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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Language, using a schema, provides a system of abstraction enabling one to model something. Language is context sensitive & composable. With the Language tool, we craft systems of illusion, intelligence, & life.
  2. Sep 2020
    1. Schema

      You can think of a Mongoose schema as the configuration object for a Mongoose model. Each schema maps to a MongoDB collection and defines the shape of the documents within that collection. You construct one, giving an object with key value pairs with properties and types the collection should have.

  3. Jul 2020
    1. if you only need to display the tags of a single question, use the first schema. If you want somehow to display all the tags of all questions, the second schema is recommended
  4. May 2020
  5. Apr 2020
    1. You can commit your transaction, if you have done other meaningful worksince you last committed, and then follow these steps:1.Remove the index in which the instance participates.2.Migrate the instance.3.Re-create the index, this time using a constraint appropriate to thenew class version.4.Commit the transaction

      Indexes may have to be temporarily removed an recreated if the structure does not carry over.

    2. Transforming Variable Values

      Example of transforming variables - old class Point (x,y) to new class Point(radius, angle).

    3. Class Histories and Constraints

      Example of a simple refactoring - moving a set of class attributes to a new nested class, which has more constraints (new fields) as well.

    4. To support this inevitable need for schema modification, GemStone allows you todefine different versions of classes. Every class in GemStone has a classhistory—an object that maintains a list of all versions of the class—and every classis listed in exactly one class history. You can define as many different versions ofa class as required, and declare that the different versions belong to the same classhistory. You can migrate some or all instances of one version of a class to anotherversion when you need to. The values of the instance variables of the migratinginstances are retained, if you have defined the new version to do so.

      Simple case - migrating one class to a new version.

  6. Feb 2019
  7. Dec 2015
    1. I will use a mathematical tool calledologs, or ontology logs, to givesome structure to the kinds of ideas that are often communicated in pictures like theone on the cover. Each olog inherently offers a framework in which to record data aboutthe subject. More precisely it encompasses adatabase schema, which means a system ofinterconnected tables that are initially empty but into which data can be entered.
  8. Nov 2013
    1. schema

      definition: • (in Kantian philosophy) a conception of what is common to all members of a class; a general or essential type or form.