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  2. Nov 2023
    1. Ausführliche Berichte thematisieren die großen Hindernisse, die in Frankreich für die just transition zu einem nachhaltigen Leben bestehen. Die Klimakrise wird in allen Schichten als Bedrohung wahrgenommen, aber in den ärmeren Gruppen sieht man viel weniger Handlungsmöglichkeiten. https://www.liberation.fr/idees-et-debats/fin-du-monde-ou-fin-de-mois-quels-sont-les-freins-a-la-conversion-ecologique-des-classes-populaires-20231118_72LRGBQFONDVFJJY26JU5X2JQY/

      Bericht des Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Umweltrates: https://www.lecese.fr/sites/default/files/pdf/Avis/2023/2023_24_RAEF.pdf

      Bericht des Wirtschaftsinstituts für das Klima: https://www.i4ce.org/publication/transition-est-elle-accessible-a-tous-les-menages-climat/

  3. May 2023
    1. BUYERS!We have a common goal: Making you a homeowner. Let's make it happen!Ensuring you exceptional service at every step of your home buying process. Search listings from the convenience of your home. Be the first to get new listings that match your criteria. Get real estate market watch updates for listings in your area. "For Buyers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports. Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on. Financial advice - Loans, Mortgages, interest and tax benefits. Community information and Utilities. Find knowledgeable agents who know how to get the job done, get a good deal and are responsive to all your real estate needs. Providing you prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence from contract to settlement. SELLERS!Allow us to list your home for a quick sale. As real estate specialists, we know what it takes to sell your home. We bring expert knowledge, valuable experience blended with the latest technology, a well-defined marketing plan, a cohesive network, energy, enthusiasm and the excitement of a job well done. Detailed Home Evaluation Report and advice on the best price to list your home. Vast Exposure for your listing. Virtual tours to distinguish your listing. "For Sellers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports. Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on. Relocating - Everything you need to know about the neighborhood and transferring utilities. If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse our website for valuable information on preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes. We are passionate about our job, love our neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that we can pass them on to our clients. Your satisfaction is our success!

      These text passages are clear, divided nicely into paragraphs, the lists make it easier to read and understand the content, and certain text is bolded to highlight it's importance. Furthermore, looking at the rest of the webpage as well (excluding all the issues with animation), there is no complex navigation, the layout of the webpage is simple with a fairly linear format, and the content is not cluttered. All these things make the webpage more accessible for people who have dyslexia, ADHD, or autism, whom may have trouble reading and understanding long text passages and navigating complex webpages that have a cluttered design. Therefore, in this aspect, the webpage is following the "Understandable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    2. Featured Listings

      Using Silktide's Screen Reader Simulator for Chrome, I tested the webpage. The featured listing are especially confusing to understand using the screen reader because although there are only 10 featured listings, the screen reader repeats the featured listings three times (reads all 10 listings, then reads them again, then again). Screen readers are used by people who are blind or visually impaired, so the webpage has to be made in a way that makes it easy for a screen reader to navigate through, which is not the case with this webpage. This violates the "Robust" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: Look through the code to see if there is any repeated code that is causing the screen reader to read the featured listings multiple times. If there is no repeated code, then it may be a problem with how the featured listings section has been coded, so the format of the featured listings section may need to change. After making the appropriate changes, test the webpage using a screen reader before publishing to make sure that the webpage is easily navigable by a screen reader.


      Text is difficult to read because the text colour does not contrast well with the background colour. It would be difficult for people who are colourblind to read this text. This violates the "Perceivable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: The grey text colour should be changed to another colour that has good contrast with the background colour.


      The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines recommends that for any moving, blinking or scrolling information that starts automatically, lasts more than 5 seconds, and is presented in parallel with other content, the user should be provided an option to pause, stop or hide these animations, unless the animations are essential. For auto-updating information, the requirements are the same except that there there is no 5 second condition and the user should also be given the option to control the frequency of the auto-update. There are multiple places on this webpage where animations are present: the moving text that has been highlighted, the background images behind the moving text, the logos on the top right-hand corner of the webpage, and the featured listings (automatically moves to the left every few seconds and can also be dragged to move to the left or right). Furthermore, hovering over the options like "About Us" and "Register Now" causes the images to move. The animations on this webpage are non-essential and an option to pause, stop, hide, or control the frequency of the animations is not given. Moving and auto-updating content can be a problem for people who have difficulty reading text quickly, and for people who have difficulty tracking objects that move. For some people, moving and blinking objects can also be a serious distraction, especially for people who have attention-deficit disorders. This violates the "Understandable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: Add an option to stop, pause, hide, or control the frequency of the animations. When stopping the animations, the moving text can be horizontally centered on the page. Furthermore, changing the images behind the moving text and navigating through the featured listings can instead be accomplished by using clickable arrows.

    5. Arlington HeightsMount ProspectSchaumburgPalatineProperty SearchCOMMERCIAL LISTINGSLease/Credit Application

      Need to hover over the headers in order for the sub-menu options to show up. Some of the headers themselves are also links, so navigating to the header using a keyboard and pressing enter will send you to another page instead of opening up the sub-menu. The hover interaction means that the menu is inaccessible using a keyboard. People who are unable to navigate a webpage using a mouse and can only use a keyboard, such as people with a motor impairment, won't be able to access the menu. Furthermore, in general, it is difficult to see where you are on the page while navigating using just the keyboard. All this violates the "Operable" principal of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      Solution: The headers should not be links and instead, the webpage that the user would have been sent to by clicking on the header should just be added as an option to the sub-menu. Also, instead of hovering over the headers to access the sub-menu, the headers should be clickable dropdowns so that when a user navigates to the header using a keyboard and presses enter, the sub-menu should show up, and the user should then be able to access the sub-menu options using the keyboard. Furthermore, the element that the user is currently focused on should have a border around it so that the user can tell where they are on the page while navigating using a keyboard.

    1. Available data (within constraints of privacy laws) – It is not enough that the data be made “open” if there is not a practical way to actually obtain it. Underlying data should be made easily available via periodic data dumps.


  4. Dec 2022
    1. You may provide input to the Services (“Input”), and receive output generated and returned by the Services based on the Input (“Output”). Input and Output are collectively “Content.” As between the parties and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you own all Input, and subject to your compliance with these Terms, OpenAI hereby assigns to you all its right, title and interest in and to Output. OpenAI may use Content as necessary to provide and maintain the Services, comply with applicable law, and enforce our policies. You are responsible for Content, including for ensuring that it does not violate any applicable law or these Terms.

      OpenAI acknowledges that users own the content they put into the platform, but interestingly, also, the content as in the form "inspired" by the platform, but OpenAI also preserves the right to make use of this content, as if it is a license (but it doesn't label it as such).

  5. Sep 2022
    1. Some children could adapt better without them than others. Throughout his career in education, Pederson has never heard a single parent complain about data protection. But after the Google ban, he did receive complaints—mostly from parents of dyslexic students, who rely on Chromebook tools such as AppWriter.

      Children miss the Chromebook capabilities

      Students that were using accommodations on the Chromebook were now without them.

  6. Jul 2022
    1. randomFormat starts with a lowercase letter, making it accessible only to code in its own package (in other words, it's not exported).

      function name starts with a lowercase

  7. Apr 2022
    1. Assignment

      Assignment provisions of a contract tend to have to do with transferring rights between different parties.

  8. Mar 2022
    1. nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license

      A license of this type means that the licensee, or the person that is granted a license to use the service, cannot limit whom the licensor (e.g., the service provider) allows to also use the service.

      Note: This is information is intended to be educational rather than informative. It is NOT intended to be, nor should it be treated as legal advice, and is not intended to provide any indication that an attorney-client relationship is being sought or being established. Before you do anything that could have an impact on your legal or equitable rights, you should always retain counsel in your jurisdiction, after carefully considering the merits and qualifications of that counsel.

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    1. The joint effort resulted in the creation of a freely-accessible database of over 29,000 scientific articles about the virus known as SARS-CoV-2, as well as correlated viruses in the broader coronavirus group.
  12. Nov 2020
    1. Such an ingenious design. I love how he's managed to eliminate money and make the game really accessible, not just to non-train gamers, but all non-gamers, and still give it some depth and interesting decisions.
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    1. Section 508 compliance is discussed to support instructors knowledge of section 508 and how to begin the process of ensuring instructional content is 508 compliant. Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act governs access of media to all persons whether they have a disability or not. Including captions, audio description, and accessible video players are vital to compliance. Compliance with 508 is necessary given that data that illustrates the percent of employees that have need for accommodations to support their learning. This brief article seems highly related to Universal Design of Learning. Rating: 10/10

  15. Mar 2019
    1. This is here in part to make sure that one of my bookmarks is the E-learning Guild. They offer an executive summary on 'creating accessible eLearning: practitioner perspectives" for free at this page. The entire document is available to members. Rating 3/5

  16. Dec 2018
    1. Why, when we are so worried about preserving freedoms, do we prohibit choice on the part of downstream users as to how they can license derivatives works they make? Why don’t we want to protect that user’s freedom to choose how to license his derivative work, into which he put substantial effort? The copyleft approach of both the Free Software Foundation and Creative Commons makes creators of derivative works second-class citizens. And these are the people we claim to be primarily interested in empowering. I can’t stress this point enough: the ShareAlike clause of the CC licenses and the CopyLeft tack of the GFDL rob derivers of the basic freedom to choose which license they will apply to their derived work. ShareAlike and CopyLeft privilege creators while directing derivers to the back of the bus.

      I think that license compatibility is one of the least user friendly areas in the Creative Commons process. Opening resources while being attributed sounds appealing to educators who are dipping their toes in these concepts. Then we pull out Compatibility Charts and people want to run for the hills! I think that the democracy and openness that Creative Commons embodies should be inclusive and I think it's hard for people to decipher these equations which are so crucial to responsible use.

  17. Oct 2018
    1. The internet has made it easier than ever to reach a lot of readers quickly. It has birthed new venues for publication and expanded old ones. At the same time, a sense of urgency of current affairs, from politics to science, technology to the arts, has driven new interest in bringing scholarship to the public directly.
    1. While one might call into question the social norms that legitimize and valorize such practices, these are not persuasive reasons to forbid access to such technologies and, one may argue, their need is sincere and crucial to the individuals wellbeing.

      Author talks that even though people use technology for their personal interest, it is till not strong enough to prevent people from using technology. Previously, the author talked about the fact that technology helps people to get mental health such as obtaining confidence by doing cosmetic surgery. In this annotated sentence, author claims that people will also have cosmetic surgeries for some other intentions; however, he says, "their need is sincere and crucial to the individual wellbeing." It shows that everyone matters in this society, and technology is born to be used for people who need no matter for inner or outer needs. Technology should be access to people as long as it is in good purposes for individuals.

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