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  1. Feb 2024
    1. UnHerd, a U.K.-based ​“heterodox” opinion website founded by a Brexit supporter

      for - Unherd - Brexit founder - post-left

      • UnHerd,
        • a U.K.-based ​“heterodox” opinion website
          • founded by a Brexit supporter,
        • covered the movement in a piece titled ​
          • “Twilight of the American Left.”
      • To the post-left,
        • explained contributor Park MacDougald,
      • the real U.S. ruling class is a Democratic oligarchy that uses
        • the threat of creeping fascism and
        • white nationalism
      • to consolidate power, and deploys
        • “‘identity politics,’ -​‘antiracism,’
        • ​‘intersectionality’ and
        • other pillars of the progressive culture war” as ​
      • “mystifications whose function is to
        • demoralize and
        • divide the proletariat.”
      • Leftists, in this view, merely serve as that regime’s ​“unwitting dupes.”

      unpack - very interesting to unpack from a Deep Humanity perspective.

    2. “We’re seeing people turn right for a number of different reasons,” argues journalist Eoin Higgins

      for left-to-right sliders - complex reasons

      “We’re seeing people turn right for a number of different reasons,” - argues journalist Eoin Higgins, - author of a forthcoming book on formerly left-wing journalists - who’ve aligned with reactionary tech billionaires. ​

      • “There are
        • financial incentives, there are
        • attention incentives, there are
        • culture war differences as people are becoming more conservative on culture; there’s
        • a sense of being betrayed by progressives and the Left.
      • There are so many different reasons that
      • reducing this to people
        • going too far [left] and
        • going to the Right
      • is an oversimplification.
    3. for - Title: Losing the Plot: The "Leftists" Who Turn Right - Subtitle: What do we make of former friends who fell down the rabbit hole of the Right? - Author: Kathryn Joyce, Jeff Sharlet - Source: In These Times - Date: Dec 12,2023

      Summary - Once leftist thought leaders - like reporter Matt Taibbi - are appearing to shift right - Once writing about Occupy Wall Street for the Rolling Stones and now - appearing in the right-wing Epoch Times. - Other examples are: - David Horowitz - Once a sponsor of In These Times magazine now author of the book: - Blitz: Trup Will Smash the Left and Win - Christopher Hitchens - Joined the religious nationalists he long derided - Comedians - Dave Chappelle - Roseanne - Russell Brand - who make fun of, traffic in and deride - Trans people, - pandemic <br /> - pedophille conspiracy theories - Robert Kennedy Junior

      • Naomi Klein, in her latest book Doppleganger,
      • chronicles the same subject.
    4. the premise of Wolf’s 2019 book Outrages collapsed on live air

      for - left-to-right slider - Naomi Wolf

      In similar fashion, Naomi Wolf ​’s path - from a liberal third-wave feminist writer of ​“big ideas” books - to - a regular guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room and - Fox News - began— or perhaps sped up — with a career humiliation. - As Naomi Klein recounts in her recent book Doppelganger: A Trip Into the Mirror World, - the premise of Wolf’s 2019 book Outrages collapsed on live air - over a misunderstanding of an archaic legal term. - By 2021, Wolf had emerged as a key purveyor of Covid-19 conspiracy theories, warning that - ​“vaccine passports equal slavery forever.

  2. Jan 2024
    1. If there’s a commonality between far Left and far Right,

      for - quote - commonality between far left and far right - key insight

      If there’s a commonality between far Left and far Right, says Lyons,

      • it’s a common opposition to the status quo
        • but one that’s based on fundamentally different reasons.
  3. Dec 2023
    1. they have been swallowed up into uh you know the left part of the 00:52:30 the block that fights against the the rightwing block that's a necessary role that they're playing but the next Force needs to sit outside of that
      • for: left / right polarization - transcending

      • comment

        • What James is saying is that we must be wise enough to:
          • understand the attractors of each party so that
          • whole system change agents can navigate away from being coopted into the existing polarization
        • This requires a very strong and clear understanding of the direction whole system change requires and staying on course
        • It's very insightful to study how coopting occurs in real-life
    2. I you know think this is important in the kind of what the left postur is to regime break to system breakdown which 00:35:27 experiencing has to be anti-regime let
      • for: Lessons from COVID

        • Left position to avoid driving masses to the hard right
      • quote

        • i think this is important in the kind of what the left posture is to regime and system breakdown which it is experiencing has to be anti-regime
      • paraphrase

        • otherwise the anti-regime forces go to the hard right and
          • if the left follows the left wing of the management state which is trying to technocratically limit the catastrophe of breakdown,
          • it will never get popular support that's basically what happened during COVID.
            • the hard right denied science, the left went begging the administrative state and as a consequence, there was a massive expansion of the right around the globe
  4. Nov 2023
    1. that's exactly the hypocrisy of the Israeli Zionist lift which in many ways is worse than the 00:36:03 right Wingers in many ways not in all ways yeah but at least the right Wingers are not hypocritical they say what they want the Israel Zionist left labor party and others 00:36:15 are the biggest Hypocrites because they establish the occupation it's not the right wing as we establish it they establish the settlements it's not the right Wingers to establish it they started everything they had 00:36:28 actively done the nakba it was not the right Wingers it was the Socialists left of Israel

      It was the Socialist Zionists that perpetrated the Nakba ([[BenGTurion]]).

  5. Oct 2023
  6. Jul 2023
    1. AI artificial information processing by the way not artificial intelligence in many ways it could be seen as replicating the functions of the left 00:11:14 hemisphere at frightening speed across the entire globe
      • AI accelerates the left hemisphere view and impacts in the world
    2. this division of attention Works to our advantage when we use both however it is 00:08:39 a handicap in fact it is a catastrophe when we use only one
      • In his book, The Master and his Emissary,
        • McGilchrist explains what happens when left and right hemisphere are out of balance and the left hemisphere takes over
          • namely, disaster
        • this will be the third time the imbalance manifests
    3. the left
      • left hemisphere qualities
        • using narrow beam scattered attention to one detail after another
        • use what is already:
          • familiar
          • certain
          • static
          • explicit
          • abstract
          • decontextualized
          • disembodied
          • categorized
          • general in nature
          • reduced to its parts
          • all is predictable and controlled
          • this is an inanimate universe and
          • a bureaucrat's dream
          • it is like a map in relation to the world
          • is mapped useful to the degree that it leaves almost everything out
          • and its only value is utility
          • finally, it is a RE-PRESENTATION - not fresh, but regurgitated
  7. Jun 2023
    1. superseded in 2015 by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), whichrelaxed directives on regular assessment.
    2. in the USA in 2001 Congress passed a new law—the ‘No ChildLeft Behind’ Act (NCLB)—which sought to increase accountability fromschools through an array of measures, one of which instructed teachers on thekind of ‘scientifically proven’ practices they must adopt in their work.
  8. Mar 2023
    1. When I speak of Europeans or mental Europeans, I'm not allowing for false distinctions. I'm not saying that on the one hand there are the by-products of a few thousand years of genocidal, reactionary, European intellectual development which is bad; and on the other hand there is some new revolutionary intellectual development which is good. I'm referring here to the so-called theories of Marxism and anarchism and "leftism" in general. I don't believe these theories can be separated from the rest of the of the European intellectual tradition. It's really just the same old song.
      • Content
      • Means lumps leftist politics in South conservative European politics. He doesn't see them as fundamentally different, both follow the same exploitative and destructive logic
  9. Nov 2022
  10. Apr 2022
    1. LEFT OUTER JOIN First, an inner join is performed. Then, for each row in T1 that does not satisfy the join condition with any row in T2, a joined row is added with null values in columns of T2. Thus, the joined table always has at least one row for each row in T1.
    2. It is often particularly handy to LEFT JOIN to a LATERAL subquery, so that source rows will appear in the result even if the LATERAL subquery produces no rows for them.
    1. Amsell A. Colebrooke was married to Gertrude Flora (Pohelman) Colebrooke born May 31,1891 - death Sept. 25, 1978 He left her with 6 small children, (around 1922 or 1923, and never came back, all assumed he was dead, until photos and named surfaced) 1- Shirley A 2- Amsell A Jr 3- Larkland P 4- Delores A 5- Frederick D 6- Gertude just a baby, to be at Nancy Cunard’s side The mom Gertude struggled to raise them on her own, she only knew some English, as she spoke fluent German.

  11. Nov 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, November 23). query: Https://unherd.com/2021/11/the-lefts-covid-failure/ “Is there really no progressive criticism to be made about the quarantining of healthy individuals, when the latest research suggests there is a vanishingly small difference in terms of transmission between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated?” 1/2 [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1463146737804140558

  12. Oct 2021
  13. Apr 2021
    1. Ultimately, Shelter Generations relies on your capacity to dig into its subtleties. On that overt level it's an obtuse and obviously indie game, and it's really quite demanding of the player; it asks them to figure their own way through the game, and it asks them to really commit to an emotional connection to these hopeless little cubs.
  14. Feb 2021
    1. As Miller explained, it is central to the radical Left’s foundation to destroy Americans’ faith in ourselves, our past, and our present. Because this destruction is the prerequisite for changing America into a dramatically different country, which is less free, less safe, and less successful.

      Why are Republicans always trying to use the "radical Left" as the boogeyman and painting the entirety of the Democratic party with it? Gingrich knows full well that there are marginal voices on the far left just as there are on the far right. Why are Republicans always painting with such a broad brush and not supporting their arguments with actual facts?

      I'm curious just which specific things Gingerich thinks they're doing that will make us "less free" or "less safe"? For comparison, maybe we should look at decades of "trickle down economics" and see if those work? I suspect Gingrich and Miller would say yes, but mountains of evidence indicate we're not measurably better off. (See also: http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/107919/1/Hope_economic_consequences_of_major_tax_cuts_published.pdf)

  15. Aug 2020
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  19. Apr 2020
    1. Theory becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses." (Marx and Engels, Vol. I, p. 406.)


    1. The mediastinal abnormality may suggest the location of the arterial injury (i.e., left-sided hematomas are associated with descending blunt aortic injuries [BAI], whereas right-sided hematomas are seen with innominate injuries)
    2. Temporary control of hemorrhage, and at times definitive repair, may be accomplished with skin staples for left ventricular lacerations; the myocardial edges of the laceration must coapt in diastole for stapling to be technically feasible.

      skin staples for left ventricular lacerations as bleeding corntrol or repair is used.myocardial edges should coapt during diastole.

  20. Mar 2020
  21. Oct 2019
    1. disappointing that the Labor Party actively boycott this event when its intention is to uplift women

      Divya Ahlawat was simply stating the facts - Liberal councillors did not vote to ban the event, nor did council - but Labor councillors have ensure a course of action which doesn't reflect the decision made by council.

      And that's mainly to cover for the stuff up of a departed member of their dominant Left faction. Although he is attached to the hip with Mayor Laxale who has made unfortunate previous comments on social media.

      It's amazing that you would have your male mates on one side partially geeing you up on social media to trick you into another story and then on the other hand, you've come along to the event - after pre-writing most of the story - only to hear the previous year's queen debunk the misinformation assembled by your mates.

      And then, this year's winner's comments just didn't fit with the story you wanted to do (see further down).

  22. Jul 2019
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  25. Oct 2017
    1. Even social democrats and liberals, the traditional foes of free-market dogma, seem locked into an archaic worldview and set of political strategies that makes their advocacy sound tinny. Their familiar progress-narrative—that economic growth, augmented by government interventions and redistribution, can in fact work and make society more stable and fair—is no longer persuasive.

      How progressive narratives are no longer satisfying.

  26. Feb 2017