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    1. the best way to ensure you've handled all errors in your run() function is to use run().catch(). In other words, handle errors when calling the function as opposed to handling each individual error.
    2. // The `.then(v => [null, v], err => [err, null])` pattern // lets you use array destructuring to get both the error and // the result
  2. Nov 2020
    1. At the extreme ends of the concentration range (for example, fewer than ten copies of target in a well or more than 120,000 copies of target in a well), fewer droplets in a well will lead to slightly larger error bars.
  3. Oct 2020
    1. Issue grooming: There appears to be a variety of different failure modes and user error/misconfiguration scenarios (all largely historic) described here.
    1. (One can already destructure the loop variable but using a store obtained that way currently throws an error - Stores must be declared at the top level of the component (this may change in a future version of Svelte))
    1. so both will confess and end up serving sentences of five years

      Where did the 5 years come from? Two sentences back it said "If each confesses and implicates the other, both will be sentenced to three years." Not surprising that people find it hard to get their head around this stuff.

  4. Sep 2020
    1. DX: start sapper project; configure eslint; eslint say that svelt should be dep; update package.json; build fails with crypt error; try to figure what the hell; google it; come here (if you have luck); revert package.json; add ignore error to eslint; Maybe we should offer better solution for this.
    2. When the message say function was called outside component initialization first will look at my code and last at my configuration.
    3. We could at least try to offer better error message for this, before it becomes our next NullPointerException, Segmentation Fault or Kernel Panic
    4. It looks like the issue stems from having "svelte" as a dependency instead of a devDependencies in package.json within the sapper project. This causes import 'svelte' to load the rollup excluded npm package's set_current_component instead of from within the sapper generated server.js.
  5. Aug 2020
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    1. JSON parsing is always pain in ass. If the input is not as expected it throws an error and crashes what you are doing. You can use the following tiny function to safely parse your input. It always turns an object even if the input is not valid or is already an object which is better for most cases.

      It would be nicer if the parse method provided an option to do it safely and always fall back to returning an object instead of raising exception if it couldn't parse the input.

    1. An estimate of par-titioning error can be found based on the analysis of Dube et al.,39 which models the partitioning as a binomial process.
    2. Digital assays have two sources of error: subsampling error and partitioning error
    3. Subsampling error sets the lower detection limit at low concentrations and is independent of the instrument, while partitioning error domi-nates at high concentrations and may depend on the sampling and partitioning instrument
  7. Jun 2020
    1. Saltelli, A., Bammer, G., Bruno, I., Charters, E., Di Fiore, M., Didier, E., Nelson Espeland, W., Kay, J., Lo Piano, S., Mayo, D., Pielke Jr, R., Portaluri, T., Porter, T. M., Puy, A., Rafols, I., Ravetz, J. R., Reinert, E., Sarewitz, D., Stark, P. B., … Vineis, P. (2020). Five ways to ensure that models serve society: A manifesto. Nature, 582(7813), 482–484. https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-020-01812-9

  8. May 2020
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    1. in the absence of an immediate need, it is simpler to leave out error handling until a final .catch() statement.
    2. Handling a rejected promise too early has consequences further down the promise chain.   Sometimes there is no choice, because an error must be handled immediately.
  10. Apr 2020
    1. The translated model name, translated attribute name, and value are always available for interpolation as model, attribute and value respectively.
  11. Mar 2020
    1. To be just a bit polemic, your first instinct was not to do that. And you probably wouldn't think of that in your unit tests either (the holy grail of dynamic langs). So someday it would blow up at runtime, and THEN you'd add that safeguard.
    2. I want to raise errors with more context
    3. As many would guess: ... catch StandardError => e raise $! ... raises the same error referenced by $!, the same as simply calling: ... catch StandardError => e raise ... but probably not for the reasons one might think. In this case, the call to raise is NOT just raising the object in $!...it raises the result of $!.exception(nil), which in this case happens to be $!.
    1. It is recommended that a library should have one subclass of StandardError or RuntimeError and have specific exception types inherit from it. This allows the user to rescue a generic exception type to catch all exceptions the library may raise even if future versions of the library add new exception subclasses.
    1. The pattern below has become exceptionally useful for me (pun intended). It's clean, can be easily modularized, and the errors are expressive. Within my class I define new errors that inherit from StandardError, and I raise them with messages (for example, the object associated with the error).
  12. Feb 2020
    1. In this simulation complete random assignment led to a -0.59% decrease in sampling variability. This decrease was obtained with a small design tweak that costs the researcher essentially nothing.

      This is not visible in the html. You specified too few digits.

      Also, the results would be more striking if you had a smaller data set.

    1. docker-compose up -d

      Error for me here...

      ➜ hello-world docker-compose up -d zsh: command not found: docker-compose

  13. Jan 2020
    1. стремление

      0:3.24 (NY) Ошибка перевода, в английском не "intention" (стремление), а "intension" (напряжение или суть). Отличие в одну букву, а какая большая разница в смысле...

    2. , уровнях

      0:3.22 (NY) ошибка перевода, запятая, пробел и второе слово "уровнях" не нужно. (в UF переводе правильно)

  14. Dec 2019
    1. a new spirit of life animated the decaying frame of the stranger. He manifested the greatest eagerness

      The change from Victor’s countenance as seeming “very eager” (1818) to “a new spirit of life animated the decaying frame...” (1831) prefigures the same "animation" of the Creature later in Volume 1. FIX TYPO in TEXT--DELETE "THE" "time the a new"

    1. раскрытия объединяющего Божества

      0:2.16 Правильнее перевести как в NY: объядиняющего откровения Божества, ибо никакого "объединяющего Божества" не существует, см. заметку к 0:2.18.

    2. объединяющего Божества

      0:2.17 См. заметку к 0:2.18

    3. объединяющего Божества

      0:2.18 Нет никакого "объединяющего Божества" --- есть 1-й (Верховный), 2-й (Предельный) и 3-й (Абсолютный) уровни объединяющей реализации/расширения Божества. И здесь говорится о 3-м уровне или лучше сказать 3-й стадии, результатом которой явится Бог-Абсолютный, так же результатом 1-й стадии будет Бог-Верховный.

    4. реагированию на бесконечное

      0:3.14 Правильнее перевести: "реагирования бесконечности", т.е. здесь описана реакция бесконечности (через Безусловный Абсолют) на что угодно, а не только на бесконечное. В NY переводе более правильно.

  15. Nov 2019
    1. смысла

      0:0.2 Ошибка перевода: не "смысла", а "наших смыслов". В NY и у Попова правильно.

    2. путаница в отношении таких понятий

      0:0.1 Ошибка перевода: путаница имеется не в отношении понятий Бог, божественность и т.д., а в отношении смысла этих терминов. В NY переводе, а также в редакции Алексея Попова переведено верно.

  16. Oct 2019
    1. Labor councillors are suspicious about Mr Booth's pageant. In 2014, then councillor George Simon - now assistant general secretary of NSW Labor - called for the "archaic" event to be killed off.

      This is a great example of the risks involved in using background paragraphs from incomplete coverage. George Simon will no doubt be over the moon that you've given him a plug, along with his courageous but failed efforts to kill off the event.

      It's likely you found your re-used paragraph in the story previewing George Simon's courageous failure. Unfortunately, The Hasbeen was MIA when the motion was shot down in flames.

      But your competitor - and also TWT competitor - News Ltd's (NDT) report on failed attempt to ban Queen Questl was there at the meeting in which the motion suffered a humiliating defeat.

      Even a niche womens issues publication, Womens Agenda, noted George Simon was branded a wanker for his bungled efforts..

      Nevermind, you're not expected to get everything right as a work experience student, but you'll be relieved to know someone in the former Fairfax - now Nine - publishing empire did.

      Watch and learn how the pros like Peter Munro do it. In his 'Six Degrees' column he mentioned Simon was chastised for his fruitless cruisade by Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins.

      That was a report, of course, before Simon ended up with egg on his face, as was the earlier one selectively regurgitated.

      But surely you could have also regurgitated these John Booth pearlers from the same story:

      Mr Booth said contestants were judged on responses to questions about local knowledge, ambition and involvement in the community: "Beauty doesn't come into it - but we don't penalise them for being beautiful either.

      "They're trying to make it out as disparaging to women but it's politically correct rubbish. There's no swimsuit competition and most judges are women," Mr Booth said. "Two women's libbers [councillors] tried to [cut support for the contest] a few years ago but they got voted down 10-2."

      And on Simon's spectacular failure - one of many:

      "That nitwit?" Mr Booth said. "I'm thinking about mocking him up in a dress and Orphan Annie wig in our next edition. I haven't decided yet".

    2. The following year he was cleared of giving false evidence to an Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry.

      This one's a double edged sword. You may think it's a no brainer to achieve a bit of smear, but by including it, you reveal that you're not aware of the shambolic inquiry it was attached to or the matters of public importance the SMH had failed to report when it all took place.

  17. Sep 2019
    1. Иными словами

      196:3.34 (NY) Выбор фразы "иными словами" здeсь неудачен, ибо вера и фактическое осознание сыновства здесь противопоставляются, а не идентифицурются.

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    1. error BadZipfile: File is not a zip file

      在安装albacore的时候,使用pip install命令安装.whl文件的时候,总是会出现“ BadZipfile:File is not a zip file”的错误,通过使用参数--no-cache-dir可以解决这个问题。

    1. Você consegue visualizar a saúde da sua aplicação?

      Ainda que aqui os tópicos da certificação não cubram exatamente esse assunto, monitorar a saúde de um sistema e suas aplicações é missão do profissional DevOps. Atente para os tópicos:

      701 Software Engineering 701.1 Modern Software Development (weight: 6)


      705.2 Log Management and Analysis (weight: 4)

  21. Feb 2019
    1. rob_se <- list(sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod1, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod2, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod3, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod4, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod5, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod6, type = "HC1"))), sqrt(diag(vcovHC(fatalities_mod7, type = "HC1"))))

      Error in solve.default(crossprod(demX)) : system is computationally singular: reciprocal condition number = 1.63237e-31

    1. speak to Illustrate my Own VVorks, and to Detract from the VVorks of Others, for upon my Conscience I Speak and VVrite as I Believe, and if I Commit an Error in this Belief, I ask your Pardon

      We write and speak in only the ways we know how -- as ourselves. The fear of error should not prevent the process of discovery from unfolding.

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    1. We're sorry but something has gone wrong. We have been notified of this error.
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    1. | 4.0 | 12.0 | 9.0 | 7.810249675906654 |

      No result block is generated

    2. #+CALL: roots_of_list( lst='(16 144 81 61) )

      But the roots_of_list recall here Throws the error: lst not found in this buffer

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    1. Well, I don’t think there is any question about it. It can only be attributable to human error. This sort of thing has cropped up before  and it has always been due to human error.

      this was left on the cutting room floor, but Hal's behavior can actually be attributed to human error. In the novelized version written by co-screenplay author - the famous Arthur C. Clarke - it is stated that Hal is briefed on the mission, but told to lie about it and obfuscate the facts about the mission and it's details to the crew. It is implied that this is what ultimately makes Hal malfunction. This helped me to understand this movement in the context of the film far more easily, and it also highlights Heidegger's focus on mankind's responsibility to it's technology and those unintended consequences.

    2. Open the door, Hal. Rotate pod, please, Hal. Stop pod rotation, please, Hal. Rotate the pod, please, Hal. Rotate the pod, please, Hal.

      This movie took place in the future. However there are many parallels it has to present day. Hal, the artifical intellegence on the spaceship, reminds me of A.I personal assistance that we have today. For example, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Siri. They all were created by humans, for the sole purpose of making life easier. These personal assistance devices can play music, turn off lights, and adjust the temperature in a house. Which is similar to Hal on a spaceship. With that it in mind it is terrifying to see how technology could turn against us and malfunction, like how the director portrayed Hal. Hal seemed perfect at first, but later on in the movie he began to malfunction. This portrays that humans can try to make technology perfect, but there is always human error which makes it vulnerable to malfunctions.

  32. Jun 2017
    1. npm start

      If you've followed the tutorial thusfar you will note that there is no 'start' script. npm run dev should work here!

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    1. like

      Not quite sure how this got here. What is the actual connection to the body?

    2. bodies

      While Locke is no doubt influenced by Cartesian dualism, which seems based upon the frequency of bodily failure, he seems to reject this idea (that the body is naturally or frequently in error).

      See chapter 4 of Dalia Judovitz's The Culture of the Body: Genealogies of Modernity.

      She closely reads Descartes' Meditations on the First Philosophy with special attention to the theological turn in Descartes' ontology. She spends the chapter considering how his claims that "the existence of God and the distinction between the mind and the body" are "underlain by the haunting invocation and recurrent appearance of errant, spectral, and mechanical bodies" (83).

    3. The anonymous and autonomous functions of the body

      See Drew Leder's The Absent Body.

      There might be some really fascinating intersections with his phenomenological investigation of disembodiment.

    4. processes and development of idea

      George Campbell's distinctions between scientific and intuitive evidence might support this claim. He seems to go along with the idea that scientific reasoning is subject to errors just like anything else:

      And if there are, on the other hand, some well-known demonstrations, of so great authority, that it would equally look like lunacy to impugn, it may deserve the attention of the curious to inquire how far, with respect to the bulk of mankind, these circumstances, their having stood the test of ages, their having obtained the universal suffrage of those who are qualified to examine them (things purely of the nature of moral evidence), have contributed to that unshaken faith with which they are received. (923)

    1. She was the same person. But her situation—her environment—was different, so she acted differently.
    2. No, one afternoon, she rearranged her office. Now, when people came to see her, she had to turn completely around to face them. Her computer was totally out of sight. No more email temptation.
    1. When we are playing the role of observer, which is largely when we look at others, we make this fundamental attribution error. When we are thinking about ourselves, however, we will tend to make situational attributions
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    1. Cannot connect to the Docker daemon

      For Linux/Unix people, it may very well be that you did not add your username to the 'docker' group and as a consequence you cannot communicate with the docker daemon. I had just experienced this (while running Linux Mint 18.1, but the symptoms ought to be similar for Debian/Ubuntu as well).

      To fix it, I ran:

      sudo usermod -aG docker $(whoami)

      Log out and log back in. This ensures your user is running with the correct permissions.

      This will ensure that you do not need to sudo every time, when you interact with docker.

      There are instructions in the below link for Unix (MacOS) users as well.

      Source: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33596140

  38. Dec 2016
    1. recently referred to as Evidence Informed Practice,1

      Dear authors, editors and readers,

      It is to mention that the expression "Evidence-Informed Practice" is far from being recent. Glasziou used it in 2005 with reference to a previous paper by Schriger, published in 2000, 16 years ago (although Glasziou made a mistake: the paper was not published in 1993).

      Here are the references : Glasziou, P. (2005). Evidence based medicine: does it make a difference? British Medical Journal, 330(7482), 92.doi: 10.1136/bmj.330.7482.92-a Schriger, D. L. (2000). One is the loneliest number: Be skeptical of evidence summaries based on limited literature reviews. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 36(5), 517–519. doi.org/10.1067/mem.2000.110997

      All the best,

      Nicolas K.

  39. Oct 2016
    1. The first assumption we need is that the cost function can be written as an average

      How could have a cost / error function that cannot be written as an average?

  40. Aug 2016
    1. unexpected based on theRNA-seq data

      not if you look at the UCSC data (see comment above)

    2. Thymus


    3. placenta


    4. placenta


    5. thymus


    6. Thymus


    7. placenta


    8. Bonferroni correctionwas conducteddue to multiple comparisonsignificant valuelimitwas set to<0.025.

      Bonferroni multiple testing correction: you divide alpha (the significance threshold), typically (by convention) 0.05, by the number of tests, and that gives you the corrected significance threshold.

    9. Normalised tissue


    10. There is only fluorescence if the dye bindsto the PCR product.

      Any dsDNA will generate fluorescence, including, for example, primer dimers and off-target amplicons. That is why SYBR is considered relatively non-specific. But its is relatively cheap compared to more specific assays like TaqMan.

    11. The point where the fluorescence becomes measurable is calledthreshold cycleor quantification cycle.

      Fluorescence always is measurable. The threshold cycle is when fluorescence exceeds a given and fixed threshold value, which is chosen to intersect the amplification curves during their exponential phase.

    12. Investigating the utilisation of alternative polyadenylation sites at the H13/Mcts23imprinted locus will shed light on this matter.

      has been done and published by Andrew Wood and Michael Cowley

    13. However, an allele-specific epigenetic control for mechanisms such as polyadenylation has yet to be proven.

      H13 and Herc3 are proof