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    1. Daniel Defoe

      Daniel Defoe - English novelist, pamphleteer and journalist Daniel Defoe is best known for his novels Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders

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    1. When the centeropened, it was used first by African Americanyouth. Center staff found that young peopleparticularly those new to this countrywere notwilling to cross cultural boundaries until they haddeveloped some security in their own culturalgroup. Ultimately, the Trust, the ethnicassociations, and the Y acknowledged the needto strengthen the programming of the individualethnic associations while working to bring theiryouth together through the teen center'sprograms.

      I imagine this is a significant barrier, even today

    2. Scarce resources have caused intense com-petition between social service agencies vying forthe same dollars. Organizations work hard todistinguish themselves from one another, carveout their "turf," and convince funders (as well asthemselves) that the services they provide areunique and better than those provided by others.

      This may still be true in a lot of places today ...

    3. Many were surprised when alongstanding member of the community councilasked those present if they had "any problemwith 'us' being at the table." By "us" he meantgangs, and thereby revealed for the first timethat he was not only a member but a key officerin a gang. All present were asked their reactionto having gang members at the table. and mostindicated that it was not a problem.

      Interesting aspect to how all groups had to have a say ...

    4. a collaboration withlocal professional perform-ing arts and visual artsstudios to involve 400youth in a wide variety ofopportunities for artisticexpression

      Cool! What happened to all these programs?

    5. Mostfamilies turn first to their communities for sourcesof enrichment, support, and problem solving.Connections among providers and the people theyserve can be created and sustained most easily atthe community level.

      True even today, which makes issues like bussing and ending neighborhood schools all the more painful for many communities

    6. The proposed shift is from anexclusive focus on curing or preventing problemsfor some children and families to one that is alsoconcerned with promoting the development of allchildren and the functioning of families.

      A move away from the "deficit model" (what's wrong) to a support model (here's how to impact change)

    7. The goal-- improving the lives ofchildren, families, and communities-- is important,and the resources being invested, both humanand financial, are substantial

      As always, a noble goal and one worth pursuing ...