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    1. Some large tech behemoths could hypothetically shoulder the enormous financial burden of handling hundreds of new lawsuits if they suddenly became responsible for the random things their users say, but it would not be possible for a small nonprofit like Signal to continue to operate within the United States. Tech companies and organizations may be forced to relocate, and new startups may choose to begin in other countries instead.
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    1. We tend to treat our knowledge as personal property to be protected and defended. It is an ornament that allows us to rise in the pecking order.
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    1. Sheepshead Bay

      Southern part of Brooklyn

    2. Great Jones Street

      Great Jones Street is one of the streets in New York City's NoHo district in Manhattan. This street gives a sense of a way that leads to Bowery.

    3. Fulton Fish Market

      Fulton Fish Market was the largest consortium of seafood wholesalers in New York City borough of the Bronx.

    4. Fresno

      Named for "abundant ash trees," the name of the city is originated from Spanish, fresno. This city has the fifth most populated area in California. It is known for its agricultural industry. However, the poverty issues in West Fresno is known for a significant gang problem

    5. Hampshire House

      Built in 1940, Hampshire House is an apartment building that is known steeply-pitched roof with two tall chimneys. It is located near Fifth Avenue and in the Time Warner Center–and across the street from Central Park, allowing the perfect park view.

    6. Bellevue

      Bellevue is a city in the Eastside region of King County, Washington, United States, across Lake Washington from Seattle. It is well known for its rapid growing within preserving its suburban aspect.

    7. Rochambeau

      Well known for its quality of French food, it usually has bars, dining rooms, outdoor patio, cafe, and private dinning room for meeting.

    8. Goody’s

      Goody's is one of the most common family restaurants in US which serves fast food.

    9. Belmar

      The cheapest packages of food start as low as $5.95, the Belmar is one of the common pub and grill restaurant that doesn't serve high price food.

    10. Village Square Bar & Grill

      This is a restaurant includes piano bar and a lounge, serves from lunch to midnight bar.

    11. Jericho Tavern

      The Jericho Tavern is a pub and restaurant in the Jericho area of Oxford, England, at 56 Walton Street. It is known for serving good quality of hamburger, fries, and beef salad within non-high price.

    12. Carnegie Institution

      Carneqie Institution of Washington was founded in 1902. In 1903, it approved the plan of studying evolution at a biological experiment station. The Station for Experimental Evolution opened later in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Under the initial directorship of Charles Benedict Davenport (1866-1944), the unit would flourish and operate for 67 years, undergo name changes as it fine-tuned its research focus, combine with and then close down a eugenics research operation, and eventually merge with neighboring Long Island Biological Association’s Biological Laboratory.

      Source from http://library.cshl.edu/special-collections/carnegie-institution-of-washington.

    13. ranch

      Ranch is a large farm, especially in the western U.S. and Canada, where cattle and other animals are bred and raised.

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    1. your Friendships arc not cemented by Intrigues nor spent in vain Diversions, but in the search of Knowledge

      Women's rhetorical sphere and a space/place for knowledge/information exchange: women's conversations

    2. she did not advocate extensive reading. She wanted her program to be within the reach of every woman-

      I'm thinking this is also a nod at the time women had/didn't have because of the various duties they had to fulfill. Also maybe a nod at the fact that women would probably not really have a space/place in which they could extensively read. Yes?

    3. Aslell specified in lhe charter or lhe school that it should alwuys he directed by women.

      And once again, we see how the importance of female-only/female-dominated spaces/places in Astell's life influenced her beliefs on female learning/education.

  10. Jan 2019
    1. secret place

      (w06 7/15 p. 10-p. 13 par. 11) Scriptural Questions Answered:

      91:1, 2​—What is “the secret place of the Most High,” and how may we ‘dwell’ there? This is a figurative place of spiritual safety and security​—a condition or state of protection from being harmed spiritually. The place is secret because it is unknown to those who do not trust in God. We make Jehovah our dwelling by looking to him as our refuge and stronghold, by lauding him as the Sovereign Ruler of the universe, and by preaching the good news of the Kingdom. We feel spiritually secure because we know that Jehovah is always ready to help us.​—Psalm 90:1.

      (w10 2/15 pp. 26-27 par. 10,11)

      Safe in “the Secret Place”

      10, 11. What is “the secret place of the Most High,” and how can we gain access to it?

      10 Dedication and baptism result in another rich blessing​—the privilege of dwelling in “the secret place of the Most High.” (Read Psalm 91:1.) This is a figurative place of safety and security​—a condition, or state, of protection from spiritual harm. It is a “secret place” because it is unknown to people who lack spiritual vision and do not trust in God. By living in harmony with our dedication and by exercising complete confidence in Jehovah, in effect we are saying to him: “You are my refuge and my stronghold, my God, in whom I will trust.” (Ps. 91:2) Jehovah God becomes our secure dwelling place. (Ps. 91:9) Who could ask for more than that?

      11 Gaining access to “the secret place” of Jehovah also implies that we have been blessed with the privilege of having developed a personal relationship with him. This begins with dedication and baptism. Thereafter, we build on our relationship with God by drawing close to him through Bible study, heartfelt prayer, and full obedience. (Jas. 4:8) No one has ever been closer to Jehovah than Jesus, whose confidence in the Creator has never wavered. (John 8:29) Therefore, let us never doubt Jehovah or his desire and ability to help us fulfill our dedication vow. (Eccl. 5:4) The spiritual provisions that God has made for his people are undeniable evidence that he truly loves us and wants us to succeed in serving him.

    1. while brains may be wired to seethe world, how and what is seen is never without a cultural component.

      In my research on coffee talks with Bosnian/Bosniak women, there's a (recent) story I came across in which a family of four (mom, dad, daughter, son) who are part of the diaspora living in America are visited by grandma, who grew up and continues to live in Bosnia. Upon arrival, the grandma witnesses American coffee culture first-hand when her daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids gather around the kitchen table one morning and drink their coffee -- which was made by a machine -- quickly and quietly before running off to work or school. She is deeply horrified -- offended even -- so much so that she shortens her trip from one month to a week. In Bosnia, what kind of coffee you drink, how you make it, who you drink it with, when, and for how long, what you talk about while drinking it -- these are all very significant things. In America, not so much.

    2. Acoustic archaeologists have found that images areoften placed carefully for particular sounds and echoes, underscoring the point that ancientpeoples explored the full potential of the cave environment, including its deep darkness andunique sonic properties.

      This is dope, and it makes me think of the ways in which spaces/places of worship are also spaces/places where acoustic performances happen (sermons, singing of religious songs).

    3. athedrals than anything else. People did not live in the caves,although they sought shelter around them and in their entrances.

      This is similar to the ways in which spaces/places of worship are used today, too.

    4. hese con-ditions are sedimented not solely in cultural narrative, ritual, and practice, but in howthey are made, accumulated, and enacted in (or through) material forms.

      I've been writing and researching about the coffee talks that Bosnian/Bosniak women partake in and how our particular coffee came to be, how and when it affected/s our minds/bodies, and how it allowed for the emergence of a women-only space designed to foster the exchange of information+women's experiences and hold together entire communities. Coffee, for Bosnian/Balkan women, worked by stabalizing networks, and ultimately stabilizing Yugoslavia (you know, before the men and the West kinda fucked things up a bit). My research is ethnographic, and Rickert's argument here comes off a little bit like that.

    1. home being another, larger kind of pouch or bag, a con-tainer for people, and then later on you take it out and eat it or share it or store it up for winter in a solider container or put it in the medicine bundle or the shrine or the museum, the holy place, the area that contains what is sacred,

      These places, these larger containers, have their own purposes and functions, and, according to Rickert's Ambient Rhetoric, they also have a rhetoric of their own. They speak to us in various ways. For Le Guin, these containers speak of her status as human, enable her to feel part of humankind.

  11. Sep 2018
    1. Abstract space is the product of a homogenizing power that as-pires to make space entirely transparent and legible, leaving no room for alternative voices.

      Rhetoric of Space and Place.

  12. Feb 2018
    1. Κηΐας
    2. Μαλέᾳ
    3. Ἑλλάδ᾽
    4. Πυθώ
    5. Δαλογενὴς
    6. Περσᾶ[ν
    7. Πακτωλός
    8. Σάρδιες
    9. Λυδίας
    10. Δελφοὶ
    11. Κασταλίας ῥεέθροις
    12. Ἑλλάνων
    13. Ἀλφεόν
    14. Συρακοσίῳ
  13. Jan 2018
    1. Boffin’s Bower

      In the manuscript the title is altered from "Harmony Jail." This alteration in the manuscript but not in the working notes could offer evidence that in some instances Dickens wrote the working notes after or at the same time as he wrote parts of the manuscript.

    2. Harmony Jail

      The "hoarse gentleman" who drives Wegg to the Boffins' house explains the origin of the name Harmony Jail:

      'Was-it-Ev-verajail?' asked Mr Wegg, holding on. 'Not a proper jail, wot you and me would get committed to,' returned his escort; 'they giv' it the name, on accounts of Old Harmon living solitary there.' 'And-why-did-they-callitharm-Ony?' asked Wegg. 'On accounts of his never agreeing with nobody. Like a speeches of chaff. Harmon's Jail; Harmony Jail. Working it round like."

      Mr. and Mrs. Boffin rename it "Boffin's Bower"

    3. Boffin’s Bower

      The Boffins rename Old Harmon's place "Boffin's Bower," but it is otherwise known as "Harmony Jail" (see note above):

      "Boffin's Bower is the name Mrs Boffin christened it when we come into it as a property. If you should meet with anybody that don't know it by that name (which hardly anybody does), when you've got nigh upon about a odd mile, or say and a quarter if you like, up Maiden Lane, Battle Bridge, ask for Harmony Jail, and you'll be put right."

  14. Sep 2017
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    1. Third Space

      I don't know if this will bear out but for me a Third Space has a slightly different context.

      My graduate work is a combination of marketing at ASU and educational technology at BSU.

      Third Space in the marketing literature comes out of Bowling Alone http://bowlingalone.com/ and how the white middle and working class moved away from neighborhoods and into suburbia. Putnam, R. D. (2000). Bowling alone: The collapse and revival of American community. New York: Simon & Schuster.

      and also Oldenburg , R. (1989). The great good place. New York: Marlowe & Company. https://www.pps.org/reference/roldenburg/ who wrote about what what essentially was the setting for the Cheers.



      In educational technology, online learning and especially research in game based learning

      Online learning communities are looked at as third spaces or third places. There's been a bit written about this especially in the MMO World of Warcraft.

      Steinkuehler, C. A., & Williams, D. (2006). Where everybody knows your (screen) name: Online games as “third places.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 11(4), 885–909. doi:10.1111/j.1083-6101.2006.00300.x


    1. Boffin’s Bower

      The Boffins rename Old Harmon's place "Boffin's Bower," but it is otherwise known as "Harmony Jail" (see note above):

      "Boffin's Bower is the name Mrs Boffin christened it when we come into it as a property. If you should meet with anybody that don't know it by that name (which hardly anybody does), when you've got nigh upon about a odd mile, or say and a quarter if you like, up Maiden Lane, Battle Bridge, ask for Harmony Jail, and you'll be put right."

    2. Harmony Jail

      The "hoarse gentleman" who drives Wegg to the Boffins' house explains the origin of the name Harmony Jail:

      'Was-it-Ev-verajail?' asked Mr Wegg, holding on. 'Not a proper jail, wot you and me would get committed to,' returned his escort; 'they giv' it the name, on accounts of Old Harmon living solitary there.' 'And-why-did-they-callitharm-Ony?' asked Wegg. 'On accounts of his never agreeing with nobody. Like a speeches of chaff. Harmon's Jail; Harmony Jail. Working it round like."

      Mr. and Mrs. Boffin rename it "Boffin's Bower"

  16. Mar 2017
    1. Marcin and Laura joined me on Thursday to talk about translating CLAVIER into their local cultures. They helped me, we are helping each other attempt to make that translation.

      translation respect of context finding common ground difficulty

    1. That comes as a bit of shock. There are suggested readings, links, that comes as a bit of a shock. This is a course, I had forgotten what a course was. I make a mental note. Please try harder to remember that this is a Course.


      Courses. Mapping. Focus.

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    1. It’s like, if you have a nightmare and you wake up and your heart’s pounding. You feel the same as if somebody was in the room when you woke up, but the consequence of you waking up and being alone, scared somebody’s in the room, versus somebody actually being in the room, are very different, and we shouldn’t pretend they’re the same, and say, ‘You have to protect me from that feeling.’ No, you don’t have to protect me from that feeling, you have to protect me from that guy, or that cop. That’s who you have to protect me from.

      Sing it!

    2. Both of these works, she says, specifically sought a lawsuit from the estate of Margaret Mitchell.
    3. But what we all know about social media is that it’s designed to keep you safe from the things you don’t want to see. In real life, if you see somebody and you don’t care for them, you still have to somehow engage with them. Online, there’s a whole series of algorithms that keep it from coming to you, even on the level of advertising you’re not interested in. In many ways we’re very happy about that. We love that. We also love the little antagonisms that come up, the pile-on that will happen, the call-outs that will happen. That gets into a really interesting thing in social media which I think is new. Now, you have to say something in order to be seen. You have to like or you have to affirmatively make a comment. And if you don’t, then that can be looked at.

      If the academy rejects Place I'd advise social media companies to hire her. Damn. Understanding: so high!

    4. “[GWTW] is in part about social media, and the way social media works,” says Place. “And social media is an aesthetic medium. What happens when you have overt antagonism or antagonistic content, on social media? On the surface, it’s so much based on affinity, and liking, and following, and a sense of community. But at the same token, the only way to consistently affirm your community is by having something to rally against. And then we can find out who our friends really are. It’s predicated on [the fact that] we all think the same thing. We don’t go to social media to be confronted by things we don’t understand or don’t agree with, which is maybe why we go to museums, or conferences, or universities. Do we really want museums and galleries, especially museums, to be curating based upon what people know they already like?”

      I would hire Place as a social media product designer. This paragraph reflects deeper thinking about social media than most people I know who create the platforms.

    5. “AWP has removed Vanessa Place from the AWP Los Angeles 2016 Subcommittee. We did so after taking into consideration the controversy her Twitter feed has generated. Place has been tweeting the text of Gone with the Wind and using a photograph of Hattie McDaniel as the profile picture. The context of this and similar work is explained by a few literary theorists and advocates of conceptual poetry, such as Jacob Edmond and Brian M. Reed. AWP believes in freedom of expression. We also understand that many readers find Vanessa Place’s unmediated quotes of Margaret Mitchell’s novel to be unacceptable provocations, along with the images on her Twitter page. AWP must protect the efficacy of the conference subcommittee’s work. The group’s work must focus on the adjudication of the 1,800 submitted proposals, not upon the management of a controversy that has stirred strong objections and much ill-will toward AWP and the subcommittee. Perpetuating the controversy would not be fair to the many writers who have submitted the proposals.”


      That depends on where you're looking. Here we have a poet, with their own history and an established dialogue with race, transcribing in a completely different medium than the original text, surrounded by controversy. How in hell can this be said to be "unmediated"?

  23. Apr 2015
    1. Aulis
    2. Olympia
    3. Amyclae
    4. Amyclae
    5. Aegyptus
    6. Argolis
    7. Boeotia
    8. Greece
    9. Sicyon
    10. Argos
    11. Argos
    12. Argos
    13. Argos
    14. Sparta
    15. Delphi
    16. Mycenae
    17. Mycenae
    1. Thebes
    2. Thebes
    3. Attica
    4. Thebes
    5. Thebes
    6. Thebes
    7. Thebes
    8. Thebes
    9. Thebes
    10. Thebes
    11. Corinth
    12. Athens
    13. Plataeae
    14. Attica
    15. Mount Cithaeron
    16. Thebes
    17. Sicyon
    18. Corinth
    19. Delphi
    20. Daulis
    1. Attica
    2. Attica
    3. Lacedaemon
    4. Sparta
    5. Sparta
    6. Tauris
    7. Megara
    8. Attica
    9. Marathon
    10. Mycenae
    11. Delphi
    12. Tauris
    13. Tauris
    14. Tauris
    15. Aulis
    16. Tauris
    17. Scythia
    18. Tauris
    19. Tauris
    20. Attica
    21. Troy
    1. Nicomedeia
    2. Hellespont
    3. Hellespont
    4. Thebes
    5. Mount Caucasus
    6. Cissia
    7. Ptolemais
    8. Paphos
    9. Troy
    10. Troy
    11. Troy
    12. Susa
    13. Susa
    14. Troy
    15. Troy
    16. Troy