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  1. Apr 2024
    1. switched on mentally but switched off spiritually, we’ve become split from the world we’ve created and unfamiliar with our non-dual depths

      quote - existential isolation - Nic Higham

      • Out of restless inadvertence,
      • the state of being
        • switched on mentally but
        • switched off spiritually,
      • we’ve become
        • split from the world we’ve created and
        • unfamiliar with our non-dual depths.
      • Imagination is the catalyst of this dualistic isolation, and
        • the resulting interpersonal isolation and loneliness are what cause us so much unhappiness.

      meme - switched on mentally but switched off spiritually

  2. Feb 2024
    1. me, Amin Taha + Groupwork and Pierre Bidaud of the Stone Masonry Company,

      for - new stone age - stone age renaissance - stone architecture - practitioners - Amin Taha - Steve Webb - Pierre Bidaud

    2. for - sustainable architecture - a new stone age - the return of stone - meme - a new stone age

      story details - Title: Why the time is ripe for a return to stone as a structural material - Author: Steve Webb - Date: 2023, May 29 - source: https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/stone-as-a-structural-material-embodied-carbon-sustainability

      meme - new stone age

      summary - Stone buildings have lasted millenia. Compared to steel, concrete and CLT, post-tensioned stone has the least embodied energy of all. - Could we also modernize ancient animal and human powered labor to create a low carbon stone building industry? -

  3. Jan 2024
    1. in general countries tend to excavate enormous volumes of earth and this earth is incredibly considered as a waste material

      for - circular economy - building - excavation waste - circular economy - construction - excavation waste - key insight - repurpose excavation waste as building material

      key insight - She makes an pretty important observation about the inefficiency of current linear construction process - The excavation part requires enormous amounts of energy, and the earth that is excavated is treated as waste that must be disposed of AT A COST! - Instead, with a paradigm shift of earth as a valuable building resource, the excavation PRODUCES the building materials! - This is precisely what BC Material's circular economy business model is and it makes total sense!<br /> - With a simple paradigm and perspective shift, waste is suddenly transformed into a resource! - waste2resource - waste-to-resource

      new meme - Waste-2-Resource

    1. I've found that a lot of um Pioneers who have had brilliant ideas and have fought through and you know sort of um uh spent a lot of energy in their life pushing 00:42:00 some someone with some new idea those people are often the most resistant to other new ideas it's amazing

      for - resonates with - existing meme

      resonates with - existing meme - yesterday's revolutionaries become today's old guard

      • What I tell my students just be very careful with people who are
        • very smart and
        • very successful
      • They know their stuff they're not necessarily calibrated on your stuff

      comment - Lebenswelt and multimeaningverse

    1. for - social transition - rapid whole system change - cosmolocal - cosmo-local - anywheres - everywheres - commons - Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation - somewheres - meme - glocalization - meme - cosmos-localization

      summary - A good article introducing cosmo-localism as a logical vasilation of failed markets and states, swinging the pendulum back to the commons as a necessary precursor to rapid whole system change

    1. we need to make the transition acceptable and attractive for the vast majority of citizens, and the only way to do that, is to make the changes easy to adopt. This requires strong engagement with society at large, and policies that make sustainable life choices not only easier, but also cheaper and more attractive. Or, put it the other way around, it must be more expensive to destroy the planet or the health of our fellow citizens".
      • for: meme - make it expensive to destroy the planet, quote - Johan Rockstrom, quote - make it expensive to destroy the planet, key insight - make it expensive to destroy the planet

      • key insight

      • meme
      • quote: Johan Rockstrom
        • we need to make the transition acceptable and attractive for the vast majority of citizens, and the only way to do that, is to make the changes easy to adopt. This requires strong engagement with society at large, and policies that make sustainable life choices not only easier, but also cheaper and more attractive. Or, put it the other way around, it must be more expensive to destroy the planet or the health of our fellow citizens".
  4. Dec 2023
    1. in my view the biggest the most dangerous phenomenon on the human on our planet is uh human stupidity it's not artificial intelligence
      • for: meme - human stupidity is more dangerous than artificial intelligence

      • meme: human stupidity is more dangerous than artificial intelligence

      • author:Nikola Danaylov
      • date: 2021
    1. honesty can actually threaten
      • for: meme - honestly can threaten hope

      • meme: honesty can threaten hope

        • a reassuring lie is often preferred to na challenging truth
        • denialism is just human nature
          • it's difficult to face the truth when the truth is so unpleasant and triggers intense fear or despair
          • mortality salience could underlay much of this
  5. Nov 2023
    1. we've become a province in which the the doctrine has become look out for yourself look out for your family and um and if you can 00:21:44 socialize costs and privatize benefits and of course that's what the oil industry is doing it's what the it's what every industry has learned to do
      • for: meme - business - socialize costs / privatize benefits

      • meme: business and industry

        • socialize costs / privatize benefits
    2. what I talk about is reaching what I call uh escape velocity from modernity just like reaching escape velocity from the gravity of Earth if if you're trying to get to the moon and you 00:51:45 don't reach escape velocity gravity will bring you back through the atmosphere and kill you in the process
      • for: meme - escape velocity from modernity
    1. as I fight the system in which I live and think of all the people out marching for black lives matter and good on them for doing it but am i ignoring the system that lives 01:03:54 in me that is am i pretending that that system is out there and is evil and I'm pure or am i recognizing even as I proclaimed that black lives matter and 01:04:07 the system must change that I and those who march with me are part of that system and participate in it far more than we are there acknowledge
      • for: internal and external change, whole system change - internal and external, wicked problem, meme - the system that lives in me

      • meme

        • Am I ignoring the system that lives in me?
      • for: meme - violence, patriarchy, men - expressing feelings

      • meme

        • violence is the language of the inarticulate
      • meaning
        • men have been conditioned by society to shut down their feelings and the only way they can express it is through egoistic expression of violence, anger and control
    1. beginning student quickly learns which questions to ask and which not to ask. And after years of not asking, even remote memories of those questions fade into the background. Reviving those questions, in more mature ways, is one step towards an attempt to regain innocence, to retain a beginner's mind, and from that viewpoint to look at science as a whole.
      • for: beginning mind, beginner's mind, regaining innocence, meme - regaining innocence
    1. people not feeling seen valued and heard and when you feel yourself not seen you regard that as an insult which it is and an injustice which it is and so you lash 00:08:38 out and so a society that becomes more sad eventually becomes more mean
      • for: meme - unheard, meme - pain is the root of anger

      • new meme

        • a society that becomes more sad is a society that becomes more mad
  6. Oct 2023
    1. morally reprehensible but strategically flawed.
      • for: meme, meme - morally reprehensible but strategically flawed

      • comment

        • good description for the violence practitioners of both sides of a conflict
  7. Sep 2023
    1. . The subterranean Republic of Commoners needs to step into the light of day.

      -for: quote, quote - David Bollier, call to action, meme, meme - subterranean republic of commoners

      • quote

        • The subterranean Republic of Commoners needs to step into the light of day.
      • meme: subterranean republic of commoners

      • comment

        - catchy!

      • for: system change, polycrisis, extreme weather, planetary tipping points, climate disruption, climate chaos, tipping point, hothouse earth, new meme, deep transformation
      • title: The Great Disruption has Begun
      • author: Paul Gilding
      • date: Sept 3, 2023
      • source: https://www.paulgilding.com/cockatoo-chronicles/the-great-disruption-has-begun
      • summary

        • good q uick opening paragraphs that summarize the plethora of extreme events in 2023 up to Sept 2023 (but misses the Canadian Wildfires) and also the list of potential planetary tipping points that are giving indication of being at the threshold.
        • He makes a good point about the conservative nature of science that underestimates impacts due to the inertia of scientific study.
        • Coins a good meme
          • Everything, everywhere, all at once
        • He ties all the various crisis together to show the many components of the wicked problem we face
        • finally what it comes down to is that we cannot stop the coming unprecedented changes but we can and must slow it down as much as possible and we should be prepared for a wild ride
      • comment

        • It would be a good educational tool for deep and transformative climate education to map all these elements of the polycrisis and show their feedbacks and interactions, especially how it relates to socio-economic impacts to motivate transformative change and mobilize the urgency now required.
    1. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
      • new meme
        • Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.
    2. Is the Future Terrifying? Or Exciting?
      • new meme
        • the future is both terrifying AND exciting at the same time. Hang on for the rollercoaster ride!
  8. Aug 2023
    1. The phrase "Rule 34" was coined from an August 13, 2003 webcomic captioned, "Rule #34 There is porn of it. No exceptions." The comic was drawn by TangoStari (Peter Morley-Souter) to depict his shock at seeing Calvin and Hobbes parody porn.[1][2]
  9. Jul 2023
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  11. Jan 2023
    1. In the final chapter of his book, Dawkins turns his attention away from biological evolution to cultural evolution and introduces another innovation to our thinking about human behavior. The new idea is the meme, the cultural analog to the gene. A meme is a unit of cultural behavior, just as a gene is a unit of biological behavior. Examples of memes are ideas, customs, slogans, fashions in dress or in hair-style, skills, tools, laws, religious beliefs and political institutions. Memes spread through human populations by social contact far more rapidly than genes spread by sexual contact. Just as our behavior at the individual level is controlled by selfish genes, our behavior at the social level is controlled by selfish memes.

      !- Richard Dawkins : meme - cultural analog to the gene

  12. Dec 2022
    1. I am not afraid of Charlie because he writes extreme, offensive things online. I am afraid of him because I recognize so many of his proclivities in regular people—the shifting eyes, the formless references and mental absence. If you spend all of your time consuming internet culture, you are consuming stories and myths and personalities that only exist online. To curate your online presence is to give up a piece of your physical self, to live in a simulated universe of your own creation. 
    2. But there are hundreds of online communities with their own rules, their own norms, their own Charlies—extremely online people buzzing behind the screen.
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  15. Feb 2021
    1. which have recently become umbrella terms referring to any piece of quickly-consumed comedic or relatable content
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    1. 百度知道 @汉子软软的头发 2018-10-25 09:31


  20. Apr 2020
    1. 小姐姐 小哥哥的称呼(可能在旁人眼里)属于 退行 的范畴吧。 使用者……可能是出于对 meme模仿

      又有一句:“妈妈,我OO(上电视了)” 只是喜欢模仿,而不是真的装嫩?嗲?


  21. Jul 2019
  22. Jan 2019
    1. Besides, the Anthropocene has already become another‘Anthropomeme’ (Macfarlane, 2016), spawning an array of derivativeterms, such as ‘Capitalocene’ (Moore, 2015), ‘Anthrop-obscene’(Parikka, 2015b), but also: ‘Plasticene’, ‘Plantationocene’ (Tsing, 2015),‘Mis-anthropocene’ and ‘Chthulucene’ (Haraway, 2015).

      "Anthrop-obscene" is without a doubt the best "Antrhopomeme"

  23. Apr 2018
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  25. Mar 2017
    1. Who do children identify with? Superman? Spiderman? Ironman? Barbie? Gandhi?


    2. during the week we had students reading my blog, seeing their snow hat from last winter being commented on by people all around the world and retweeted by Rihanna (a robot - I kept that quiet not to spoil the effect) on Twitter.

      Modeling reflective practice.

      Narrative connected

  26. Feb 2017
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  28. Jul 2015
    1. Let me be very clear: I do not care what the “top highlight” is. In fact, I actively do not want to know what the top highlight is. That kind of information encourages the meme-ification of the web, a world where we care more about pushing one sentence over the “tipping point” into virality than in carrying on a global conversation. It’s American Idol for pull quotes.
  29. Oct 2013
    1. For without knowing the names of any of the faults, they will, from being accustomed to correct speech, lay hold upon whatever is faulty in the speech of any one they listen to, and avoid it; just as city-bred men, even when illiterate, seize upon the faults of rustics.

      hear no evil see no evil