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  1. Aug 2021
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      nol our last noel ...

      and the christmas carrolls of remmebering YKY wand Y "sauvignon blanc" ... how the mirror of sawtelle and the four part of ... "ramparted uruk"

      I'm currently reading "Gilgamesh" a translation and note specifically the cedar trees correlate to the Bahir--a book which like "vitsivavnu" did not exist.


  2. Jul 2021
    1. 1. 打开 官方配置编辑器,在「Add Product」中选择相应信息和语言选择后点击「Add」,最后点击「Add Product」

      The tool has been moved to https://config.office.com/

    1. Rails' inability to automatically route my link_to and form_for in STI subclasses to the superclass is a constant source of frustration to me. +1 for fixing this bug.

      I've had to work around this by doing record.as(BaseClass)

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    1. It looks like your links for "this" and "that" no longer work, and I'd be really curious to see.

      It looks like your links for "this" and "that" no longer work, and I'd be really curious to see.

    2. In other words, this becomes that.
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    1. If this sounds odd to you, read https://gist.github.com/54177.
  12. Mar 2020
  13. Dec 2019
    1. Arguably, the rails-team's choice of raising ArgumentError instead of validation error is correct in the sense that we have full control over what options a user can select from a radio buttons group, or can select over a select field, so if a programmer happens to add a new radio button that has a typo for its value, then it is good to raise an error as it is an application error, and not a user error. However, for APIs, this will not work because we do not have any control anymore on what values get sent to the server.
    1. Unfortunately, it also gets the other properties, including bringing down the whole system when it crashes. This matters because systemd is complex
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    1. Github Desktop

      Link does not work (though one just needs to clean it up a bit in the browser to get it to work)

  17. Oct 2018
    1. Linked Data class diagram ESWC2007 Poster on Linking Open Data

      Not Found The requested URL /lod_constellation.html was not found on this server.

      Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at umbel.org Port 80

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    1. Others include teenagers who “transfer” into home schooling late in high school.
    2. Kids dropped out, schools would code them as ‘whereabouts unknown,’ not as a dropout. No one knew, and no one cared.

      Another term to help parse the data is "unknown."

    3. 2 to 4 percentage points off the rates districts were reporting because they were improperly counting some types of students who shouldn’t be included, such as those who started home schooling in their junior year of high school.

      "Home School" at such beginning in junior year is the equivalent of "counseling out" students...

      2 to 4 percentage points adds up quick, even for smaller states since often those emerging adults would most likely have significant holes in knowledge and skills. Otherwise, why would 4% of juniors all-of-a-sudden decide to be "home schooled"?

    4. I feel that pressure in 3rd grade,”

      ... and there are 36,000,000 adults already reading under the 3rd grade level.

      Passing students on when they haven't mastered skills mastered in the 3rd grade unnecessarily create exponential problems for the student's future.

    5. U.S. high schools, and fueled nagging doubts that states’ rising high school graduation rates—and the country’s current all-time-high rate of 84 percent—aren’t what they seem

      WhyGogyUp: there are so many fundamental problems embedded in this statement:

      1) An "all-time-high" rate of 84 percent means that more than 1 in 10 students don't graduate - either in 12 or 15 years (if they stay in school until the age of 21.

      2) Those that have been "pushed through" the pipeline as well as those who haven't graduated are deprived of skills necessary to obtain living-wage work.

      3) If you're passed and given a diploma when you've been absent for weeks or otherwise haven't truly earned the credential with all the knowledge and skills it conveys, means you are:

      • placed in the position to either lie about your abilities to employers
      • have few any options to pursue those skills after your graduation.
  20. Nov 2016
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    1. A heap of broken images

      The poem itself is a "heap of broken images." Hard to interpret but it seems as it's telling a story of from different perspectives. Maybe this means that in life we only experience these broken images in hope to interpret them.

    2. for you know only A heap of broken images

      This poem is all over the place and in this section it sets the tone, which will be reverberated with each book/stanza/line. Fragments, images, and phrases all scattered, leaving the reader with pieces to interpret and conclude.

      Eliot pays homage to the past writers by using their stories of love and loss to highlight the relevance of human behavior and desire and the nature and state of the world. Also, the change of narratives, the different styles of verse and prose undoubtedly leaves the reader more distorted and confused than ever.

      However, there is clarity between the lines of the dualities and complexities of the Waste Land.

  22. Jun 2016