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    1. Interview mit dem OMV-Chef Alfred Stern. Die OMV hat von der Energiekrise durch den Ukraine-Krieg profitiert, setzt internatiional auf Petrochemie im Joint Venture mit der Adnoc und sieht keine Veranlassung, russische Gaslierferungen nach Österreich zu stoppen. (Das österreichische Ministerium für Klimaschutz und Energie hat wegen der Kontrolle der ÖBAG durch das Finanzministerium und der gemeisamen Kontrolle der OMV durch ÖBAG und Adnoc offenbar kaum Einfluss.) https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article248647270/OMV-Chef-Ist-auch-vernuenftig-russisches-Gas-weiterhin-abzunehmen.html

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Anders als unter anderem vom deutschen Bundeskanzler Scholz angekündigt, ist es bisher auf EU-Ebene nicht zu einer Entscheidung über mit E-Fuels betriebene Kraftfahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotoren gekommen. Die EU-Kommission will ab 2035 nur solche Fahrzeuge zulassen, die komplett klimaneutral sind. Der Streit vor allem mit Österreich, Deutschland und Italien darüber wird sich fortsetzen. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000205714/das-verbrenner-aus-ist-fixiert-aber-was-ist-mit-der-ausnahme-fuer-e-fuels

    1. Zahlen der E-Control zu Strom- und Gasverbrauch und -Produktion in Österreich 2023: Im vergangenen Jahr wurden in Österreich 5% weniger Strom und 12,5% weniger Gas verbraucht als 2022. Österreich exportierte erstmal seit längerer Zeit mehr Strom, als es importierte. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000205543/verbrauch-von-strom-und-gas-ist-2023-in-oesterreich-deutlich-gesunken

    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/1aglte6/eink_tablets/

      I've yet to run across anyone excited about zettelkasten on their e-ink device. The note taking experience for writing/capturing seems to be there, but a user interface for sorting, searching, and interlinking seems to be wholly missing.

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    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325982715454

      35 drawer modular card catalog in light mid century modern design. Table with stick legs a 5x6 section including two pull out writing drawers, a 5x1 section and a top. Likely maple, in great shape. All wood and metal, includes all rods.

      Listed in 2024-01-29 for $3995.00 with freight shipping extra from South Bend, IN

      Labeled as a Centura 400 (model?)

      Cost per drawer: $114.00

      This is the first time I've seen a catalog from Sjöström on the market though on searching there are a handful floating around.

    1. “escribir e investigar es prototipar”. En otras palabras,la investigación en sí misma es un prototipo porque sus elementos y su conjunto es suceptible de iteración constante: la pregunta, la justificación, los objetivos, los diseños metodológicos y de análisis de datos, etc.
    1. Web assimilation is the extent of organizational use of web technologies in facilitating e-commerce strategies and activities. Our definition focuses on the relative success of firms (as compared to other firms in the industry) in incorporating the Web technology into its e-commerce strategies and activities. This definition is consistent with perspectives on Type III IS innovations, with earlier treatments of IT assimilation at the organizational level (Armstrong and Sambamurthy 1999), and reflects our interest in understanding firms as innovation systems for attaining differential levels of technology assimilation success (Fichman 2001). We regard the level of assimilation to be one of the visible outcomes of the stream of structuring actions across the firm. Further, we anticipate the differential level of assimilation success across firms to be linked to the nature of the institutional enablers or the metastructuring actions within those firms.

      Definition and further explanation of the mean of Web Asssimilation.

    1. A simple survey should be offered during the unsubscribe process to allow customers to provide feedback about why they are leaving.
    2. Do not send a confirmation email as it can be a violation of CAN-SPAM and you risk further alienating consumers.
    1. Es ist noch unklar, ob die Rekordtemperaturen des vergangenen Jahres – vermutlich war es das wärmste seit 125.000 Jahren – Anlass zu einer Revision der zur Zeit benutzten Klimamodelle werden. Die Hypothese James Hansens, dass sich die Erhitzung der Erde beschleunige. wird von vielen Klimaforschenden nicht geteilt. Es gibt noch keine allgemein anerkannte Erklärung der Temperatur-Anomalien 2023. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/26/climate/global-warming-accelerating.html

      Infografik zu den monatlichen Durchschnittstemperaturen seit 1900: https://static01.nytimes.com/newsgraphics/2023-12-18-record-hot-year-embed/4055787d-f3af-401d-b252-1dfdff4811f4/_assets/chart_annotated-Artboard-945.png

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    1. Get it right and we will see a lot less of our precious minerals, metals and resources dumped into landfill

      This line specifically stood out to me in this article because it is hard to hear, but also very true to the world we live in. As a world, we toss things out the moment they are no longer viewed as valuable to us but we dont toss things when they are "precious". For example, we buy a new iphone and hold it to a high value but then a year later a new iphone comes out and the old one gets tossed away like it is invaluable. Instead of just tossing things like this we need to be more proactive in recycling valuable and difficult resources that one day we may not have.

    1. What he's talking about when he says "by arithmetic" is what they mean by solving something by inspection. I can tell by just looking at it that x is 4 in the equation 16-x =12. I don't need to "subtract 16 from both sides" and then "divide both sides by negative 1" to solve for x. I can do it by inspection rather than by plodding, pedestrian, algebraic steps. The problem is that as equations get bigger and more complicated, you have to use these mindless algebraic steps. You can't see intuitively what x is by "using arithmetic." You need the mechanics and the discipline of algebra. It's actually really cool to see it work (to solve word problems, for example) sometimes, especially when you'd have no fucking clue what x might be and then algebra works like magic. It's a powerful tool we use, not because we "don't understand what we're doing" (i.e. deducing an unknown's value), but because the task is far too big for our intuition and "inspection" alone.
  5. Oct 2023
    1. With regards to Social Presence results, it can be noted that the highest reported E-tivity designing principles were those that aligned with the Affective Expression (39.46%).

      Os resultados da investigação são interessantes e reforçam, entre outros aspetos, o carácter e importância da sociabilidade no seio do grupo. Se aceitarmos que a educação é uma questão de coração (Dom Bosco) ficamos mais conscientes que a tarefa do professor vai muito além das fronteiras metodológicas e será, com certeza, o seguro de um processo de ensino/aprendizagem, inserido num determinado contexto e conjunto de objetivos. Para o desenho das e-atividades considerar, a partir dos objetivos, os recursos necessários, as atividades a desenvolver propriamente ditas, a duração das mesmas, o processo de avaliação, não esquecendo o feedback que apoiará o aprendente durante todo o processo, reforçando-se que é imperativo as instruções de realização serem claras e objetivas. É igualmente importante, do lado do docente, a planificação de todo o processo através de um documento que funcione como guia orientador.

      @ Microcredencial em Educação a Distância e Digital 2023

    1. Stallings said, “Does Emily’s clarity betray that element of the epic register that Matthew Arnold calls ‘nobility’? Some critics think a certain grandeur is missing. But every translation is a compromise, even a great one.”

      esp. the last portion

      every translation is a compromise, even a great one.

  6. Sep 2023
    1. You must include at least the mailto portion of the List-Unsubscribe header, since some services only support this portion (iOS, for example). However, many inbox providers and mail clients honor both methods. To ensure that the greatest number of your recipients have the ability to unsubscribe from your emails, thus protecting your reputation as a sender, we recommend including both mailto and http.
    2. You must include at least the mailto portion of the List-Unsubscribe header, since some services only support this portion (iOS, for example). However, many inbox providers and mail clients honor both methods. To ensure that the greatest number of your recipients have the ability to unsubscribe from your emails, thus protecting your reputation as a sender, we recommend including both mailto and http.
    3. List-Unsubscribe is a small piece of text that can be inserted in the header section of your email. The List-Unsubscribe header will insert an “unsubscribe” button, or link, next to the From address at the top of your email. A recipient can click this link to notify you that they would like to unsubscribe from your emails.
    1. List-unsubscribe can help reduce spam complaints.If subscribers can’t find the unsubscribe link, they may click the spam reporting button instead. This could hurt your email deliverability and sender reputation. To mailbox providers, a spam complaint is a spam complaint, regardless of whether the recipient actually perceived the message as malicious.
    2. Support for list-unsubscribe varies across email clients.
    1. Apparently, Google uses some additional heuristics to decide whether the link should be displayed or not. The List-Unsubscribe header could be abused by spammers to validate that their target got the message, and thus, GMail only shows the unsubscribe link if the source of the message has accumulated sufficient trust.

      Shouldn't it be controllable by the end user, in the same way that they can press a button to show all images if images are blocked by default for security/privacy reasons??

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    1. Scholars have experienced information overload for more than a century [Vickery, 1999] and the problem is just getting worse. Online access provides much better knowledge discovery and aggregation tools, but these tools struggle with the fragmentation of research communication caused by the rapid proliferation of increasingly specialized and overlapping journals, some with decreasing quality of reviewing [Schultz, 2011].
    1. i watched lecture 1A, went through the firstish chapter of the interactive book side by side the web edition, i did the first couple exercises in the interactive one bc i didnt want to set up an environment. ngl i thought by 1.1 - 1.3 you guys meant "literally exercises 1.1-1.3 in chapter 1.1" so i was taking it mega chill but apparently there's like 50 exercises or some shit like that so ill have to step it up this weekend
    1. The results from both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion seem to be the most convincing and realistic if I was to judge from a human point of view and if I didn't know they were AI generated, I would believe their results.

      Midjourney & Stable Diffusion > Dall-E and Adobe Firefly

  9. Jun 2023
    1. Eine von der Firma e.venture (im Standard als "Beratungsfirma E-Venture" bezeichnet; Kunden u.a. e.on und Vattenfall) selbstständig durchgeführte Studie kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass Österreich auf absehbare Zeit nicht genug erneuerbaren Strom aus eigenen Quellen herstellen kann. Unter anderem seien dafür die langen Genehmigungsverfahren verantwortlich. Die Studie befürwortet den Bau neuer Gaskraftwerke. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000174397/strompreis-bleibt-laut-studie-wohl-auf-jahre-hinaus-hoch

  10. May 2023
    1. Please can we (a) retain case information from the email address the student uses to set up their account (in case their mailbox is case sensitive), and use that when sending password reset emails, etc., but also (b) when checking credentials for login or setting up an account, treat the email address as non-case-sensitive. The upshot would be if someone registered with Student@City.ac.uk, all emails would go to Student@City.ac.uk, but the student would be able to log in with student@city.ac.uk, and if someone later tried to set up an account with student@city.ac.uk they'd be told that the user already exists.
    2. Although there's an argument for keeping case sensitivity for the local mailbox (as they can be case sensitive, depending on how they're set up, though I haven't come across case sensitivity in university emails), the domain part of the email address is not case sensitive and should not be treated as such. Please can we (a) retain case information from the email address the student uses to set up their account (in case their mailbox is case sensitive), and use that when sending password reset emails, etc., but also (b) when checking credentials for login or setting up an account, treat the email address as non-case-sensitive. The upshot would be if someone registered with Student@City.ac.uk, all emails would go to Student@City.ac.uk, but the student would be able to log in with student@city.ac.uk, and if someone later tried to set up an account with student@city.ac.uk they'd be told that the user already exists.
    1. If you are storing email addresses then you probably should store them in their original case (the recipient at least) to be safe. However, always compare them case-insensitively in order to avoid duplicates.
    1. However, it's difficult to rely on a case-sensitive email address in the real world because many systems (typically ones that have to handle data merging) don't preserve case. Notably systems that use email addresses for user IDs, or any system that has to collate data from multiple sources (CRMs, email broadcast systems, etc) will either normalise case or treat them case-insensitively.
    2. However, for all practical purposes in the modern age, I believe you can consider email addresses to be case insensitive.
    1. a SHOULD is always trumped in RFCs by a MUST. The fact that hosts SHOULD do something means that they might not and I just wanted reassurance that, in reality, the SHOULD is a bit more widely adopted than its definition implies.
    1. While email addresses are only partially case-sensitive, it is generally safe to think of them as case insensitive. All major providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and others, treat the local parts of email addresses as case insensitive.
    2. According to RFC 5321, the local part of the email address is case sensitive. This means that, in theory, SoMething@something.com is not the same as something@something.com. However, email providers have the liberty to treat the local parts as both case sensitive and case insensitive.
    1. Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive? Technically, the answer is yes. However, email addresses are typically not case sensitive; if you type your email address into a form and accidentally capitalize one or two letters, it probably won’t prevent the sender from emailing you.
    2. The local part does, in fact, take the case into account, as per RFC 5321. However, Email Service Providers (ESPs) are aware of the potential confusion that could result from allowing upper-case letters.
    1. In short, while it’s technically possible to make the part before @ case sensitive, most popular email servers do not allow that. 
    2. Most big email providers like Gmail, Outlook and even company email address hosted on Google Suite are not case sensitive. Just to avoid any unnecessary confusion. However, in extreme cases, some large companies, implement case sensitivity on their server as some people can often have the same first and last name. But in general, this creates more confusion, than the usability, which is why most standard email providers avoid case sensitivity. 
    1. Either way, at some point almost everyone started treating addresses as case-insensitive.
    2. Despite it being commonplace to “fix up” email addresses by lowercasing them — or, in financial/government contexts, uppercasing them — email addresses are clearly defined as case-sensitive in the only standard that matters.
    1. Since using case insensitivity is so widespread, take their sign up email address and make it lower case. Whenever they try to log in, convert that to lowercase as well, for comparison purposes, when you go to see if the user exists. As far as sign up and sign in go, do a case insensitive comparison. If the person signs up as Steve@example.com, you'll still want to allow them to sign in later with steve@example.com or sTeVE@example.com.
    2. But you should also keep track of the email address that they signed up with in a case sensitive fashion. Any time you send an email to them, be sure to send it with that original casing. This allows the email server to handle it however it feels like it needs to. So even though the person may always be signing in to your site with steve@example.com, if they signed up as Steve@example.com, you'll always send email to Steve@example.com, just to be safe.
    3. The de facto standard is to treat local mailboxes as case insensitive, but the official standard says case matters (though even the official standard mentions the de facto standard).
    1. So yes, the part before the "@" could be case-sensitive, since it is entirely under the control of the host system. In practice though, no widely used mail systems distinguish different addresses based on case.
    2. In short, you are safe to treat email addresses as case-insensitive.
    1. Since the case sensitivity of email addresses can create confusion and delivery problems, most email providers and clients either fix the case if the email address is entered in the wrong case, or they ignore upper-case entries. Not many email services or ISPs enforce case-sensitive email addresses.
    1. Introducing BOOX Tab Ultra C: Let the Colors Help You Work Better

      They're primarily touting one of the few e-ink tablets that does color (beginning in 2023), but it's fascinating to see the Boox marketing department using this video to sell the idea of color on a screen as a tool for thought this way.

      It's subtle and something we take for granted, so they have a point, but somehow odd none the less, perhaps because of its ubiquity.

      Let the colors help you think, organize, and work better.

      Let the colors help you work better.

      Colors inspire

    1. “Functional” is a dirty word in dance music. No one wants to be merely functional, nor find themselves on the receiving end of utilitarianism. You don’t want to be invited to a “function,” either—you want to go to a party. Yet culture has been tacking in the direction of the functional for a while now. Music is composed to study or sleep or chill to. Algorithms anticipate our desires. Any creative act can be made into content, which computers then sell ads in front of. There are brand “activations,” which is just another word for functions. All this matters rather a lot for the state of dance music, which, at its core, is meant to serve a specific purpose. Even its name issues a command: Dance.But the best dance music knows all this and blithely ignores it. Instead, it deftly undercuts function with surprise, or pairs it with emotion in sweet harmony.

      This is one of those hilariously overdone "highlights" but oh my god.

      I need to make a commitment to either seek out more music criticism or figure out once and for all how to effectively communicate to all the different sorts of people in my life who act absurdly justified in demanding I express my thoughts about music ... well

      FUCK OFF.

  11. Apr 2023
    1. By default SMTP offers very little protection against interception. Traffic may be encrypted between servers but there are no guarantees.

      And how likely is it that the attacker actually owns one of the servers that is a hop on the way from mail sender to mail recipient?? Seems extremely unlikely.

    2. email as a transmission mechanism isn't secure.
    1. Best eReader with annotating capabilities? .t3_12vkt1a._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; }

      reply to u/mazzios at https://www.reddit.com/r/englishmajors/comments/12vkt1a/best_ereader_with_annotating_capabilities/

      I go out of my way to read .pdfs in my browser (laptop and/or mobile/tablet) so that I can use web.hypothes.is as a tool for quickly annotating, note taking, and tagging. (It also works for anything web-based.) It's reasonably easy to pull the data out (even by cut and paste) into other programs and tools like Obsidian if necessary. All of my infrastructure here is free. Hypothes.is makes a fantastic commonplace book set up for research, but I do a more refined zettelkasten structure within Obsidian for advanced thinking, writing, and eventual output.

      Another solid option for digital copies is to read them within something like Zotero that will aggregate highlights/notes and allows tagging.

      I don't do it as often, but the Calibre program has an e-reader and some annotation functionalities.

      Kitt Betts-Masters has some excellent videos comparing some of the best in class e-readers. Try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifDi2SsQjQM. I don't have one yet, but I'm about to get either the Supernote A5X or the Boox Note Air 2 Plus after looking into some of this extensively. I'm not 100% sure that the user interface and data portability will be exactly what I'm hoping for though.

      Exporting notes from Kindle manually works for non-pdf e-books, but the interface isn't as quick and easy. Generally I've not found Libby to be useful at all from a UI or data export functionality.

      At the end of the day, sometimes a pile of index cards works best. If you've not read Sonke Ahrens (Create Space, 2017) or Umberto Eco (MIT, 2015) yet, they may be highly useful.

    1. sume los imaginarios desde la perspectiva sociológica e histórica,donde los imaginarios sociales son un magma de significaciones (representacio-nes, afectos, deseos, sentimientos y actuaciones) que constituyen un conjuntoreal de imágenes con las cuales los sujetos construyen, dan sentido al mundo ensu relación permanente y dialógica con el colectivo anónimo

      desde que perspectiva se asumen los imaginarios sociales

    1. Extending the life of electronic products and re-using electrical components brings an even larger economic benefit, as working devices are certainly worth more than the materials they contain. A circular electronics system - one in which resources are not extracted, used and wasted, but re-used in countless ways - creates decent, sustainable jobs and retains more value in the industry.

      This paragraph caught my attention for several reasons. The first is that it was one of the first paragraphs that I actually understood what it was saying. Additionally, it made me feel like I could do something about it. When it said that reusing electrical components are better, it helped me see a clear way that I can direct effect this. Finally, I thought this paragraph was interesting because it talked about creating jobs. This is important to note because more and more people are going to school for something involving technology. This creates jobs for that specific group of people.

  12. Mar 2023
    1. What are transactional emails? Typically any email that is triggered by or sent automatically from your application.
    2. Welcome emails Actionable emails Password resets Receipts Monthly invoices Support requests App error alerts Reminders etc.
    1. for instance, when the recipient’s address is full (a soft bounce: just wait and re-send) or worst, when it’s non-existent (a hard bounce: you need to remove the account from your list)
  13. Feb 2023
    1. el área de T&I contribuye a la formación de niñas, niños y adolescentesen el desarrollo de sus competencias para, principalmente, estudiar, reflexionary comprender la naturaleza, evolución e implicaciones ético-políticas de la Tec-nología y la Informática en la vida cotidiana; así como para resolver problemas,necesidades y deseos de orden tecnológico asociados a la mejora de la calidadde vida de las personas y demás especies que habitan el planeta, procurando laconservación de un mundo sustentable y sostenible para las generaciones actua-les y futuras.
      • Comprender la Naturaleza (Área Ciencias Naturales)
      • Implicaciones ético-políticas de las TIC
      • Resolver problemas de orden tecnológico (Áreas Matemáticas y Ciencias Naturales)
  14. Jan 2023
    1. By linking notes in a zettelkasten-like way, you can create a relationship between one piece of information and another, forming a more thorough and deeper insight.


      The Ratta Supernote e-reader/e-note device indicates that you can link notes "in a zettelkasten-like" way.

      Interesting that they say this rather than "wiki-like"...

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds90JeVyKiE

      Review of variety of Boox e-readers.

      • Boox Note 3 - NO (older model)
      • Best 7.8" is probably Note Air for $350
      • 10" Note Air 2 >> Note Air
      • 10" Note Air 2+ is $500 and has a bigger battery and batteries over it's smaller v2
      • 13.3" Max Lumi >> Max Lumi2 especially because of price and heavy reflectivity issues with the Lumi 2
    1. Cite these as Book/Book Section as appropriate. If you need to specify that it is an ebook (most citation styles don’t require this—there isn’t a real difference from a physical book), specify that in Extra like this:Medium: Kindle ebook


      To sub-specify an ebook as opposed to a physical book in Zotero, in the Extra section, add a note like Medium: Kindle .mobi.

    1. https://onyxboox.com/boox_nova3

      @adamprocter @chrisaldrich i really like my boox nova3 color – it’s ✌️ just ✌️ a color-paper android device with a custom integrated launcher/ereader software but it can have f-droid or play store sideloaded on to it. i mostly use it with koreader+wallabag but there surely is an RSS or NNW client that works decently on it in B/W mode via rrix Jan 03, 2023, 12:47 https://notes.whatthefuck.computer/objects/0f1ffdd4-4e27-4962-ae53-0c039494bef9

  15. Dec 2022
    1. Humphreys, James E. Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory. Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 9.0. Springer, 1972. is one of the first Springer texts in my collection which has a Luhmann-esque sort of numbering system in its table of contents. Surely there must be earlier others though?

    1. “The invention of the ship,” as Paul Virilio wrote, “was also the invention of the shipwreck.”

      Every innovation drags a host of new concepts into existence with it. Ways it can succeed, fail. All clouding around its reputation and providing handles for people to wield it.

    1. Let’s say, you’ve set up the list-unsubscribe header to you email campaign. Check out whether it works by sending an email to a test inbox. For Gmail, you’ll see the unsubscribe option in the header right next to the sender name
    1. Errors-To is deprecated, so mail servers will typically ignore this header - most servers will bounce will to the 'envelope sender'. This is the email address that your mail client sends as part of the connection to the SMTP server (not necessarily the From address - though it typically is the same).
    1. Postmark separates email traffic through Message Streams, meaning that transactional and broadcast traffic never intersects in Postmark, including IP ranges. This is a longstanding best practice for ensuring optimal deliverability. Transactional message streams are for messages that are usually unique and triggered by a user action like a password reset, opted-into weekly digest, or receipts. Transactional streams do not support bulk messages. Broadcast message streams are for bulk messages that sent to multiple recipients at once like announcements, newsletters, or other application email.
    1. The best at transactional email because we never let them mix with bulk messages. You might say that Postmark has serious street cred with inbox providers. To protect the delivery of your transactional emails, it’s crucial to separate them from your bulk or promotional emails. With Message Streams, we’ve built a parallel but completely separate sending infrastructure for these two different types of emails. We don’t let them mix. Ever.
    1. List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click List-Unsubscribe: <https://solarmora.com/unsubscribe/example>
    2. Here are some recommended unsubscribe methods: Include a prominent link in the message that takes recipients to a page for unsubscribing. Let recipients review the individual mailing lists they’re subscribed to. Let them unsubscribe from lists individually, or all lists at once. Automatically unsubscribe recipients who have multiple bounced messages. Periodically send a confirmation message to recipients to make sure they still want to get your messages.
    3. Let recipients easily unsubscribe Always give recipients a way to unsubscribe from your messages. Make unsubscribing easy. Letting people opt out of your messages can improve message open rates, click-through rates, and sending efficiency.
    4. Make sure recipients can easily subscribe
    1. Many mail systems allow recipients to report mail as spam or junk, and mail streams from senders whose mail is often reported as junk tend to have poor deliverability. Hence, the mailers want to make it as easy as possible for recipients to unsubscribe; if an unsubscription process is too difficult, the recipient's alternative is to report mail from the sender as junk until the mail no longer appears in the recipient's inbox.
    2. Operators of recipient mail systems are aware that their users do not make a clear distinction between unsubscription and junk.
  16. Nov 2022
    1. You can definitely set the Return-Path header as a sender. But yes, some receivers might rewrite it (But not always ), or depending on who you're sending through, it might be re-written by them. For instance when using MailGun to send bulk email you have to do things just right in order to set a Return-Path that will be preserved. I know this contradicts the RFC you cite, but it's in practice true.
    2. Return-Path header is written by the receiving server, not by the sending server. And as per the RFC 5321, it is the same as the address supplied in MAIL FROM command.