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    1. Explanatory Graphs for CNNs

      Q Zhang 在知乎上亲自解答关于 Explanatory Graphs 的技术细节和研究理念~ http://t.cn/EqfQbAW [赞]

  4. Dec 2018
    1. Inflation-adjusted Textbook Pain Multiplier for Decision-Makers

      Analysis and solutions to better convey the economic impact of rising textbook costs.

  5. Nov 2018
    1. One way to identify cycles is to build a dependency graph representing all services in the system and all RPCs exchanged among them. Begin building the graph by putting each service on a node of the graph and drawing directed edges to represent the outgoing RPCs. Once all services are placed in the graph, the existing dependency cycles can be identified using common algorithms such as finding a topological sorting via a depth-first search. If no cycles are found, that means the services' dependencies can be represented by a DAG (directed acyclic graph).
    1. Creating KGs is not trivial.

      This applies to universal KG in particular. Domain specific KGs can have any level of complexity - can they still be called knowledge graphs then?



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