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  1. Feb 2022
    1. Gabriel Naud é . 31 In contrast to the philosophical encyclopedic systems ruling at that time, he recommends shelving books according to systematic concepts, ordered by academic fi elds and arranged according to current interests.

      Gabriel Naudé recommended shelving books ordered by academic fields and arranging them according to then current interests.

    2. In the Viennese university library, reopened in 1777, instructions for arranging the “ trea-sury of knowledge ” (Leibniz) advise installing books according to a “ sys-tematic plan of the sciences, and consequently according to the future library sections, ” so that every book can be found by means of the code Roman numeral / Roman letter / Arabic numeral (for example XIV.B.12). 2
      1. Rautenstrauch 1778, p. 172. The evident software command follows a deductive logic: the Latin numeral denotes a box, the Latin letter the drawer in the box, and the Arabic numeral the place of the book in the drawer.

      The numbering system for books in the Viennese university library reopened in 1777 had a code system using a Roman numeral / Roman letter / Arabic numeral.

    3. “ Over time, people gradu-ally ceased using a fi xed system that places every single book on a specifi c shelf whose name it bears for good, and moved to a mobil e system. ”

      Library books used to be shelved permanently in the same shelf location, but the systems changed to allow their shelf locations to be mobile.

    4. It seems to be the fate of libraries that a particular order always coincides with a director ’ s term of service. As soon as a new director, prefect, or manager takes over, one of the fi rst acts tends to be rejection of the present order in favor of establishing a new, often completely different one, mostly legiti-mized by the allegedly encountered chaos that almost forces reorganiza-tion.

      This reorganization of library books and location systems with the change of library directors in the late 1700s sounds similar to the sorts of standards problems today.


  2. Jan 2022
    1. APIs that simply map CRUD actions to HTTP verbs have nothing to do with Application State Transfer. You can call them Web APIs or HTTP APIs, but please don’t call them RESTful.
  3. Oct 2021
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  4. Jun 2021
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  5. Mar 2021
  6. Feb 2021
    1. For Outbound Calls
    2. For Inbound Calls
    3. provide information for the following call type ONLY: New Enrollment Card Not Received
    4. you may proceed with standard verification
    5. the caller is a Conduent CH and the Conduent Calls call type should be used for the remainder of the call
    6. refer to the New Enrollment Card Not Received call type in the DCFC
    7. DO NOT disclose that City or State where the Direct Express call center is located.
    8. We are located in the Midwest.
    9. Monday through Saturday 8:00A- 8:00P
    1. This document is an open call to contribute or give feedback on the project. The call was made at the end of Jan 2021. The call is from the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group.

  7. Nov 2020
    1. // DO NOT INLINE this variable. For backward compatibility, foundations take a Partial<MDCFooAdapter>. // To ensure we don't accidentally omit any methods, we need a separate, strongly typed adapter variable.

      I wish I understood what they meant and why this is necessary

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  10. Jul 2020
    1. O’Connor, D. B., Aggleton, J. P., Chakrabarti, B., Cooper, C. L., Creswell, C., Dunsmuir, S., Fiske, S. T., Gathercole, S., Gough, B., Ireland, J. L., Jones, M. V., Jowett, A., Kagan, C., Karanika‐Murray, M., Kaye, L. K., Kumari, V., Lewandowsky, S., Lightman, S., Malpass, D., … Armitage, C. J. (n.d.). Research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: A call to action for psychological science. British Journal of Psychology, n/a(n/a), e12468. https://doi.org/10.1111/bjop.12468

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  • Oct 2017
    1. What does it mean, I asked you, to witness mass extinction—the end of so much ‘worldly striving?’ What could, or should it mean to us, or motivate us to do?

      This is my understanding of the author's central research question and that she is looking to illicit a 'call-to-action' of sorts.

  • Mar 2017
    1. Kubi is the simpler more engaging way to make video calls
  • Dec 2016
  • Jan 2016
    1. In this post we hope to both expand their definition of what annotation can be and inspire them to experiment with new ways of doing it

      purpose of article--a call to action.

  • Jan 2014
    1. So take action now. Give that person what I call a Power Thank You. This has three parts

      I like articles and blog posts like this that have a call to action with a specific example of the action.