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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Even after his death, articles he had written appeared in the CTC Gazette (CTC = Cyclists' Touring Club), such as the description of a wheel with balloon tires and small gears in July 1930, which is considered the first mountain bike or its forerunner. [13] [2] [14]

      Vernon Blake, in a posthumous article in the CTC Gazette from July 1930, wrote a description of a bicycle with balloon tires and small gears, which is now considered the first mountain bike.

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    1. In each case the country that was left on its own has always seemed to pay a price, by being stretched militarily and diplomatically.

      Yeah, but the relative power structures of each country at the point of isolation really was and remains so very different.

      Moreover, the economic, technological and military solutions are without a doubt the best.

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    1. prosum-ers

      A person who influences the purchase of a product; they don't only consume it, they convince others to buy it by consuming it themselves. e.g. a you-tuber who is sent clothing, wears that clothing in a video, and then links it in their video as a product for purchase and gets money for it.

  8. Nov 2017
    1. Whistle-blowers and dissidents might need to use a different platform.)

      The way that he casually mentions whistle blowers and dissidents is troubling to say the least. Also, will dig up studies, but removing anonymity hasn't really shown to decrease trolling or other bad behavior. Also, "privacy" anyone?


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    1. The topic was strong and to the point, and had plenty of background information. However, there were some contradictions in the essay, like when he said every president so far has discussed benefits of NASA and supports it, but then states that Obama cut some of its funding. Obama actually did this to focus on other current issues, but he now fully supports the manned mission to Mars. https://capitalresearch.org/2016/07/nasa/