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  1. Jan 2020
    1. Some questions are only asked by people with a fundamental misunderstanding. The friends who walk into my office and ask, “have you read all of these” miss the point of books.
  2. Dec 2019
    1. Suggestion: add a link to rdoc documentation.

      I couldn't find a link, and even doing a web search for "responders rdoc" or "responders documentation" is pretty fruitless and pointless (partly due to responders being too generic of a name).

      I eventually just went to rdoc.info, searched for responders, and found: https://rdoc.info/github/plataformatec/responders

  3. Nov 2019
  4. Oct 2019
    1. This being the City of Ryde, political vendettas are never far from the surface.

      That would have to include the vendetta that prompted the call to The Hasbeen, resulting in your misguided story drawing on incomplete facts and coverage dating back to 2014.

      Mental note: This is the type of story that will be perfect for robot journalists when The Hasbeen boosts its editorial quality by replacing its newsroom with robots.

  5. Sep 2019
    1. It is also possible to use this annotator to annotate fields other than the NamedEntityTagAnnotation field by and providing the header

      Zrejme sa jedná o možnosť anotovať aj iné ako NER tagy, že to TokensRegex umožňuje. Nižšie mi chýba príklad presne na toto.

  6. Jan 2018
  7. Dec 2017
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  9. Oct 2017
    1. For the moment I’ll put on my scientific thinking hat because there numerous ways that I can provide evidence for my claim the people believe all sorts of crazy things.

      Change "there" to "there are".

  10. Sep 2017
    1. Miss Amazing is a pageant for girls and young women with learning disabilities. In the 10 years since it began, 1,700 girls and young women with disabilities have taken part.Pageant Has Spread To More Than 30 States

      The author should explain why these girls need a special pageant though. How do their learning disabilities make it harder for them to succeed in a regular pageant?

    1. A third might leave the experience out of his story altogether, deeming it unimportant.

      Basically the author seems to be saying that the choices you make about how you view your past have as much of an effect on you as your actual past.

  11. Apr 2017
    1. Three of the victims were of Turkish origin,[38] two victims were from German Sinti families and one from a Kosovan Roma family.

      About 50 people of various ethnic backgrounds gathered at a Munich sports hall early Saturday to await official word on the fate of missing loved ones (Washington Post, 2016).

  12. Feb 2017
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  15. Nov 2015
    1. Does the Espionage Act violate the First Amendment guarantee of free speech?

      I think that this is not the legal issue that is targeted in the book on this case? I concluded that it is more about whether this pamphlet and political expression is protected under the First Amendments rights of the Constitution for the defendant. Or whether obstruction of war time ideals and peace is a crime in a state of unrest?

  16. Apr 2014
    1. Reproducibility

      Reproducibility is mentioned in the title of this section, but it is not mentioned elsewhere in the document and I don't see it addressed in what's written in this section.