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  1. Feb 2021
    1. A long, but worthwhile read. This goes into some valuable ideas about public spaces that the typical article on the independent web doesn't explore.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Fluffy</span> in Notes: All Our Selves In One Basket (<time class='dt-published'>2021-01-31 12:31:00 </time>)</cite></small>

    2. it really, really matters who we entrust with our primary social spaces.
    3. Let's face it, these days, if you want to socialize, you don't go out to the mall or the library, and it's a 50/50 shot if you even have anything resembling a town square. You go on the internet.

      And this is the problematic part of the internet as a town square: we have no defined governance or pale beyond which to cast people who go far beyond societal norms.

  2. Jan 2021
    1. § 101-49. Amendment or repeal No section or provision of this charter may be repealed or amended unless the act making the repeal or amendment refers specifically to this charter and to the sections or provisions so repealed. Any amendment to this charter must be submitted to the voters for their approval and, upon approval, submitted as provided by statutes. Amendments may be placed on the ballot by the Selectboard, a duly authorized Charter Review Commission appointed by the Selectboard, or upon petition filed with the Town Clerk by 10 percent of the voters. The petition must clearly state the amendment and must be filed at least 45 days before any annual or special Town election, but the Town shall not be required to hold a special Town election solely for the purpose of considering a proposed charter amendment. (Amended 2019, No. M-1, § 2, eff. April 19, 2019.)

      Town of Barre

      Charter Amendment requires 10%

    1. § 117-304. Rescission of ordinances All ordinances shall be subject to rescission by a special or annual Town meeting, as follows: If, within 44 days after final passage by the selectmen of any such ordinance, a petition signed by voters of the Town not less in number than five percent of the qualified voters of the municipality is filed with the Town Clerk requesting its reference to a special or annual Town meeting, the selectmen shall fix the time and place of the meeting, which shall be within 60 days after the filing of the petition, and notice thereof shall be given in the manner provided by law in the calling of a special or annual Town meeting. Voting shall be by Australian ballot. An ordinance so referred shall remain in effect upon the conclusion of the meeting unless a majority of those present and voting against the ordinance at the special or annual Town meeting exceeds five percent in number of the qualified voters of the municipality. § 117-305. Petition for enactment of ordinance; special meeting (a) Subject to the provisions of section 304 of this Charter, voters of the Town may at any time petition in the same manner as in section 304 for the enactment of any proposed lawful ordinance by filing the petition, including the text of the ordinance, with the Town Clerk. The selectmen shall call a special Town meeting (or include the ordinance as annual meeting business) to be held within 60 days of the date of the filing, unless prior to the meeting the ordinance shall be enacted by the selectmen. The warning for the meeting shall state the proposed ordinance in full or in concise summary and shall provide for an Australian ballot vote as to its enactment. The ordinance shall take effect on the 10th day after the conclusion of the meeting provided that voters as qualified in section 304, constituting a majority of those voting thereon, shall have voted in the affirmative.

      Town of Essex

      Referendums, Initiatives Require 5%

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  7. Oct 2019
  8. library.oapen.org library.oapen.org
    1. itinwellforthemissionthathaleavesit,whileitwouldatthesametimemakenofearthathewouldoftenwhar~everhemaybelocated,speakinanunaavioedandunfriendlyman»norofhisbrethrenandofthemissio

      Greene is okay with Town leaving La Pointe

    2. heformerrendershimlesstobedependedonthanisdesirable;hislackofjudgmentexposeshimtosomeindiscretions;andhisweaknervesexposehimtodisquietudeanddiscontentmentwhichabridgeshisenjoyment,andsometimesrendersthoseunhappywhoareassociatedwithh

      Town's negative characteristics

    3. ThecomplaintwhichIhavemostfrequentlyheardhimmakeagainstthepresentplanofoperationshere,is,thatthetimeofthemissionariesistoomuchoccupiedinmanuallabourandinprovidingfortheirfamili

      Town's chief complaint is too much manual labor

    4. vemelesstimetodevouttodirectlaboursfortheIndiansthanIcouldwish.IhavesaidtohimallIthoughtwouldbeofanyuse,toinducehimtostayandlabourinthesemissions,wherehemightrenderessentialservice.Butifhismind-couldnotberenderedmoresettledinregardtoremaining,thanithasbeenforseveralmonthspast,hewouldrenderusbutlittleaidbyremainingwithus

      Hall tried to convince Town to stay so that Hall's workload wasn't crazy, but no dice

    5. ewasdesiroustoleavethusearly,inordertoestablishhimselfinsomekindofbusiness,andprocurethemeanstomakehisfamilyocomfortablebeforeanotherwinte

      Mr. Town left La Pointe to start a business and his wife will join him soon

  9. Sep 2019
    1. D.GreenetoJosephTow

      Mr. Greene seems to suggest that Mr. Town should abandon his post at the mission since he is gone from there so often anyway

    2. Chiefgavemehismedisinba

      a chief at La Pointe gives his medicine bag to Joseph Town, except it's actually at Fond du Lac?

  10. Aug 2019
    1. ltthattheSpiritdirectedhi

      Mr. Town will occupy Fond du Lac



    1. houldyougotothisstationyouwouldbeexpectedtoteachtosomeextent,todidintakingcareofthesecularaffeirsofthefamily,andtobewiththeIndiana,asmuchascircumotencsewouldpermit,aidingthemcomeintheirattemptstobecomesettled&cul—tivatetheground,persuadingthemtoattendmeetingt,andsendtheirchildrentoschool,impartingreligiousinstructionasforasyoucould,bymeansofinterpretersorotherwise.Youmightalsodidsomeinprovidingcomfortablebuildingsforthefamily,iftheyshouldnotyetbefurniehod,andperhapsituiohtbeadvisableforyoutoaidoccasionallyatoneortwooftheotherattioneinthatvicinity,inthesamen

      What Mr. Town would be expected to do at Yellow Lake



  11. Apr 2019
    1. Have to agree had a walk around here recently and I'm not impressed by any of the buildings going up around the square. The FJMT tower and low rise buildings are a jumbled mess, pretty ugly actually. The Mirvac buildings are not much better. The library just looks like an entrance to a train station and makes no sense being underground with it's commercially clad fly tower or whatever it is? It's entrance is cramped with a cafe blocking access to the steps. Why build a grand space only for it to be cluttered? I just felt the place felt like no lesson's have been learnt. Hopefully some better designs will be constructed in Green squares evolution but it's certainly not an exercise in good city planning and the architecture is certainly not groundbreaking harmonious or pleasing on the eye.

      Largely agree. It's all very controlled, with a bit of decent archi. But it certainly doesn't feel 'real', tactile.. like there is any ownership. It belongs to ritzy people, ritzy gov, and ritzy gov-corporate relationships. Yerp.

    1. Hemmes lifts lid on project APRIL 03, 2019 Pub titan Justin Hemmes’s $1.5 billion redevelopment will dominate a Sydney city block, taking up to seven years to complete, with world-class local and international architects engaging in a design competition for the proposed five-star extravaganza. In his first interview on the yet-to-be-named project, the billionaire said he planned a 52,500sq m tower opposite Wynyard Station, amalgamating his Ivy party palace and adding a substantial office component, a luxury hotel and an opulent hospitality precinct.

      Awesome news. This MUST be rolled into Crossrail/West Metro planning works.

    1. Veridian Kogarah by cnd

      Good facade articulation to breakdown the mass of the building.

    2. Veridian Kogarah by cnd

      Is alrightish. I like the two-volume articulation.

    3. Andover Street Apartments, Carlton, Sydney by cnd

      Nice normal stuff.

    4. 'The Ritz'

      BAN dumb names. Just "123 Main Street" allowable.

    5. An artist impression of the Kogarah North Precinct wih Georges River Girls High School on the right.

      These sort of renders have a lot to answer for.

  12. Aug 2018
  13. Oct 2016
    1. Bird-Dogging

      Bird-dogging is a technique whereby activists get candidates on the record about their position on an issue. The term comes from the analogy of a bird-dog which flushes birds out of hiding. In the metaphor, candidates for office often want to conceal their positions on controversial issues or keep their language around them vague. Bird-doggers go to events and ask carefully crafted questions on issues they wish to talk about to try to "flush a candidate's opinions into the open."

      Bird-doggers often work in issue advocacy organizations, and are less concerned about who wins an election than about getting their issues addressed as part of the campaign.

      The term was popularized in 2004 by New Hampshire Quaker activist Arnie Alpert who noted that the way people were asking questions at "town halls" with presidential candidates was allowing the candidates too much wiggle room:

      "If you simply go in there and say, ‘What do you think about health care? What do you think about Iraq?’ the candidate can pretty much say anything and have it sound like it’s a good answer,” said Arnie Alpert, the program coordinator in New Hampshire for the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group.

      So in the lead-up to the 2004 primary, he started teaching people how to ask questions. Basically, it takes planning, precision and a little bit of courage. (see New York Times story)

      Albert's techniques were later adopted by Priorities NH, a Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry's) group trying to get military spending issues addressed, as well as other groups in the 2008 primary. The rise of citizen video made such techniques an important tool of activism.


      Rhetoric around a 2016 controversy created by James O'Keefe wrongly portrayed bird-dogging as a Clinton campaign term dealing with the instigation of violence at Trump rallies. The term pre-dates the Clinton campaign and has never been used in this way.


      New York Times Article: Bird-Dogging in N.H. and Iowa, March 2007

      From the 2016 book Service Sociology and Academic Engagement in Social Problems: "Bird-dogging means attending a political candidates public appearances with the specific aim of challenging or seeking clarification of a particular issue."

      From 2011 book The Young Activist's Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World: "Bird-dogging refers to attending public events where a candidate for public office or an elected representative will appear and calling on him or her to publicly address an issue, support your cause, or reconsider a stance already taken."

  14. Dec 2015
    1. Go out and see the birds along the building, singing, because, [therewas] no snow! Everybody be standing over the pipes, talking because it’s warm,standing out all winter long.’

      I visit my family in Chicago every winter.. I can assure you all it's nothing like this anymore. It's cold outside. Whether there is snow or not (due to storm variations every year) it's cold.. very cold.