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  1. Sep 2023
    1. how Minds can exist in the universe how they interact with their 00:04:08 bodies how Minds scale from the Primitive kinds of um metabolic and other competencies of single cells to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the of the whole 00:04:21 organism in a behavioral sense and uh this the scaling embodiment and uh communication is is at the root of everything
      • for: research goal - Michael Levin, embodied mind
      • question: what is the main question that motivates Michael Levin's research?
      • answer: one fundamental question that he has been interested in since he was a child is the issue of embodied minds:
        • how minds can exist in the universe
        • how they interact with their bodies
        • how minds scale
          • from the primitive kinds of metabolic and other competencies of single cells
          • to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the whole organism in a behavioral sense
        • This the scaling embodiment and communication at the root of all fields of biology
  2. Oct 2021
    1. , why did focus groups virtually disappear from the social sciences during the next three decades?

      1( Merton et al., 1990) - used focus groups just to examine reaction to media propaganda - didn't publish.



    1. to gain an understanding of thescope of payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) in Illinois municipalitie

      What's the scope of PILOTs in Illinois municipalities How to explain the PILOTS in Illinois municipalities generate less revenue that what's typically seen?

  3. Sep 2021
    1. What revitalization strate-gies do university anchors employ and how do these approaches compare to anchor institution models?



    1. an important change in the urban anchor institution conversation. It moves beyond the “who” and “how” of university-neighborhood interventions and begins to ask, “what happened?”

      What happened to the neighborhood after UPEN WPI interventions in Alex Penn School.

    2. This article seeks to move beyond the anecdotal, advancing the conversation with a longitudinal evaluation of neighborhood change during the WPI years.

      What is the longitudinal change in neighborhood characteristics as measures of effective revitalization and how do those demonstrate the effect of WPI investments from UPENN> and how does that differ from perceptions captured in previous qual studies?



    1. early career researchers on the specific ways that they approached and handled the question of ‘how many qualitative interviews is enough?’
    2. Methods Review we draw on the tacit knowledge of a series of renowned social scientists who come from a range of epistemological and disciplinary positions but who share an expertise in qualitative research.
    1. thus just this, how can research help the p

      How can research help the poor? central Focus. Author examines five participatory research projects (research from the underside) and applies a criteria as to whether or not it is research that helps the poor?

    2. me examples. But h

      How to evaluate research that appreciates power imbalances? Research by and with the social deprived...., Criteria laid forth>



    1. how can weengage in ethnographies of vulnerable communities while maintaining a sense of objectivity and protecting our informants?

      Ethnographies of vulnerable communities - and be objective and protect informants



    1. understandings that may contribute to the goals of liberation. Explo

      Purpose of study is to understand the goals of feminist liberation.



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  7. Nov 2020
    1. In this context, the objective of thisstudy is to increase knowledge of the motivations and patterns of behaviour of foodstagrammertourists and to contribute new insights about this phenomenon. In the first part of the article,therefore, we establish the framework for the characteristics and motivations of foodstagrammertourists. We then describe the ethnographic methodology employed in this study and presentour detailed fieldwork. Finally, we explain our findings and discuss the phenomenon of foodsta-grammer tourists and their managerial implications.

      The research study, 'An Ethnographic Study of Motivations of Foodstagrammer tourists' highlights how a research question may be portrayed by using a broad research statement to identify their overarching focus of inquiry as opposed to directly stating a research question. In this study, it is found in the goals of the study and could be converted to a question format. Stating the purpose for the inquiry works as effectively as proposing a prompt research question.

  8. Sep 2020
  9. Dec 2019
    1. The sodium-restricted diet group received a regimen aiming a maximum intake of 3 g of sodium per day (equivalent to 7.5 g of sodium chloride).

      That sounds incredibly high to me. 3000 mg is the absolute maximum intake that could ever be considered 'low' sodium. Under 1500 is usually considered ideal. Would, then, a diet aiming for half the sodium be twice as effective?

  10. Oct 2019
    1. Abstract

      Abstract is a sale's pitch, I would say. It summarizes the whole article, and helps the audiences like you and me, to determine whether/how this work might be relevant.

      In the following abstract, identify the research question, highlight it, and state it in your own words (because the authors ask something quite different from what they propose in the beginning).

  11. Sep 2019
    1. Estimating the Effect of Asking About Citizenship on the U.S. Census March 21, 2019, 1:21 pm

      This is a really interesting article in so many ways; it speaks to a larger political issue of our time, it uses an innovative method (an experiment!), and it follows a very generic and general structure of a social science research paper. Think of this as an ideal or prototype of social science research.

  12. Jan 2019
    1. Deletes the item in the ith position

      ? Different from pop(i) how? both delete? NOTE: read more about syntax elsewhere

    2. Modifies a list to be sorted

      ? Like modifies to be sorted, like what does that mean? Sorts it? by what criteria?

  13. Dec 2018
    1. A political cartoon can be better understood if we know the offices of state that the individuals held at the time of the cartoon, and here is where it helps to combine artwork data and political data on the same platform.
  14. Oct 2017
    1. What does it mean, I asked you, to witness mass extinction—the end of so much ‘worldly striving?’ What could, or should it mean to us, or motivate us to do?

      This is my understanding of the author's central research question and that she is looking to illicit a 'call-to-action' of sorts.

  15. Sep 2017
    1. o those in the population who currently lack it, we can then examine how their social network changes, and how their social capital is impacted. 

      This is an excellent research question! Does access and use of social media improve the mental and emotional health of older people/

  16. Oct 2015
    1. Liquid argon is used as the target for neutrino experiments and direct dark matter searches.

      Can someone explain to me why argon is used in these experiments and what they are for? I am working on a science project (I am in the 4th grade). Thank you!