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  1. Jun 2020
    1. Oh, and of course, there’s the fact that “sit on the ground” is mapped to the same control as “strangle the nearest person”, which can apparently lead to some pretty robust brainstorming sessions.

      I love this!

  2. Apr 2020
    1. If you're wearing the same shoes as I have so many times before where you're trying to make yourself heard and do what you ultimately believe is in the organisation's best interests
    2. many organisations block torrents (for obvious reasons) and I know, for example, that either of these options would have posed insurmountable hurdles at my previous employment
    3. Actually, I probably would have ended up just paying for it myself due to the procurement challenges of even a single-digit dollar amount, but let's not get me started on that
  3. Nov 2019
    1. red is now often associated with unpleasant online features such as error messages

      <span style="color:red">red</span> is at the center of studies in psychology and semiotics

  4. Oct 2019
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      Aitkins didn't remove the AFC, just the one post near Red Cedar Lake

    2. heAmer.FurCo.haveitincontemplationtoabandontheirtradingpostsinthosequarters.Iftheydo,itissomewhatdoub[t]fulwhetheritwillbesafeforamissionfamilytoattempttoresideatL[eech]Lakeatpresent.TheIndianswillbesomewhatexasperatedifthetradersWithdraw.Bythelatestintelligencefromthatquarter,welearntthattheexcitementhassomewhatsubside

      Hall also informs Greene about the situation at Red Cedar Lake (Boutwell said it was Sandy Lake?) but says that it seems to have calmed down

    1. IeXpecttohavenodifficultyingettingthroughwith8CanoestoRedLak

      Ayer is heading back to Red Lake

    2. WeallfeelthatbothLeechLakeandRedLakegg§§_beoccupiedimmodalate

      all the current missionaries want Leech Lake and Red Lake occupied immediately

    3. tRedLakeandLeechLake,asitseemstousaretwoveryinvit-ingfieldsoflabour.

      Red Lake and Leech Lake are promising for missions

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      Red Lake Band was receptive to the mission and the gospel

    5. henumberofIndiansbelongingtothebandisaboutonehundredhuntingmen,andfrom500to600womenandchild

      Red Lake Ojibwe Band: 100 men, 500-600 womyn and children

    6. heyvisitedLeechLakeandRedLakeandotherplacesontheway,toascertainwhataretheprospectsinthatregionformissionaryOperation

      Ayer visited Red Lake and Leech Lake to access them for missions again

  6. Aug 2019
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      Sandy Lake Chief has the same response as the Principal Man at the Red Lake - not every one is present to discuss the possibility of a Mission on their land

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      some sort of food is obtained at Red Lake from the Natives there (I can't read what it is)

    3. twothirdsofthesettlementisunder'Epis.influ.ence.Healsogivesitashiso>inion,thattheprinciplemenoftheH.BayDepartment,wouldfavour&aidinMissionaryoperation

      2/3 of Red River Settlement is under Episcopal influence, and David Aitkins believes the Hudson Bay Dept would favor and help to establish a mission

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      Red River Settlement as two Episcopal Missionaries: M Jones (who is a wolohuan (Man of Talents) and chaplain for the Hudson Bay Company) and M Cochran

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      Red River Settlement is at least 60 miles expanding across the River

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      the Red River Settlement according to Mesers Aitkins: 3-4,000 residents, including 1 bishop and 2 priests

  7. Jul 2019
    1. A French inventor has failed in his attempt to cross the English Channel on a jet-powered flyboard.


  8. May 2019
  9. Jan 2019
  10. Jul 2018
    1. For all the paranoid American theories of being “red-pilled,” of awakening into a many-tentacled liberal/feminist/Jewish conspiracy, the most corrosive force, the ectoplasm infusing itself invisibly through media and culture and politics, is white supremacy.
    1. The Truth About Migrants (2018)


      when this migrant in France scaled a building to save a baby I guess that means we should just get rid of borders and laws why this dude didn't grab the baby probably best not to ask questions

      The thumbnail of this video is ominous/portentous . it's a bad omen for women, their dautghters will pay for their mothers' stupidity.

  11. Apr 2017
  12. www.apple.com www.apple.com
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  13. Aug 2016
    1. But second, a sense of what could have been. What if Stalin hadn’t murdered most of the competent people? What if entire fields of science hadn’t been banned for silly reasons? What if Kantorovich had been able to make the Soviet leadership base its economic planning around linear programming? How might history have turned out differently?

      I asked my brother, who writes about Soviet economics, whether he ever had this sense of sadness at what could have been. He responded that in his experience everyone who studies the period shares this feeling.

    2. First, amazement that the Soviet economy got as far as it did, given how incredibly screwed up it was.

      I feel this.

  14. May 2016
    1. \hypersetup{hidelinks=true}

      [Lyx ver.2.1.4/Win7 Pro] To use this: go to Document > Settings > LaTeX Preamble and paste just this line into the corresponding text box. Lyx will add this to the underlying document preamble and this removes those ugly borders around clickable hyperlinks, and citation indices.

  15. Feb 2016
    1. Now, pretty much everyone hosts their open source projects on GitHub, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even Microsoft—once the bete noire of open source software. In recent months, as Microsoft open sourced some of its most important code, it used GitHub rather than its own open source site, CodePlex. S. “Soma” Somasegar—the 25-year Microsoft veteran who oversees the company’s vast collection of tools for software developers—says CodePlex will continue to operate, as will other repositories like Sourceforge and BitBucket. “We want to make sure it continues being there, as a choice,” he tells WIRED. But he sees GitHub as the only place for a project like Microsoft .NET. “We want to meet developers where they are,” he says. “The open source community, for the most part, is on GitHub.”
    1. n 2011, there were 2 million repositories on GitHub. Today, there are over 29 million. GitHub’s Brian Doll noted that the first million repositories took nearly 4 years to create; getting from nine to ten million took just 48 days.
  16. Sep 2015
  17. Mar 2015
    1. While I'm sure Red Hat's salesforce doesn't love competing with its copycat, the reality is that sales are almost certainly helped in accounts that only want RHEL for production servers and can shave costs by using CentOS for development and test servers. CentOS, in other words, gives Red Hat a lot of pricing leverage, without having to lower its prices.

      test ve development da kullanılabilir