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    1. TLA+ is a high-level language for modeling programs and systems--especially concurrent and distributed ones.

      Need to look more into TLA+ and formal verification with regards to software development.

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    1. The burr hole is made on the side of the dilated pupil to decompress the intracranial space. After stabilization, the patient is transferred to a facility with neurosurgical capability for formal craniotomy.
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    1. difference between formal and informal learning This article addresses the topic it proposes to: it describes the difference between formal and informal learning and to some extent provides some advice about selecting the type. It describes by example more than by definition and seems aimed at adults. rating 1/5

  9. Feb 2018
    1. In any case, though Gehry’s perspective might seem less focused on nature, he, too, is actually thinking about ecosystems

      pointing out an irony—Gehry and the people he disagrees with are both thinking about ecosystems

    2. The river created Los Angeles, and almost destroyed it

      Emphasizes the power of the river; suggests it has agency. Personification?

  10. May 2017
    1. His card was on the table

      "Calling cards became popular at the end of the 18th century and bore the visitor's name, title and residence." (Grace, Maria. "Morning Calls and Formal Visits: Socializing in the Regency Era" English Historical Fiction Authors, http://englishhistoryauthors.blogspot.com/2013/08/morning-calls-and-formal-visits.html . Accessed 24 April 2017.) The purpose of the calling card that Willoughby leaves behind at Mrs. Jennings' residence serves to inform her, as the mistress of the house, of his presence in London. As her acquaintance, it would have been considered rude of him not to do so.

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