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    1. In addition to being an unambiguous semantic marker in the HTML, the download attribute can serve as a simple and elegant styling hook. CSS attribute selectors—code that lets us create styling based on the qualities that help describe HTML elements—allow us to target any link that is a download and style it without having to attach a special class:
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    1. Microbundle also outputs a modern bundle specially designed to work in all modern browsers. This bundle preserves most modern JS features when compiling your code, but ensures the result runs in 90% of web browsers without needing to be transpiled. Specifically, it uses preset-modules to target the set of browsers that support <script type="module"> - that allows syntax like async/await, tagged templates, arrow functions, destructured and rest parameters, etc. The result is generally smaller and faster to execute than the esm bundle
    1. It won't work in all use cases, but it's better than the div soup.
    2. I run into this on almost every project and end up doing this as a workaround: :global([slot="content"]) This allows me to style that extra div in the component that contains the slots but it would be super nice to have <MyComponent slot="content"/> and eliminate that extra div
    3. If this is getting implemented, I think I'll love to see both implemented. I can see a lot of use cases where I would like to encapsulate the component with additional wrappers and in another scenarios I would like to just use the component. Now i work around this using empty div but then at times it breaks the structure because of the div element and I'll have to add more class utilities to make it work. This will be a great addition for Svelte.
    4. I don't like adding unnecessary divs.
  5. Oct 2020
    1. Firms should not be owned and managed by people who survive because of their connections to government or their privileged birth: Capitalism is dynamic when owners or managers succeed because they are good at delivering high-quality goods and services at a competitive price. This is more likely to be a failure when the other two factors above are not working well.

      Here is where we're likely to fail in the United States by following the example of Donald Trump, who ostensibly has survived solely off the wealth of his father's dwindling empire. With that empire gone, he's now turning to creating wealth by associating with the government. We should carefully follow where this potentially leads the country.

    2. James Bronterre O’Brien, told the people:‘Knaves will tell you that it is because you have no property, you are unrepresented. I tell you on the contrary, it is because you are unrepresented that you have no property …’16

      great quote

    3. A thousand years ago, the world was flat, economically speaking.

      I don't think we have to go back even this far. If I recall correctly, even 150 years ago the vast majority of the world's population were subsistence farmers. It's only been since the 20th century and the increasing spread of the industrial revolution that the situation has changed:

      Even England remained primarily an agrarian country like all tributary societies for the previous 4,000 years, with ca. 50 percent of its population employed in agriculture as late as 1759.

      --David Christian, Maps of Time (pp 401) quoting from Crafts, British Economic Growth, pp. 13–14. (See also Fig 13.1 Global Industrial Potential from the same, for a graphical indicator.

    1. "Some inequality of income and wealth is inevitable, if not necessary. If an economy is to function well, people need incentives to work hard and innovate.The pertinent question is not whether income and wealth inequality is good or bad. It is at what point do these inequalities become so great as to pose a serious threat to our economy, our ideal of equal opportunity and our democracy." - Robert Reich

      An important observation. What might create such a tipping point? Is there a way to look back at these things historically to determine the most common factors that would create such tipping points?

  6. www.core-econ.org www.core-econ.org
    1. Economy, Society, and Public Policy

      David Brancaccio and the kind folks at Marketplace are doing a public virtual bookclub with this book as their text for twelve weeks through the Spring of 2020.

      Given the complexity of the subject and the public nature, I might suggest that they consider using the opensource and free Hypothes.is platform as an academic discussion tool for allowing everyone to highlight, annotate, and respond to the text and conversations.

      I suspect the Hypothesis team would be happy to do a quick run through of their platform as well as potentially creating a private group if they preferred.

  7. Sep 2020
    1. Currently, I can only do this with some ugly JS, by wrapping the <slot> in a div and then selecting all direct children of that div (div>*). But this fix/solution also makes me face a problem: The <div> partially destroys the layout/design compared to when not using that div wrapper.
  8. Jun 2020
    1. If those comments are loaded outside of the blog_post association, then attempting to reference the blog_post association from within each comment will result in N blog_posts table queries even if they all belong to the same BlogPost!
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    1. In 1968, Garrett Hardin, a biologist, published an article about social dilemmas in the journal Science, called ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’.
    2. social dilemma A situation in which actions, taken independently by individuals in pursuit of their own private objectives, may result in an outcome that is inferior to some other feasible outcome that could have occurred if people had acted together, rather than as individuals.
    1. In some, their spending on goods and services as well as on transfers like unemployment benefits and pensions, accounts for more than half of GDP.

      What is the government's proportion of the US GDP presently?

    2. Yet some things that we value are not private property—for example, the air we breathe and most of the knowledge we use cannot be owned, bought, or sold.
    3. Figure 1.16

      Note the dramatic inconsistency of the scale on the left hand side. What is going on here?

    4. We should be sceptical when anyone claims that something complex (capitalism) ‘causes’ something else (increased living standards, technological improvement, a networked world, or environmental challenges), just because we can see there is a correlation.

      Great and ridiculous examples of this can be found at https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations

    5. Market competition provides a mechanism for weeding out those who underperform.

      Note how this has failed in the current guilded age of the United States where it is possible for things to be "too big to fail".

    6. Capitalism is an economic system that can combine centralization with decentralization.

      How can we analogize this with the decentralization of the web and its economy?

    7. Government bodies also tend to be more limited in their capacity to expand if successful, and are usually protected from failure if they perform poorly.

      They can expand in different ways however. Think about the expansion of empires of Egypt, Rome, and the Mongols in the 12th Century. What caused them to cease growing and decrease? What allowed them to keep increasing?

    8. Yet some things that we value are not private property—for example, the air we breathe and most of the knowledge we use cannot be owned, bought, or sold.
    9. First, because capital goods do not fall from the sky: all countries that have successfully moved from poverty to affluence have done so, of necessity, by accumulating large amounts of capital. We will also see that a crucial feature of capitalism is who owns and controls the capital goods in an economy.


    10. First, because capital goods do not fall from the sky: all countries that have successfully moved from poverty to affluence have done so, of necessity, by accumulating large amounts of capital. We will also see that a crucial feature of capitalism is who owns and controls the capital goods in an economy.
  10. Jan 2020
    1. If you have never seen an ice-hockey stick (or experienced ice hockey) this shape is why we call these figures ‘hockey-stick curves’.

      I'm glad they've included an image of a hockey stick to provide the context here, but I've always thought of it rotated so that the blade was on the ground and the sharp angle of the handle itself indicated the exponential growth curve!

    2. But some have taller skyscrapers at the back, meaning a greater disparity between the top 10% and the rest of the population, whereas others have a less steep profile.

      It might be more interesting if the top decile in each country were broken into tenths to show the even more severe disparities. I suspect that some of the height differences would be even more drastic if we could see the top 1% or even the top 0.1% on these graphs.

    3. PPP

      PPP stands for Purchasing Power Parity

      How to Calculate and Use Purchasing Power Parity – PPP

    4. Cyril Ramaphosa
  11. Oct 2019
    1. find out in advance which professors or sections use Open Educational Resources. Any time you have the option of picking the OER section, take it. Not only will you save money, but you’re more likely to get the benefit of a professor who went the extra mile to help students. It’s not a perfect barometer, but it’s a better-than-random indicator that this professor is particularly engaged in the course. When professors have helped curate, assemble, or even create the material themselves, they’re invested in it.  In my observation, faculty passion for a subject is contagious. Give me a passionate professor with pretty-good OER over a dutiful one with a solid commercial book any day of the week

      That's a nice endorsement of our work adopting and producing OER. Thanks!

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    1. OGG

      Ogg is een open standaard voor een vrij formaat dat gebruikt wordt om multimedia te omvatten. De standaard wordt niet beperkt door softwarepatenten en is ontworpen voor efficiënte streaming en bewerking. Het formaat wordt onderhouden door de Xiph.Org Foundation.

    1. geluidsdruk in het bereik van ca. 20 μPa tot 200 Pa

      Gehoorgrens 0 dB SPL Stille opnamestudio ( klassieke muziek ) 20 dB SPL Stille opnamestudio ( moderne muziek ) 30 dB SPL Huiskamer ( nacht ) afgelegen 35 dB SPL Stil auditorium 40 dB SPL Normale conversatie ( 1 meter ) 60 dB SPL Luide conversatie ( 1 meter ) 80 dB SPL Verkeerslawaai autostrade ( 10 meter ) 90 dB SPL Zware vrachtwagen 100 dB SPL Luide klassieke muziek live ( 3 meter ) 110 dB SPL Beluistering rockmuziek studio ( 3 meter ) 120 dB SPL Rockmuziek live ( versterkt op 2 meter ) 125 dB SPL Pijngrens 130 dB SPL Sirene ( 2 meter ), vliegtuig met 4 schroefmotoren 140 dB SPL .45 revolverschot ( 2 meter ) 145 dB SPL Straalvliegtuig met naverbranding 160 dB SPL

  14. Apr 2019
    1. Fourier-analyses
    3. grondtoon

      Laagste toon voortgebracht door een trillingsbron, bijvoorbeeld een muziekinstrument, stem of bromvlieg

    4. harmonischen

      Gevolgen De belangrijkste gevolgen van harmonische vervorming zijn:

      • In apparatuur ontstaat extra energieverlies. Dit leidt tot de ontwikkeling van warmte waardoor de levensduur van apparatuur (mogelijk) gereduceerd wordt;
      • De normale werking van apparaten kan verstoord raken;
      • Er kunnen trillingen ontstaan (in bijvoorbeeld transformatoren). Gevolg hiervan is dat de transformator meer hoorbaar geluid gaat produceren.
    1. transversale golven, longitudinale golven

      Het verschil tussen de twee golven uitgelegd in 1min:



    2. longitudinale golf

      Een longitudinale golf is een golf waarin de golfbeweging plaatsvindt langs de richting waarin de energie zich verplaatst. Geluid plant zich in lucht en in andere gassen en vloeistoffen voort als een longitudinale golf.

    3. golf snelheid

      De golfsnelheid is een directe relatie tussen de golflengte λ (in m) en de frequentie f (in Hz).

      c = λ / f


      De voorwaarde van de Nyquist-theorie: de digitale bemonsteringsfrequentie (fs) moet groter zijn dan tweemaal de maximale frequentie-inhoud (fmax) in het analoge signaal

    2. Harry Nyquist

    1. Nominaal

      Kwalitatieve variabelen, waarvan de categorieën niet in een vaste of zinvolle volgorde zijn te plaatsen, hebben een nominaal meetniveau.

    2. Het menselijk gehoor kan normaliter tussen de 20 Hz en de 20000 Hz waarnemen

      Sommige dieren hebben een lagere gehoordrempel dan de mens. Honden kunnen vooral bij hogere frequenties beter horen en vleermuizen kunnen de hoogste frequenties horen.


      dit is een filmpje die je meer uitleg heeft over wat frequentie en amplitudes doen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1DpWtE6azk

    4. infrasoon

      De term infrasoon komt van het Latijn: infra [onder] en sonus [geluid], dus "beneden het geluid".

    5. ultrasoon

      Het ultrasone geluidsgebied begint vanaf ongeveer 20.000 hertz (20 kHz) en loopt tot 800 miljoen hertz (800 MHz).

    6. amplitude.
    7. °Celsius

      Celsius is een temperatuurschaal vernoemd naar de Zweedse astronoom Anders Celsius, die deze schaal voor het eerst voorstelde in 1742. De celsiusschaal is gedefinieerd met de volgende twee ijkpunten: De temperatuur waarbij water bevriest bij een luchtdruk van 1 bar is gedefinieerd als 0°C


      Kwadratenwet is elke fysieke wet, dat een specifieke fysieke vorm is omgekeerd evenredig met het kwadraat van de afstand tot de bron van die grootheid.

    1. Graham Bell

      Alexander Graham Bell was een Schots-Amerikaans uitvinder, autodidact en de oprichter van de telefoonmaatschappij Bell, die uitgroeide tot de American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). Bell werd geboren in Schotland, maar emigreerde naar Canada en daarvandaan naar de Verenigde Staten.

    1. 1 .1 .2    PERIODIEKE  GOLVEN

      Golf waarbij een stoorsignaal zichzelf herhaalt met gelijke tijdsintervallen op elk punt in de ruimte en met gelijke ruimte-intervallen op elk moment van de tijd

  15. Mar 2019

      Het Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Fruity loops gebruikt de FL studio song file (.flp) om golfvormbestanden op te slaan die specifiek terug moeten geopend worden met FL studio.

    1. MIDI

      Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's) zoals FL studio en Ableton maken ook gebruik van MIDI. Zo kan je een keyboard, launchpad of ander digitaal instrument koppelen aan een midi in je DAW en daar kan je dan oneindig veel geluidjes uitkiezen om af te spelen via je aangesloten instrument

    1. absorptiecoëfficiënten

      De absorptiecoëfficiënt is een maat voor de hoeveelheid geluid die door het oppervlak van een object niet wordt teruggekaatst als aandeel van de totale hoeveelheid geluid waaraan dat oppervlak is blootgesteld. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorptieco%C3%ABffici%C3%ABnt

  16. Feb 2019
    1. Artigo 11.–Horas extraordinarias.Cada hora de traballo que se realice sobre a duración máxima da semana ordinaria de traballo aboarase cun incremen-to que nunca será inferior ó 25% sobre o salario que corresponda a cada hora ordinaria, podendo compensarse en tempo de descanso, neste caso, cada hora de traballo equivalerá a unha hora E quince minutos de descanso, sendo a opción de cobrala ou descansala, decisión da empresa en función da carga de traballo e das previsións laborais da mesma. As horas extraordinarias realizadas e que se compensen por descanso, deberán ser compensadas dentro dos 4 meses seguintes a sua realización.A efectos do cómputo de horas extraordinarias, a xornada de cada traballador rexistrarase diariamente, e totalizarase no período fixado para o abono das retribucións, entregando copia do resumen ao traballador e o recibo correspondente.

      Incremento de 25% das horas extra, ben en tempo, ben en nómina

    2. As gratificacións extraordinarias serán tres:Nadal, xullo e setembro que se aboarán a razón de salario garantido, incrementado coa antigüidade consolidada, manutención e aloxamento no seu caso respectivo.O abono destas pagas realizarase antes do día 15 do mes correspondente a cada paga, aínda que poderán ser prorra-teadas nas doce mensualidades a elección da empresa.
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    1. "We've seen how employees appreciate having an expert to speak with, someone unconnected with work or home, and that support is being provided."

      I really agree with this statement. This could act as another source because it is just a quick overview

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    1. Remove the cloth from the screen, slowly align the protector, and place it on the screen.

      It should be emphasised to keep the cloth away and not bring it closer to the sticky side of the screen guard, or due to static electricity the small dust and cloth particles will stick on to inner side of the screen guard and spoil the screen guard.

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    1. Quick highlights can be created with the

      Making a note. Love more, be awesome.