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      Make the writing from here until end a new page. (so like a "continue"

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    1. Due dates and threshold dates aren't part of the todo.txt format spec! Due date and threshold date are implemented as key:value tags, which are fully compliant with the todo.txt format spec. They both are popular extensions to the todo.txt command line scripts.
    2. Your task list is a plain text file, not some proprietary format owned by a company or locked to a specific application.
    1. You're not going to find many checkboxes, drop-downs, reminders, or date pickers here.

      Thankfully, some clients like https://github.com/QTodoTxt/QTodoTxt2 do have nice features like autocomplete, and date pickers.

    2. Countless productivity apps and sites store your tasks in their own proprietary database and file format. But you can work with your todo.txt file in every text editor ever made, regardless of operating system or vendor.
    1. uBlock Origin blocks ads through its support of the Adblock Plus filter syntax. uBlock Origin extends the syntax and is designed to work with custom rules and filters.
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    1. Les formats sont le plus souvent invisibles : nos actions suffisent en général à mobiliser ceux qui nous servent. Ils sont en fait trop souvent invisibles : le choix est fait « à notre insu », sans qu’aient toujours été pesées les contraintes à respecter en fonction de l’usage à faire du document en question, maintenant et plus tard.

      Le « pacte d'écriture » entre l'écrivain et de son format : le format impose des conditions d'écritures, « à l'insu » de l'utilisateur, dont les choix sont imposés par la technique (le format, les créateurs du format).

    1. Note: this is not a screenshot. You can actually interact with that form. Hooray for MDX!
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    1. MDX is a superset of Markdown. It allows you to write JSX inside markdown. This includes importing and rendering React components!
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    1. print(self.num,"/",self.den)

      i particularly like an alternate construction better, because it allows you better control of the output string(this example will not insert spaces before and after the slash, unless you deliberately put them there)


      It uses the .format module, that lets you replace {} structures with the print verions of variables, you can set names for them like

      print('{numerator}/{denominator}'.format(denominator = self.den, numerator = self.num))

      and a lot of other stuff, you can learn more reading the python documentation of the string class

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    1. Préparation des versements : identification et validation des formats de fichiers

      Préparation des versements : identification et validation des formats de fichiers

    2. Préparation des versements : conversion des formats de fichiers

      Préparation des versements : conversion des formats de fichiers

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    1. In other words, low digital literacy (among both students and faculty) likely shapes preferences for textbook format.
    2. If cost were not a factor 44% of respondents would have preferred using their textbook in only print format, 41% would have preferred using both print and digital formats, and only 16% would have preferred using only digital format(s).
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    1. Get the facts! McCarthy Tire Industrial & OTR Tires

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    2. give tires a new life Retread Your Tires Today

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    1. Links must be stored in HTML files

      But what about links I want to add to documents that I don't own? "Layers for the Web"

      Doesn't Xanadu keep stuff separate somehow?