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  1. Feb 2019
    1. In 2016, the top seven advanced to the grand championship finale, where they’d need to enter a full cyber-reasoning system—one that would not merely notice a problem but could also infer its nature.
  2. Apr 2017
    1. We often use terms such as "portal" or "site" or even "entry"

      This is a 2008 book, but by then, we were already seeing a shift away from related, three-dimensional spaces, like forums and a chatroom, towards walls and feeds. Video games still keep the image of the "cyber world," but the internet's gotten much flatter since I first started browsing.

  3. Dec 2016
  4. Jan 2016
  5. Dec 2015
    1. "It makes zero sense to lock up this information forever," said Jeremiah Grossman, who founded cybersecurity firm WhiteHat Security. "Certainly there are past breaches that the public should know about, is entitled to know about, and that others can learn from."

      I used to think the most fanciful thing about the movie "War Games" was not the A.I., but the defense computer connected to a public network. But if industrial control systems can be reached by the Internet or other public lines -- then maybe the government is that stupid.

  6. Jan 2015
    1. But a lot was in the open—cyber-attacks by the US government, for example. Already by 2006 or 2007 it was crystal clear that there were dedicated units within the Department of Defense whose job was to take down the websites of jihadists and other foes, even if there was typically tension between the Pentagon and the CIA, which wanted to derive intelligence from them so didn’t want them taken down.

      Which has grown into something quite else, because while it may not be possible to control the Internet by controlling every router, it is possible to effectively control the Internet by control the volume and direction of propaganda and cyber attacks. In other words it is possible to have a pivotal influence.