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  1. Jan 2022
    1. The highest rating Pure Health Fungus Eliminator got on Amazon is 4.0/5 stars. Meanwhile, it got 4.9 stars out of 5 on its official website. I’m not saying that the higher rating is entirely biased. But I just think that we get to see more honest reviews outside its site.
    1. I bought this game in order to review it, seeing as there were no current reviews for it. I thought I'd help the game out by maybe giving it that tiny bit of publicity it needed to get off the ground.
    1. This is the kind of game that, if the quality was better, I might give it a maybe, if Steam offered one.
  2. Dec 2021
  3. Nov 2021
    1. The Classicist Who Killed Homer How Milman Parry proved that the Iliad and the Odyssey were not written by a lone genius. By Adam Kirsch https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/06/14/the-classicist-who-killed-homer June 7, 2021

      Someone mentioned this in class today

  4. Sep 2021
    1. I don't recommend the game, but since it is very inexpensive, you can try it for yourself and not be out a lot of money, so this review might not be necessary, but I'm writing it anyway because I have lots of thoughts that I don't see reflected in the first reviews I see on this first Store Page of Squidlit, although I haven't read every review, which would require a lot of time.


  5. Aug 2021
    1. In line with dishonest asset flippers, this has a number of fake positive reviews from compromised accounts, all in the same broken English.
  6. Jul 2021
    1. WARNING: I suspect FAKE or "purchased" positive reviews as there is at least one "positive" review that already shows almost 100 hours of game time.. and well this game is nothing but a mess of cobbled together assets off of the Unreal asset marketplace
  7. Jun 2021
    1. What finally led me to write this review was that I recently received an offer containing 2 $20.00 gift cards to write a 5 star review. I wonder now if I had been duped by the reviews I read
    2.  I do not advise. I still do not understand where there are so many good reviews for this product. This vacuum cleaner is literally bursting at the seams.
    3. Soliciting five star reviews earns a one star.
    1. For bibliographic information on this strange memory image, see Bouchot (13).

      Other than filling some space and giving a bit of quirky context, did the text even mention this image? There should have been something.

      There was one later reference to parts of animals, but not specific to this image which could have been tied in better.



  8. May 2021
    1. These all look interesting, but my primary worry is the ability to do cross-platform note taking with them. Perhaps worth delving into some more custom reviews, but the price points of these compared to my laptop versus the functionality and flexibility needs to improve greatly.

    1. summaries of comments

      Rapid PREreviews are structured reviews of preprints designed to capture the essence of a preprint. They are composed of 12 yes/no/n.a/not sure questions. We then display the aggregated responses from reviewers so that readers can get a rapid impression of the overall perception around that preprint. Here's an example of 5 Rapid PREreviews on a bioRxiv preprints https://prereview.org/preprints/doi-10.1101-2020.07.04.187583. We are working to integrate the display of rapid PREreviews into OPS so that soon SciELO and RINarXiv preprint servers will display this content next to the preprint. We would love more support to optimize the visualization of the rapid PREreviews and integrate them with more servers.

    1. A relatively comprehensive view of Wouter Groeneveld's commonplacing workflow. There are a few bits missing here and there, but he's got most of the bigger basics down that a majority of people seem to have found and discovered.

      He's got a strong concept of indexing, search, and even some review, which many miss. There's some organic work toward combinatorial thought, but only via the search piece.

      I should make a list of the important pieces for more advanced versions to have. I've yet to see any articles or work on this.

    1. A funny thing to note is how all the positive reviews for this game are from accounts with free/no products or VAC bans. Probably compromised accounts or something. Gotta love those fake reviews.
    2. Check the reviews run ralph run Moo mei 2 Moo Mei 1 and this game, why do most of the positive reviews either have a VAC ban or 0 achievements in the game showing they haven't played it.
  9. Apr 2021
    1. 0.1 hrs on record Early Access Review Posted: February 18 This game is amazing. I don't even speak russia but I got the full in depth story. I have sunk countless hours into all of the nuances in this game. Thank you, sincerley, thank yiou Narod for chaning my life.
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    1. Building a wonky factory is way more fun than it has any right to be - and being rewarded for leaving last turn's pieces where they are (or punished for moving them) means that you're always working on top of the mess you made last turn, though you're never completely stuck.
    1. Good review even if it didn't win your heart.
    2. No, I'm afraid not. I wanted to like it, but it hasn't offered up anything to make me choose this over a wealth of other short two-player games. It should go without saying (but it's worth repeating in view of the responses such reviews tend to get on BGG) that a negative review is always subjective and personal to the reviewer.
  10. Mar 2021
    1. The positive reviews are clearly friends of the developer, as this is an extremely low-quality Unreal game, the kind you'd expect from a student project or a 24-hour Game Jam, not something being sold on Steam.
    1. I don't know where the positive reviews come from, but I can't drive one lap... It doesn't work on Steam Link and on my PC the controls don't work. Too bad, it looks promising.
    2. The positive reviews are trolls. This game is shovelware.The controls are floaty and finicky and there's a lack of tracks and karts.
    1. At least half of the reviews are fake, probably alt accounts by the creator or his friends (notice how they are all from Brazil and they have "played" for tons of hours but haven't even earned a single achievement...) This game will take you one or two hours at most to finish and the levels aren't "increasingly challenging" as stated in the description because you'll find that often the levels get easier as you progress and many levels just feel like "fillers" to artificially inflate the level count. Overall it's not a bad game and it's pretty cheap but I cannot recommend it due to the fake reviews which shows the creator's lack of integrity.
    1. Honestly the critic reviews entire miss the point of this game. The game is a tongue-in-cheek love letter to Japanese quirk/kitsch. The controls are intentionally awkward. The physics are intentionally always just that little bit unpredictable. Watch a few gameplay trailers to get a far more accurate depiction of the chaos that is Nippon Marathon that I ever got from any of the ‘professional’ critic reviews.
    1. Don't let the highly rated reviews fool you, this is one of the worst Steam games I've personally bought and played in years (as of writing this I'm closing in on 4000 games in my Steam library).
    1. If you get this game for some reason, it's worth mucking around in for 20 minutes or so, but you probably shouldn't buy this on purpose.
  11. Feb 2021
    1. People who buy this buy for a reason, bonsai and some gaming experience. I'm disappointed from what I saw. I'd love to turn back and give another chance after it's completed. For now what I can say is it really amazes me how people here tend to glorify things easily while writing reviews.
    1. I was aware of the mixed reviews but "mixed" to me could be a game that's perfectly suitable for one person's taste and detestable to the next.
    1. More and more, Im seeing this "retro graphics" (aka - lazy cash in.) money grab titles that are completely broken or absolutely terrible.. and they're RAPIDLY flooding the Switch like flies to horse dung. With no real reliable independent reviews of Indie titles available (Even MetaCritic is blank for at LEAST 70% of these indie garbage games..) players are left with no recourse but to flush hard earned cash on what is essentially a non-refundable gamble.
    1. {'good': ['API objects', 'structured data', 'data sources', 'filtering and operations'],'improvement areas for v2': ['AWS deployment images too small', 'not setting up the data sources in aws that it talked up','not enough numpy','no deep learning yo','drop or shorten up the kitchen analogy, we get what distributed computing is'],'realization: "out of the box functionality won't be much help for real life... have to get weird w delayed objects"}
    2. Dask is an amazing tool, and this book is fine for a introduction of dask data structures but little else. This book follows a rather unfortunate trend -- try to both cover the basic elements of 'data science' as well as serve as a tutorial to a software platform.
    1. The press will tell you that "the concept" is great but the execution is bad. What should I tell you? The experience is shallow. The game is mediocre. But listen carefully, when a game is mediocre and can't even make you feel something then it's the worst kind of gaming. I will give it a 4 out of 10. You know, if this was a test in a school then this game should be marked D (someone answered a few questions, but overall missed the point). I understand that many people care about the "concept" of this game, but why if the experience is just... not here. I'm talking about the experience becaus We. The Revolution tried to be an actual experience. And it fails so badly.
    2. The filthy casuals write positive reviews on steam and it's clear that true gamers won't even try to review such a shallow game.

      reviews/ratings because only those already inclined to like it (or who have been swayed by the already positive reviews) will bother buying it and (therefore) bother reviewing it, hence amplifying the positive ratings

  12. Dec 2020
    1. I like the idea of a word for the year and have seen others like Mark Aaron Davis do this in the past.

      It's apparently a broader thing as I've seen many people posting about receiving their Theme System Journals from @cortexpodcast on Twitter over the past week. They've cleverly set aside the letters ME in some of their marketing like so: THEME System Journal

      I'm not sure if I'll choose a theme in this way specifically, but I think I'm going to choose a theme to help direct some of my reading though. I'm going to try to focus more on the idea of anthropology when I make reading choices.

  13. Nov 2020
    1. (15x) ENJOYMENT: Forgettable Outstanding(10x) DEPTH (IN RELATION TO COMPLEXITY): Lacking Meaty (5x) LUCK FACTOR: All Luck All Skill (3x) REPLAYABILITY: Nil Limitless(10x) MECHANICS: Boring Interesting (4x) PLAYER INTERACTION: Low High (4x) PLAYER COUNT PERFORMANCE: Not Balanced Balanced (2x) GAME LENGTH: Too Short/Long Just Right (2x) CLARITY OF RULES: Mud Crystal (5x) COMPONENT QUALITY: Cheap World ClassINITIAL RATING (sum(Criteria Rating x Criteria Weight)/Total Weight) = 7.7

      rating scale evaluation

    2. Still the game could have been made in a box a quarter the size for under $10, so I don’t think it’s worth it.
    3. I prefer light stock taking games like American Rails.
  14. Oct 2020
  15. Mar 2020
  16. May 2019
    1. The English intellect is sound, so far as it goes,” he continued, seating himself at the table; ” but it has one grave defect—it is always cautious in the wrong place.”

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to these lines in a series of excerpts about Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. When an English jury has to choose between a plain fact, on the surface, and a long explanation under the surface, it always takes the fact, in preference to the explanation.

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to this sentence in a series of excerpts about Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper.

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to this sentence in a series of excerpts about Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. Men little know, when they say hard things to us, how well we remember them, and how much harm they do us.

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to these lines in a series of excerpts about Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    2. Women can resist a man’s love, a man’s fame, a man’s personal appearance, and a man’s money; but they cannot resist a man’s tongue, when he knows how to talk to them.[

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to this sentence in a series of excerpts about Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to this final sentence in a series of excerpts used to illustrate Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. There are many varieties of sharp practitioners in this world, but, I think, the hardest of all to deal with are the men who overreach you under the disguise of inveterate good humour. A fat, well-fed, smiling, friendly man of business is of all parties to a bargain the most hopeless to deal with. Mr. Merriman was one of this class.

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to these lines in a series of excerpts used to illustrate Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

    1. When two members of a family, or two intimate friends, are separated, and one goes abroad and one remains at home, the return of the relative or friend who has been travelling, always seems to place the relative or friend who has been staying at home at a painful disadvantage, when the two first meet

      The September 8, 1860 Literary Gazette review of The Woman in White calls attention to these lines in a series of excerpts used to illustrate Wilkie Collins's style and characterization.

  17. Apr 2019
    1. 5 May 1860

      The day before this installment hit the shelves, the Hull Packet and East Riding Times (a periodical published in a town in Yorkshire, England) weighed in on Collins's use of letters and found documents in his novel:

      In All the Year Round, Mr Wilkie Collins, whose Antonina made him suddenly famous, is continuing his most exciting story of “The Woman in White” Usually novels composed of extracts from the letters and diaries of the characters moving in the story, are failures: and to this rule Sir Walter Scott’s Red Gauntlet, even, is no exception. Mr Wilkie Collins, is, however, a great artist in the mechanical development of a story, and, therefore, in spite of the continued extracts from “Miss Halcombe’s diary,” and “Walter Hartright’s journal,” and “Miss Michelson’s narrative,” “The Woman in White,” holds the reader in breathless suspense, and we venture to say that the thousands might be multiplied by many tens who, week after week, and month after month, feel it one of their pressing anxieties to know through what new tribulations Mr. Wilkie Collins’s imaginary heroines will have to pass. In other articles in All the Year Round too much of the mannerism which characterized the papers in Household Words is apparent. Mr. Dickens’s own papers “The Journeys of the Uncommercial Traveller,” are interesting enough, but the imitation of Mr Dickens’s style in the same periodical are often sadly dull and wearisome.

      "Literature." Hull Packet and East Riding Times [Hull, England] 4 May 1860: n.p. 19th Century British Newspapers. 7 Apr. 2015.

    1. Amazon said it was using automated technology to weed out false reviews.It said it invested "significant resources" to protect its review system "because we know customers value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers". /**/ (function() { if (window.bbcdotcom && bbcdotcom.adverts && bbcdotcom.adverts.slotAsync) { bbcdotcom.adverts.slotAsync('mpu', [1,2,3]); } })(); /**/ "Even one inauthentic review is one too many," it added.But Which?'s probe suggested fake reviews were commonplace.

      "Online retail giant Amazon's website is flooded with fake five-star reviews for products from unfamiliar brands, consumer group Which? has claimed."

  18. Mar 2019
    1. 7 things you should know about This page offers two lists of technologies. One relates to learning technologies and the other to campus IT. In either case, one clicks "see all" and is shown a list of many up and coming technologies. One can click the links to get a discussion of seven things the user should know about these technologies. Reports are two pages and follow a set format that includes a brief story or illustration. These introduce the visitor to the use of the technology but do not provide extensive explanation; it is an introduction. Technologies listed on these pages are often but not always technologies that the average instructional designer may put to use. Rating: 3/5

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      Facebook reviews are another effective strategy, that makes your business go fluent and profitable. Our discussion is all about buying Facebook reviews with quality and cheap. If you apply paid service and get a good number of reviews on your Facebook page, It makes Your business credible to the audiences.

  19. Feb 2019
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  20. Dec 2017
    1. “rapid reviews” perform a synthesis (qualitative and/or quantitative) to provide an answer about the direction of evidence and possibly the strength of evidence;

      Notwithstanding mention of qualitative context indicates that this is about "effects"

  21. Apr 2017
    1. Hypothesis is a lightweight option for adding website annotation with the aim of bringing “a new layer to the web”.
  22. Jan 2017
    1. Jared Jensen – Brigham, UT “I was ready to quit weight training but I decided to give this system a try. On the 3rd week my bench jumped 40 lbs. I was hooked. …I've seen guys in the gym who are using steroids. I get just as good gains as they do without killing myself. I couldn’t imagine working out without this program. Thanks Leo!”
    2. Bill Becker – Mt. Morris, PA “The Bulgarian System is amazing. In just 3 weeks my bench press went from 245 lbs. to 280 lbs. I didn’t think a natural training program could deliver results like this. Thanks OTS.”
    3. David Harper – Stone Mountain, GA “I have never been able to re-create the gains made by the use of anabolics and lifting extremely heavy weights, until now! …In just two months of dedication to this idea my maximum bench went from 260 pounds to 325 pounds which is just 15 pounds from when I was 19 and using anabolics. My body weight has gone from 195 to 225 and I seem to have less of that unwanted spare tire.”
    4. Peter Giaardini – Age 16 New Rochelle, NY “I could literally feel my body growing. I started out a measly 140 lbs. with 14½ inch arms. Now I’m 175 lbs. With 17½ inch arms and growing. My bench press went from 160 lbs. max to 325 lbs. Thanks Leo.”
    5. Mark Zollitsch – Newport Beach, CA “I’m training for the Olympics, and in just two weeks on the Bulgarian System, I added 50 lbs. to my bench. I used to hate doing pullups, now I’m doing five sets of twelve with a 15 lb. dumbbell hanging from my waist. This system is fantastic.”
    6. B. Laswell – Age 40 – Texas “I've been bodybuilding since I was 14. I’ve always been a hardgainer, but after 90 days on the Bulgarian System, I’ve added 140 lbs. to my squad and 20 lbs. of weight without it going to my waist. The Bulgarian System is the best that I have ever used. I only wish I had your course a long time ago; it would have saved me years of slow progress.”
    7. Eric Litster – Brigham City, UT “Thanks to OTS. In the last nine months I’ve added at least 100 pounds to my squat, seventy odd pounds to my bench, and 20 plus pounds to number of other movements. …And it gets better with every trip to the gym.”
    8. Dr. Mark Radermacher – Age 35 Management Consultant – Heartford, WI “I had never seriously lifted weights before in my life, but I wanted a sculptured aesthetic looking physique. Since I started the Bulgarian System I’ve made on believable size and strength gains. I started off struggling with squats at 135 lbs. Now just 3½ months later, I’m using 300 lbs. My chest, legs, and shoulders have gotten so big that I’ve outgrown all my suits.”
    9. Clyde Holland – Florence, AZ “Wow, the Burst program is awesome! It’s the best work out I've ever been exposed to. At the beginning I weighed 195 lbs. Now, I’m 217 lbs. and strong. I’ve been accused of using steroids. 12 weeks has added about 20 lbs. I have never seen anything which looked so wrong but is so right. I have a pile of muscle magazines and books written by Arnold, and others. None compares to this workout.”
    10. Michael Pinheiro – Age 15 High School Student – Hanford, CA Michael came to me weighing only 99 pounds and bench pressing 85 pounds, and he had a sincere desire to get big and strong. I put him on the Bulgarian system, and in the short time he's been using it he's made the most impressive gains of any young guy I've ever seen. Michael now bench presses 205 pounds (up from 85–that's more than double) and front squats 215 pounds (up from one of the 125). He weighs in at 130 pounds (up from 99) and his body fat has increased by only 1.5%. That's an incredible ratio of fat-to-muscle gain.
    11. I Tested It And It Works! I train really hard. Most athletes couldn't hold a candle to me. At 250 pounds and 5'10", I thought I was pretty darn developed. But when I return from the Eastern Bloc, I immediately put their methods to the test on my own body. And I'm happy (and embarrassed) to say that their training system runs rings around everything else I've tried here in the U.S. After just four months on their program, I pared 15 pounds of fat and replaced it with 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle. My neck size is now 20 inches and my arms are 20 ¾ inches. (And that's a cold measurement. What's more, I've never used a steroid in my life, and I don't allow my clients to either.) And I'm just the first example of how amazingly effective the SERIOUS GROWTH system is.
  23. Sep 2016
    1. There will be a · 1 · · · h I ·11 d gtr s1ttmg opposite me w 0 w1 won er why I have not been flirt-ing with her

      This is our first indication throughout the book that David views women differently than the average man. We don't yet know the real reason why, especially since he then refers to "his" Hella. According to Juliet Gardiner, Baldwin's implication here is consistent with the wold wide view of women in the 50's. They were expected to be perfect wives and mothers, and often flirted with and arguably viewed as an object of entertainment.

  24. Jan 2016
  25. Jan 2014
    1. HR people can’t believe that a company the size of Netflix doesn’t hold annual reviews. “Are you making this up just to upset us?” they ask. I’m not. If you talk simply and honestly about performance on a regular basis, you can get good results—probably better ones than a company that grades everyone on a five-point scale.
    1. Traditional corporate performance reviews are driven largely by fear of litigation. The theory is that if you want to get rid of someone, you need a paper trail documenting a history of poor achievement. At many companies, low performers are placed on “Performance Improvement Plans.” I detest PIPs. I think they’re fundamentally dishonest: They never accomplish what their name implies.