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    1. selected after transformation and used to inoculate liquid cultures

      Would the variability be the same if the colonies were picked from a streaked plate (from glycerol stock) instead of a transformation plate?

      I would expect the glycerol stock method to have more variability, but it would be good to test

  5. Oct 2019
    1. bioluminescence was observed during the incubation time between 90 and 150 min in the presence of a sole carbon source such as glucose, acetate, l-glutamate and BOD standard solution (GGA solution)

      So this is a limited BOD sensor for only the subset of organic compounds that E. coli can metabolize?

  6. Feb 2019
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    1. Different sets of ESR1 polymorphisms were associated with cognitive decline from CDR 0 to 0.5 and CDR 0.5 to 1. ESR1 polymorphisms (rs3853248, rs22334693 [ESR1+397], rs9340799 [ESR1+351], rs9397456, rs1801132 [ESR1+975], rs2179922, rs932477, and rs9341016) were associated with the deterioration of episodic memory among subjects with baseline CDR 0, indicating these polymorphisms might be markers for episodic memory decline at an earlier stage
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs3853248)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs22334693)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs9340799)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs9397456)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs1801132)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs2179922)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs932477)
      p(HGNC:ESR1) hasVariant g(dbSNP:rs9341016)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs3853248)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs22334693)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs9340799)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs9397456)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs1801132)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs2179922)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs932477)
      a(NIFT:"Clinical dementia rating") pos g(dbSNP:rs9341016)
    1. Although we observed no association between rs3785883 or rs1868402 alone and change in CDR-sb (P > .10), there was a significant association between a combined genotype model and change in CDR-sb: carriers of the high-risk genotypes at both loci progressed >2.9 times faster than noncarriers (P = .015)
      g(dbSNP:rs1868402) cnc a(CTO:"Clinical_Dementia_Rating_Scale-sum_of_boxes")
      g(dbSNP:rs3785883) cnc a(CTO:"Clinical_Dementia_Rating_Scale-sum_of_boxes")
      composite(g(dbSNP:rs1868402),g(dbSNP:rs3785883)) pos a(CTO:"Clinical_Dementia_Rating_Scale-sum_of_boxes")
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    1. blast

      BLAST finds regions of similarity between biological sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance.