he just not take that into account? Is this answered later in the text?

    1. of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."

      I'm confused here too. Contrary and notwithstanding both mean in spite of, but why are they on right after the other. It reads in my mind as a double negative. But I think I understand what they're trying to say. Laws made in pursuance of the Constitution that abide by the "law of the land" are valid, and any law to the contrary of what is said in the Constitution, is not valid.

    2. After this declaration, it can scarcely be necessary to say that the existence of State banks can have no possible influence on the question.

      What question? Is it saying State banks don't have an influence, or do? The next sentence says there's no intention to create a dependence between the Government and the states. So if there was no dependence created, where does that leave state banks?

    3. axation, it is said, does not necessarily and unavoidably destroy. To carry it to the excess of destruction would be an abuse, to presume which would banish that confidence which is essential to all Government

      When they discuss taxation at first in the constitution were they hesitant of the idea because of the American Revolution?

    4. The men who drew and adopted this amendment had experienced the embarrassments resulting from the insertion of this word in the Articles of Confederation, and probably omitted it to avoid those embarrassments.

      This statement is confusing to me, I am not sure why the idea of amendment is an embarrassment?

    5. Of consequence, when they act, they act in their States. But the measures they adopt do not, on that account, cease to be the measures of the people themselves, or become the measures of the State governments

      What would America be like if we didn't separate into different states and all were under the same laws and regulations?

    1. Abstract

      Abstract is a sale's pitch, I would say. It summarizes the whole article, and helps the audiences like you and me, to determine whether/how this work might be relevant.

      In the following abstract, identify the research question, highlight it, and state it in your own words (because the authors ask something quite different from what they propose in the beginning).

    1. Size and region parameters given as percentages and the rotation parameter allow positive floating point number values

      The canonical size does not allow percentage values, does it?

  5. Sep 2019
    1. numerous studies have found individual differences in learners’engagement and achievement in MOOCs

      Is this why so many variables about students were used in the regression?

    1. understanding could be further enriched by integrating other temporal analysis methods.

      How to decide what methods or how many methods we can or should use to do a temporal analysis? The decision should be based on the research question or the norms in this field?

    2. ). A consideration of temporal order can include attention directly to which events commonly follow others (either directly or after some lag), rates of transition from one state to another, similarities in sequences, or the presence of higher level phases of activity.

      I was curious as whether if analyzing good teaching practices, can we reveal the principles that can guide novice teachers to become better at their teaching considering how to organize learning activity and when to transit?

    1. I'm wondering if this is still true, are most supreme court cases original jurisdiction?

    2. Does the president have to have a solid reason for removal of an officer? Is the president that only one with this power?

    3. Was this before checks and balances came into play? If so was this situation one that led to the concept of checks and balances?

    1. The five-paragraph theme, as such, is bland and formulaic; it doesn’t compel deep thinking.

      Why don't teachers in high school prepare students for writing college essays?

    1. They mention curriculum a few times being different in public schools and religious schools, I'm wondering what is the difference?

    2. Aside from religion, this statement makes me wonder what other controversial tax exemptions are there?

    3. This statement from Justice Elena Kagan makes me wonder how they would go about making certain money is not spent on religious activity? Does the government have a process in place to see that its funding is spent properly?

    1. Estimating the Effect of Asking About Citizenship on the U.S. Census March 21, 2019, 1:21 pm

      This is a really interesting article in so many ways; it speaks to a larger political issue of our time, it uses an innovative method (an experiment!), and it follows a very generic and general structure of a social science research paper. Think of this as an ideal or prototype of social science research.

    1. Regardless of which structure you choose, be sure to explain each element of the essay fully and completely.

      Is one way better than the other?

    1. stop, take a breath, and turn on your rational brain.

      Would it really be that easy?

    2. predisposed

      What does predisposed mean?

    3. boneheaded

      Is boneheaded really the best way that those kinds of mistakes can be described?

    4. In each case, the domino effect results from a deep-seated emotion: the need to help others.

      It it a need though or a passion?

    5. 2: The Domino Effect

      What do they mean by the Domino Effect

    1. A definition essay

      Is it typical to be used in addition with a exemplification essay. To take it above and beyond in its quality of writing?

    1. seizes their wealth

      What material wealth did the commoners have to seize? Was this a time of looting by government officials from the laboring classes? Does this tend to happen more often than not in times of crisis?

    1. Itcan explain why it is not rational for subjects in these cases to believetheir eyes—even though, to them, they are simply taking in what comestheir way, even when they are not in a position to understand what theepistemically best option is.

      Is it even vaguely possible to be aware of all the times we occupy this position in order to respond to it appropriately? It seems to me like we'll all be constantly failing to recognize that we aren't in a position to make these choices and thus making them anyway. In fact, will we ever occupy a position of rationality? (Perhaps so, going back to the mustard example from earlier.)

    2. Jill is not inany way accountable for her experience, and therefore could not speak tohow rational she i

      But why would rationality be essentially tied up with accountability for a phenomenon or control over it?

    3. First, merely having a perceptual experiencecan benefit or detract from the subject’s rational standing, and in thatmanner redound on the subject

      This is the big move. It adequately describes how I feel we should approach situations where we reasonably expect to encounter implicit bias even when it doesn't feel like we're being biased. I do wonder, though, precisely how often this would lead to a subject's inability to make a decision rationally? It may be shockingly often.

    4. there is nothingepistemically special about cases where the mind is insulated from realityby its own assumptions.

      Can we not distinguish some as epistemically special due to the nature of what kind of assumptions we're using to insulate ourselves from reality, or from where we got those assumptions?

    5. she has no indication that the experience is misleading

      But does she have no evidence? Is recognizing that she's already worried that he's angry enough to warn her that the experience could be misleading and she should put less trust in her perceptual experience?

    6. It is also possible for a prior outlook toproperly steer the processing that leads to perceptual experience orjudgment. It is properly steered when the prior outlook and perceptualinputs are both given their proper weight.

      What determines proper balance? Likely very contextualized. Is ever prior outlook in some way useful or are there some (like vanity, perhaps) which shouldn't ever be given any weight?

    7. oran inbuilt structural mismatch between our minds and reality, but fromour own individual prior outlook

      Are we sure it's not about the structural mismatch between our minds and reality? Obviously the mental states gained from prior experiences, etc. are necessary for the errors to occur, but I don't think it's possible to isolate the mistakes as not being the result of the way our brain processes this info.

    8. irrational perception. Influences on perception could come from beliefs,hypotheses, knowledge, desires, traits, and moods.1They could alsocome from evaluative states that psychologists call“attitudes.”

      Irrational perception seems to be a psychological phenomenon of misinterpretation on the part of the person doing the perceiving. Most of these causes seem to be related to or are themselves mental states, except for perhaps knowledge. What is it about these states that "get in the way" of an objective perception of the world?



  6. Aug 2019
    1. dermal, vascular, and ground tissue

      Does each meristem site produce all three types of permanent tissues or are different tissues produced at the different places where meristems are located?

    2. are dead at functional maturity

      I do not understand this. Does this mean the Xylem stops working when the plant reaches maturity?

    3. Meristematic tissue cells

      Would it be safe to think of this as a plant version of stem cells since they are undifferentiated?

    1. Parents who want nothing more than to have their child earn their degree, yet are unwilling to share the tax information required for the student to do the FAFSA.

      How would / could we handle this situation? Would it be inappropriate to try and talk to parents ourselves?

    1. we are asking what the graph is doing around the point x=a

      Does this mean we are looking for a series of numbers?

    1. You have put in the long hours and finally finished making that killer product or service, but your work is not yet done

      Is he implying that identifying the market actualy happens after developing the product or the service ?

    1. As log-bilinear regression model for unsupervised learning of word representations, it combines the features of two model families, namely the global matrix factorization and local context window methods

      What does "log-bilinear regression" mean exactly?

  7. Jul 2019
    1. How will all educators and society have a deliberate coming together to envision equity as a guiding framework for the implementation of NGSS?

      question interrogates problem of... wow, hard for me to encapsulate in a sentence. How about: Us teachers and other stakeholders need to engage in dialogue/action around equity and NGSS in our own local connections yet be aware of and engage with other local dialogues and furthermore transform/be-transformed-by the emerging, higher level discourse. np

    1. Butterfingers

      a clumsy person, especially one who tends to drop things

    2. On bended knees

      Is dropping knees not uncommon in PH?

    3. Didn't mean to take you for granted

      Who are you talking to?

    4. Butterfingers

      When do Philipino couples bring Butterfingers, randomly or at a specific situation, like a birthday?

    5. Just our souls together

      Some kinda compromise or what?

    6. surrender

      surrender to what?

    7. Kismet

      Is kismet a common word in PH?

    1. Patience.

      I hope somebody can answer this question.

      This seems like to me the other story we read about a man going on the journey to death, and confronting his different parts along the way. Does anybody know the name of the story I am trying to think of?

  8. Jun 2019
    1. features (sparse)

      are these feature values or actual features?

    2. We argue that the CrossNet learns a special typeof high-order feature interactions, where each hidden layer in theCrossNet is a scalar multiple ofx0

      In that case CrossNet doesn't really learn anything?

    1. dives

      I couldn't find what this means. I thought it might be a location, but I was wrong. Does anybody know the answer to this topic?

    1. We therefore endorse the established principle that students and the state should share the cost of tertiary education. We support the income-contingent repayment approach as a means of delivering this fairly, with those benefitting the most making the greatest contribution.

      Student Contribution System = new name for students and the state sharing the cost of tertiary education, with an income-contingent repayment approach (those benefitting the most making the greatest contribution...[what does this mean?])

    2. Getting employers to pay for the whole system would put too much emphasis on economic value alone.

      I'm guessing education employers fund for their employees is excluded from the education this document considers?

    3. high return courses

      ? see if this is defined later Also, what's included in 'technical' training here?

    1. coexisting

      Why does he use the word sometimes?

    2. a Deity

      of what religion?

    3. If ignorance of nature gave birth to gods, knowledge of nature is made for their destruction.

      I dunno which mode of knowing he is talking about: a scientist or a sharman?

    4. the universe

      Is that the Biblical one?

    1. It is a sign Solomon settled on some while back,

      This is an interesting topic to me. Why did they bring up Solomon? Solomon was "the biblical king most famous for his wisdom. In 1 Kings he sacrificed to God, and God later appeared to him in a dream asking what Solomon wanted from God. Solomon asked for wisdom." Do the knights look up to Solomon as an example on how to act and be?


  9. educatorinnovator.org educatorinnovator.org
    1. synthetic model of learning

      Question: could someone explain what this means? What is synthetic about the model?

  10. May 2019
    1. oignon

      est ce que tu fais référence à une structure en couches successives ? ou tu as juste oublié un mot ? sinon je propose la structure en poupées russes (plus élégante)

    2. architexte

      Dans quelle mesure il y a pas une veine genettienne ici ?

    3. formattation

      formatages ?

    4. Ces règles sont elles aussi des inscriptions : elles se manifestent en tant que littéracie - nous savons lire -

      imaginons que je ne sache pas lire, que donc mon rapport au texte est davantage du déchiffrement (une forme de lecture donc), peut-on encore parler de littéracie ? de texte ? même si mon rapport est un lisible fondé sur du visible, même si je me rapport au texte (ensemble) comme un tableau ?

    1. The country’s economy is completely dependent on mining. Many poor families are completely dependent on their children working the mines. That $9/day is hard for a child to reject

      its weird how people are able to exploit these people legally, and if not legally than how have people not made an effort to stop them?

    2. Walt describes how the multibillion-dollar industry, that has made some people outside Africa really really rich, is not known to workers like Lukasa. He just sells his haul to Chinese traders who have seen their profits increase 400% over the last two years.

      I wonder if the people at the top of the company even know that this is going on with there "employees"

    1. Open Grey

      I cannot understand what is meant by open gray?

    2. Tertiary interventions with a specific focus on work, such as exposure therapy and CBT-based and problem-focused return-to-work programmes, had a strong evidence base for improving symptomologyand a moderate evidence base for improving occupational outcomes.

      how does they made it?

    3. MSTAR assessment

      What is AMSTAR assessment? What is the URL where I can find the information?

    4. ystematic meta-review

      What is meant by systematic meta-review

    5. s absence and long-ter

      what is meant ?

  11. Apr 2019
    1. Closing Ceremony of COP21, Paris, France. UN Photo/Mark Garten

      Are they really helping the poorer countries who need help way more than they do?

  12. Mar 2019
    1. SHE

      "SHE is responsible" Is this BOLD repetition on the page related to oratorical style? It would be interesting to hear this document read aloud, incorporating all the emphases of the upper case letters and rhetorical breaks.

    1. 0xffff0 is 16 bytes before the end of the BIOS (0x100000). Therefore we shouldn't be surprised that the first thing that the BIOS does is jmp backwards to an earlier location in the BIOS; after all how much could it accomplish in just 16 bytes?

      This explains well why we need a long jump, however why not we just start from the place at the beginning of the BIOS?

    1. Review Questions

      Question: In which groups are bulimia nervosa most prevalent?

      A. African American women B. Hispanic Women C. Caucasian Women D. Hispanic and African American Women

      Answer: D

    2. Review Questions

      Question: What has been the most memorable or powerful ad campaign or public message that you have seen that was made for the purpose of de-stigmatizing mental illness?

      Answer: Many answers would work. Answers would include the world record egg on instagram, the NBA mental health advertisement and Make It Ok.

    3. Review Questions

      Question: By the time a child is in high school, how many of his classmates will have had a mental health issue? A. 2% B. 5% C. 10% D. 20% Answer: D

    4. Review Questions

      Question: Assuming that you had a mental illness, what would be the most important barrier that would prevent you from being treated? How could that barrier be lessened enough so that it isn't a factor in your decision?

      Answer: The answer can vary of course, but if their biggest barrier is fear of miscommunication, then the best answer would be having a copious amount of bilingual therapists. If their biggest barrier is the stigma, then the best answer would be educating better and making it so that people have no reason to be judgmental about someone who is treated for a mental illness. If their most important barrier is fear of legal issues, then the best answer would be not requiring documentation and advertising the fact that they don't.

    1. afterimage

      Imagine you are looking at a bright light and then you suddenly look away. A faint image of the light seems to follow your vision around. What is this phenomenon called?

      Answer: An afterimage

    2. the pupil will become dilated

      Imagine you're at an eye appointment, and as part of the many tests performed your pupils will become dilated. What condition(s) do your eyes need to be exposed to for this to happen? Potential answers: Low light levels. Emotional arousal. Exposure to certain drugs. Eye injuries.

    3. cornea

      What are two of the functions of the cornea? A: To be a barrier to protect the inner eye from the outside. B: To shield your eyes from the sun. C: To focus light waves entering the eye. D: To assist with night vision.

      Answers: A,C

    4. We are not consciously aware of our blind spots for two reasons:

      What are the two reasons that we are not consciously aware of our blind spot? A: The blind spot in each eye is different so they don't overlap. B: The blind spot is filled in by an approximation from our visual system. C: Our eyes are always moving and cover the blind spot. D: We just choose not to care.

      Answers: A,B

    1. The dotted black arrows represent the difference between individual willingness scores and the average willingness scores of all participants. Square, sum, and average them to get the overall variance. Take the square root of the variance to obtain the overall standard deviation.

      Is this about the average willingness as grand mean or within groups?

  13. Feb 2019
    1. [First published in 1726–7.]

      To: Philbert

      Example question: When was Gulliver's Travels first published? a) 1776 b) 1726 c) 1830 d) 1945

    1. Multiple Intelligences

      Which of the following is one of Howard Gardner's Intelligence Theories: A.) Athletic Intelligence B.) Quick Intelligence C.) Smart Intelligence D.) Spatial Intelligence

      Answer: D

    2. “street smarts.”

      Give an example of using practical intelligence in your own life.

      Answer: One time while traveling in Thailand with my family, my dad and I were out walking one day looking to get breakfast. As we walked along the street two sparsely dressed women appeared outside a massage parlor. Across the street they motioned for us to come inside while at the same time yelling cheap. Knowing we were in a tourist area, and that we also didn't look like the locals we demonstrated common sense and street smarts by not going into the "message parlor" filled with sparsely dressed women to get breakfast.

    3. Creative intelligence is marked by inventing or imagining a solution to a problem or situation.

      Give an example demonstrating a display of creative intelligence in your own life.

      Answer: In my fraternity house it became an issue that there was nowhere to sit during meals because all the chairs would get moved elsewhere throughout the house and would not get put back. To solve this issue we created large benches, like ones you would see in a middle school cafeteria. This worked because since the benches were so big there were no practical uses for them other than staying in the kitchen.

    4. how it can be measured.

      Intelligence has one distinct way it can be measured. True or false?

      Answer: False.

      False. Although recent technological advances have made it easier to quantify intelligence, there is still not a clear measurement of intelligence for a variety of reasons. It is also known that multiple things contribute to someone's intelligence so measuring it with a single unit would be challenging.

    5. least eight intelligences

      What are Howard Gardner's eight theories of intelligence? Briefly explain one of them.

      Answer: Linguistic Intelligence, Logical Mathematical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence.

      Musical Intelligence: Someone who understands and appreciates rhythm, pitch and tone. Person who displays musical intelligence may play multiple instruments or perform as a vocalist.

    1. Finally, and for the encouragement of people troubled with accents that cut them off from all high employment,

      What's wrong with accents?

    2. But if the play makes the public aware that there are such people as phoneticians, and that they are among the most important people in England at present, it will serve its turn.

      Why are phoneticians the most important in England

    3. Pygmalion needs, not a preface, but a sequel,

      Why does pygmalion need a sequel?

    1. THEMOTHER.Howdoyouknowthatmyson'snameisFreddy,prayrTHEFLOWE

      Who is Freddy ?

    2. CoventGardenat11.15p.m.


    3. Cabwhistlesblowijigfranticallyinalldirections.Pedes-triansrunningforshelterintothemarketandundertheporticoofSt.Paul'sChurch,wheretherearealreadyseveralpeople,

      Why where people going crazy ?

    4. CoventGardenat11.15p.m.Torrentsofheavysummerrain

      What type of weather and season took placed during Act 1

    5. Pygmalion:aRomanceinFiveActs:byBernardShaw

      Who is this play by ?

    6. Pygmalion:aRomanceinFiveActs:byBernardShaw

      What is the name of this Play ?

    1. one's moral values will rise to the corresponding level.

      This reminds me of the "Q" question, the assumption that just exposure to literature will inculcate an upstanding character: the banner model for humanities education.

  14. Jan 2019
    1. phoneext.get("kent") >>> phoneext.get("kent","NO ENTRY")

      ? what happened here? we give the key kent the value no entry, or is this output?

    2. Deletes the item in the ith position

      ? Different from pop(i) how? both delete? NOTE: read more about syntax elsewhere

    3. Modifies a list to be sorted

      ? Like modifies to be sorted, like what does that mean? Sorts it? by what criteria?

    1. it is most easily reviewed by simply looking at and describing interactive sessions

      ?? What does this mean? interpreted sequentially vs compiled in one go?