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  1. Sep 2022
    1. This one is for students. Did you know you can annotate articles on Snapchat? Yes, it’s true!All you need to do is take a screenshot of the article you want to annotate.Then, open up the image editor and paste the article. Once you've done th

      What a watermeleon- I just made that up to say.

      Why did I not know this before... So I used to literally call out my students for Snap-chatting in class.

      If I knew about this educational use of Snap,, I would have used it already.

    2. Always make use of a key or legend when annotating articles online. A legend is a quick reference guide that explains what each symbol means.

      Wow! I taught this to my 9th graders. Why don't I apply it to my academics? Rhet

  2. May 2022
    1. Reduce  review time to half

      Loving this website anyways!

      Any thoughts guys??

    2. he fastest way to review developed websites. Add a link, drop comments, show CSS edits live to give precise feedbacks.

      Does any one know how this works?

  3. Apr 2022
    1. often couldn’t quite track the notes I had taken on my readings or what they meant and, more often than not, I

      I think that the act of inscribing -- of adding the marginalia and of taking notes -- impresses upon the reader's memory.

  4. Mar 2022
    1. when it comes to storing and keeping track of what we’ve read in online spaces, we have to be attentive to the infrastructure(s) in which we encounter readings in the first place and we have to know how our practices may align (or clash) with those infrastructures.

      I have too many places with notes and annotations. I've been looking at Roam, Obsidian, and Databyss as places to aggregate my notes. Anyone else struggle to keep track of your annotations?

  5. Feb 2022
    1. When you read widely, your brain is exposed to different ways in which a sentence or paragraph is written. There are patterns in the use of nouns, pronouns, verbs and other parts of speech; there are patterns in syntax and in sentence variation; and there are patterns in sound devices, such as alliteration and assonance. You can annotate these with different symbols or colors, and develop understanding as patterns emerge, and style emerges from patterns. To read like a writer, you need to annotate like one, too.

      I haven't seen very much in the area of annotating directly as a means of learning to write. This is related to the idea of note taking for creating content for a zettelkasten, but the focus of such a different collection is for creating a writing style.

      Similar to boxing the boring words (see Draft #4; http://jsomers.net/blog/dictionary), one should edit with an eye toward the overall style of a particular piece.

      Annotating structures and patterns in books is an interesting exercise to evaluate an author's style as a means of potentially subsuming, modifying, or learning other styles.

    2. By annotating, you take ownership over the message that the book is trying to make.

      Annotating a text allows the reader to more closely interact with the ideas and take ownership of them.

  6. Mar 2021
  7. Feb 2021
    1. In the short term you may have the stamina to get up earlier, stay later, and out-work the demands you face. But the inverse equation of shrinking resources and increasing demands will eventually catch up to you, and at that point how you involve others sets the ceiling of your leadership impact.
  8. Dec 2020
    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clickin

      Dette er praktisk, tenk å samle så mye informasjon

  9. Sep 2020
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  11. Jun 2020
    1. Bb Annotate grading workflow

      Supported formats here:

      word, powerpoint, excels, open office, digital images, medical images and pdf.

  12. Jan 2020
    1. Details. are the small parts of the design where designers earn their paychecks.

      The diagram to the left is one I will be referencing often in 582.

  13. Mar 2019
    1. They lie there stretched out by the captive roads, along the ………..roads of disaster The lean poplars, the statues of the dark gods ………..draped in their long gold coats Senegalese prisoners miserably lying ………..on the French land.

      In vain they cut your laughter, in vain the blacker the flower, the ………..blacker your flesh. You are the flower of beauty among the first absence ………..nude flowers Black flower blossom and its somber smile, diamond of a time ………..immemorial. You are the mud and plasma of the world’s leafy ………..spring From the primitive couple, you are the flesh of the womb, the ………..belly fertilizing milt You are the sacred profusion of bright, blissful gardens And the sovereign forest, victorious of fire and lightning

      The vast song of your blood will defeat machines and canons Your speech throbbing deceptions and lies No hate in your soul, you are not hateful, no cunning ………..soul without cunning. O Black Martyrs, immortal race, let me say the ………..words that forgive.

  14. Oct 2018
    1. This allowed for the examination of the accuracy of the four groups com-pared to the accuracy obtained by luck or simple knowledge of the social ste-reotype of the typical murder.

      why is the control group random people? :/

    2. Participants

      is this a representative sample?

  15. Mar 2018
    1. Y'all should annotate your page for new users to try out.

  16. Oct 2017
    1. Annotating DML

      Few conference sessions offer this level of supplemental reference. Thanks for rockin' DML!

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