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  1. Aug 2019
    1. I was so fed up of the mega amounts of boilerplate with Redux and the recommendation of keeping your data loading at view level. It seems to me that things like this, with components being responsible for their own data, is the way to go in the future.
  2. Feb 2019
  3. Jan 2017
    1. Howeverfrequenttheireuphoricflightsabouttheunlim-itedpowersandmalleabilityofman,theyknewthatrhetoricaleducation,inpractice,sawmanaslimited,notunlimited,livinginaworldofplay,notofidealforms.

      If I'm reading this correctly, this is saying that to live in a world of ideal forms would be the less limiting option here. However, I usually consider ideal forms to be quite limiting as I generally understand idealism to be so closely aligned with essentialism. For example, when students are introduced to an "ideal argument," their notions of argument become more and more restricted. While this can be good (because it provides models for those beginning), it limits the possibilities of all of the divergent notions of argument.

      In the next paragraph, when Lanham says "when rhetoric empowers literature, it is unredeemable. That is what rhetorical literature, I am tempted to say Western literature, is all about," I jump back up here, and then back down there, and then back up here. I wonder if Lanham is suggesting something here about the essentialist notions of humanity... In other words, as long as advocacy for rhetoric carries the baggage of essentialism (like literature as always being boiled down to saying something about the human condition), it will never get beyond the weak defense?

  4. May 2015
    1. cannot be entirely explained by the Ideal Gas Law (or variations thereof) when applied to the most likely game conditions and circumstances

      How about when introducing a needle that registers .3-.45 below accurate. Start the ideal gas law tests at 12.05.

  5. Feb 2014
    1. We will construct a p ortrait of the \ideal mathematician". By this we do not mean the p erfect mathematician, the mathematician without de- fect or limitation. Rather, we mean to describ e the most mathematician- like mathematician, as one might describ e the ideal thoroughbred grey- hound, or the ideal thirteenth-century monk.
  6. Nov 2013
    1. "I teach," he says, "that the orator cannot be perfect unless he is a good man. Con-sequently I demand from him not only outstand-ing skill in speaking but all the virtuous qualities of character." This is the type of orator that Quin-tilian constructs for us. Afterwards in the twelfth book, where he defines him in similar terms as a good man skilled in speaking well, he identifies those virtuous qualities of character as justice, courage, self-control, prudence, likewise knowl-edge of the whole of philosophy and of law, a thorough acquaintance with history, and many other attributes worthy of praise.
  7. Oct 2013
    1. Such an orator ought now surely to be formed, when so many more examples of eloquence exist than fell to the lot of those who have hitherto been considered the best orators, for to them will belong the praise, not only of surpassing those who preceded them, but of instructing those who followed.

      Ideal orator

    1. We see an antidote, for example, and other medicines to heal diseases and wounds, compounded of many and sometimes opposite ingredients, from the various qualities of which results that single compound, which resembles none of them, yet takes its peculiar virtues from them all.

      Analogy of what makes a perfect orator.

    2. Nature does not forbid the formation of a perfect orator, and it is disgraceful to despair of what is possible.

      Ideal orator is attainable

    1. pervert the judge by moving him to anger or envy or pity -- one might as well warp a carpenter's rule before using it.

      The judge is only human, though - sometimes it seems like the Greeks' concept of achieving the ideal got in the way sometimes.