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  1. Oct 2019
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    1. NotfeelinganydangerIwaspleasedwithmyride,excitedwithlaughter,whilethosethatwepassedlookedoninastonishment

      She isn't afraid of social perception

    2. still-born.

      Mills had a stillbirth

    3. TomorrowIgointotheschooltoassistmyhus-bandinteachingthesmallerclass

      Mills helps Sproat in the classroom

    4. oyouseeIhavenotescaped,eventhisyearourspring,dreadedwor

      Mills is in charge of all the household affairs basically

    5. OurfamilyisnowenlargedbyMr.[EdmundF.]ElyandMr.Air[FrederickAyer]andson,whoarestayingwithusaweekorso,theyappeartobejustmenwalkinginthefearoftheLor

      Ely and Ayer visit Mills and Sproat

    6. heschoolisinteresting,butourbrethrenatPokegamaandFonduLacaretriedverymuchbythehostilityoftheindians,theyarebeginningtobestirred.bythestoryoftheoppres-sionoftheirsouthernbrethrenwhichhasreachedthem,theyarebeginningtofeelthatthewhitemenwilloppressthemasmuchastheycan,andareafraidthatgovernmenthassentthemissionariestoFavourtheirdesigns.TheCherokeeshavesentwampumtoseveralofthenortherntribestojointhemainsttheAmericanssoinsteadoflisteningtotheWordeirmindsareontheunjustnessesofthewhitemen.Ourbandhavenotyetbeenthusexcited.Ihopeitwillbealongtimebeforetheywill.Werewetolookuponthesemis-sionswiththeeyeofsense,weshouldbeentirelydiscouraged,buttheeyeoffaithdiscernsinthedistancetheredmanofthewildernessbendingthekneetotheonetrueGod;to18.-bourforthisendwemusthavefaithandpatienc

      Mills has a really good understanding of the mission situation in relationship to the government

    7. V‘ithregardtosuccessofthemissions,Mr.I‘Iall5wassayinga.fewdayssincethathehasnever,sincehehasbeeninthecountry,seenthetimewhenthingsappearedmorenat-teringthantheydonow,ortheindiansmorefriendly

      Mills says Hall is impressed by the success of missions

  3. Aug 2019
    1. The Theoretical Stuff on Note Taking & Zettelkasten Communicating with Slip Boxes by Niklas Luhmann http://luhmann.surge.sh/communicating-with-slip-boxes Luhmann on Learning How to Read https://takingnotenow.blogspot.de/2007/12/luhmann-on-learning-how-to-read.html C. Wright Mills, “On Intellectual Craftsmanship,” from The Sociological Imagination. Oxford University Press. 1960. https://archivingthecity.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/mills_on_intellctual_craftmanship.pdf The How-To Stuff on Note Taking & Zettelkasten Chapter 4, “The Work Plan and the Index Cards” in Umberto Eco, How to Write a Thesis
  4. Feb 2017
    1. In Greek thought there are two ways of viewing time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos Time is chronological and measurable. Kairos Time is more open-ended and expansive such that one can experience an “eternity” in a brief instant. It is not a cold finality at all. While we mainly live in Chronos Time, it is possible to experience Kairos as a place in which to abide and to breathe deeply without respect to calendars and deadlines. Too often we live only for the clock and fail to notice how, in the absence of incremental time, we would be more able to see the pattern in the rug, how the stained glass windows of our lives make sense as wholes and not as mere pieces.

      This paragraph.

  5. Jul 2016
    1. It has the tempo of people eating a meal togethe

      What a powerful line.