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  1. Mar 2017
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    1. Mia talked about translating meaning through boxes, inside boxes.

      Key. translation of meaning through boxes, inside boxes

    2. 8 minutes left.

      time life

    3. I can work with you, these guys and not feel that I am selling myself, ourselves short. That feels like freedom.

      freedom values community

    4. I thought the joy in my eyes and the spontaneous victory sign were appropriate. We are in movement.



    5. I sent a DM to Terry, what do you think about these guys inviting me? I trust Terry implicitly.

      trust friendship values With some peoole you can be yourself

    6. I responded to the invitation with confusion and then refound the voice which comes from somewhere. A blog post wrote itself, a familiar voice helped me find my feet. Dodger, my alter-ego helped me through the crisis of trust.

      identity values trust

    7. This week Mia Zamora, surprised me by inviting me to join the facilitation team of Connected Courses. To say that I was taken aback by her email, and the ensuing one coming from Claudia would be an understatement, to put it mildly. We need recognition for our particularity. I was not expecting an Oscar from my peers. That's frankly how I felt.

      recognition community present disconnection...

    8. 4 years, that is like twenty minutes, nothing in the time it will take to transform education.

      time change long

    9. We have experienced so many of these moments of panic, of fear over the past 4 years.

      panic on the edge

    10. My colleagues were freaking out and this inspired the post Nature Regains Ground.

      changing roles panic disorientation teachers

    11. I was losing sleep about CLAVIER and the hashtags.

      reflection hashtags affinity

    12. I decided that I would respond to Terry's bravery and speak to the world 'ad hoc' in my turn and have faith in whatever came out of my mouth accompanied by a picture on the wall.

      vulnerability open improvisation emotion

    13. I have fifteen minutes left.

      time urgency life father death

    14. I have known for perhaps fifteen years, first as a student and then as a friend.

      changing relationships

    15. I am just listening to Terry Elliott talking in a solitary #clavpicnic after having spent lunch with a friend of mine

      attachment connection

    16. I have lived it through exchanges of tweets, blog posts, emails, Twitter DM's, conversations with colleagues, students, ex-students, friends, my family online, offline around me and walking our dog Jazz.

      community offline online hybridity

    17. but I am deciding to limit it to the time.

      limited time

    18. Reaching out.

      witness open

    1. My distant close friends are my fellow explorers in these new spaces of humanity.

      Beyond capitalism and colonialism and exploitation.

    2. What does this say about our desire to connect, to search for meaning?

      Desire to connect

      Desire for meaning.

    3. We are as if amputated from those that we attempt to communicate with.

      Amputation. Birth Connection

    4. I am becoming aware of the prosthetic aspect of language, of digital technology.

      Reaching out.


    5. I have nothing to sell to anybody.

      I have a story to tell.

    6. Half a life later, I am investigating those elements which connect us to the other, which enable us to journey a while with a fellow learner.

      What connects us? What is the story?

    7. I never regret the eleven months which hardened my resolve, to go beyond 98 'Nos' to get to the precious, unexpected 'Yes's'. I was nobody, I was selling nothing, I could be nobody selling anything.




    8. Back to the presence I suppose this is what Maha was talking about as "3rd Discourse"? 

      Social presence

    9. I realized that what sold was not the script but the connection of excitement, the acceleration of a heart beat, the comic tone, the sudden absurd eruption in the life of another.

      Facts count for nothing.

      Excitement. - Career? Power? Attachment? Identification? Meaning? Numbers?

    10. For the next eleven months, first thing Monday morning, I listened to the moustachioed sales manager reeling off the figures before disappearing into his office. Each week, there were those whose heads dropped... There were those whose heads dropped over a period of two or three weeks consecutively... There were those who would suddenly be absent...



    11. For the next eleven months, I was deafened by the drone of a robot. Every twenty minutes or so, the robot would stand up with a pre-contract and head off down the corridor to notch up a new sale.


    12. The people on the other end were targets. They were nothing. They were nobody.




    13. I decided to colour the numbers black with a Bic biro to make dialling more of a challenge.


    14. For the next eleven months, I dialled the dial on the grey phone one hundred times per day, to make two sales.


    15. Cold calling, no product to see, contract sent in the post as soon as they said 'Yes' at the appropriate moment.

      Meaning. Capitalism. Money.

    16. There was nothing. I was nobody. I resolved myself to make the box a job.




    17. There was a grey dial phone, a scruffy copy of the yellow pages, a script in small print on one plastic covered piece of scruffy A4. "If you sell two ads in this magazine for civil servants, in the next two days, you have a job." "Small basic salary, the rest commission."




    18. He led me to a melamine walled box. Inside, there was no sign of  a person having spent any time there.

      prison hell alienation

    19. He cared for nothing about my story.


    20. I opened the door to the Victorian office block and prepared myself for interview.

      power business

    21. Expertise in jigsaw puzzling didn't pay well. 

      recognition credit engagement

    22. It was all that I could do to put the pieces together on the carpet. I have no memory of whether I finished the puzzle.



    23. a giant jigsaw puzzle.

      puzzle. life mapping pieces

    24. I was left in my doorless empty box,

      meaningless box. prison. jail. hell.

    25. There were no prospects of advancement mentioned. I had no choice. I had no means. The door of the flat had been ripped off by thieves, the possessions taken.

      Movement outwards...into box

    1. I tend to find myself feeling embarrassed for not having read them, for blogging off the top of my head without reading first


    2. system B, I think Terry called it? too structured?)

      This is important question.

      Structure or structureless.

    3. I keep wanting courses to not require me to read anything...

      interesting remark.

    4. I am beginning to extend my circles of empathy, I am beginning to see that I am part of a much wider world.

      Reimagining connection.

    5. Star-hopping I start thinking about how I navigate the blogs, how I navigate Twitter, how I smile when I click on recognisable avatars.

      navigation. mapping nodes

    6. Who do children identify with? Superman? Spiderman? Ironman? Barbie? Gandhi?


    7. We need security of signal in a world of complexity, in a world of noise and nonsense.

      Signal and Noise.

    8. I identified immediately with their show. I reckon that this must be like Mr Benn. We need characters who somehow capture our imagination.

      Identification Narrative culture

    9. Time-planning I suppose I have to look up in the schedule to see when they are on.

      Priority of spending time with people/tv/class/conference

      Attachment. Planning. Engagement

    10. I like their blogs. I like their comments.

      Mentoring. Identification

    11. I like Spaceman Howard's hat.

      Icon Identification

    12. Click, Link, Embed. Whatever happened to the three guys. I am already missing their program.


      What leads us to a page? What leads us to connect? What leads us to attachment?

    13. That comes as a bit of shock. There are suggested readings, links, that comes as a bit of a shock. This is a course, I had forgotten what a course was. I make a mental note. Please try harder to remember that this is a Course.


      Courses. Mapping. Focus.

    14. I come back to earth, I look back at Connected Courses home page and look at the blog/twitter feed. I note a talk between Mimi Ito and others I don't know. I start watching that, a bit distracted by my thoughts.  I click around, I see Gordon's Comment grabber. Cool work Gordon!

      Extraordinary the number of people in this story. Extraordinary the number of roles and places

    15. I noted other Spacemen, Arthur, Ronald perhaps who had been listening in to our conversations, unknown to us while we were travelling through space connected by some virtual, umbilical tube.

      Open Audience

    16. I frantically flicked a few switches on the dashboard. No means of connection, frustration felt and noted.

      emotion frustration

    17. There was one of my best friends Blaise, in Cameroun who spent last Christmas with us.

      Attachment Friendship

    18. I frantically flicked


    19. desperately seeking

      panic. emotion

    20. A light lit up on the Spaceship's dashboard. It was Susan. Could she connect too? I have no means of picturing Susan's space at the moment she asked that. I scrolled through Susans desperately seeking Susan.

      This space which allows distant people to connect.

      This space which is in between liminal

      Question. What enables people to be able to be at ease in these spaces?

    21. I am not at all sure where we can say we are? I have the impression that it is like being 3 spacemen in spaceships on journeys through the universe who are desperate for connection to others who have meaning for them.

      Attachment Connection Yearning Identification Friendship

    22. The picnic was clearly not in the Tribble Valley as the cockerels, (roosters  as Terry says) were calling in dawn, Keith was sun-tanned in Florida, Terry was all backlit Dutch painting.

      Yearning to reach out and be really present with the people on line.

    23. Meanwhile back at the picnic spot, Terry and Keith had turned up. It was six and seven o'clock in the morning for them and they had dropped everything to spend a little time at a picnic to chat with friends.

      Timezone confusion. Competence

    24. Marcin and I's relationship has no doubt been enriched by visiting each other's homes and countries this year, a dream for many people who have extended online personal networks and the ties which bind us I feel are profound - perhaps because of the distance.  There is a part of Poland in me now.

      Being able to picture the person in a physical context in which one has walked.

    25. but the immediacy of being in a room in Krakow, from a room in Clermont Ferrand was absolute, to the extent that I was able to butt in to respond to questions from the people attending our conference..in Poland.

      Virtual Connection. Real Connecting

    26. (I shall make a mental note for next time not to forget to mute the headset - metaphor to remember - it's just like the translator's cabin that I used to work in for the Short Film Festival in Clermont Ferrand REMEMBER to MUTE)

      Confidence in competence.

      Cutting off from space.

      Withdrawing from space

    27. to Keith in Florida who had turned up in the picnic.

      Confusion between spaces

    28. I was in the room with him from my learning space in Clermont Ferrand. I could hear the bad acoustics of the room in which he was/we were?. We were sharing the slides on the screen in Krakow inside the slide share of our hangout on air.

      Social presence.


      Room, space. confusion

    29. I continued the day with a picnic, a #clavpicnic at for me lunch-time. When I arrived at the picnic spot (a hangout) nobody had turned up.

      Imaginary space

    30. It is a shape-shifting space.

      imaginary fluid space

    31. This is clearly not Second Life or the World of Warcraft but a space much more liminal, much more fluid, much more powerful.

      No visualisation of this space. -

      IE mediated by computer programming.

    32. My only way of assimilating what was going on was to imagine a fictional environment in which these characters met, interacted, and played.

      Imaginary fictional environment.

    33. Yesterday, I started the day with a blog post entitled 'In the Tribble Valley' inspired by a series of tweets between people who I had never met

      Imaginary space. What shape does it have?

    34. to my students (they are unaware of that for the moment unless the one Tweep has done his job for the masses and sent it viral in Clermont Ferrand STAPS).

      connection individual witness

    35. In thirty seconds, their singing was on the internet winging its way to Egypt, and the USA, and Brazil, and Australia...well wherever.


    36. Then it was Maha's Birthday, why don't we sing 'Happy Birthday' I thought, - well why not?

      Distant Presence Friends

    37. during the week we had students reading my blog, seeing their snow hat from last winter being commented on by people all around the world and retweeted by Rihanna (a robot - I kept that quiet not to spoil the effect) on Twitter.

      Modeling reflective practice.

      Narrative connected

    38. First day in class, we had students chatting with a friend of mine working on a Ski Resort in Australia,

      Porous walls. Hybridization. Change narrative

    39. Today as a teacher I am working with the UK, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Japan, the USA, Brazil, Cameroun. 5 years ago, I was only concerned with a room of twenty five students at one moment, today I am concerned with perhaps something over a 1000 or more students and teachers who are all over the place.

      Changing role of teacher

    40. I have indeed succeeded in my ambition, I even referred to Mr Benn in a conference I did in Plymouth in 2011 entitled "In Search of Nomad's Land".

      vulnerability storytelling child/adult Historical Body Discourses

    41. I am now perhaps half French.

      Ever more French....

    42. I have been a researcher as long as I can remember. Now they say I am a researcher. (what took them so long to recognise me?)

      Recognition as researcher.

    43. I have been a teacher: of farmers, factory executives, secretaries, technicians, scientists, teachers, unemployed, computer analysts, sports-people, world-record holders, builders, painters, sculptors, soldiers...


    44. a writer...(now, I come to think of it, I could say that now, I had never assumed that costume before)


      Blogger at least.

    45. I wanted to have adventures, change costumes and live many lives.

      Exploration of the internet and identification

    46. At the back of the changing room, I open a door and suddenly find myself in a new country/[planet]/[town]/[village]/[landscape] (choose appropriate) and embark on a new adventure in which I will meet the inhabitants and learn to adapt myself to their/my/our? world.

      Colonial explorer. Possibility to Jump from Country to Country.

    47. The Spaceman Episode

      Childhood identification with multiple roles.

    1. Meanwhile Teresa Mackinnon has been able to represent our rhizomatically evolving project in the UK and elsewhere got it accepted as a case study by a European Project.


    2. e are still looking for a place to publish the article. So if anybody has some bright ideas?

      Now awaiting publishing ....

    3. In August 2013, with my colleagues Christine Rodrigues and now Marcin Kleban we presented again at Eurocall in Portugal a study, Telecollaboration in Historical Spaces, looking at the barriers and openings  to widening connected learning among teachers and learners.

      open recognition community

    4. Suddenly people in my institution appeared to be taking what I had to say seriously..to almost trust me.

      Credit recognition identity

    5. I met with my friend Marcin Kleban. After a twenty minute discussion we started a project of 40 language teachers and learners, he trusted me.. I met with my friend Blaise Ngandeu, I was able to learn about Nexus Analysis from my friend Maritta Riekki.

      connections attachment identification

    6. research mentor Christine Rodrigues, she trusted me (I didn't know how some of you guys do research stuff) (I didn't know how to use the library) I was able to get a presentation, a study on social networks of language learners online, entitled Building Bridges, accepted at Eurocall in Sweden. We still have to find the time to write the article.


    7. They trusted me!  


    8. With only an hour face-to-face meeting with my friend Claude Tregoat we set up connections for 500 students in a project which would become to be known as CLAVIER.

      Taking the risk to be open.

      Feeling of being uncomfortable when first confronted with explaining a potential project - that reminds me of conversations with Maritta and Leena.

    9. It was thanks to his blog that I learnt that I could comment safely, the perhaps that I might even blog. I felt as many do I had nothing to say. I could never contribute anything. I still lived with the words of an ex-boss in PR,


    10. I met Catherine Cronin, I think first in London and then again in Plymouth, I met Mary Anne Reilly, we spoke over dinner about Nomads, about Rhizomatic Learning. I felt connected. I felt that I could communicate, I felt nurtured. I was not al

      mentorship leaders community

      Herein lies the problem of confidence - that feeling of being an imposter (imposter syndrome) others have the possibility to connect - photos of people smiling in exotic places.


      Feeling of being part of something...but a part of what?

      Problem of recognition.

      Problem of being disheartened.

      Problem of barriers..

      Also that feeling of not wanting to be disconnected from local reality - not wanting to be a satellite.in heaven.

      Feeling of others being a cosy clique.

      Not wanting to play career games in academia.

    11. I wrote about this experience here in Swings and Roundabouts.

      Learning the power of open.

    12. There were not many people present but the voices of Alec Couros and another person who spoke with me after, reassured me. I felt connected, I felt supported. I could take risks, safely.

      mentorship leaders

    13. I came out in the open.

      Being in the open - one can be fearful but we can share that fear with others who have momentarily found courage.

    14. Rounders, the ball comes my way, I give it a big wallop and then run round, sort of.

      Responsibilty to be a witness to my context.

    15. Here's a sort of wallop:

      Act of being witness

    16. I was in Nancy in November 2010, for a conference which I blogged about in "What are you?".

      Academic power structure, values and education.

    17. I felt, perhaps wrongly as a result of my own fear, that I wasn't in the company of learners.

      Academic hierarchy power games. cf Bourdieu.

    18. I felt unable to connect.

      Identify reasons for not wanting to connect

    19. I was in Clermont in 2008, a maverick, to talk about using social networks in teaching 

      I was only a maverick because of academic power structure.

      Who has the right to speak? In whose name?

    20. my mother had just died,

      Life and vulnerability.

    21. I was over the edge.

      Didn't care for social niceties

    22. The words of one of my students, one of my fellow learners helped me continue. Those words, some of them, are translated here in this post Nagasaki mon amour.

      There is no going back. We must go forward.

      The key issues concern the data collection/policing of our conversations.

    23. I didn't know I didn't have to write an article. I was able to write an article, to come so far because of my colleague Marie Christine Rustan.

      Nurture. Facilitation. Fear. Doubt.

    24. Without her, nothing would have happened. I would have remained isolated probably, unhappily in a disconnected classroom.

      The importance of connecting with others like us...

    25. She helped me with my French

      The language of those in power....

    26. trusted me. 

      The key term which comes through discussion with Finnish teachers: TRUST.

      Is that possible in a larger multicultural society?

    27. This is a tribute to my wife, my two sons, two daughters who help(ed) me with my French, miscellaneous cats, dog and fish and all my family spread out around the world and elsewhere.

      Grounded. Who are we working for?

    28. Aikido taught me to respect the other as myself.

      Conflict is an opportunity.

      Aikido is a way towards peace but one cannot deny the conflict.

      This is why safe spaces can be exactly the opposite.

    29. I spoke, I was in tears at all the frustration I had felt, the people in the room were touched.

      This was me who was doing that.

      This was the best work that I could muster at that moment.

      Frustration at not having the means to communicate.

    30. The accompanying portfolio/website would be Taches de Sens

      Start of open websited journey.

      Seven years....

    31. I started a blog. This would be this  Touches of Sense I didn't really know why or if I would ever write more than one post. To boldy go represents the first. It will also represent the last.

      Here I am almost 400 posts later.

    32. I was able to go to Learning without frontiers in January 2011 in 2012.

      But this opening has been closed off within the university.

    33. I began to feel really connected. I was no longer alone. I might be a maverick, a one-off. I was no longer weird. I wasn't completely crazy.

      Finding a tribe...

    34. I felt able to experiment, to venture into Nomad's Land.

      Interesting how quickly the questions concerning space and inbetweeness came to the forefront.

    35. In April 2012, I fulfilled my ambition to speak at the Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference.

      Finding recognition from those who one chooses to be "masters..."

    36. I learnt what Twitter was about.

      This was a key to the open.

    1. For whom am I enabling them to be digitally literate?  How will their paths be traced on the internet for whose ends? What is my responsibility in opening my students to a world through the lens of a globalised world vaguely glimpsed on a screen, where culture is squashed into bits through a browser?

      This is what I need to answer.

    2. I have been using Google's tools for over five years now. I am asking myself more and more questions as to the ethics of this.

      Ethics of data collection

    3. But I think this sort of site (Facebook) could help us by bringing together students around affinities, allowing us to connect with researchers in our fields, to work on common projects."

      So this is where I am today, trying to bring this to fruition.

    4. 'What do we have to do?' 'We have to do...' I rarely hear students say, 'I want to do something.'

      The notion of academic discipline or publish or perish of marketable value.

    5. "Creating social networks in education could reveal to be a major development...As a student, I know one of the attractions of the university is the notion of Freedom, Free-will, Motivation, Equality.

      This idea of developing freedom of reflection.

    6. Where did he imagine he was heading?


    7. What movement was my ancestor participating in?

      This is the key to my hesitation in terms of getting involved.

      The importance of humility - in terms of others' sacrifices.

    8. I am a child of Empire, I am a child of evangelists.  In 2010, after 142 years I heard my great grandfather's voice for the first time. He was 24 years old, he was on a ship bound for Nagasaki. He was to be the first Anglican missionary to Japan. It had taken years of research to track down his ship's journal hidden in a database in a university library somewhere on the internet amongst an enormous archive of missionary society papers, unread except no doubt by specialist historians.

      Retracing steps of colonists.

    1. Also Bonnie Stewart’s idea of growing to be more inclusive of those that are wanting to be more resident online is something that resonates with me.

      VC could be part of a wider package...

    2. I feel very strongly that the first step will be to identify them and articulate explicitly on which side our intentions exist.

      Intentions can be conflicting.

    3. Yet I see the paradox. I see how the community can be a barrier to itself. How the recordings can bring people in and yet still shut others out. How the celebrity can simultaneously be challenged and perpetuated.


    4. If VC can facilitate conversations to these ends and contribute to the commons through broadcasting and recording that conversation while we are doing it I feel it is all the better.

      Yes. I would agree with that.

    5. I have often seen many attending conferences rush to the front of the room to get a few moments with the speaker be it a session speaker or keynote speaker. This is not as possible at really large conferences where the speaker prepares and retires to a backstage area with a green room of sorts. Those are usually the kind of conferences where the stage is lit up like a rock concert. However,I have only ever seen this at the largest of corporate sponsored conferences and find that this is often not the case.

      This is a very strong point about VC.

      Important to change access to key node.

      However one might ask who is reinforced by the access?

    6. Challenging or Promoting?

      Not challenging. Reinforcing. Challenging the boundaries of reinforcement?

  3. tachesdesens.blogspot.com tachesdesens.blogspot.com
    1. There is much beauty in our patchwork existence.

      Resistance of "knowing stories"

      Desire for wonder. for unknowing.

    2. Science bound? No we are darkness bound.

      Community stories...

      If I let others tell my story, I am not respecting myself.

    3. I question the authority of the astronomer who pronounces that mine is a lesser star in the universe.  I may question his choice of 'telescope', I may question his obsession with stars when what binds us is darkness.

      Our boundaries of unknowing are differnent but all of us don't know...

    4. If I let others tell my story, I am not respecting myself.

      Being a witness.

    5. Before now, I never had the competences to participate openly in connectivist MOOC's but that doesn't mean that I wasn't participating, it doesn't mean that I wasn't trying to make sense of 'blog', 'network', 'community'...

      Development of means to see/communicate/attach differently.

    6. These connections, these lines, these patterns are not haphazard, they have meaning for me even if that meaning changes over time, even when scribble emerges as stream of consciousness. Until now these patterns would have been unobservable...even to myself.

      Defining identity/meaning via connections...

      What is the story?

    7. I have been working with the idea of 'community as a curriculum' for at least 8 or 9 years when I worked at building 'community' with an ever evolving group of unemployed language learners. It has been a constant feature in my pedagogy.

      Community as curriculum.

      Problems with that as people may not identify as being part of community.

      The may be resistant to -(learning) community.

    8. I escaped to meet up with other like-minds at the 'Learning without frontiers" conference  London in 2011, I learned to use Twitter, I began to build my network, I began to blog...

      Identification of/with community/affinity space of progressive educators.

    9. Over a period of maybe 5 years I had lurked, I was on the periphery, I followed, I dared to comment on Steve Wheeler's blog 'Learning with e's", and then it built momentum.

      Legitimate Peripheral Participant.



    10. I can fully relate to Dave Cormier's upset that others took his work as their own. It was only in 2008 that I decided that I must learn to use others arms to defend and to make public my own perspectives.

      Protection of work.

      Credit. Recogntion in an environment of competition.

    11. Nobody would have known that Dave Cormier was fairly early on a distant twinkle in my star-map, in my world. I was not sure at that time whether it was an asteroid...



      Key node.

    12. My secret activity, my pattern-making would have been invisible to all those who would not have noticed that I signed on to the first MOOCs set up by Stephen Downes but did nothing more.  Nobody would have read anything that I had written or thought before 2008.  They might have seen an anoynmous presence of a reader on their blog.


      Legitimate peripheral participation.

    13. As one moves within the universe, one gains new potential for pattern making.

      Trying to make sense of new patterns.

    14. As one gazes at the movement of the stars one gains new interpretations on their relationships.  As one moves within the universe, one gains new potential for pattern making.

      Exterior connections gives new perspectives on existing connections.

    15. I would say that it would be very difficult to determine at which time a person was acting as a member of one or another community, particularly as a tweet for example might include a number of  tags #clmooc, #rhizo14 #clavier


      Competing discourses/attachments/marginalisation/scapegoating.


    16. Another problem as to how communities may be defined is the questions of longevity of connection. Heli Nurmi illuminates us on some of the pre-existing connections which existed before the course started.  It became clearer and clearer for me as I played in #rhizo14 how these powerful relationships affected activity within the course.

      Competing attachments.

    17. If we are to study the 'emergence of community' are we going to be stuck with a particular 'pattern of community' which doesn't necessarily reflect the diverse perspectives of what constitutes 'community' or 'membership to a community'?

      Battle over picture of community.

      Immigration and list of crimes.

      Power to marginalise individuals.


    18. I remember here an image of Apostolos's of a desert flower and his "creativity in arid environments" week.

      Teaching and measurable outcomes...


    19. Is it appropriate when studying rhizomes to concentrate on 'flowers'?

      We are attracted to what blooms.

      We forget to take into account the undergrowth.

    20. whose story are we telling 'objectively'?

      KEY "Whose story are we telling?"

    21. "We also have to beware over-interpreting the views of others and making assumptions about their thoughts and opinions." Indeed, this connects to my suspicion about 'science' and 'research' - whose story are we telling 'objectively'?

      Critical of research methods.

      As I reflect on my own reflection.

      Where is science in this? Need to be critical of this.

    22. I don't like being part of a 'guild'.

      guilds. cliques. (need to be critical of this)

    23. to satisfy my curiosity to learn to play others' games

      personal values. not just to be part of guild that I can't identify with.

    24. to feel valued on my terms,

      personal values. not values of others.

    25. I am very happy to feel attachment,


    26. I have never felt very comfortable with tags, labels, categories for myself.

      Tags have been often negative.

      desire to define oneself - not to accept the definitions of others.

      christian - not christian.

      (as it means maintaining status quo and accepting what is done in name of christianity)

      academic - not academic - (as it means maintaining status quo and accepting what is done in name of academia)

      Easier to define boundaries or to accept positive tags. artist - academic - writer - teacher - edupunk - progressive educator - critical pedagogue - historian.

    27. I have not made any particular decision as to whether I am a member of any 'community'.

      There has no doubt been evolution since this moment.

      Would be easier to define boundaries now.

    28. In the case of #rhizo14 or the rhizomatic learning course, when did the 'community building' start?

      Perhaps community building starts as soon as you have two people?

      Relationships groups attachments.

    29. Where does one draw the 'community lines'? How much do people need to 'care' for each other to be part of a 'community'? Who decides who is in and who is out? What are the criteria? I am getting the distinct impression that 'community' is a problematic pattern  which hides more than it reveals

      Politics power and community.

      Who is in, who is out.

    30. All this brings me to the troublesome question of community.

      Community. Values. Belonging. Identity. Beliefs

    31. So with social networking graphs, we will be able to get a better view on connections and their movement in the #rhizo14 constellation.

      Different methodology for research.

    32. Another star discovered with my brother's telescope might have made a blemish in their cultural landscape...

      innnovation outlier culture belonging belief

    33. Their patterns framed their spiritual existence. 

      cultural narratives.

    34. How do other people see the stars, I mean other people apart from my brother and his big blue American map?

      perceptions affordances

    35. As I am writing connections are sparking. 

      connection emergence active

    36. Frankly, it didn't really make an impression on me at all until I started writing this retitled post spurred by Frances Bell's "Reflections on Community in #Rhizo14 - more questions than answers."

      nonlinear connection emergence

    37. connected learning course I have been actively lurking in

      peripheral observation

      community of practice

    38. Constellation, was an image I picked up just now from Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax)

      mentoring, connection attachment

    39. I only saw twinkle twinkle little stars, and that was enough.

      attachment, belonging

    40. With carefully trained eyes and an imported telescope by brother was able to recognize the constellations and point them out on his star map.

      Mentoring. Apprenticeship.

      Identification. Attachment.

      Zone of proximal development.

    1. guess we are talking the backchannel here and all our Slack channels are open.

      I think this is pushing "open" a bit.

      If you have no knowledge of Slack or where a particular Slack team is then that it is "open" is irrelevant.

      But maybe we need to be critical of "open" .... cf Frances Bell ??

    2. However, status in the real world is not a factor in VC


    3. So much happening offline or in the backchannel that helps build a sense of community within the team,

      Builds sense of team?

      This is tricky "builds a sense of community within the team"

      So there is a VC community with boundaries and there may be an affinity space in informal learning around VC. In Gee's view, the word "community" conjures up images of belongingness and membership https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_space Sense of imagined community?

    4. Anyone


    5. human relationships form within the affinity space, it’s the passion for the “thing” that keeps them together not the relationships

      This needs unpacking.

      Is VC really an affinity space?

      My gut reaction is that it isn't.

      Do you have founders/co-directors/advisory buddies etc of an affinity space?

    6. this bears further unpacking.


    7. Is it a passion for edtech or open education?

      Do professionals in edtech or open education share a passion?

    8. Many people in the space have a common passion (not identity).

      Why not identity?

      What about academic/researcher identity?

    1. And our mission is in enhancing the virtual experience for those not privileged enough to be at events.

      Is it not a means of developing parallel privilege or credit so as to be privileged as well?

      Not that that is negative.

    2. We are definitely not covering conferences in Chemistry or History.

      Why not?

    3. We need to be clear on what our shared passion is.

      Who we?

      Why do "we need to be clear on what our shared passion is"?

    4. VC may be an affinity space for a particular kind of virtual experience and not for everyone.


    5. be not very welcoming of new people in terms onboarding to the team and not be clearly welcoming to new participants because we look to be an “us” that they don’t feel part of. 

      "we look to be an "us"."

      er yes.

    6. affinity space


    7. “Humans do not learn anything deeply by force. Humans do not learn anything in depth without passion and persistence” p. 25

      that is debatable.

    8. Almost all our conference presentations ABOUT VC involve other people from the team. 

      Do people recognise themselves as "people from the team"?

    9. There’s still an impression and certain people get more credit for this movement (I’m looking at you, mirror) when it’s really based on the coordinated work of a good number of people PER SESSION, let alone per event or as a whole.

      The key word here is "credit" which needs to be unpicked.

      Credit in what contexts?

      In academic context it is normal to take credit.

    10. And that, i feel, is the case for VC.

      What Gee (2004) tries to explain about Affinity Spaces is not an attempt to label a group of people. By affinity space he means a space where people can interact and share a lot with each other. the people who are interacting in a space might find themselves as sharing a community with some others in that space, while other people might view their interactions in the space differently. Gee (2004) adds, " In any case, creating spaces within diverse sorts of people can interact is a leitmotif of the modern world" (p. 71).[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_space

    11. This is particularly relevant to VC in the sense that many people who are highly respected within VC aren’t really high status in their f2f context. But like Bonnie Stewart’s research about Twitter, this really just creates a parallel hierarchy type of thing. It’s not the same people as in f2f, and it’s definitely more fluid and permeable, but there are still status differences, inevitably.


    12. How can we be more sensitive to the (social capital?) needs of onsite “little people” who are privileged to be at an event but not privileged to have anyone to talk to over coffee, let alone talk to keynote speakers the way VC allows). Currently, we have 4 kinds of onsite Participant

      This is interesting "little people" so one question would be what has been the means to leverage VC into conferences.

      If we talk of "little people" then clearly the status of people is important.

      Does VC simply offer "big people" a bigger audience?

      Not that that is bad.

      Indeed VC is good in that it offers a different means of getting to know "big people"...

      What is a "little person"?