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  1. Aug 2023
    1. The basic settings allow users to quickly configure a subset of KB features and colors accessible on the left sidebar on this page.


  2. Nov 2022
    1. Because the official images are intended to be learning tools for those new to Docker as well as the base images for advanced users to build their production releases, we review each proposed Dockerfile to ensure that it meets a minimum standard for quality and maintainability. While some of that standard is hard to define (due to subjectivity), as much as possible is defined here, while also adhering to the "Best Practices" where appropriate.
  3. Aug 2022
  4. Jun 2022
    1. The reason these apps are great for such a broad range of use cases is they give users really strong data structures to work within.

      Inside the very specific realm of personal knowledge bases, TiddlyWiki is the killer app when it comes to using blocks and having structured, translatable data behind them.

  5. Oct 2021
  6. Aug 2021
  7. Mar 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2020, November 9). Now underway at SciBeh workshop are our 3 hackathons: 1. Combatting COVID-19 misinformation with lessons from climate change denial 2. Optimising research dissemination and curation 3. ReSearch Engine: Search Engine for SciBeh’s knowledge base & beyond [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1325796158887882752

  8. Feb 2021
  9. Jan 2021
    1. Snaps each pick a ‘base’, for example, Ubuntu18 (corresponding to the set of minimal debs in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). Nevertheless, the choice of base does not impact on your ability to use a snap on any of the supported Linux distributions or versions — it’s a choice of the publisher and should be invisible to you as a user or developer.

      Snaps sound a lot like container images in this respect.

  10. Nov 2020
    1. An ontology is as a formal, explicit specification of a sharedconceptualization that is characterized by high semantic ex-pressiveness required for increased complexity [9]. Ontolog-ical representations allow semantic modeling of knowledge,and are therefore commonly used as knowledge bases in artifi-cial intelligence (AI) applications, for example, in the contextof knowledge-based systems. Application of an ontology asknowledge base facilitates validation of semantic relationshipsand derivation of conclusions from known facts for inference(i.e., reasoning) [9]

      Definition of an ontology

  11. Oct 2020
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  14. May 2020
    1. sans les contraintes d’une base de données

      Là où les piles «traditionnelles» (Wordpress, Drupal, etc.) délèguent le contenu à un tiers (une base de données, telle que MySQL), les générateurs de site statique proposent d’abstraire cette fonctionnalité à même le système de publication, sans avoir à installer un logiciel supplémentaire.

      Le paradigme des fichiers en plein texte comme source de contenu m’apparaît fondamental: là où une base de données virtualise les informations, le fichier texte nativement utilisable dans n’importe quel système d’exploitation (on peut copier/coller un fichier ou un répertoire dans une interface visuelle comme l’explorateur Windows ou le Finder de MacOS, ou encore via une interface en ligne de commande).

      Comme tu le soulignes, la structuration des contenus est ainsi plus facile à manipuler. Elle dépend beaucoup moins du logiciel utilisé (bien que chaque système comporte ses petites règles de formatage, comme les clés YAML/TOML/JSON).

      C’est ce très bas niveau d’abstraction (que tentent paradoxalement de simuler des logiciels de haut niveau comme Wordpress ou Microsoft Word, paraboles techniques que Ted Nelson qualifie d’extrêmement pernicieuses).

  15. Jan 2020
  16. www.mkdocs.org www.mkdocs.org
    1. MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.

      Static site - no server needed

      Search: autocomplete via in-browser lunr

      Summary: Simple and easy to get started. Uses Python-Markdown, which does not support fenced code blocks in lists at this time of writing.

  17. Nov 2019
    1. Show HN: Deskulu – Opensource knowledgebase and ticketing system

      Built on Drupal

      Targetted as a helpdesk and ticketing system, although it says knowledge base

    1. Raneto

      A knowledge base

      Stack: node

      Search: form-based. No autocomplete. String-based. Not NLP (accepting questions)

      Adding: create a new file.

  18. May 2019
    1. preguntarles por las razones de esta decisión, argumentaron que ya había un compromiso adquirido con los habitantes de las veredas que no debía verse afectado por las movilizaciones. De manera consecuente, al finalizar el paro estudiantil y normalizarse las actividades académicas, el ritmo nuevamente se vio afectado, solo que ahora con una dilación de lasactividades, puesto que las horas de clase de cada asignatura, así como los compromisos de cada una de estas aumentaron como estrategia para “recuperar el tiempo perdido” durante el paro estudiantil, restándole tiempo de dedicación

      En la Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, hablábamos de múltiples maneras de habitar el Paro, que no son equivalentes a la inactividad sino al conjunto de actividades alternativas, que resaltan, precisamente esas cosas en las que la financiación Universitaria propia emplearse y concientizan a las comunidades de base sobre ellas. La conexión explícita entre el paro y sus motivos, con otras formas de acción social sería clave para visibilizar estas tensiones.

    2. universidades y ONG’s en los que bajo la figura de taller intensivo se desarrollan nuevas herramientas tecnológicas o se optimizan aquellas existentes. Esta modalidad de trabajo colaborativo, si bien da como resultado artefactos concretos de utilidad en el quehacer campesino, al desarrollarse en periodos cortos de tiempo, impide, en concepto de los asociados, que la información se asimile e interiorice de manera completa, generando la sensación en algunos de saturación de datos y recomendaciones a futuro desarticuladas. Estas aceleraciones están rodeadas de momentos de dilación, en los que los asociados, obligados por la necesidad de subsistencia deben dedicarse a otras tareas

      Valdría la pena conectar esta dimensión temporal con la crítica que se hace a los vínculos con universidades y los canales comunitarios con los lugares donde se plantean las intervenciones, que mencionaba en mis primeros comentarios (sugeriría una nota al pie que conecte esas dos partes del texto, adelantándose a las inquietudes del lector).

  19. Jan 2019
  20. May 2018
  21. Nov 2017
    1. the ever-changing digital landscape

      I think of myself as a Moffett guy, in that early on in my teaching I found the notion of "Teaching the Universe of Discourse" and exciting and clear map for building curriculum and for assessing my students' progress at any moment. I learned to focus on a balance of the different kinds of writing in the UNIVERSE of discourse. When I began to think about what it meant to teach digital writing, I returned to Moffett's notion of looking at the range of possibility. And as the words here, "ever-changing" and "landscape," suggest, we can constantly be thinking about what to include in our digital curriculum. Snapchat? Instagram? Is blogging still an important part of the landscape? What does it mean to have more characters available on Twitter? Do my students need more time in something like a Google community with short, interactive online conversation or do they need to slow down a bit and create a web page? It's exciting to be playing in this field, and it's even more exciting when youth recognize that they can choose where they want to play and make a difference digitally as well -- and what they need to learn to have an impact digitally.

  22. Aug 2016