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  1. Nov 2023
    1. I suspect that Scheper suggests using the Academic Outline of Disciplines as a numbering structure because it's an early choice he made for himself and it provides a perch to give people a concrete place to start. Sadly this does a disservice because it's closer to the older commonplace topical method rather than to the spirit of the ordering that Luhmann was doing. It's especially difficult for beginners who have a natural tendency to want to do this sort of top-down approach.

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      ūü§£ Let's talk about who doesn't have a sense of humor!

  2. Oct 2023
    1. There is some technique to it: you have to learn not to lie to yourself, not to procrastinate (which is a form of lying to yourself), not to get distracted, and not to give up when things go wrong.

      3 tenents of working hard: 1. Not lying to yourself 2. Not procrastinating 3. Not getting distracted

  3. Sep 2023
  4. Apr 2022
    1. This strategy has been shown to substantially increase student achievement across all grade levels (elementary through college) and with students who present with various disabilities (Haydon, Mancil, Kroeger, McLeskey, & Lin, 2011).

      Guided notes (or skeletal notes with broad topic headings) are a useful pedagogical scaffolding technique to encourage students to take notes. Methods like this have been show to improve student outcomes at all levels as well as for those with disabilities.

  5. Jul 2021
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  8. Apr 2021
    1. The game is not too bad.. sweet graphics yet minimalistic.. but why the heck 1,5k achievements? I can barely concentrate on the levels because all the freaking achievements pop up all the time. One per level would have done the job just fine.. i love achievements.. but getting 1,5k for nothing is hideous.
    1. A PvP level was added just for the sake of ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• and giggles, the only purpose of this this is game is achievement farming.
  9. Mar 2021
    1. First off, achievement spam is not a selling point. In fact, this game broke my Steam client because it spams achievements. Whenever I closed it, it froze my client. What am I gonna do with there cheevos anyway? "Look, I got the achievement "Web 1720", am I cool now?"
  10. Aug 2020
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  12. Apr 2019
    1. evidence of a racial transfer gap for historically underrepresented minority students

      Is this "racial transfer gap" on top of the phenomenon of "transfer shock"?

  13. Jan 2019
    1. No technique, no professional skill can be acquired without exercise; nor can the art of living, the technê tou biou, be learned without askesis that should be understood as a training of the self by oneself.

      Like any other skill, living "well," which differs depending on the person, requires lived experience. It involves navigating life through achievements and failures through which skills are acquired.

  14. Feb 2018
    1. But what the data shows is we know if we're looking at test scores, if we're measuring the achievement gap, which is the test score gap between black and white students, that gap was the narrowest at the peak of integration in the school integration, which was 1988. As soon as we start to see the segregation increasing again, that achievement gap increases. And we've actually never gotten back to that low point that we were at when schools were their most integrated.

      affect of desgregation

  15. Nov 2017
  16. Sep 2017
    1. Charlotte Lucas poses this question to Austen studies and to a liberal feminist critical agenda: what if you choose less, choose safety, and choose constraint; choose, in Elizabeth Bennet‚Äôs words, a ‚Äúhumiliating picture‚ÄĚ for yourself but nonetheless expect to be happy? Charlotte is largely overlooked in Austen criticism except to shadow Elizabeth Bennet, the ‚Äúmost modern and liberated‚ÄĚ of Austen‚Äôs characters.50 Charlotte models a form of subjectivity that thus far has been temporalized into a version of the premodern that Austen was eager to transcend. Yet the relevance that she has for feminism today is acute, as we expand our focus to a global context that encompasses modes of female agency and fulfillment that are not oriented toward resistance or autonomy. Taking the relationship between Charlotte and Elizabeth not as a dynamic of oppression and liberation, but as an agonistic exchange that produces multiple forms of female subjec-tivity allows Austen‚Äôs fiction to become a richer and more productive site for imagining feminism‚Äôs multiplicity. Charlotte and Elizabeth‚Äôs differing expectations about conjugal intimacy suggest the multiplicity of roles marriage can have in mediating between self and society. In particular, Charlotte‚Äôs long overlooked perspective points toward the possibility of human flourishing in situations of restraint and of attaching significance to self-discipline and to submission to social expectations. We can recognize the significance of Charlotte‚Äôs presence in Austen‚Äôs narrative and her own claim ‚Äúto be . . . happy‚ÄĚ only when we no longer assume that emancipatory self-expansion exhausts the possibilities of empowered conjugality.

      This last paragraph is a tremendous conclusion that wraps up everything Moe pointed out in the thesis, thus successfully addressing what the article set out to achieve. However, I believe that within the content of the article, Moe did not consistently accentuate her arguments as well as she does in the last bit of her writing.

  17. Dec 2016
    1. You cannot carry on substantial physical achievement and spiritual achievement simultaneously. One must follow another because they both require too much time. It is possible that someone who has achieved something physically that is very substantial will have a real emergence spiritually and vice-versa. You cannot succeed in two realms simultaneously, though many people are trying currently. They are trying very hard to be magnificent in all aspects and do you know what? They don't make much progress in any aspect. You see, you can't trick the way things are and find a new way to slip through the loophole in life.

      Observation: if one does not have the minimum requirements for living in the world - a home, stable income, nutrition, rest, sanctuary - it is not realistic to expect Knowledge or Inner Teachers to guide you into material stability. Material stability is a often a prerequisite for spiritual growth.

  18. Oct 2016
    1. true value offers a reward that grows and yields benefits for yourself and others. Real pleasure is associated with achievement. You cannot escape this. It is a fact. Things are valued because they are useful according to the purpose that you hold. If something yields value according to your purpose as you understand it, you will value it. Even if your purpose is false and self-deceiving, you will value it nonetheless. Value and pleasure are therefore highly associated. You cannot separate them.
  19. Jul 2016
  20. Jun 2016
    1. chievement goals capture meaningful distinctions in how individuals orient themselves to achieving competence in the academic setting (Ames, 19

      Definition of achievement goals. See also the next note.