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    1. I'm certainly not claiming that we should use clever tricks to scrunch our code into the most compact form possible at the expense of readability. Nor am I claiming that reducing lines of code is necessarily a worthwhile goal, since it encourages turning readable code like this...
    1. Personally for me, this is incredibly hard to read. Regex everywhere, nested objects with different rules and configurations that are very intuitive, multiple loaders that resolve backwards, built in loaders having obscure issues that require using third party loaders in between, separation of plugins and loaders, and so on.
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    1. a technique that enable a test suite to perform as well as using fixtures (or better if you're running just a few tests from the suite) and read as good as you are used to when using factories
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    1. The lack of a dynamic scripting language is annoying, though Tsung XML scenarios (again, just like JMeter) can include things like loops and if-statements, so it is actually possible to write all sorts of complicated user scenario “code.” The functionality is there, but the usability is not: few developers like “programming” in XML.
    1. We believe load test scripts should be plain code to get all the benefits of version control, as opposed to say unreadable and tool generated XML.

      Saw another comment lamenting the use of ugly/unreasonable XML files:


      Tired of using the JMeter GUI or looking at hairy XML files?

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    1. An online tool for calculating readability Some word processing software has the Flesch-Kincaid formula built in. Or you can use this online tool to calculate the reading level of a particular passage:


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    1. The transformation of a page by Readability is pretty dramatic, and its use can lead to a focused conversation in the classroom about what has been removed, and why, and what has remained, and why. This forced awareness of the construction of a web page is valuable knowledge for young users of the web.

      This is an important thing to think about because if a student is always using "readability" then are they really learning how to read online. This sounds like a really helpful tool for students with OCD or ADHD.

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    1. When you agree to the Terms of Use, you can continue with the registration process.

      The text edit for this Terms of Use is testing at a Grade Level of 10, as a whole. However, individual sentences test lower 6-8). The multi-syllabic words and unrecognized words (eg-Movember, TrueNTH) add to the increase in reading level. But all in all, I think the edit may read a little clearer.