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    1. oreoftheIndianswishtosettledownasisnowantio-ipated,andshonldthe.missionbenomoreinterrupedinitscoursebytheIndianshostilities,threemalemissionariesmightbeveryprofitablyemployedat

      Ayer is misleading in his attempts to appease Greene

    2. eshallleaveitforhim&hisbrethrentodecid

      Greene tells Ely that Boutwell will decide where to stay for the next year

    3. hereality‘ofevilwillcomesoonenough,andinthemeantimewemustdowhatwecantosavetheIndians,&preparethemtobeartheapproachingevilwithlessinjuryorsufferin

      it's almost as if he is saying to prepare the Ojibwe for a cultural genocide

    4. wouldprobablyoccasionsometalk,perhapsunfavorabletotheinterestsoftheBoard,ifyoushouldbeseentravellingacrossthecountrywithanIndi

      this is so hypocritical - "civilize" them, but don't let them be seen with you because they will always be inferior

    5. YourrequestrelativetovisitingNewEnglandwaslaidbeforetheCommittee,andtheyassentedtoyourproposal.ShouldyoucometoNewHaMpshire,weshallexpectyouofcoursetovisitBoston,asweshallwishtoconferwithyouonsometopicscogéntedwiththemissio

      Greene and the Board let Boutwell vacation in New England

    6. itwillbebest,probably,foryoutousethatforpayingallyourexpensesonyourway,tillitisexpanded,andpostponere-'oeivinganyonaccountoftheBoard,tillyouactuallynee

      Greene advises Sproat to use his own money until he runs out, and only then to use the Board's money

    7. GreenetoSproat,Jan27‘“,Boston,18

      Greene leaves it up to Sproat to decide if the womyn from his hometown should be his missionary wife

    8. Thethoughthasoccurredtomethatsixmonthsspentinthestudyofmedicine,withsomeablepractitioner,wouldbeofgreaterservicetomeasamissionarythananyothercoursewhichIcouldpursue.Willyoupleasewriteandinformmehowtheplanpresentsitselftoyou,andifyouthinkthattherewouldbeanobjectio

      Sproat "agrees" with Greene that he would do well at La Pointe, but then "offers" that perhaps he would be more useful longterm if he studied in New England over the winter

    9. IquestionmuchwhetheritismydutytoreturntoLaPointethis

      Sproat tells Greene he's not sure he should return to La Pointe

    10. ThetimehasnowcomeIthinkforourMissionstodeclarethem—selvesindipendentoftheh.M.F.Compan

      Seymour suggests to Greene that the missions severe connection to the American Fur Company

    11. SHalltoDavidGreene,LaPointe

      Hall apologizes to Greene for sending Sproat to look for help because the Board is so broke

    12. heywillgrantit.

      Greene grants Cooke permission to leave missionary work

    13. remainYaursaffectionately&truly

      This is one of the only letters he signs without a Christian ending

    14. till,ifitberepenition,wewishtolearnhowyouare;&‘whan‘yeuaredeing.&wheegraeheetearebeforeyoutocheerordepressyen:heart.Yenneednen:efhenwritefully,orgointoanyexee£;deta;leAsummaryViewcfyeqrileboreintheseveraldepartmenteandthegeneralprogressofnhinge-ieallthanisnecessary;exceptbeéeayear,whenwewantafull'reportgunlegeyouhavecommunicationenemakewhicharecalledferhhbyeventsofspecialintere

      Greene wants Hall to write more about the affairs of the Mission

    15. itinwellforthemissionthathaleavesit,whileitwouldatthesametimemakenofearthathewouldoftenwhar~everhemaybelocated,speakinanunaavioedandunfriendlyman»norofhisbrethrenandofthemissio

      Greene is okay with Town leaving La Pointe

    16. tomothatyouhadbetterremovetooneofthosestationsandtakeupyourabo

      Greene lists reasons why Boutwell should relocate

    17. greateratPokegummathanatFonduLac

      Greene suggests that Boutwell relocate to Pokegoma or Fond du Lac

    18. hewholecountryseemstobebankrup

      really pointed statement by Greene here: "The whole country seems to be bankrupt."

    19. ftheIndianscontinuetoharasshimasmuchastheyhavedoneatLeechLake,itseemstomebestthatheshould,thecomingfall,joinyouandmakehishometherefortheprese

      Greene suggests sending Boutwell to Ayer because the Natives are harassing him at Leech Lake

    20. heAmer.FurCo.haveitincontemplationtoabandontheirtradingpostsinthosequarters.Iftheydo,itissomewhatdoub[t]fulwhetheritwillbesafeforamissionfamilytoattempttoresideatL[eech]Lakeatpresent.TheIndianswillbesomewhatexasperatedifthetradersWithdraw.Bythelatestintelligencefromthatquarter,welearntthattheexcitementhassomewhatsubside

      Hall also informs Greene about the situation at Red Cedar Lake (Boutwell said it was Sandy Lake?) but says that it seems to have calmed down

    21. esaidhewoulddoit,iftheyshouldbethereinseason.Theyshiptheirgoodsaboutthe10thMay.

      Hall says that Greene can send goods to the Mission through the American Fur Company

    1. PomschristianawhereWevisitedlabtSummertho'tthatifthachurchtowhichnheybelongeag.could,incampanywithtwoorthreeotherchurchessuppart-a.é£ationamongtheIndians&keepupacor»respondenoewith.themissionarieaatthatstation,theyshoulddomuchmore&taksaiar‘deaper‘tnterestthantheyshouldtosendwhattheyraised_ngrtheBeardnotknowingwhereitwasappropriated.whatwouldyou;committeathinkofta

      Mrs. Ely offers a suggestion to Mr. Greene about a sort of collection of churches in the area supporting the Natives and doing missionary work as a whole

    2. sMrAgm&~E§.amebénhgoneitismyautyfornhe.presenttoabidebytheatuiifEufhowlongyourcommitteewillhhink1tem-pediennformene:emalniftheSiouxtreatyisnon’ranifleé&theprospectsofwar‘contlnuo,fsubmittoyourself&the

      Boutwell also leaves it up to Greene and the Board to decide if he should stay

    3. fourlaboursdonotaccomplishennughtamakeitanobjecttomaintainushere.itisforyoutoredallusfromthefiel

      Hall again leaves it up to the Board and Greene to decide if they are doing good enough work to stay at the Mission

    4. ehavehadnonewsfrom3Qg_ggg;g_aincelastfall.Weexpectbutlittletillthebreak—ingupofourlongwinter.Ihaveaeennopapa:ofadateearlierngggJthanSept.last

      Hall and La Pointe have not heard from Greene or the Board since September 1841

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    1. DavidGreenetoDelia

      Okay so it appears that Greene says the Board doesn't recommend that Cooke return to La Pointe, but that if she wants to still, they might let her?

    2. et,ifyouwentthereinobeiencetowhatappearedtoyoutobethecallsofGod'sprovidenceandhaveonestlylaboredthereforhim,youmaybesurethathehadsomeWisepurposeisendingyouthere,andthathehasnotcalledyoutoremovefromthatpost,untitheworkwhichhehadinviewwasaccomplish

      Greene essentially tells Ely that he and his family are staying at Fond du Lac until it develops

    3. IhadlittlehopeoftheFonduLacstationfromthebegin'ning,thoughIhardlyknowwhatreasontoassignforit,exceptthestrengthofpaa1innuencether

      Greene believes that the original failure of Fond du Lac was caused by the influence of Catholicism there

    1. utIthinkthatasystemorhabitofdoingthiswouldbeunjudicious,andattendedwithvariousevilsmorethanoutweighing,inthelongrun,allthegoodwhichitwouldeffe

      Mr. Greene doesn't want the missionaries giving out gifts often because it taints the message

    2. D.GreenetoJosephTow

      Mr. Greene seems to suggest that Mr. Town should abandon his post at the mission since he is gone from there so often anyway

    3. .GreenetoF.Ayer,MissionaryRooms,Boston,Jun

      Greene suspects that soon the influx of white people into the "wilderness" will soon reach the missions in the Northwest

    4. Mr.Boutwellismoreinfaultthanyourself.Butinhemanwhomweemploytodothatbusinesswasaquentlytoinquirewhatheshoul

      the tone of Hall's response suggests that he frustrated at the Mission and at Greene

    5. Youmustnotbefortsofthecatholics

      Hall advises Greene not to let the Catholics upset him

    6. oallwhichwedesire,&whichwesupposedthatthedowhatweca

      In response to Greene stating that abandoning the mission would be the next option, Hall says that it is their duty to do what they can

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    1. ourlettersofJuly7thtoMessrstreedaysagoandinformusthatwearetoreceiveno1eBoardthepresentseason

      Mr. Greene is not sending any additional resources to the Missions in the Northwest



    1. hepo'sonsatthisstationno

      Mr. Greene breaks down to Mr. Town who all is located at Yellow Lake

    2. nadditiontothearticleswhichIhaverequestedyouinformerletterstosendus,IwishyouwouldalsosendthreeorfourEnglishBiblesforgratitousdistribution,andan8vNewTestamentinlargetype.Alsoaflatfurcap,(thesizeshouldberathersmallforama3oruplainsuspenders,someshavingsoapasomecommonglassinkstands.Ihopetheshoeswillnotfailtoc

      items that Mr. Hall requests from Mr. Greene



    1. S.HalltoDavidGreene,LaPointe,November7,1833

      Hall writes to Greene to tell him what the Mission needs: books, medicine, clothing, shoes



  6. Jun 2018
    1. What is learning? The ultimate purpose of education is to help students and their teachers create meaning in their lives. Teacher should challenge the taken for granted, the given and the bound and the restricted. How are skills and knowledge acquired? Education at its best is a process of teaching people to explore ideas about themselves and the world in which they live, to ask questions about the experience called living and to embrace ambiguity, to notice the unusual without fear and to look upon the ordinary with new eyes.

      The purpose of education is to help students and their teachers create meaning in their live. It is the process of teaching people to explore ideas about themselves.

    2. Greene's view on the goals of education is to help students realize their connection to and responsibility for their individual experience and to others in the world.

    1. Many people mistake activity –the doing of things –with experiential education. Maxine Greene reminds us that experiential education is really an internal processby which people can “wake up” and construct a coherent world on one’s own quest for freedom and transformation by integrating a variety of perspectives and vantage points. This process can be accomplished through the coming together in community, through dialogue and the asking of questions, through interfacing with art and literature. It is when a person can truly get outside one’s own reality, using a uniquely human capacity for imagination that transformation can take place. In this way, a person starts with her or his own experience andthen, in the process of “waking up,” chooses to venture outside her or his own place and vantage point while constructing a more holistic image of one’s reality. The doing of things may provide a needed spark, but it is not an end in itself. At its base,experiential education is a constructivist process that takes place from the inside out, helping each individual make sense of her or his worl

      Experiences are an internal process.

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