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    1. Adam Bienkov. (2021, December 14). Conservative MP Desmond Swayne says the “carnage” on UK roads is “certainly killing more people than Covid at the moment”. For context there were just 1,460 deaths on British roads in the whole of 2020, compared to more than 4,000 deaths of people with Covid last month alone. Https://t.co/NVD6SxhTKB [Tweet]. @AdamBienkov. https://twitter.com/AdamBienkov/status/1470783359064358929

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    1. an aircraft that is uncontrolledor that is too close to other aircraftwould be unsafe.

      On my first reading I thought that the system being analyzed here was the place, but on closer inspection that wouldn't work: referring to other planes would be referring to the environment of the system. It seems the implicit system here is actually that of all planes flying; traffic control.

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    1. Take responsibility for your outgoing network traffic If you install software that interacts with other sites over the network, you should be aware how it works and what kind of traffic it generates. If it has the potential to make thousands of requests to other sites, make sure it uses an HTTP cache to prevent inflicting abuse on other sites.
    1. It is not appropriate to use these document types for live content. These are made available only for download, to support local use in development, evaluation, and validation tools. Using these versions directly from the W3C server could cause automatic blockage, preventing them from loading. If it is necessary to use schemata in content, follow guidelines to avoid excessive DTD traffic. For instance, use caching proxies to avoid fetching the schema each time it is used, or ensure software uses a local cache, such as with XML catalogs.
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    1. Feldmann, A., Gasser, O., Lichtblau, F., Pujol, E., Poese, I., Dietzel, C., Wagner, D., Wichtlhuber, M., Tapiador, J., Vallina-Rodriguez, N., Hohlfeld, O., & Smaragdakis, G. (2020). The Lockdown Effect: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Internet Traffic. ArXiv:2008.10959 [Cs]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2008.10959

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    1. The indicators are summarized in Table 4 [1,24,34,39,47,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63] and discussed individually, with graphics where relevant to make key comparisons clearer.

      It is interesting that even though Lima has a pretty high percentage of non motorized transport users and the highest percentage of public transport users, we still have a higher traffic than those countries.

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    1. his advice that it really didn’t matter how many people you let in front of you. Just keep a large buffer in front of you at all times so you can go a steady speed.

      Traffic reduction using a buffer

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    1. Figure 4: Typical diurnal cycle for traffi c in the Internet. The scale on the vertical axis is the percentage of total users of the service that are on-line at the time indicated on the horizontal axis. (Source: [21])

      I can't see an easy way to link to this graph itself, but this reference should make it easier to get to this image in future

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    1. To get there, you can provide some dedicated spaces, or even memberships, for a car-sharing service (six points). Furnish the basement with a fleet of bicycles for residents (one point). Set up a shuttle service to the closest train or bus station (14 points), or stick a handy screen with real-time transit schedules in the lobby (one point). Dedicating space to on-site childcare earns you two points, since it means fewer parents driving to drop off and pick up the kiddos.

      Interesting incentives.

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    1. Find the layer entitled WSDOT Traffic Sections

      The quickest way to find it is to type "WSDOT Traffic Sections" in the search box on the top right of the wsdot arcgis site.

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    1. The driver technically is under arrest because the driver is not free to leave until the officer has written a ticket (or if it’s the driver’s lucky day, only issued a warning). But the arrest is temporary.

      this is terrifying.

    1. Detention vs. Arrest: Although issuing a traffic citation is technically an arrest and release on the person's written promise to appear, it is treated as a detention because of the minimal intrusion involved. (Berkemer v. McCarty (1984) 468 U.S. 420, 439 [82 L.Ed.2nd 317, 334]; see also People v. Hernandez (2006) 146 Cal.App.4th 773: "Traffic stops are treated as investigatory detentions for which the officer must be able to point to specific and articulable facts justifying the suspicion that a crime is being committed.")

      Apparently I was wrong earlier. A traffic stop is a type of arrest. This is confusing. Although, I'm not familiar with this website so I don't know how reliable/accurate it is.