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  1. Mar 2024
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    1. Shanks saves Luffy from a sea beast. He shows complete mastery over his mind. First, he saves Luffy without any regard to his arm that is bitten off. Second, he directs and focuses his attention and anger at the sea beast. His anger is focused and redirected.

      "It's only an arm. It's no big deal" says Shanks

      One Piece Ep 4.

  3. Dec 2023
    1. hope is really the antidote to fear and anger

      -for: adjacency - polycrisis - fear - hope - antidote

      -adjacency between - fear - anger - hope - antidote - adjacency statement - hope is the antidote to fear and anger

    2. in some ways it may well be that this Century will be 00:16:19 a century characterized by the emotion of fear for many people and fear doesn't stay fear it often becomes anger and anger and fear are often exploited by 00:16:31 folks who uh use those emotions as a ways of as a as a way of building their political Authority to deepen divisions within their society to draw together their followers into sort of a fevered 00:16:45 pitch and uh and use and use the exploitation as political opportunists use the exploitation of fear and anger to build their Authority and Power
      • for: adjacency - polycrisis - fear - anger - political exploitation

      • adjacency between

        • polycrisis
        • fear
        • anger
        • political exploitation
        • polarization
        • authoritarianism
      • adjacency statement
        • In this polycrisis space, we witness fear leading to anger which is then exploited by political opportunists who then create polarization through authoritarian impulses that superficially quench the desires of the unheard angry citizens
  4. Nov 2023
    1. people not feeling seen valued and heard and when you feel yourself not seen you regard that as an insult which it is and an injustice which it is and so you lash 00:08:38 out and so a society that becomes more sad eventually becomes more mean
      • for: meme - unheard, meme - pain is the root of anger

      • new meme

        • a society that becomes more sad is a society that becomes more mad
  5. Oct 2023
    1. One of the most widespread misunderstandings involving anger expression is the catharsis myth; many people believe that releasing anger via venting, physical actions, or writing is a healthy coping mechanism, despite a wide array of research stating otherwise (Lohr, Olatunji, Baumeister, & Bushman, 2007; Bushman, Baumeister, & Phillips, 2001). Bushman (2002) showed that venting was actually counterproductive, as it caused people to further ruminate about their anger rather than move on. Similarly, one study showed that anger actually increased when those listening reinforced participants’ venting behaviors, and decreased when the angering situation was reinterpreted by others (Parlamis, 2012). Additional research has shown that venting can be a healthy coping skill, but it must be used in a way that allows someone to release his or her anger and take a problem-solving approach to finding a solution for the cause of the anger. Nils & Rimé (2012) found that venting was only an effective coping method for dealing with anger when the person on the receiving end engaged in cognitive reframing directing the angered person toward problem-focused solutions

      Reminds me of Boeddism and the work of Thich Nath Hanh

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    1. i 00:05:49 will tell you i mean you've got eighty percent german approval right now for spending two percent of gdp on defense that's astonishing i mean the anger of the german people at what the russians 00:06:01 have done is so far beyond the imagination of where you could have been a couple weeks ago five months ago two years ago and i do think there's a greater willingness to take hardship

      This could be a key moment in time to launch a global Bottom-up, rapid whole system change initiative.

  9. Oct 2021
    1. Facebook offers a collection of one-tap emoji reactions. Today, they include “like,” “love,” “care,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.” Company researchers had found that the posts dominated by “angry” reactions were substantially more likely to go against community standards, including prohibitions on various types of misinformation, according to internal documents.

      "Angry" reactions can be a measure of posts being against community standards and providing misinformation.

      What other signals might misinformation carry that could be used to guard against them at a corporate level?

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    1. So every time he would tell me to do something, I'd get so mad. I just want to punch him in the face. And it sucked, man, because he would always try to tell me stuff—he would do it for my own good.

      Time in US - family - step-parents - discipline - anger towards stepfather

    2. Slowly I started saying because of one decision that she had made, all our lives got messed up, even if she wanted to or not, point blank period. But then I didn't think on both sides.

      Time in US - homelife - family - mother - anger

    3. Mike: Basically it was just petty things. They would always catch us for skipping school. One time I remember my friend went into a gas station and stole some cigarettes, which is—how do you grab the cigarettes in the back counter? And I was with that guy. Fights. I also loved fighting. It's just a way of me just getting my anger out.Mike: I got a lot of disorderly conducts and it was for fighting. It's just something about fighting that just releases the stress. It just releases my anger. And since I didn't want to take it on my family, I would just always, whoever wanted it, I'd be the first one to step in. And it's crazy because I was the shortest one I remember. I was the shortest one man.

      Time in the US, Arrests

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    1. Could you imagine grading students on anger as an “outcome”?

      I'm imagining a course where the only way to earn an "A" would be to become totally outraged by its end.

  18. Apr 2019
    1. Despite the well-documented effects of anger, fear, and anxiety on the ability to reason, many programs continue to ignore the need to engage the safety system of the brain before trying to promote new ways of thinking. The last things that should be cut from school schedules are chorus, physical education, recess, and anything else involving movement, play, and joyful engagement. When children are oppositional, defensive, numbed out, or enraged, it’s also important to recognize that such “bad behavior” may repeat action patterns that were established to survive serious threats, even if they are intensely upsetting or off-putting.
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  21. Oct 2013
    1. nger is always concerned with individuals -- a Callias or a Socrates -- whereas hatred is directed also against classes: we all hate any thief and any informer.

      I never thought about the difference between these two. This is a very interesting point.

    1. Hence people who are afflicted by sickness or poverty or love or thirst or any other unsatisfied desires are prone to anger and easily roused:

      They are angry and sometimes entitled because they have it "harder" than other people

    1. he emotion of anger: here we must discover (1) what the state of mind of angry people is, (2) who the people are with whom they usually get angry, and (3) on what grounds they get angry with them. It is not enough to know one or even two of these points; unless we know all three, we shall be unable to arouse anger in any one.

      Why does he want to be able to arouse anger in anyone? Does he want to make them stand up and make a difference? Or does he want to make them angry for fun?

    2. Take, for instance, the emotion of anger: here we must discover (1) what the state of mind of angry people is, (2) who the people are with whom they usually get angry, and (3) on what grounds they get angry with them


    1. The fact is that anger makes us confident -- that anger is excited by our knowledge that we are not the wrongers but the wronged, and that the divine power is always supposed to be on the side of the wronged.

      It is pretty true. We aren't objective when we are angry.

    1. Again, we feel no anger, or comparatively little, with those who have done what they did through anger: we do not feel that they have done it from a wish to slight us, for no one slights people when angry with them, since slighting is painless, [1380b] and anger is painful.

      I disagree. Even if I have no ill feelings toward someone who does something through anger and am myself in perfect disposition, their words can still hurt.

  22. Sep 2013
    1. Also those who speak ill of us, and show contempt for us, in connexion with the things we ourselves most care about: thus those who are eager to win fame as philosophers get angry with those who show contempt for their philosophy; those who pride themselves upon their appearance get angry with those who show contempt for their appearance and so on in other cases. We feel particularly angry on this account if we suspect that we are in fact, or that people think we are, lacking completely or to any effective extent in the qualities in question.

      Anger (emotion) in relation to image/success in philosophy. People only feels anger if what has been said about them is something they are unsure of (insecure). Anger thus may be a cue for someone's insecurities or uncertainties.

    2. The persons with whom we get angry are those who laugh, mock, or jeer at us, for such conduct is insolent

      The persons who the anger is directed at. Why aren't those that cause the pain included?