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  1. Sep 2016
    1. language or customs.

      these are examples of explicit culture. Something in a culture that you can't actually touch or feel but helps you learn about the culture for example language and traditions.

    1. Explicit culture makes up part of what we know, a level of knowledge people can communicate about with relative ease.
      • definition of explicit culture
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      Cultural Knowledge: Tacit, Explicit....Universal Uses...

    3. Explicit culture

      explicit culture

  2. Sep 2013
    1. Very good then; as you profess to be a rhetorician, and a maker of rhetoricians, let me ask you, with what is rhetoric concerned: I might ask with what is weaving concerned, and you would reply (would you not?), with the making of garments?

      Socrates making his question as explicit and specific as possible. He may be anticipating some indirect answer.