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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Yanacocha claims legal ownership of Máxima’s land while Máxima says she never sold any of her land to the company, and the land deeds bear her name

      Often times they cheat people out of their land by making it difficult to read contracts, targetting the illiterate, amongst other things

    2. women feel the negative impacts more

      Extractivism spills over into other social issues

    3. Yanacocha is the largest gold mine in Latin America and fourth largest in the world

      Geography to consider

    4. Yanacocha mine on the area’s water quality found traces of lead, arsenic, cyanide and mercury in the drinking water, linked to the rising rates of gastrointestinal cancer amongst residents of Cajamarca

      toxic to the people

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  6. allred720fa18.commons.gc.cuny.edu allred720fa18.commons.gc.cuny.edu
    1. for Lima, her destined port.

      Map of Lima, cir. 1750

      Lima was "founded)" by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who assassinated the Inca ruler Atahualpa in his effort to claim Peru for the Spanish crown.

      As the seat of the Viceroyalty of Peru, Lima was also the center of the brutal Peruvian Inquisition, which ended for good in 1820.

      Painting of a victim of the Inquisition paraded through streets by afro-Peruvian painter Acuarela de Pancho Fierro (1807-1879).

    2. saya-y-manta

      See this page on the history of the saya y el manto in Spanish colonial Peru

  7. Sep 2018
    1. Peruanske byer er ifølge FN blant de minst ulike i Latin-Amerika. Her har uformell byvekst spilt en helt annen rolle, noe som er dokumentert i doktorgradsavhandlingen til den nederlandske geografen Michaela Hordijk. Helt siden 1950-tallet har et stort antall peruanere fra Andesfjellene okkupert land i utkanten av de store byene. Hovedstaden Lima hadde litt over en halv million innbyggere i 1940, og nærmer seg 8 millioner i dag. De såkalte «landinvasjonene» har delvis blitt oppmuntret av ulike regjeringer gjennom historien. Myndighetene sikret seg også at de nye bysamfunnene var relativt velorganiserte, ved kun å forhandle med organiserte nabolagsforeninger. Gjennom en gradvis innføring av lovgivning og tjenestetilbud tilpasset disse samfunnene, ble de gjennom noen tiår til urbane nabolag med sin rettmessige plass i byen.
  8. Aug 2018
    1. CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB)

      An organization to look into further.

    2. David Dudenhoefer is a Lima-based freelance journalist and communications consultant who specializes in agriculture, forests, indigenous issues and the environment.

      Writer with a focus on agriculture and indigenous issues.

    3. millions of the country’s smallholders have missed out on that prosperity

      Growth in agribusiness not extending to smaller, Andean region famers.

    1. the same 15 crops that accounted for 85 percent of total harvested area in 1994 continued to account for approximately the same share of total harvested area in 2012

      15 crops account for 85% of harvested area

  9. Feb 2017
    1. Peru69.091.2

      91.2 % of the Peruvian population now has access to electricty, up from 69.0% in 1990

  10. Nov 2015
    1. Peru seeks repatriation of 400 cultural artifacts from New York

      Repatriation of artifacts currently residing in the Met. A common concern across countries currently seeking repatriation of cultural objects is their ability to display and care for the objects.

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    1. How Peru is using drones to protect its archaeological treasures

      Interesting read on the usage of drones in mapping archaeological sites. The composite image is made by taking overlapping aerial photographs. From this, 3D models of the sites can be made. This article discusses not only the archaeological benefits of drone use, but also how drones can help to keep tabs on any destruction occurring on the site.