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  1. Dec 2023
    1. where every voicematters and all decide as equals with each other
      • for:question - SONEC - is equal voting really equal?, question - SONEC - voter education

      • question

        • all may decide as equals with each other, but each human being is unique so each decision will be unique.
        • some may be better suited to make a decision than another, but if all have equal weight, that is also not fair if someone without enough education decides. How to resolve this?
        • Can the Indyweb help with this to map out the unique lifeworld (lebenswelt) of each individual to surface the unique capacities of each person, and their competencies for voting on a particular issue?
        • Voting is an important decision-making position and the voter is either informed, or if not sufficiently informed should ideally be educated to make an informed decision
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  11. Jul 2019
    1. Mississippi’s white leaders did not disguise their intentions. “There is no use to equivocate or lie about the matter,” James K. Vardaman, one of the constitution’s framers as well as a future governor and senator, once boasted. “Mississippi’s constitutional convention of 1890 was held for no other purpose than to eliminate the nigger from politics.”

      This quote alone should win the case to overturn it.

  12. Sep 2018
    1. politicians looking for issues to drum up with have made a whipping boy out of the social networks

      Here, I think the author is just saying that Facebook and Twitter have taken a lot of heat from politicians about the 2016 election, Russian interference, etc. This year, the tech companies are showing that they are "good citizens" by having better security and helping young people register to vote.

  13. Dec 2016
    1. The government had commissioned a report on fraud after a scandal in Tower Hamlets, a borough in East London, where the elected mayor was stripped of his office last year and found guilty of corrupt practices involving voting fraud

      A case in England in which voter fraud changed who was elected for a local office.

  14. Jul 2016
    1. The US millennial generation is now equal in size to Baby Boomers, representing a third of the electorate. American youth are more socially and economically liberal than the rest of the country, but only 46 percent of eligible millennials turned out to vote in 2012, according to Pew Research Center. Millennials in 2016 are less likely to vote than the ’80s generation or Baby Boomers did when they came of age, according to analysis by Russell Dalton of the University of California, Irvine.

      number of US millennials approximately same as number of US Baby Boomers now, but millennial turnout relatively low.