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  1. Sep 2019
    1. At MONSAM Portable Sinks, get a wide range of portable sinks. They offer portable changing stations for baby, day care portable sinks and toddler sinks. Their range of child-friendly portable sinks that are perfectly suited for preschool, kindergarten and child care centers.

  2. Feb 2019
    1. three days

      I read that the average number of days in a cold snap has declined from 6 to 2 over the past 100 years (National Climate Assessment).

  3. Oct 2017
    1. Trump noticeably avoided talking about gun control when he was asked about it, saying that he would speak on the matter with the police as a general assembly. In 2000, trump had different standpoint on gun control, saying that he wanted a ban on assault guns. Personally I think background checks should be placed on people with accounts of a 1 or more felonies. And that weapons with a lethality higher than a pistol's should be restricted during a person's review as a pistol is enough for self defense.

  4. Jul 2017
    1. Today’s American youth are entering a labor market strikingly different from earlier generations. Over the last decade, global economic integration and the collapse of the Soviet Union have led to what economist Richard Freeman (2008) has called a “dou-bling” of the global labor market, from a pool of 1.46 to 2.93 billion. This has created a chronic shortage of jobs relative to those who seek them. The economic downturn that resulted from the 2007 financial panic has worsened this shortfall (see Figures 1 and 2).2

      And the shortage of jobs will only increase with more automation.

  5. Jun 2016
    1. I have chosen not to hide behind the cloak of anonymity, orbypass the rigors of peer review by posting a version of thispaper on my Web site;

      "chosen not to hide behind the cloak of anonymity, or bypass the rigors of peer review by posting a version of this paper to my Web site.

  6. Oct 2015
    1. More to the point, in situations of breakdown, whether epic or mundane, the humble mobile phone has extended the city's interactivity and adaptability in all kinds of ways and may well have been the most significant device to add to a city's overall resilience by adding an extra thread to the urban knot

      Technology is tying cities together, making them stronger, quicker to adapt to changes, and more able to respond to threats.

  7. Sep 2015
  8. newclasses.nyu.edu newclasses.nyu.edu
    1. We conceive this step as devaluation, rather than diffusion, as Schwartz and Merten call it

      Interesting to move away from diffusion, which implies moving across a boarder, as a solution does across a membrane in diffusion, to devaluation which implies possible further connection;

    1. We left the post at an early hour of the morning, and headed north through the rugged, broken country, which in its peculiar formations is unlike any other portion of the earth. Snow had fallen during the night to the depth of several inches, and as we passed into the hilly country an ever-changing panorama of weird and beautiful scenery was opened before us. The tall buttes of variegated hue rising abruptly from the snow-clad plains presented an endless variety of color and form. Some were smooth and round as if chiseled by the hand of man; others were jagged and rough; while others still took the shape of perfect domes.

      Warmer side to Whites. Shows they're more similar to Navajo's

    2. The company of Indian scouts which is kept at the post is a splendid body of men, being selected from among the bravest and most intelligent young men of the tribe. They have adopted the regulation army uniform, and are neat and careful in their dress

      Showing acknowledgement and equality towards Navajo's