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  1. Apr 2019
  2. Jul 2018
    1. “I don’t feel badly at all,” she said. “I’m doing this with such a big heart, dignity, precision and research. I waited a long time to find the right way to make this work. I don’t see colour; to me, it doesn’t exist, physically or in music.

  3. Aug 2016
    1. custom elements allow values to describe the location of marginalia at the page level, and specific in-page level


    2. The resultant metadata schema is one that could be adapted for use by any DH project documenting handwritten or printed marginalia, an innovation that is rooted in metadata in combination with humanities scholarship.

      Open Annotation?

    3. create a custom schema capable of documenting this wide variety of materials

      Reminds me of Robots Reading Vogue, in which one experiment Fabricspace tried to cluster terms describing fabrics.

  4. May 2015