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  1. Jun 2022
    1. https://www.kcet.org/shows/lost-la

      This is a stunningly excellent little series! It started auto streaming last night after I watched PBS News Hour and I watched it in the background all evening.

      I'd seen at least one episode previously, but definitely worth re-watching in its entirety. So much history hiding around us...

  2. Apr 2022
  3. Jan 2022
    1. The mansion sits on the same land where Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by the Manson family in the summer of 1969.Back then, the property’s address was 10050 Cielo Dr., but in 1994, real estate investor Alvin Weintraub demolished the house and changed the address to 10066 Cielo Dr. in an attempt to separate the estate from its dark past.
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    1. Near-infrared photography captures, in pictures, reflected light that lies outside the visible light spectrum, or what humans can see Near-infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum has wavelengths that are longer than visible light but slightly shorter than mid- or far-infrared11 Photosynthesizing plants absorb most visible light and reflect near-infrared light Thus, a near-infrared photograph can visually show areas with high or low degrees of photosynthesis, an indicator of plant health (Figures 46 and 47)12 The photographs can be taken with a near-infrared camera or by purchasing a kit to alter a traditional digital camera Post-processing software can be used on the photograph to analyze plant health1

      Near Infrared Photography