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    1. if you want to create an old school settle casting of your own the very first thing you should do is decide what topics or categories you want to have in your zettle costume

      I am not sure what "topics" or "categories" means here and why they should be decided first. I thought Zettelkasten by design accommodates any number of subject matter.

  2. Apr 2024
    1. réalisé dans la continuité de plusieurs projets menés au sein de la Chaire de Recherche du Canada sur les Écritures numériques (CRCEN)

      je comprends pas pourquoi tu mentionnes plusieurs projets... c'est en lien avec l'ag non ?

    1. In fashion, it can be said that style evolves. In biology, life and, in particular, reproducing populations of organisms with different traits evolve.

      question Can someone clarify what it means by "style evolves", What is style in this context? Does it mean like diversity of some sort?

    1. Myself will straight aboard, and to the stateThis heavy act with heavy heart relate.

      What is the significance of the fact that all this takes place in Cyprus?

    2. Nobody. I myself. Farewel

      Is this Shakespeare condemning the unjust nature of women having to take the blame for all -- or an emphasis on her angelic and merciful nature, juxtaposed with Iago's devil persona?

    3. A murder, which I thought a sacrifice

      Sacrifice of what? Does he truly believe what he is doing is right so that Desdemona does not cheat on other men? Is this really his righteousness at play?

      Or is he sacrificing a part of him, his heart?

    4. For, of my heart, those charms, thine eyes, areblotted.Thy bed, lust-stained, shall with lust’s blood bespotted

      Very important, but still, why does he need to murder her, his one love, what is that significance WHY?!?!

    5. In troth, I think thou wouldst not

      Why is she refuting Emilia's answer? What does this say about her, or people in general -- that they will not listen to one another?

    6. Othello's description of Emilia'sjob compares Emilia to the keeper of abrothel

      Misogyny, what is the significance of this ?

    1. Creating a holistic rubric takes less time than the others, and grading with one is faster, too.

      Question: Perhaps this aspect of the holistic rubric is why it's most commonly used?

  3. Mar 2024
    1. Alas, alas!It is not honesty in me to speakWhat I have seen and known. You shall observe him,And his own courses will denote him soThat I may save my speech. Do but go afterAnd mark how he continues.

      Funnily Iago does not incite suspicion in Lodovico, only Othello. Perhaps that emphasizes Iago is a delusional part of Othello, the inner darkness that arises, indicating Othello has a fatal flaw that differs from all other characters. Is it really because he represses something? If so what? Why is he weak in his convictions and easy to sway? What does that show? What does it say about how he sees Desdemona?

    2. I have a salt and sorry rheum offends me.Lend me thy handkerchief.

      What is the significance of this runny nose? Superstition? Context?

    3. A liberal hand. The hearts of old gave hands,But our new heraldry is hands, not hearts

      he contradicts with saying that she is not following her heart?

    4. And O you mortal engines, whose rude throatsThe immortal Jove’s dead clamors counterfeit,Farewell! Othello’s occupation’s gone

      Connects personal to political. How is his military role related to his personal love life?

    5. But he that filches from me my good nameRobs me of that which not enriches himAnd makes me poor indeed

      It does not enrich Iago to steal from the names of Cassio and Othello... so why?

    6. Pleasure and action make the hours seem short

      Is he doing it just for pleasure?

    7. And what’s he then that says I play the villain?When this advice is free I give and honest,Probal to thinking and indeed the courseTo win the Moor again?

      even he states, what has he seriously done, but to carry words here and there, to incite what's already there?

    8. O thou invisible spirit of wine, ifthou hast no name to be known by, let us call theedevil!

      Iago forced the drinks on him, and therefore he is the "devil" and yet, Iago has done nothing but let normal events carry out, because the devil is in Cassio himself, and in everyone. Does the wine signifying Jesus's blood mean anything for this?

    9. Reputation is an idle and most falseimposition, oft got without merit and lost withoutdeserving.

      He speaks his true beliefs?

    10. No, for I hold him to be unworthy of his place thatdoes those things. Well, heaven’s above all, and therebe souls must be saved, and there be souls must not besaved

      What is the significance of this?

    11. Whose footing here anticipates our thoughtsA se'nnight’s speed

      I interpreted this as Iago's footing being sly and undetected by the human mind...? Was I wrong?

    12. As having sense of beauty, do omitTheir mortal natures, letting go safely byThe divine Desdemona

      Is Desdemona somehow the only figure that can ease the storm, falter the wrath that Iago brings, Othello's source of protection and of hope? Juxtaposition between heavenly and mortal world, the opposite of evil himself, Iago

    13. Be not ensheltered and embayed, they are drowned.It is impossible they bear it out

      Could this signify that something stands to comfort and protect each from the storm?

    14. Drown thyself?

      What does drowning oneself mean again?! Refer to the Reading Literature like a Professor book

    15. Is of so flood-gate and o'erbearing natureThat it engluts and swallows other sorrowsAnd it is still itself.

      Exaggerated emotions in the form of water and nature -- what could this mean? ALSO, Shows the role of emotion in this political setting, which is a recurring motif of overlap in personal and political decisions that runs throughout. How do you make a good ruler, leader who does not impulsively use personal emotion to decide in political circumstances? Reminds me of Hitler

    1. what effect poly (involving more than two people) relationship choices might have, not just on the indi- viduals involved, but also, if chosen collectively, on social relations more generally

      MLA 9th Edition (Modern Language Assoc.) Mimi Schippers. Beyond Monogamy : Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities. NYU Press, 2016.

      APA 7th Edition (American Psychological Assoc.) Mimi Schippers. (2016). Beyond Monogamy : Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities. NYU Press.

    1. survive from

      怎么就 survive 了??

    2. Charmless backgrounds

      这里的 Charmless 是指不含 c,还是 hidden charm

    3. Potential fit bias is checked byperforming an ensemble test comprising 1000 pseudo-experiments, where signal is taken from the correspond-ing MC sample, and the PDF shapes are used to gen-erate background events. We obtain a Gaussian nor-malized residual distribution of unit width, and add itsmean and uncertainty in width in quadrature to cal-culate the systematic error.


    4. control sample

      为什么使用这个?是不是通常都使用一个 control sample?

    5. as obtained fromthe charged decay.


    6. PDF shape parameters


    7. we multiply the denominator by a factor of 12to account for K0 → K0S

      为什么是乘 1/2

    8. oss in efficiency on top of the smallsignal yield


    9. since we would need to tag the recoiling B candidate forthat, causing further loss in efficiency on top of the smallsignal yield.


    10. eventcategory


    11. event category


    12. The signal yield is obtained with an unbinned extendedmaximum-likelihood fit to the three variables Mbc, ∆E,and O′NN.

      unbinned extended maximum-likelihood fit 这是什么?

    13. B thrust axis

      thrust 轴是什么东西

    14. observables based on event topology


    15. misreconstructed


    16. B-vertex fit


    17. The Mbcrequirement corresponds to approximately (−16σ, +3σ)in resolution around the nominal B mass [12], and the∆E requirement denotes a ±10σ window around zero


    18. further study


    19. a maximum-likelihood fi


    20. We perform a fit for each B candidate, constrainingits decay products to originate from a common vertex

      common vertex是哪一个?B meson 衰变?

    21. the beam-energy-constrained mass


    22. distance of closest approach


    23. candidates

      如何理解 candidate?就是衰变产物?



    1. 1.

      What is the difference between CTA and HTA? The exact same example is used. The only difference is that the HTA version is depicted with boxes around the actions.

      Both seem to include cognitive tasks. And both seem to be hierarchical.

    2. needs assessments, learner analyses, contextual analyses, and task analyses

      In the text's current state, it's unclear to me how to situate task analysis among other tasks performed during the analysis phase of ADDIE. How is task analysis different from other tasks you bring up here, like needs assessments? What are the relationships among these analysis-related tasks? For example, do they each have unique purposes? Do all these analysis tasks happen simultaneously, or does one typically come before another? Can a designer combine these tasks into a single analysis task, leaving out any unnecessary parts?

      Would it help students to know the specific purpose of each analysis-related task? Is that assumed that they are already familiar with it? An optional inline knowledge check (quiz question) might be helpful for learners. For example, a matching activity.

    3. While there are typical processes that can be followed when conducting a task analysis, a lot of the process is driven by the individuals involved, the unique needs of the system, and what the instructional designer (and anyone else assisting) has access to that can inform the breakdown and compartmentalization of tasks.

      I see the next section is titled "Where to Start?" There are no pre-defined steps. I wonder if part of performing a complex task analysis is to identify which task analysis steps. Or should IDs learn task analysis principles to guide a unique task analysis? For example, an important principle (unordered defining concept) is to determine what tasks to focus on.

    4. it is important that sufficient data is collected

      How does an ID know when "sufficient data has been collected?"

    1. Intermarriage prohibited between white persons and Negroes, or descendants of Negro ancestors to the third generation.

      Why was this specified to the third generation?

    2. As of 1954, segregation laws for miscegenation, transportation and public accommodation were still in effect.

      Has this statute/law been modified or changed since 1954? The article states that segregation, laws for miscegenation, transportation, and public accommodation were still in effect as of 1954.

    1. Cancers

      real-world-application #question How can gene therapies be used to combat these imperfections in mutated genomes? What are some other ways of curing cancer involving the genome?

    2. Some deleterious mutations are null or knock-out mutations which result in a loss of function of the gene product. These mutations can arise by a deletion of the either the entire gene, a portion of the gene, or by a point mutation in a critical region of the gene that renders the gene product non-functional.

      Will these mutations cause issues to the chromosomes or just create mutations in the protein synthesis?

    1. Cytokinesis then occurs, dividing the cytoplasm and cell body into two new cells. Note

      Is cytokinesis count as a major process because it is the most visual and the actual creation of the two cells, even if mitosis is the process that matters the most?

    2. This process of DNA replication is typically occurring at the same time as a growth in the physical dimensions of the cell. Therefore, as the cell elongates, the growing membrane aids in the transport of the chromosomes towards the two opposite poles of the cells. After the chromosomes have cleared the midpoint of the elongated cell, cytoplasmic separation begins.

      question: is there any signal or anything that tells the bacteria to go into binary fission, or is it just a spontaneous reaction?

    1. Queering these relationships can certainly lead to burdens, including negative judgment and discrimination from external sources.

      what strateiges has the LGBTQ communiity confirm to be the nost effective when dealing with all the hardships including discrimintation?

    1. the closure of its circle

      was this ever open?



    1. here in germany, cops are planning to ban my book, in which i propose an answer to the illegal question "who are my friends?" this question is illegal, because efficient human relations are the foundation of any successful organization, but the empire hates competition, and the empire hates tribalism, tribe wars, small states, minarchy, secession, decentralization, free markets, ...

  4. Feb 2024
    1. preshape

      Can a preshape be parametrized by dimensions of the object?

    2. Pose is described as a 6D Hand Positionand Orientation (HPO), comprising of position HPOp ∈ R3,and orientation HPOo ∈ H represented as a quaternion

      Something that can be specified by the transform of the end-effector w.r.t. the TSR frame?

    1. Yes, but to what version? A patch version only, e.g. you released 1.0.0, so the "next" version is 1.0.1? Why not 1.1.0? You don't know ahead of time what version you'll be releasing until it's actually released
    1. une question de 00:42:01 gislen qui se posait un peu bah la question de du fameux droit d'auteur des productions qui sont généré par unea générative celui qui a qui a créé la requête et choisit la la génération qui 00:42:14 lui paraît satisfaisante est-ce que il peut prétendre être auteur de la production c'est un peu voilà qu'en est-il des des droits d'auteur et et voilà et les images qu'on obtient ou même d'ailleurs les textes he est-ce que 00:42:27 on peut s'en approprier le le le droit ou pas
    1. dernière question de la part de Cécile qui dit pour un scénario complexe vaut-il mieux faire une seule 01:18:16 automatisation ou décomposer en plusieurs étapes
    2. Gérald qui demande lorsque le collaborateur s'en va comment fait-on pour récupérer les flux d'automatisation problématique qui paraît doit se présenter régulièrement 01:16:23 en amont ce sujet là et donc aujourd'hui l'idée c'est que ces outils là soient utilisés et là tout à l'heure clairement Erwan a dit à me connecter j'ai pas mon 01:16:37 outil de mot de passe clairement nous chez nos codes forgots on utilise un outil qui nous permet de sauvegarder les mots de passe pour que l'ensemble des membres y est axé pour se connecter aux outils qu'on a décidé d'utiliser pour 01:16:48 pour le fonctionnement de la plateforme et du reste et donc en gros si moi je suis absent ou pour X raisons la Saône n'est pas bloquée parce que les mots de passe sont dans ce coffre-fort qui est 01:16:59 qui est protégé et commun à quelques-uns d'entre nous
    3. on a une question de Gabriel qui qui est en plein dans le sujet des 01:06:08 automatisations et qui me paraissait pertinente qui demande avant d'automatiser des tâches comment savoir si les outils les applis sur lesquels on travaille sont interconnectables
    4. n'est-il pas compliqué d'impliquer les bénévoles de l'association trésorier secrétaire etc qui sont accros à Excel pour l'utilisation de ces outils
    5. une question qui est revenue plusieurs fois 00:42:13 et qui est qui est classique que ce soit pour les outils d'automatisation ou les autres d'ailleurs en termes de sécurité des données et en termes de respect de différents outils dont vous avez parlé 00:42:25 par rapport au rgpd etc parce que vous savez voilà à quel point c'est c'est sécurisé de ce point de vue là
    1. for - adjacency - microscopic biology - macroscopic ecology - multi-scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - Jonas Wickman - micro-to-macro

      paper details - title - Eco-evolutionary emergence of macroecological scaling in plankton communities - author - Jonas Wickman - Elena Litchman - date - feb 15, 2024 - publication - Science VOL. 383, NO. 6684

      reference - https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.adk6901

      summary - This is a very interesting finding that links rules in the micro world to behavior in the macro. - It is relevant to Michael Levin's research on multi-scale competency architecture

      question - how would this impact the micro relations between - the microscopic world of humans - the normal macroscopic world of humans

    1. par exemple ici la vraie 00:12:06 cause du compottisme est social donc ce serait pas une question de biais cognitif vous avez peut-être déjà lu ou entendu ce genre de chos alors peut-être que c'est vrai peut-être pour moi c'est une hypothèse peut-être que c'est faux et regardons ce que disent les données
    1. une question 00:22:09 plus plus compliqué mais que je ne peux pas ne pas poser vous avez évoqué qui se présente perpétuel de la souffrance ESCA votre sens aujourd'hui latitude générale de la société aggrave-t-elle la souffrance des 00:22:22 victimes ou l'atténutelles est-ce que le discours aujourd'hui est assez clair et assez compréhensible pour les victimes pour que elles aient le sentiment par des institutions comme la vôtre mais 00:22:34 plus généralement par le discours médiatique par le discours artistique par les condamnations pénales est-ce qu'aujourd'hui la société fait du bien aux victimes ou continue à les enfermer dans une souffrance qui de toute façon 00:22:45 ne s'arrêtera jamais
    2. vous évoquez le 00:21:44 nécessaire accompagnement en matière de psychotroma pour pour les victimes est-ce qu'à votre sens des filières spécifiques doivent être créés ou le l'approche générale du psychotroma notamment conduite par les services de 00:21:57 pédopsychiatrie en lien avec les services de psychiatrie adulte sont suffisants et adaptés pour faire face aux traumatismes liés et à ce à ce que vous avez décrit
    3. y a-t-il une explication systémique à ce faible taux de condamnation
    4. la dernière question je la poserai à Édouard simplement pour dire comment est-il encore possible même si le texte n'est pas encore finalement lisé et votée le sens des décisions 00:20:53 judiciaires sont encore en deçà de la tente des enfants et je voudrais qu'on avance y compris sur les magistrats pour qu'ils puissent prendre des décisions qui protègent les enfants
    5. j'aimerais vous poser une question rapidement sur le sujet sur la question de la prévention qui est non comptabilisée en fait dans votre dans votre tableau et ce qui nous a interpellé parce que c'est un angle quand même fondamental par rapport à ce 00:18:25 sujet est-ce que vous pourriez nous dire pourquoi vous avez peu de peu de chiffres là dessus et si vous pensez que c'est nécessaire d'augmenter les moyens
    6. je souhaiterais vous demander votre avis sur une mesure proposée par le 00:15:27 rassemblement national durant la dernière présidentielle nous proposions qu'à l'ouverture d'une enquête judiciaire forcément justifiée
    7. ma question est donc la suivante monsieur le Président quelles autres dispositifs d'aide pouvons-nous envisager pour que 00:14:23 les victimes à n'importe quel étape puisse se reconstruire de l'agression qu'elles ont subi je vous remercie
    1. est-ce que cette formation classe prépa a un internat
    2. est-ce que cette formation est éligible à recevoir des étudiants boursiers du supérieur
    3. est-ce que quels sont les droits de scolarité dans cette formation
    4. est-ce que cette formation a un label
    5. est-ce que 00:14:06 cette formation est publique ou privée
    1. The UCLA Loneliness Index has shot up in recent years, and I think we’ve mentioned loneliness already. And it's one of the key things that people say when you ask them about their lives. They say they're lonely.

      Where can you find data for this? I hear this statistic quoted often but not sure where i can find per-country data on this.

    1. Can a growth mindset be taught directly to kids? If it can be taught, will it enhance their motivation and grades?

      What about adults that grew up when the fixed mindset was taught? Can they be taught to have a growth mindset? Maybe not necessarily in school, but in their careers?

    1. Il y a une question qui est posée en lien avec une difficulté 00:29:07 qui pourrait être ressentie entre le rapport à l'individu et au collectif mais plutôt dans une vision groupe d'élèves... Donc comment réussir à appliquer cette vision de l'éducation en travaillant avec des groupes d'élèves qui se créent leurs propres normes, et souvent qui peuvent être en opposition.
    2. Une autre question : 00:25:41 "Dans quelle mesure ce type de démarche peut nourrir les réflexions collectives d'une équipe éducative vis-à-vis d'un élève ? Et dans les liens équipe pédagogique et équipe vie scolaire ?"
    3. Une autre personne a demandé, lorsque tu faisais référence à l'élève qui était collé : "Est-ce que coller c'est aider ?"
    4. autour de cette démarche du 180°, que tu viens d'exprimer... 00:22:44 Une personne demande si on peut la rapprocher du postulat de cohérence de Daniel Favre... de Fabre !
    1. je 00:52:10 voulais savoir les relations que vous les conseils que vous pouviez donner aux parents d'élèves quelle relation on peut leur leur conseiller de l'adopter
    1. des questions très intéressantes l'une qui concerne notamment les outils 01:09:11 les dispositifs que vous avez conseillé il est vrai qu'ils sont facilement mise en place grâce voilà au dispositif qu'on peut mettre en place en école primaire mais qu'en est il des élèves plus âgés des ados qui ont parfois des crises 01:09:25 beaucoup plus violente qui ont des accès de violence beaucoup moins andy gable facilement parfois beaucoup plus long que faire est ce qu'il faut aller les la leur en parler à des à des professionnels 01:09:39 plus spécialisée et aussi comment faire quand on se sent un peu seul et qu'on a personne autour parce que de plus en plus ce genre de personnage disparaît
    2. dernière question si un enfant est perturbateur et que lors du dialogue il se focalise uniquement sur le responsable et et des autres dans l'incident et qu'il a tendance à nier la 01:21:26 sienne à deux à vouloir voilà nié sa responsabilité sinon va c'est si on essaye de rentrer berg avec lui de rentrer dans une nouvelle crise alors que voilà il a une 01:21:39 période d'apaisement juste avant que faire quand l'élève et en-cas titude
    3. y at il une place pour le thérapeutique dans l'éducatif par rapport à ses enfants à comportement perturbateur notre âme en notamment à travers l'art de thérapie à l'école
    4. une autre question par rapport au conflit avec les familles quand voilà il ya un dialogue qui doit s'instaurer quand on sent que la plupart du des aspects des crises d de l'enfant 01:15:53 est lié d'un contexte familial à quelque chose de compliqué et que la famille en échange un retour un petit peu agressif et et refuse le dialogue en quelque sorte quoi faire
    5. questions 01:13:22 suivantes qui est très intéressante est-ce qu'ils ne risquent pas d'y avoir un attrait du geste au réparateur c'est à dire un peu un plaisir de pouvoir se soustraire au groupe pour prendre un petit peu le temps d'exprimer 01:13:35 quelque chose à attirer l'attention vers soi en quelque sorte
  5. Jan 2024
    1. The current silver economy stands at

      for - silver economy - stats - silver economy

      stats - silver economy - 2024 - 7 trillion yuan ($982 billion USD) - 6 % GDP - 2035 - 30 trillion yuan ($4.2 trillion USD) - 10% GDP

      question - silver economy - climate change impacts? transition impacts?

    1. « Les présidents peuvent convier toute autre personne ou organisation concernée par le parcours de scolarisation et de formation des enfants, des adolescents ou des jeunes adultes en situation de handicap.

      les représentants de parents n'ont pas leur place ?

    1. Bonjour, ces dernières années j’ai plusieurs fois été mise en cause lors de conseils d’école. Ma directrice a toujours essayé, sans succès, de stopper les accusations mensongères en arguant que ce n’était pas l’endroit pour s’expliquer, que le conseil d’école n’était pas un tribunal. Les fédérations de parents d’élèves n’ont-elles pas une charte à respecter au conseil d’école ? La dernière accusation me visant, au conseil d’école de juin 2020, concernait la continuité pédagogique durant le confinement sur le blog de l’école. Il m’a été reproché de mettre le travail sur le blog sans expliquer aux parents comment expliquer aux enfants. Mes collègues ayant procédé de la même façon, nous ne comprenons pas cette demande d’une délégation qui persiste en cas de nouveau confinement. Dans le cadre de l’école à distance, devons-nous faire l’école des parents ? Un grand merci pour ce chat qui nous permet de nous sentir moins seuls face aux difficultés rencontrées dans notre métier. Et merci d’avance pour vos éclaircissements. Maître Florence Lec Répondu le 19 octobre 2020 à 10h08 La Directrice d’école a la tâche d’animer le conseil d’école et d’y faire régner le respect entre ses membres. En cas de manquement, il lui revient, et en cas de besoin l’inspecteur de circonscription pourra intervenir et rappeler par courrier et par mail les parents d’élèves à leurs devoirs. Bien évidemment une rencontre avec la fédération des parents d’élèves est fortement recommandée. Lors du conseil de juin 2020 où votre continuité pédagogique a été mise en cause, un procès-verbal a été établi, et il peut être diffusé. Dans le travail à distance et la continuité pédagogique, je suppose que vous et vos collègues, avez strictement respectés les recommandations et instructions qui vous ont été données par les différents protocoles sanitaires et par votre hiérarchie. Bien évidemment, l’école à distance avec l’intervention des parents a provoqué dans l’ensemble du pays des difficultés et des problèmes qui sont loin d’être résolus. Il convient à cet égard comme savent le faire les enseignants expliquer, encore expliquer, toujours expliquer…
    2. Peut-on accueillir cette année les parents d’élèves à l’intérieur de l’école maternelle pour une réunion de début d’année et,si oui, dans quelles conditions? merci Maître Florence Lec Répondu le 19 octobre 2020 à 10h11 Bien évidemment vous pouvez accueillir les parents d’élèves à l’intérieur de l’école maternelle pour une réunion de rentrée mais en respectant les gestes sanitaires qui vous ont été signifiés dans un protocole, en particulier les distances de 1 voire 2 mètres sont recommandés et par ailleurs le port du masque est obligatoire. Vous devez également dans cette période tenir compte de la situation sanitaire de votre département et de la zone dans laquelle il est placé (rouge voire écarlate). Si c’était le cas, vous devez vous informer auprès de votre hiérarchie pour savoir si les conditions de réunion sont modifiées voire si elles sont suspendues, ce qui est généralement le cas.
    3. Bonjour, J’ai été agressée et menacée par un parent d’élève, ma direction n’a pas voulu signalé cela à l’inspection, ou que je fasse de main courante, il n’y a pas eu de médiation ou d’excuse. Je me suis sentie abandonnée par ma direction. Est-ce que les agressions verbales ou menaces sont systématiquement signaler par la direction à l’inspection? Quelles sont les mesures à prendre en cas d’agression verbale,d’agression physique ou menace si la direction n’en fait pas part. Comment communiquer aux parents avec bienveillance la tolérance 0 à ce type de comportements sans être « rigide »? Je vous remercie pour votre réponse. Maître Florence Lec Répondu le 19 octobre 2020 à 10h13 L’agression ou les menaces d’un parent d’élève à votre égard est totalement intolérable et vous devez le signaler y compris par écrit auprès de votre direction. Si celle-ci ne réagit pas, vous avez parfaitement la capacité de transmettre directement auprès de votre inspecteur de circonscription, le signalement de cette situation qui n’est pas acceptable. Il serait également nécessaire de prendre contact avec la délégation départementale de L’ASL dont vous dépendez, qui ne manquera pas de vous orienter vers son avocat conseil. Celui-ci vous apportera tous les éléments pour faire cesser cette situation, y compris en recueillant des témoignages, nécessaires en cas de dépôt de plainte et non pas sous forme de main courante. La délégation de L’ASL pourra solliciter l’intervention de son avocat-conseil pour vous accompagner et vous conseiller sur la meilleure démarche à suivre.
    4. Dès lors, comment réorganiser les relations entre parents et personnels d’éducation ? Comment replacer les lignes et limites de chacun ? Quelles évolutions envisager dans les rapports après une telle période ? Et, plus généralement, quelles précautions sont nécessaires pour maintenir un dialogue de qualité ? Quelles sont les limites à respecter pour préserver un climat serein et apaisé ? En cas de conflit, quelles sont les solutions envisageables ?
    1. différentes questions évoque aussi la formation des aesh ce temps de 00:53:22 formation qui est insuffisant voire qui n'existe pas avec un apprentissage un peu sur le terrain qu'on voit que c'est un sujet quand même qui est très sensible aussi sur la formation de ces personnels qui vont avoir en charge les 00:53:34 enfants à difficulté avec les répercussions que ça peut avoir sur l'équipe comme vous l'évoquiez
    2. concernant les aesh petite question sur les obligations contractuelles sur les temps à avoir avec les enseignants de l'école hors temps d'accueil des élèves
    3. je viens à souhaiter que mes cours soient filmés elle est en lycée je rappelle pour que les dires des élèves à leurs parents soient démentis par l'effet objectiver preuve de la 00:49:28 vidéo est-ce légal
    4. quel recours pour les équipes de l'établissement quand les parents sont dans le déni des difficultés de l'enfant refusent de faire les démarches les démarches qui sont préconisées voire ne 00:47:19 veulent pas renouveler les démarches auprès de la MDPH donc pas de mise en place de tout l'accompagnement qui pourrait être fait
    5. aller sur des sujets plus de responsabilité une question une élève avec un message pose problème dans la cour de récréation la ESH est-elle 00:44:38 responsable n'est-ce pas la responsabilité de toute l'équipe
    6. nombreuses questions qui reviennent autour de l'accompagnement de ses enfants et des personnels qui sont disponibles pour le faire et évidemment de la répercussion 00:40:56 sur le moral des personnels d'éducation qui sont en classe avec ses enfants et qui disent comment on prend conscience de la réalité du terrain est-ce que l'institution prend 00:41:08 conscience de la réalité du terrain et des difficultés rencontrées par les personnels qui peut-être sont amenés ensuite à apprendre des décisions un peu radicales face à l'engagement du métier qu'ils avaient pour se dire c'est trop
    7. y a-t-il eu en amont une réflexion sur et s'il avait ça ce n'est pas là qu'est-ce que je fais autrement dit a-t-on envisagé le fait qu'il ne puisse pas y avoir la VS et c'est bien là où il faut l'anticiper à 00:40:42 chaque fois
    8. doit-on accueillir les élèves ciblés MDPH ou devant 00:38:05 obligatoirement être accompagné d'une aesh en cours de PS lorsque l'accompagnement ne peut se faire pour différentes raisons mutualisations pour le suivi on a bien vu dans les explications que vous donnez dans les 00:38:17 questions des intervenants des élèves donc pas d'Ash disponible pour accompagner l'enfant
    9. ça c'est bien beau mais c'est souvent impossible qu'est-ce qu'on fait qu'est-ce qui se passe quelle est la réponse de l'institution si on est en droit dans de d'en avoir une et d'en 00:33:10 demander une il y a un phocéan entre la réalité et toutes ces préconisations et la question qui rejoint celle-ci c'est ensuite celle de la souffrance des équipes de la 00:33:23 souffrance aussi des enfants dans ces situations là quelle réponse peut-on apporter
    10. quels sont les outils à mettre en place pour que l'intégralité d'une équipe pédagogique s'implique
    11. lorsque les aménagements préconisés par les médecins 00:25:50 orthophonistes entre autres mais aussi les médecins traitants ou par la validation d'une personne issue du SESSAD ne sont pas réalisables par exemple matériel groupe complet alors que la notification spécifique l'élève 00:26:02 soit placé dans un groupe à effectif réduit que risque l'enseignant sachant que de plus en plus de parents sont regardant sur les mises en place demandées ils sont exigeants avec ces mises en place demandées
    12. les diagnostics TDAH ne sont pas gratuits 00:23:43 les familles n'ont pas toujours les moyens de les faire les délais d'attente dans le public sont bien trop longs centre de troubles des apprentissages etc donc 00:23:53 pas de Pépé a pas de PPS que faire
    13. comment se prémunir quand les familles pensent que les aménagements doivent être un gage de réussite alors qu'ils ne sont là que 00:21:10 comme compensation
    14. en classe double niveau CP CE1 accueil d'un élève autiste lourd comment gérer
    15. enseignant spécialisé en IME y a-t-il des démarches administratives obligatoires à suivre pour créer un 00:09:21 partenariat entre mon institut et un établissement scolaire ordinaire
    16. comment faire classe avec deux tiers des enfants hyper actifs qui ont du mal à travailler seul si pas de SH
    1. dreaming can be seen as the "default" position for the activated brain

      for - dream theory - dreaming as default state of brain

      • Dreaming can be seen as the "default" position for the activated brain
      • when it is not forced to focus on
        • physical and
        • social reality by
          • (1) external stimuli and
          • (2) the self system that reminds us of
            • who we are,
            • where we are, and
            • what the tasks are
          • that face us.

      Question - I wonder what evolutionary advantage dreaming would bestow to the first dreaming organisms? - why would a brain evolve to have a default behaviour with no outside connection? - Survival is dependent on processing outside information. There seems to be a contradiction here - I wonder what opinion Michael Levin would have on this theory?

    1. How do we support the emergence of a powerful GCM that expresses strategic and relational congruences (of analysis and action) within a GCM where diversity (ontological and epistemological) is inherent?

      for - question - uniting amongst diversity - GCM - global citizens movement

      • How do we support the emergence of a powerful GCM
      • that expresses
        • strategic and
        • relational congruences (of - analysis and - action)
      • within a GCM where diversity (
      • ontological and
      • epistemological)
      • is inherent?

      Comment - Deep Humanity, with Common Human Denominators could be proposed as a unifying framework

    1. one of the greatest martial arts artists ever was bruce lee who i actually read a lot of his writings

      for - William Li influences - Bruce Lee - know yourself - key question to ask people - what do they really enjoy?

    2. can you speak a little bit about the relationship between inflammation and angiogenesis

      for - question - angiogenesis and inflammation

    1. $ll human languages and dialeFts are full\ e[pressive Fomplete and logiFal as muFh as the\ were two hundred or two thousand \ears ago

      I wonder what languages or dielects of languages have the longest words to get a point across. Also which have the shortest.

    1. dans les besoins des ados dans dont le mien il m'a remonté le 01:55:12 manque de mots pour se raconter l'amour et le désir en dehors des termes scientifiques de l'école et du porn trash en ligne qu'en est-il
    2. observe-toi un éc car de genur dans l'exposition de soi sur les réseaux sociaux
    1. Replies

      Is there a feature where you get notified if your annotation gets a reply? I feel it would be especially useful if you posted a question.

    1. annotations against PDFs or EPUBs with your Hypothes.is account, are discoverable on that PDF or EPUB regardless of its location (Background)

      I know PDFs have a unique identifier that doesn't change if the PDF is modified (unlike MD5 hash), but I didn't think EPUB had a similar solution and the posted link doesn't mentioned EPUB. Is this accurate and if so, how does it work?

    1. minute * 100 / 60, the multiplication happens first, yielding 5900 / 60

      A minute is not 59 seconds though It's 60. So why is the problem saying dividing comes out to 5900?

    1. it's easy for us to look at us and think okay we're 30 trillion human cells give or take we're about 39 trillion bacterial cells at what point do we consider ourselves bacteria or at what point do we consider ourselves 00:07:46 human

      for - question - identity - individual cell vs multicellular organism

      question - identity - individual cell vs multicellular organism - This is a fascinating question as it looks at our evolutionarily composite nature - as a multi-scale competency architecture - Certainly our ordinary consciousness operates as the governance system for the entire population of collaborating cells and microbes - but can we actually directly identify with each individual cell or microbe in this vast integrated collection? - how does Levin's computational boundary of self help to shed light on this question?

    2. once you dissolve that boundary you can't tell whose memories or who's anymore that's kind of the big thing about um that that kind of memory wiping the the wiping the identity on these 00:06:18 memories is a big part of multicellularity

      for - key insight - multicellularity - memory wiping

      • key insight
        • individuals have information in their memories about survival
        • when they merge and join, they pool their information and you can't tell whose memories came from whom initially
        • this memory wiping is a key aspect of multcellularity

      investigate - salience of memory wiping for multicellularity - This is a very important biological behavior. - Perform a literature review to understand examples of this

      question - biological memory wiping - can it be extrapolated to social superorganism?

    1. we hear a lot 00:04:00 of these stories that 'We are nothing but' and so the question of what we are is important and fascinating, but it's not nearly as important as, "What do we do next?"

      for - question - what do we do next? - investigate - why "what do we do next?" is salient

    1. for - Rainbow body - Deep Humanity - superorganism - multi-level communication - adjacency between - contemplative practice - direct experience of body's cellular activity

      summary - Father Tiso and his catholic lineage combined with scholarship in Tibetan studies places him in a unique position for interfaith dialogue - His research interest in investigating the extraordinary and unexplained Tibetan meditation phenomena of Rainbow Body manifested by the greatest practitioners at the time of death (including contemporary ones) sheds light on the Rainbow Body phenomena in many spiritual traditions and challenges the scientific community to come up with an explanation for it. - If scientifically proven true, it offers an extraordinary possibility of human potential - Contemplation could be the practice technique that could directly bridge normal human consciousness with the microscopic world around us, which to date, is only accessible through scientific instrumentation.

      question - Does deep contemplative practice offers a direct access to the microscopic reality? - If so, how does it accomplish this direct communication with human cells, and indeed, even the universe itself? - Father Tiso shares centuries old recorded visual drawings of experiences reported by Rainbow Body practitioners and speculates whether these drawings represent direct experience of the cellular scale of our human form - Indeed, could it even be at the quantum level of experience, since rainbows are an optical phenomenal?

    1. But surely we should strive to embrace our fellow drug users on an equal footing

      Why end with idealizing with being on an equal footing with people who utilizes drugs? Is the author trying or emphasizing being a rebel towards these stereotypes of drugs and its reputation? I think it's worth mentioning that, yes, drugs are initially bad with the holders, but that's due to the limitation and how people wanting to access it are for the bents of optionally realization. However, it's good to know that he doesn't entirely want legalization of these drugs, but wants to remove the stereotypes along with these types of drugs to see their benefits instead.

    2. Plants are natural. Plants are normal.

      I understand but question his thinking. It's more of saying we can't put someone on death row because he is still human, which is true, but what makes something as natural to it's predecessor, I would say it's based on the value of negative influence it could rotationally have. Simply, is the author saying this because of his experience with it himself?

    3. Drinking coffee is coded as, somehow, masculine, whereas tea-drinking is deemed more feminine.

      I question why it is the case? Why isn't tea marked as masculine? Something can't be viewed as masculine or as feminine based on its features. I understand that it tea is more of 'relaxation', but its read as those who drink either tea or coffee are known to be more feminine or masculine.

    1. The four domains of the Collaborative Commons include Capital, Metric (Outputs), Cryptocurrency, and a Governance domains that is supported by a canonical or base unit that integrates the domains and their functions
      • for: collaborative commons - parts, question - collaborative commons - glue - Indyweb - Indranet, collaborative commons canonical unit - Indyweb - Indranet

      • parts: collaborative commons

        • capital
        • metrics - to measure outputs
        • cryptocurrency
        • governance
      • question: collaborative commons glue

        • Could Indyweb and Indranet be the open source glue that holds the 4 parts of the collaborative commons together?
    1. is maximum returns really what we insist upon if that is the force that's driving our fragility and ecological crisis
      • for: key question - maximizing returns

      • key question

      • quote: Marjorie Kelly
        • Is maximizing returns really what we insist upon if that is the force that's driving our fragility and ecological crisis?
    1. the mining operations on Halmahera are now penetrating deep into the rainforest of the Hongana Manyawa.” Vast areas of rainforest on Halmahera island are due to be logged and then mined for nickel. Companies including Tesla are investing billions in Indonesia’s plan to become a major nickel producer for the electric car battery market. French, German, Indonesian and Chinese companies are involved in mining in Halmahera.
      • for: progress trap - green growth - nickel mining - evicting uncontacted tribe

      • progress trap: green growth - mining

        • Capitalist logic justifies this violence
        • We destroy the earth in order to save the earth
        • Question
          • Is this really the way we should be doing things?
          • Is the green growth agenda really going to keep humanity safe? Or will the unintended consequences, the progress trap be worse than the problem it is attempting to solve?
    1. These two overriding methods are more efficient as they avoid unnecessary checks and ifTrue/ifFalse branches. Polymorphism is often used to avoid unnecessary checks and code branches.

      The goal is not computing efficiency but flexibility, scalability, simplicity, readability; that is, the goal is human efficiency.

      • for: COP28 talk - later is too late, Global tipping points report, question - are there maps of feedbacks of positive tipping points?, My Climate Risk, ICICLE, positive tipping points, social tipping points

      • NOTE

        • This video is not yet available on YouTube so couldn't not be docdropped for annotation. So all annotations are done here referred to timestamp
      • SUMMARY

        • This video has not been uploaded on youtube yet so there is no transcription and I am manually annotating on this page.

        • Positive tipping points

          • not as well studied as negative tipping points
          • cost parity is the most obvious but there are other factors relating to
            • politics
            • psychology
          • We are in a path dependency so we need disruptive change

        • Pierre Fredlingstein, Uni of Exeter - Global carbon budget report
        • Rosalyn Conforth, Uni of Reading - Adaptation Gap report
        • Tim Lenton, Uni of Exeter - Global Tipping Report
      • Global Carbon Budget report summary

      • 0:19:47: Graph of largest emitters

        • graph
        • comment
          • wow! We are all essentially dependent on China! How do citizens around the world influence China? I suppose if ANY of these major emitters don't radically reduce, we won't stay under 1.5 Deg C, but China is the biggest one.
      • 00:20:51: Land Use Emissions

      • three countries represent 55% of all land use emissions - Brazil - DRC - Indonesia

      • 00:21:55: CDR

        • forests: 1.9 Gt / 5% of annual Fossil Fuel CO2 emissions
        • technological CDR: 0.000025% of annual Fossil Fuel CO2 emissions
      • 00:23:00: Remaining Carbon Budget

        • 1.5 Deg C: 275 Gt CO2
        • 1.7 Deg C. 625 Gt CO2
        • 2.0 Deg C. 1150 Gt CO2
      • Advancing an Inclusive Process for Adaptation Planning and Action

      • adaptation is underfinanced. The gap is:

        • 194 billion / year
        • 366 billion / year by 2030
      • climate change increases transboundary issues
        • need transboundary agreements but these are absent
        • conflicts and migration are a result of such transboundary climate impacts
        • people are increasing climate impacts to try to survive due to existing climate impacts

      -00:29:46: My Climate Risk Regional Hubs - Looking at climate risks from a local perspective. - @Nate, @SoNeC - 00:30:33 ""ICICLE** storyllines - need bottom-up approach (ICICLE - Integrated Climate Livelihood and and Environment storylines)

      • 00:32:58: Global Tipping Points

      • 00:33:46: Five of planetary systems can tip at the current 1.2 Deg C

        • Greenland Ice Sheet
        • West Antarctic
        • Permafrost
        • Coral Reefs - 500 million people
        • Subpolar Gyre of North Atlantic - ice age in Europe
          • goes in a decade - like British Columbia climate
      • 00:35:39

        • risks go up disproportionately with every 0.1 deg C of warming. There is no longer a business-as-usual option now. We CANNOT ACT INCREMENTALLY NOW.
      • 00:36:00

        • we calculate a need of a speed up of a factor of 7 to shut down greenhouse gas emissions and that is done through positive tipping points.

      -00:37:00 - We have accelerating positive feedbacks and if we coordinate policy changes with consumer behavior change and business behavior change to reinforce these positive feedbacks, we can help accelerate change in the other sectors of the global economy responsible for all the other emissions

      • 00:37:30

        • in the report we walk you through the other sectors, where their tipping points are and how we have to act to trigger them. This is the only viable path out of our situation.
      • 00:38:10

        • Positive tipping points can also reinforce each other
        • Question: Are there maps of the feedbacks of positive tipping points?
        • Tim only discusses economic and technological positive tipping points and does not talk about social or societal
    1. four different types of initiators of new community projectsbased in neighbourhoods:local government,governmental organisations,non-governmental organisations or activists andexisting communities.
      • for: types of initiators of community projects, SONEC - initiators of community projects, question - frameworks for community projects, suggestion - collaboration with My Climate Risk, suggestion - collaboration with U of Hawaii, suggestion - collaboration with ICICLE, suggestion - collaboration with earth commission, suggestion - collaboration with DEAL

      • question: frameworks for community projects

        • If our interest is to attempt to create a global collective action campaign to address our existential polycrisis, which includes the climate crisis, then how do we mobilize at the community level in a meaningful way?

        • I suggest that this must be a cosmolocal effort. Why? Knowledge sharing across all the communities will accelerate the transition of any participating local community.

        • This means that we cannot rely on citizens living in small communities to construct an effective coordination framework for rapid de-escalation of the polycrisis. The capacity does not exist within small communities to build such a complex system. The system can be more effectively built before the collective action campaign is started by a virtual community of experts and ready for trial with pilot communities.
        • To meet this enormous challenge, it cannot be done in an adhoc way. At this point in time, many people in many communities all around the globe know of the existential crisis we face, but if we look at the annual carbon emissions, none of the existing community efforts has made a difference in their continuing escalation.
        • The knowledge required to synchronize millions of communities to have a unified wartime-scale collective action mobilization to reach decarbonization goals that the mainstream approach has not even made a dent in will be a complex problem.
        • In other words, what is proposed is a partnership.
        • Since we are faced with global commons problems that pose existential threats if not mitigated in 5 to 8 years, the scope of the problem is enormous.
        • Super wicked problems require unprecedented levels of collaboration at every level.
        • The downscaling of global planetary boundaries and doughnut economics seems the most logical way to think global, act local.
        • Building such a collaboration system requires expert knowledge. Once built, however, it requires testing in pilot communities. This is where a partnership can take place

        • 2024, Jan. 1 Adder

          • My Climate Risk Regional Hubs
            • time 29:46 of https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Funfccc.int%2Fevent%2Flater-is-too-late-tipping-the-balance-from-negative-to-positive&group=world
            • https://www.wcrp-climate.org/mcr-hubs
            • Suggestion:
              • SRG has long entertained a collaborative open science project for grassroots polycrisis / climate crisis education - to measure and validate latest climate departure dates
              • This would make climate change far more salient to the average person because of the observable trends in disruption of local economic activity connected to the local ecology due to climate impacts
              • This would be a synergistic project between SRG, LCE, SoNeC, My Climate Risk hubs, ICICLE and U of Hawaii
              • Our community frameworks need to go BEYOND simply adaptation though, which is what "My Climate Risk" focuses exclusively on. We need to also engage equally in climate mitigation.
        • reference
        • I coedited this volume on examples of existing cosmolocal projects
  6. Dec 2023
    1. if we live in a 00:01:03 radically evolutionary Universe which we do then why should the laws of nature all be fixed in advance why can't they evolve like everything else
      • for: Rupert Sheldrake, morphogenetic universe, evolving natural laws, question - morphogenetic universe

      • question

        • This is Sheldrake's key claim. Has there been any experiment setup to either validate or refute it yet?
    1. ambiguous src

      Why is using "src" folder to contain module files ambiguous? In this case "sample" seams more ambiguous cause it could be refering a folder containing sample data. Also how do you know the module is not called docs?

  7. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
    1. The huge atomic project was pushed feverishly forward, as American know-how and industrialpower were combined with the most advanced scientific knowledge.

      How was Oppenheimer viewed in 1961 as compared with today, after the success of the Christopher Nolan film Oppenheimer? How do historians view the film and do they think it is accurate? Is there a monument to Oppenheimer?

    2. Tokyo, recognizing imminent defeat, had already secretly sent peacefeelers to Russia, which had not yet entered the Far Eastern war.

      What effect did this peace feelers to Russia have?

    3. an invasion that presumably would cost hundreds of thousands ofAmerican casualties.

      How did high command calculate these expected casualties?

    4. The United States navy, with marines and army divisions doing the meat-grinder fighting, hadmeanwhile been leapfrogging the Japanese islands in the Pacific

      How do the different branches of the military view their roles in winning the war? Bailey mentions a lot of admirals but few generals, other than MacArthur.

    5. Adecisive naval battle was fought near Midway, June 5-6, 1947.

      What role did codebreaking play?

    6. Butthese contributions came in the form of desperately needed trucks, automobiles, militaryaircraft, and other equipment, without which the Russians probably could not have smashedtheir way to Berlin

      I wonder if the Soviet Union felt the US should have provided more troops to the Eastern front than the Western front.

    7. The outcome was another vindication of the American democratic system—asystem founded on faith in the power and courage of free men.

      Why does Bailey want to celebrate American democracy so much?

    8. sneak attack

      If the US knew war was likely why call Pearl Harbor a "sneak attack"?

    9. Nipponese warlords

      Why use the term "Nipponese" and not "Japanese"?

    10. "China incident,"

      What is this?

    11. She

      Why does Bailey call Japan "she"?

    12. This explosion should havesurprised no close observer, for Japan, since September of 1940, had been a formal military allyof Nazi Germany—our shooting foe in the North Atlantic.

      If this is true, why do people call the attack on Pearl Harbor a "sneak attack"?

    13. fateful dice

      This writer uses vivid imagery. Isn't this strange in a textbook?

    1. I think that we should be putting a high priority on developing the Next Generation nuclear 01:45:54 power uh but it's uh it's uh it's going to be a a tough job and as long as the as the special 01:46:05 interests are controlling our government uh we're not going to solve it
    2. I proposed that we although the workshop and I we brought the best experts from the United 01:15:48 States and uh the top nuclear experts from China and and talked about ways that we could make the Next Generation nuclear power which would be 01:16:00 inherently safer than the old technology in the sense that it would shut down in case of uh emergencies and earthquake or whatever
      • for James Hansen - nuclear, fossil fuel replacement - modern nuclear, question - Janes Hansen - ultradeep geothermal

      • question: What are James Hansen's thoughts on ultra-deep geothermal?

      • comment

        • obviously, Hansen advocates for modern nuclear since it is has the same high energy density as fossil fuels
    1. Examples for topics of sub-circles:
      • for: question - topics - downscaled earth system boundaries and micro-economies

      • question

        • what kinds of questions need to be asked in order to align the communitiy's work to stay within downscaled earth system boundaries?
    2. where every voicematters and all decide as equals with each other
      • for:question - SONEC - is equal voting really equal?, question - SONEC - voter education

      • question

        • all may decide as equals with each other, but each human being is unique so each decision will be unique.
        • some may be better suited to make a decision than another, but if all have equal weight, that is also not fair if someone without enough education decides. How to resolve this?
        • Can the Indyweb help with this to map out the unique lifeworld (lebenswelt) of each individual to surface the unique capacities of each person, and their competencies for voting on a particular issue?
        • Voting is an important decision-making position and the voter is either informed, or if not sufficiently informed should ideally be educated to make an informed decision
    3. Most people affected by aresource system can participate(although many do not) in modifyingthe rules of use
      • for: question - SONEC community governance - participation

      • question: SONEC community governance - participation

        • Communities have such diversity, multimeaningverse of lifeworlds converged
        • So many different capacities, limitations and worldviewes - I would recommend the Deep Humanity multi-meaningverse is important as a framework to mitigate misinterpretation
    4. Many of the neighbourhood organisations were able to support and initiate new projects and busi-nesses
      • for: question - climate crisis - local solutions - scalability

      • question

        • These are great starts but is there a trajectory to scaling them to replace a large part of society's GDP as a minimum but total holistic wellbeing as a final goal?:
    5. Common objective on a local level, like a specific problemNeighbourhood cooperation to build better relationships, without a specific objectiveAn individual takes the initiative to build a neighbourhood community, driven by a visionof a better world.
      • for: question - SONEC alignment to earth system boundaries

      • question

        • Stop Reset Go's objective is to find global community partners who can help motivate a local community strategy aligned with the tight timeframe to stay under 1.5 Deg C.
        • Is SONEC open to working on a strategic to empower communities in this way?
        • We can offer it as an optional framework that the community can integrate into their final framework
    1. it's a miracle actually it's not you know even if somebody's copying something it doesn't mean it's not America it could still be a miracle I'm not precluding a miracle there I'm just saying somebody copied

      [Laughter] Said, "Yeah, okay. It's a miracle." And I said, "Actually, it's not— you know, even if somebody's copying something, it doesn't mean it's not a miracle. It could still be a miracle. I'm not precluding a miracle there. I'm just saying somebody copied.

      NB: this isn't logically consistent.

    1. Mind1, which refers to the neurocognitive activity that allows you to behave in the world.
      • for: hard problem of consciousness - UTok, question - consciosness - UTok mind 1a, Gregg Henrique

      • comment

      • question - consciousness - UTok mind 1b
        • This is a great diagram and conveys a lot in a succinct manner.
        • However, I have a gut feeling that the Mind 01a is not quite the right representation
        • If language and analysis is in the Mind 3 domain, then it is combined with Mind 1b as neurocognition is itself a mental construction, rather than an object
        • All this addresses that there is a deep entanglement between many scientifically analytically rich "objects" and constructed ideas
          • Scientific objects are spoken about and mixed with non-scientifically-laden objects in the world as if they are one and the same. They are not. Scientifically-laden objects have a huge amount of analytic theory behind them. Without familiarity with that theory, the object loses its validity, especially to the lay person.
          • This could be a possible explanation of why scientists are losing their credibility in modernity and giving rise to alternative facts, misinformation and fake news
    1. Not sure how "communities" are going to shut down oil refineries as big as large cities in some cases.
      • for: question - can communities have real impact?

      • question: can communities have real impact?

        • In this discussion, Ross is acting as the devil's advocate questioning whether communities can have real impact. He is consistent and his comments are based on evidence and experience. He challenges everyone else to prove him wrong and makes everyone go deeper to validate their positions.
        • Ross makes valid points that so far, have not been effectively addressed, mainly because nobody has thought further of how to systematically organize communities to the scale required. It's not trivial!
    1. ref !lst

      Why do we need to dereference and then immediately reference here?

      !lst would give us the list itself, rather than the reference location the list is stored at.

      But then ref turns it immediately back into a reference location to keep it mutable.

      It seems like ref !lst should be basically equal to lst, but replacing the former with the latter causes an OOM error with every small (ex. two-item) lists in my browser's OCaml playground. Why?

    1. the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet are responsible for double the greenhouse gas emissions of the poorest half
      • for: carbon inequality, question - new COP - focused on elites?

      • comment

        • while COP28 fights over which nations bear what responsibility, from this perspective, there is an entirely different class of people that must be held responsible, not at the nation state level, but at the individual level. Why isn't there a COP where the elites are held responsible?
      • question

        • Are we making a grave category error in holding the wrong class of people responsible? Should questions of carbon equity concern both high polluting nations AND individuals?
        • At the very least, should we formally recognize a parallel set of responsibilities and elevate that recognition to the level of COP conventions to deal with the problem?