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  1. Mar 2023
    1. So, let’s sum up the pros and cons of each tool:

      Summary of pros/cons of Airflow, Kubeflow and Prefect

    2. The airflow environment must have all the libraries that are being imported in all DAGs. Without using containerization all Airflow pipelines are launched within the same environment. This leads to limitations in using exotic libraries or conflicting module versions for different projects.

      Main con of Airflow

    3. Prefect is a comparatively new but promising orchestration tool that appeared in 2018. The tool positions itself as a replacement for Airflow, featuring greater flexibility and simplicity. It is an open-source project; however, there is a paid cloud version to track workflows.
    4. Airflow has been one of the most popular orchestrating tools for several years.

      (see the graph above)

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    1. few battle-hardened options, for instance: Airflow, a popular open-source workflow orchestrator; Argo, a newer orchestrator that runs natively on Kubernetes, and managed solutions such as Google Cloud Composer and AWS Step Functions.

      Current top orchestrators:

      • Airflow
      • Argo
      • Google Cloud Composer
      • AWS Step Functions
  7. Jul 2021
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