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  1. Apr 2023
    1. Rebinding a book for more margin space? .t3_12noly2._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } I was thinking about cutting a book's spine and gluing the pages against bigger notebooks to get more margin space to write in with a heat erasable pen. Maybe I could combine this with antinet Zettlekasten cards somehow.That way, I can bring a chapter with me at a time more portably, and erase all the way to notes when I'm done by putting it in the oven.Thing is, I thought I'd do a search to find how someone else did this, but there's nothing on YouTube.Did I miss something?

      reply to u/After-Cell at https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/12noly2/rebinding_a_book_for_more_margin_space/

      The historical practice of "interleaved books" was more popular in a bygone era. If you search you can find publishers that still make bibles this way, but it's relatively rare now.

      Given the popularity and ease of e-books and print on demand, you could relatively easily and cheaply get an e-book and reformat it at your local print shop to either print with larger margins or to add blank sheets every other page to have more room for writing your notes. For some classic texts (usually out of copyright) you can "margin shop" for publishers that leave more marginal space or find larger folio editions (The Folio Society, as an example) for your scribbles if you like.

      Writing your notes on index cards with page references is quick and simple. These also make good temporary bookmarks. Other related ideas here: https://hypothes.is/users/chrisaldrich?q=tag:%22interleaved%20books%22

      Have I just coined "margin shopping"?

  2. Feb 2023
    1. The most telling real-world results came from the final stock count. For example, no Felix product is more beloved than its best-selling meatballs, yet with customers encouraged to make decisions on climate value, they remained on the shelves, whereas Felix’s new, plant-based meatball alternatives had sold out. Shoppers had learned that the classic dish they had eaten since childhood might not, after all, be the best option for their own children’s future.
      • the results that showed that
      • their Felix brand followers rejected their most popular product, the Felux meatball
      • once the CO2e was show,
      • shows the success of clear labeling of CO2e
      • and the gamification strategy
  3. Dec 2022
  4. Nov 2022
    1. 56% of those surveyed use mobile phones more than any other device whenlooking up a question on a search engine. Millennials are the most likely generation to use their mobiledevice more at 74%

      Scenario 1: you might in shop, and use mobile phone to google the price of mechandise's inforatmion.

      Scenario 2: you might just google the place you want to go



  5. Mar 2022
    1. If you are planning to start with an e-commerce business then building an e-commerce mobile app is a must. But before connecting with an app development company one should get some basic understanding of which factors would be affecting the cost of creating an app. Here we discussed all the details about which factors you have to consider in eCommerce App Development Cost.

  6. Feb 2022
    1. Model C: Connected CO2 sensor with integrated battery and storage New 2022 enclosure design with modular wallmount and deskstand options Starting at 199.00$ CAD (+tx)

      Health sensors better be FOSS.

  7. Nov 2021
  8. Oct 2021
    1. In the current plot, Live Stream Shopping is the most trending topic emerging in the minds of people. This spark of a new idea has made it easy for the eCommerce giants as well as startups to hail up their sales with skyrocketing success.
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  10. Jul 2021
    1. In 1996, technology historian Jennifer S. Light compared the talk of “cyberoptimists” about virtual communities to city planners’ earlier optimistic predictions about shopping malls. As the automobile colonized U.S. cities in the 1950s, planners promised that malls would be enclosed public spaces to replace Main Streets. But as Light pointed out, the transition to suburban malls brought new inequities of access and limited the space’s functions to those that served commercial interests.

      Nice historical comparison.

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    1. Online shopping for almost everything is becoming a habit for most of the customers across the globe. Buy our Instacart clone script to have a grocery delivery platform that earns you a fortune.

      Online shopping for almost everything is becoming a habit for most of the customers across the globe. Buy our Instacart clone script to have a grocery delivery platform that earns you a fortune.

    1. the prevalence of dark patterns online is harmful to people—and has the potential to impact more than just their wallets.

      shopping addiction

    2. “Dark patterns are being used to undermine privacy, and to rob users of their ability to critically reflect on their actions,” he says. “Design and behavioral science have become weaponized to solely benefit online retailers and to exploit users.”

      Technology which is not designed for the user, but to maximize profits: the opposite of what Humane Technology states

    3. It can be hard to determine the line between clever marketing and outright deception.

      the whole point of life

    4. Most dark patterns are design choices, but others are arguably just fraud.
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    1. I hope Vine reviewers will not be too upset with these next comments, as these reviewers may perform a useful function for an item that has no reviewers.However, those of us who pay for our books have more "skin in the game" than Vine reviewers. We "buyers", perhaps, read our purchases more carefully, and are less tolerant if a book has problems and probably less hesitant to point out its weaknesses.I often rely on reviews to make a purchase decision. Unfortunately, here the ratio of Vine reviewers compared to "real" buyers seems disproportionate and inappropriately high.The number of positive ratings a book receives often correlates to the chronology of posted reviews and their evaluation. For example, reviews made before a book has many "real" buyers tend to be high. That is the case here, where most of the highly rated reviews, the leading review is an example, are from Vine reviewers who apparently received the book before many "real buyers" did. This may be a cautionary sign.
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    1. She felt out of place.

      Ей было не по себе.

    2. for starters orders

      сигналов стартеров

    3. Of course, we've had our ups and downs

      Конечно, у нас бывало то лучше, то хуже

    4. processed kind


    5. Jean put the ruler down on the conveyor belt.

      Джин положила линейку на конвейер. (Прим.: В западных супермаркетах для экономии времени несколько покупателей выгружают продук­ты на конвейер одновременно. Для того, чтобы кассир видела, где граница, покупатели кладут пластиковую линейку яркого цвета между своими и чужими покупками.)

    6. Think of all the oriental foods you can get into

      Как по­думаешь, каких только ни бывает восточных продуктов

    7. her individual yoghurt seemed to say it all

      казалось, что её единственная упаковка йогурта говорит сама за себя.

    8. a gross offish fingers

      оптовая закупка рыбных па­лочек

    9. You can always tell a person by their shopping

      Всегда можно определить, что за человек перед тобой, по его покупкам

    10. when I turned up?

      когда я бы вдруг пришла?

    11. a see-through tray of tomatoes which fell casualty to the rest.

      прозрачный лоток с помидорами, придавленный другими покупками.

    12. the quick till


    13. Jean felt her patience beginning to itch.

      Джин чувствовала, что её терпение заканчивается.

    14. giving an accompaniment of nods and headshaking at the appropriate parts.

      в такт словам то кивала, то качала го­ловой.

    15. why I should have to put up with her at family occasions.

      с какой стати я должна мириться с её присутствием на се­мейных праздниках.

  28. Apr 2018
    1. “I cannot see that London has any great advantage over the country, for my part, except the shops and public places

      London had a variety of shops: the newest fashions, bookstores, china showrooms, and shops with a wide selection of ribbon, lace, calico, or silk. Like Mrs. Bennett, Jane Austen thought the town was a nice place to visit but not an ideal place to live. (Doody, Jane Austen’s Names)

  29. Jul 2017