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    1. Why Finland has the best education system in the world

      A segment on the approach to education in Finland taken from "Where To Invade Next" by Michael Moore.

    1. you could imagine my extreme disappointment after i came back after a year and a half to find that the entire exploration map was about 80% smaller, every different island was within clear view of your starting island completely decimating any sense of adventure or exploration you could have had.Almost all materials could be collected and all items built within four and a half hours. Islands are literally numbered one to five to display they're level of danger.not only that but you were practically spoon fed each advancement in the game, it feels like it was taken from a greatly ambitious open world, exploration survival game that would take months to finish and achieve everything in. To now being an arcade style iphone app game catered to ten year olds that would foolishly enter their parents card details in order to buy 10,000 roblox coins.
    1. Video 2.1

      The closed captioning is in an Asian language. Can that be changed to English or is this something customizable by the learner?

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    1. Les produits gratuits le sont-ils vraiment ?86 621 vues86 k vues•19 nov. 2018 2,9 k J'aime ce contenu 53 Je n'aime pas ce contenu Partager Partager Enregistrer 2 948 / 53 Le Monde Le Monde Validé 864 k abonnés S'abonner Pour fidéliser leurs clients ou en attirer de nouveaux, les entreprises distribuent parfois gratuitement leurs produits. Par exemple Facebook, Wikipédia ou encore les journaux gratuits semblent ne rien coûter. Et pourtant, ils ne sont pas tout à fait gratuits. A y regarder de plus près, il y a forcément quelqu’un qui paie pour le bien ou le service. Le client ? La publicité ? Les subventions ? D’autres acheteurs ? Dessine-moi l’éco fait le point sur les modèles qui donnent parfois l’illusion qu’un produit peut être gratuit.
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    1. How to Make a Video Chat App like Houseparty?

      Basically the app allows you to connect and video chat with 8 people at a time. It’s not like a Zoom and other conferencing apps where many people could join the conference and have a business conversation. Zoom is the best app for a conference video call but Houseparty is a more of a social and fun app.

    1. Oh, and of course, there’s the fact that “sit on the ground” is mapped to the same control as “strangle the nearest person”, which can apparently lead to some pretty robust brainstorming sessions.

      I love this!

    1. The net result is that in gaming, clever new interface ideas can be distinguishing features which become a game’s primary advantage in the marketplace.

      Innovation in the video game industry helps it solve the public goods problem. Tweaking the economics helps the high upfront development cost be recouped.