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    1. create the consequences that work with your personality.

      This is key. The Trump donation consequence speaks to me. That'd be awful to have to do.

      I need to hold my project out in front of my greatest enemy. If I finish it, my project and I live on, thrive, and enjoy watching the world enjoy the newfound sense of well-being they've gained as a result of connecting with my work.

      But if I fail, my enemy wins, suddenly causing me to be a part of the problem my work was supposed to be designed to cease.

    2. I am excited about traditional publisher because I am going to be beholden to them, they’re not going to let it slide that I don’t finish this thing on time. So maybe let’s talk about, what are ways that we can put ourselves in situations with that lines that will helps us as artists, as people who are trying to live a portfolio life?

      But part of perfectionism is the avoidance of shame caused by someone else negatively judging your work. Sure, while having an accountability partner would, in fact, be helpful, pulling the trigger on getting one ain't easy.

      (Wow, I'm being negative with these annotations. Sorry, though. Can't help it. It's how I feel. Would love someone to help me feel differently! ;-)