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  1. Oct 2023
    1. L'invention de l'imprimerie à caractères mobiles est présentée comme une rupture majeure, et cela souligne son importance dans la propagation de l'information.

      Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de faire un parallèle avec ce qu'il se passe avec l'IA générative devenue accessible à un plus large public ces dernières années…

  2. Mar 2023
    1. la inteligencia que utiliza es humana, y lo que hace el programa es automatizado de esa información. si los humanos no creamos nuevos conocimientos el sistema no tiene de donde alimentarse

  3. Dec 2022
    1. interactuamos cada vez con más sistemas biométricos, asistentesde voz o autocompletado de palabras,

      importante delimitar, en la práctica, a qué tipo de sistemas nos referimos, ¿sensores también, por ejemplo? y los hardware donde se instalan esos sistemas

    2. hablaremos de IA para referirnos asistemas de redes neuronales o de “aprendizaje profundo” (no a otrasáreas del “aprendizaje automático”) aplicada a tecnologías que puedenser desplegadas por actores públicos o privados, y con las que muchaspersonas interactuamos a diario.

      aquí se toma un rumbo de cómo se entiende la IA, que vale la pena seguir discutiendo.

    3. inteligencia artificial (IA)

      también sería interesante incluir esto en algo como un glosario, buscar distintas aproximaciones críticas, preguntar(nos) si tiene sentido referirse a la IA -y por qué-, o qué términos alternativos, pero bien descriptivos, podrían reemplazar IA. reconocer las críticas sobre la existencia de muchos otros sistemas de decisión algorítimica que son ampliamente usados, y que no necesariamente tienen la complejidad de la IA

  4. Jul 2022
    1. AI text generator, a boon for bloggers? A test report

      While I wanted to investigate AI text generators further, I ended up writing a testreport.. I was quite stunned because the AI ​​text generator turns out to be able to create a fully cohesive and to-the-point article in minutes. Here is the test report.

  5. Jun 2022
  6. May 2022
  7. Mar 2022
    1. projet européen X5-GON (Global Open Education Network) qui collecte les informations sur les ressources éducatives libres et qui marche bien avec un gros apport d’intelligence artificielle pour analyser en profondeur les documents
  8. Oct 2021
    1. iA Writer + Ghost

      This is the integration that I am using to connect my daily writing practice with the process of publishing. iA Writer and Ghost have enabled me to share my ideas and project intentions into the world in such a way that they have become indispensable tools for community building.

    1. Capacidade de julgamento e de tomada de decisões

      Eu pensei em uma IA capas de analisar todos os dados de uma empresa e mostra possíveis direções.

    2. Criatividade

      Não é bem assim, já existem IAS capazes de escrever livros e compor musicas, que ao serem lidas ou ouvidas não dar para saber se foi feito por uma pessoa ou IA.

  9. Aug 2021
  10. Jun 2021
    1. some projects to add to the world of linked data

      I'm so excited to hear an update on this project!

  11. Apr 2021
    1. Feedback from the faculty teaching team after teaching for almost 8 weeks is how to template and simplify space for students to use, here is a direct quote: “could we create dedicated blog page for students that would be a pre-made, fool-proof template? When a student’s WordPress blog does not work and we can’t fix the problem, it is very frustrating to be helpless beside an exasperated student.”

      There may be a bit of a path forward here that some might consider using that has some fantastic flexibility.

      There is a WordPress plugin called Micropub (which needs to be used in conjunction with the IndieAuth plugin for authentication to their CMS account) that will allow students to log into various writing/posting applications.

      These are usually slimmed down interfaces that don't provide the panoply of editing options that the Gutenberg interface or Classic editor metabox interfaces do. Quill is a good example of this and has a Medium.com like interface. iA Writer is a solid markdown editor that has this functionality as well (though I think it only works on iOS presently).

      Students can write and then post from these, but still have the option to revisit within the built in editors to add any additional bells and whistles they might like if they're so inclined.

      This system is a bit like SPLOTs, but has a broader surface area and flexibility. I'll also mention that many of the Micropub clients are open source, so if one were inclined they could build their own custom posting interface specific to their exact needs. Even further, other CMSes like Known, Drupal, etc. either support this web specification out of the box or with plugins, so if you built a custom interface it could work just as well with other platforms that aren't just WordPress. This means that in a class where different students have chosen a variety of ways to set up their Domains, they can be exposed to a broader variety of editing tools or if the teacher chooses, they could be given a single editing interface that is exactly the same for everyone despite using different platforms.

      For those who'd like to delve further, I did a WordPress-focused crash course session on the idea a while back:

      Micropub and WordPress: Custom Posting Applications at WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019 (slides)

  12. Sep 2020
  13. Jun 2020
    1. Copps describes it as bringing the best of both worlds—machine and human capabilities—together. “A machine’s ability to ingest, connect, and recall information goes far beyond what is possible for humans,” he says. On the other hand, a person’s ability to use information to reason, judge, and strategize far surpasses the capabilities of machines today, he adds: “By combining these abilities inside of an augmented intelligence environment, we are able to accelerate productivity beyond what is possible with other, more traditional tools.”

      Why and how we harness machine and human capabilities.

  14. Aug 2019
  15. Feb 2019
    1. By "augmenting human intellect" we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems.

      Augmenting Intelligence means increasing:

                    for Conclusive solutions
                   Complex problem situations
          to Comprehend               


  16. Aug 2018
    1. Sometimes people signal their departure by putting a phone to their ear, but it often happens in more subtle ways—there may be a glance down at a mobile device during dinner or a meeting. A “place” used to comprise a physical space and the people within it. What is a place if those who are physically present have their attention on the absent? At a café a block from my home, almost everyone is on a computer or smartphone as they drink their coffee. These people are not my friends, yet somehow I miss their presence.
  17. Mar 2016
    1. AlphaGo no more understands the game of Go than a robot mower understands the concept of a lawn. What it understands is zeroes and ones, and the patterns that can be drawn from their prodigiously smart crunching.

      Reallyy?? I am just reading that so many humans' do not not comprehend at all most of their decisions and acts. Furthermore, most significant decisions and mindful processing are taken by the subconscious.

      So, what does it mean to "understand", really? Are we sure that AlphaGo's pure number-crunching is not equivalent to some sense of understanding? And cannot it be that the relative "awareness" of some of our being comes from that simple, non-intelligent number-crunching?