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    1. A coping mechanism, coping behaviour or coping strategy, is behaviour that someone engages in to try and insulate or protect themselves from psychological damage resulting from a problem in life.

      i like this definition a lot

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    1. A knave very voluble, no furtherconscionable than in putting on the mere form of civiland humane seeming, for the better compassing of hissalt and most hidden loose affection.

      He is describing Cassio as a monster or devil with a facade of human civilness, when in fact it is Iago who is the monster, but fully civil and detached from his emotions. He sees the devil in desire, lust and love, when in fact the one who ruins it all is the one who cannot accept the human subjective nature including feeling and emotion

  4. Nov 2023
    1. If application code lives in app, then doesn't that imply that things in lib (such as PhoneNumberFormatter) are not application code? I think that's one of the reasons why your recommendation of app/lib felt right to me -- my classes feel like they belong in app somewhere.
    1. Essentially I subjected myself to the conduct of a Feelings Audit. The items I recollected and then retained were those which sat within the boundaries of the research questions and each constituent component of the collective definition of religiosity I had applied in the study. I treated them as a list of items with potential for my bias which might impinge upon the research areas and which needed 'tying down' (Lukiv, 2004, p.1). Some of these items provoked acute and poignant emotions which were also themselves recorded in the audit. The Feelings Audit reflected the stark reality of what makes phenomenological inquiry authentic: with all of my personal dispositions and values, as the researcher, I was at the centre of the interpretative process.
      • for: epoche - feeling audit
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    1. Over 50% of people reported feeling powerless or helpless in the previously mentioned study.
      • = eco-anxiety
      • = climate change anxiety
      • 50% of people reported feeling helpless
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    1. And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare    As any she belied with false compare.

      I read this poem as starting in an almost bitter fashion, with similes and seemingly straight insults towards his mistress. As the poem progresses to the final 4 lines however, I begin to see that the use of such bold terms of physical description are used to enhance the center message of the poem. To make the comparison of others in regards to physical attraction ignores the unique, emotional and unbiased connection between him and his love.

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    1. Approaching email development this way transitions more of the quality assurance (QA) process to the browser instead of the email client. It gives email designers more power, control, and confidence in developing an email that will render gracefully across all email clients.

      can mostly test with browser and have less need (but still not no need) to test with email client

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    1. I think Svelte's approach where it replaces component instances with the component markup is vastly superior to Angular and the other frameworks. It gives the developer more control over what the DOM structure looks like at runtime—which means better performance and fewer CSS headaches, and also allows the developer to create very powerful recursive components.
    1. It’s beautiful, and if you want to feel inadequate as a programmer then I definitely recommend spending a couple of hours going through Inigo’s portfolio.

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    1. Used by global platforms like Google, Bing and Twitter, AMP allows users a native-feeling experience across all platforms by defaulting to AMP pages when available.
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    1. Although working together towards a common goal tends to cause an increased feeling of agency, the inflation of control could have many unforeseen consequences.
    2. Thinkers have only just begun to empirically explore the many factors that cause a person to feel as though they are in control
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    1. Of course, just because your users want a copy of their data doesn't necessarily mean that they're abandoning your product. Many users just feel safer having a local copy of their data as a backup.
    1. “By using a mask, even if it doesn’t do a lot, it moves the locus of control to you, away from the virus. It gives the individual a greater sense of control in this otherwise not-controlled situation.”
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    1. Vanessa told the judges about her Guatemalan birth mother's struggles to help her with her disabilities and about how much adoption changed her life for the better.

      That's so amazing! I feel so happy for her because her life is so much better now than it probably could have been in Guatemala.

  20. Nov 2015
    1. To cease upon the midnight with no pain

      As to not give up life in some way, but to experience something free of mortal pains through death. Speculative of course.

    2. with the breezes blown

      More tangible feeling imagery then before, everyone will know what a breeze would feel like.

    3. dull brain perplexes and retards
    4. Where palsy shakes a few

      Palsy, n. - 1. a. Paralysis or paresis (weakness) of all or part of the body, sometimes with tremor; an instance of this. In earlier use, freq. with the. Now chiefly with distinguishing word.

      A sign of aging, another numbness to pain reference.

      "palsy, n.1 and adj.1." OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2015. Web. 18 November 2015.

    5. drowsy numbness pains

      Would this be considered a contradiction? Feeling numb but somehow a pain? Perhaps its an emotional pain to a physical numbness.