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    1. Make experience your business. Digital has disrupted every industry. Your customers now expect you to be personal. To be beautiful. To be simple yet compelling. All the time. Businesses that can deliver on that will build loyalty that leads to growth.

      Right away this B2B site hits the visitor with a gut-punch of emotion and customer expectation...suggest that they are the solution to this pain point! I like how bold and upfront they are here.

    1. Your people and your workplace are your greatest assets and they are underutilized. Steelcase research shows us that on average: only 54% of office space is used throughout the day over 37% of employees are not engaged at work We equip organizations with the tools to measure the places where people work on a continuous, periodic, or trial basis.

      Here it gets into quantitative data, which would appeal to decision-makers. Long-term decision-making may also factor in at this point, if an office redesign is a project that is being considered for the future.

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    1. Johnson’s book (lively and well sourced –  highly recommended) transcends the cliche of the individual innovator  and shows the ways in which innovation depends on a form of social  capital — the networks of people and ideas that innovators learn from  and build upon.

      It's rarely ever about the "lone genius".

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    1. I-laving developed one's rational powers, one could then read as extensively (or not) as one wished.

      This reminds me of Plato's "Chariot Allegory:" the notion that the charioteer (logic, reason) attempts to drive and control the two horses (rational and irrational) toward the truth.

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    1. succeed by convincing juries

      Blair-"Whenever a man speaks or writes, he is supposed, as a rational being, to have some end in view; either to inform, or to amuse, or to persuade, or, in some way or other,"