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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Ce webinaire présente les principes et les méthodes d’interprétation des indices du WISC-V, un test d’intelligence pour les enfants de 6 à 16 ans. Il aborde les notions de validité, d’homogénéité, de comparaison et de signification des indices, ainsi que les outils et les critères pour analyser les résultats. Il propose une démarche d’interprétation qui prend en compte les observations cliniques, le contexte et les besoins de l’enfant.

  2. Jan 2024
    1. Greek plays are not just about entertainment; they are invitations to the audience to discuss political events.

      Greek plays are either tragedies or comedies. There is a much deeper meaning to them than just entertaining the public. Keeping this in mind when reading the stories gives them a much deeper meaning.(https://www.worldhistory.org/Greek_Theatre/) To know the full extent of what they were really meant for is important to the readers. For this specific play, the meaning behind the story is that the men in charge are operating from an excessively limited perspective as they ignore their partners' informed advice. This is a huge political controversy to this day. Women are very overlooked in society especially considering how far back this is dated. Back when this play was written women were given tasks like cooking and cleaning and had little to no rights so this was a good political example of how they were treated and overlooked.

    1. what kind of character type might he fit?

      Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. He's supposed to be the embodiment of a godlike character and hold many powerful qualities. He has many different character types he portrays in this story and is extremely accomplished. He urges the reader in a way to think about reincarnation which is obviously a big part of his character. "The place of the infinite spirit" (line 851) Krishna fits a representation of love, duty, honor and self control. Learning what type of character type Krishna is this early on is important to keep in mind as the story is read. If the reader doesn't understand the true depth of his character the story may not be as powerful. He shows many attributes of a fully developed character that knows the true power of who they are. In HIndu culture, a character like Krishna is all powerful but also shows a variety of character traits that make him a very admirable character.

  3. Oct 2023
  4. Sep 2023
    1. corralled

      Definition of corralled is "gather together and confine."

    2. akin

      Definition of akin is "of similar nature or character."

    3. dangerously ambitious.

      He wanted to show his courage allowed him to keep going towards his goals, He pushed himself making him writing his own his own poem even though he was being doubted.

    4. “Where the Wild Things Are,”

      This is explaining how his life was getting hated and loved at the same time, everyone that he knew doubted him on his life growing up.

  5. Jul 2023
    1. Six serologically negative sows were infected by intranasal instillation of porcinecytomegalovirus (PCMV) between 31 and 85 days of pregnancy. Four sows showedan afebrile anorexia and lethargy 14-25 days after infection and all 6 developedsignificant increases in indirect immunofluorescent (IIF) antibody titres within35 days. Virus was recovered from nasal and/or cervical swabs from 2 sowsduring life and from lung macrophage cultures after death.At term the sows were killed and their fetuses harvested by caesarean section.The number of mummified and stillborn fetuses increased from 4/63 in 6 previouslitters to 18/60 in the 6 present litters. Nine of 43 fetuses born alive were rearedin isolators for up to 6 weeks but the majority were killed for examination on theday of birth. Virus was isolated from 16 piglets from 4 of the 6 litters examined;it was isolated most frequently from lungs and liver but also from spleen, kidney,brain and nasal mucosa. Unsuckled day-old pigs had insignificant IIF titres,irrespective of whether they were excreting virus or not. The 5 congenital excretorswhich were reared all died within 7 days but no deaths occurred among their 4litter-mates. Post-natal infection of 2 of these piglets reared in contact withcongenitally infected pigs was suggested by the recovery of virus from nasal swabs17 and 27 days after birth and the subsequent rise in IIF titre to 1/256 by day 42.

      在妊娠31 ~ 85天期间,通过鼻内注射猪巨细胞病毒(PCMV)感染了6头血清学阴性的母猪。4只小鼠感染后14 ~ 25 d出现发热性厌食和嗜睡,35 d内间接免疫荧光(IIF)抗体滴度均显著升高。从2头母猪生前的鼻腔和/或宫颈拭子和死后的肺巨噬细胞培养中检出病毒



      肺、肝多发,脾、肾、脑、鼻黏膜多发。 未哺乳日龄猪的IIF滴度不显著,与是否排出病毒无关。饲养的5只先天性排泄体均在7 d内死亡,4只滴母均无死亡。其中2头仔猪与先天性感染猪有过接触,经17日和27日鼻拭子检出病毒,提示其产后感染。到第42天,IIF滴度上升到1/256。

    1. There are two ways of establishing a chord–scale relationship for ii 7 –V 7 or ii≤57–V 7progressions: either select a mode that works for V7 or select a mode that works for ii7or (ii≤57). As shown in Figure 18.4, mm. 2–4 feature a descending sequence of incompleteII–Vs connecting the tonic on I with the predominant on IV. Each II–V progressionestablishes a chord–scale relationship with the corresponding dominant 7th. Notice that,in m. 2, the use of Mixolydian ≤13 fits the underlying context much better than the diatonicMixolydian mode. The tonic note F4 functions as the ≤13th of Mixolydian ≤13 and isretained as a common tone in mm. 1–2. The second A section (mm. 9–16) demonstratesa different approach to chord–scale theory. The selection of modes for the II–V pro-gression in Figure 18.4 is based on the quality of the predominant chord. Thus, inm. 10, Emin7(≤5)–A7 uses E Locrian, while in m. 11, Dmin7–G7 establishes a chord–scalerelationship with D Dorian, etc

      The bridge of “Confirmation” (mm. 17–24) features two four-bar phrases with ii7 –V7 tonicizations of the IV and ≤VI key areas. The chord–scale relationship for the bridge in Figure 18.4 includes a different selection of modes: Dorian, Mixolydian, and Ionian for Cmin7–F7–B≤Maj7, and Dorian, Altered, and Lydian for E≤min7–A≤7–D≤Maj7. Tonal and contextual considerations are particularly evident with the choice of Altered mode in m. 22, which accommodates notes from the tonic key and prepares the arrival of FMaj7 in m. 25. The last A section (mm. 25–32) features a much bolder selection of modes. The choices of A Altered in m. 26 and F Locrian in m. 28 are particularly poignant. The former injects chromatic notes into the structure of dominant 7th chord. The choice of F Locrian over Cmin7–F7 in m. 28 might seem out of place because neither chord (at least not in the present form) establishes a convincing relationship with this mode. But, the F Locrian mode forms a chord–scale relationship with F7(≤9≥9)sus, which is an effective harmonic substitution for Cmin7–F7. While the selection of modes in Figure 18.4 is overcrowded with different options, an improvisation may focus on only a few modes. In fact, each A section contains a selection of modes that could be implemented in the course of an entire solo. In establishing a successful chord–scale relationship for the tune, be mindful of three important con- siderations: (1) modal hierarchy, (2) chromatic treatment, and (3) voice leading. Chromatic modes, for instance, contain notes that might need preparation. This preparation usually takes place anywhere from one beat to one measure before the chromatic notes occur. The succession of modes in mm. 5–6—B≤ Mixolydian and D Mixolydian ≤13—illustrates such a case. The latter mode contains the chromatic ≤13th that was introduced as ≤7th of B≤7 in m. 5. “CONFIRMATION” 239

  6. Jun 2023
    1. Rootless five-part chords in the R.H. (NO voice-leading considerations.)• Roots of chords in the L.H. in 1:1 ratio with the R.H.Broadly speaking, so-called rootless formations omit the root of the chord from theirstructure. With rootless five-part chords, the upper four-part structure is placed in theR.H. and the root in the L.H. Some of the R.H. shapes should look, sound, and feelfamiliar, since they have already been encountered in the four-part chords in the contextof Model III and Model IV. Similar to Model III, we will first acquaint ourselves withfour rotations of the rootless formation. Figure 12.5 provides four Model V realizationsof the major and minor versions of the II–V–I progression, with each realization beginningon a different R.H. shape
    2. Chapter 6 investigates the most important progression in jazz—the II–V–I—and its twotonal variants: ii7–V7–Imaj7 and ii≤57–V7–i7. A discussion of guide tones, secondary dominant7ths, and diminished 7th chords and their subsequent voice-leading transformations furtheramplifies the importance of the progression
    1. An article recommended to me by Dalton V. that he thought I'd enjoy and appreciate. Looks like AlignmentForum is one of those "online Rationalist communities" (like LessWrong, SlateStarCodex, etc.).

      The blog post "The Waluigi Effect" by Cleo Nardo touches on a variety of interesting topics:

      • the Waluigi effect
      • Simulator Theory
      • Derrida's "there is no outside text"
      • RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) and potential limits
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  10. Dec 2022
    1. In the latefifth century, a man called Stobaeus compiled a huge anthology of1,430 poetry and prose quotations. Just 315 of them are from worksthat still exist—the rest are lost.
    2. By AD 500, the Christian Church had drawn most of the talented men of theage into its service, in either missionary, organizational, doctrinal, or purelycontemplative activity.—Edward Grant, Physical Science in the Middle Ages


      Google is like the Catholic Church both as organizers of information and society<br /> Just as the Catholic Church used funding from the masses to employ most of the smartest and talented to its own needs and mission from 500-1000 AD, Google has used advertising technology to collect people and employed them to their own needs. For one, the root was religion and the other technology, but both were organizing people and information for their own needs.

      Who/what organization will succeed them? What will its goals and ethics entail?

      (originally written 2022-12-11)

  11. Sep 2022
    1. James I and James V of Scotland were accomplished poets. James VI (and I of England) wrote prose in the language and indeed continued to speak the language when he ascended to the thrones of Ireland and England.

      James I, James V of Scotland and James VI (and I of England) all spoke and wrote Scots.

  12. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. Главный двигатель к знаниям — это любовь. Все остальное не играет роли. То, что человек любит, он знаетНельзя вбить в голову никакую математику и геометрию. Современной школе не хватает искусства, культуры и риторики. Нужно просто посмотреть семь свободных искусств, которые изучали античные дети, это было неплохо поставлено.В общем-то, смысл и цель всего движения цивилизации — создание артефактов культуры и искусства. Кто правил во времена Баха? Какой по счету был король во времена Шекспира? Эпоха Шекспира, эпоха Пушкина, эпоха Мольера, эпоха греческого театра… А кто был в это время цезарем — это надо смотреть в справочниках. От всего развития человечества остается только культура и искусство. Остальное — ерунда. Ничего другого не остается, как бы мы ни старались. Даже научное открытие только мостик для следующих.
  13. moodle.lynchburg.edu moodle.lynchburg.edu
    1. There were the Burkes,—two brown and yellow lads, and a tiny haughty-eyed girl. FatReuben’s little chubby girl came, with golden face and old-gold hair, faithful and solemn. ‘Theniewas on hand early,—a jolly, ugly, good-hearted girl,

      Du Bois uses such descriptive words that it is easy to visualize a classroom full of a variation of children.

    2. There was an entrance where adoor once was, and within, a massive rickety fireplace; great chinks between the logs served aswindows. Furniture was scarce. A pale blackboard crouched in the corner. My desk was made ofthree boards, reinforced at critical points, and my chair, borrowed from the landlady, had to bereturned every night. Seats for the children—these puzzled me much.

      It is easy to visualize a classroom that was neglected for years and is currently running on a low budget (borrowed and recycled materials/furniture).

    3. white teachers inthe morning, Negroes at night.

      This description provides me with a visual of racial segregation occurring.

    4. There was an entrance where adoor once was, and within, a massive rickety fireplace; great chinks between the logs served aswindows. Furniture was scarce. A pale blackboard crouched in the corner. My desk was made ofthree boards, reinforced at critical points, and my chair, borrowed from the landlady, had to bereturned every night. Seats for the children—these puzzled me muc

      very easy to visualize a classroom with a low budget made of old materials.

    5. with a stoop in his shoulders; and the rest

      Very descriptive detail of the people which gives you a very easy guide to follow

    6. Fisk University

      Moved on to a bigger school and left the small area

    7. little feet bare

      could be terminology to describe to the reader that the students are poor

    8. There was an entrance where adoor once was, and within, a massive rickety fireplace; great chinks between the logs served aswindows.

      It seems like it was somewhat already set up for leaning

    9. The father was a quiet, simple soul, calmly ignorant, with no touch of vulgarity. The mother wasdifferent,—strong, bustling, and energetic, with a quick, restless tongue, and an ambition to live“like folks.”

      Almost seems like reversed rolls for the time

    10. white teachers inthe morning, Negroes at nigh

      There was an obvious separation between the two

    11. My journey was done, and behind me lay hill and dale, and Life and Death.

      The lay hill represented life to the author while dale represented death.

    12. There were the Burkes,—two brown and yellow lads, and a tiny haughty-eyed girl. FatReuben’s little chubby girl came, with golden face and old-gold hair, faithful and solemn. ‘Theniewas on hand early,—a jolly, ugly, good-hearted girl,

      The author uses good descriptive words that allows for me to easily visualize each of the characters being described.

    13. There was an entrance where adoor once was, and within, a massive rickety fireplace; great chinks between the logs served aswindows. Furniture was scarce. A pale blackboard crouched in the corner. My desk was made ofthree boards, reinforced at critical points, and my chair, borrowed from the landlady, had to bereturned every night. Seats for the children—these puzzled me much.

      I can visualize a very scarce and not well taken care of classroom with room for very few students.

    14. Sprinkled over hill and dale lay cabins and farmhouses, shut out from the world by the forestsand the rolling hills toward the east. There I found at last a little school

      I can visualize a bright blue sunny sky with vast hills and farmhouses spread out then a tiny little school sitting alone.

    1. First, political power,Second, insistence on civil rights,Third, higher education of Negro youth,—and concentrate all their energies on industrial education, and accu-mulation of wealth, and the conciliation of the South

      This gives me a visual of a sports team working so hard for years and finally almost reaching their full potential and then their coach leaves and a new one comes in and scratches all the plays and sets they have been working on for years.

    2. He is striving nobly to make Negro artisans business menand property-owners

      He wants to make them equal by allowing them to move up in the world instead of hopelessly wanting to be equal

    3. If the best of the AmericanNegroes receive by outer pressurea leader whom they had not recog-nized before, manifestly there is herea certain palpable gain.

      If people do not know their leader very well, it is not common that they may just blindly hand over their trust to someone

    4. mere envy

      People could have been very jealous of not only the work he was doing and was being successful at, but possibly the fame that he was gaining on the way

    5. So Mr. Washington’s culthas gained unquestioning followers, his work has wonderfully prospered,his friends are legion, and his enemies are confounded

      V: It seems like he was incredibly prepared for what he wanted to propose and change which I think made him such a great leader and activist . I think that people can really pick up on if their leader is strong or not and if they are not they may be less inclinded to follow them

    6. This “Atlanta Compromise” is by all odds the most notable thing inMr. Washington’s career. The South interpreted it in different ways: theradicals received it as a complete surrender of the demand for civil andpolitical equality; the conservatives, as a generously conceived workingbasis for mutual understanding

      V: He worked to create not only people being equal too, but I imagine that he wanted to create the mindset that people are equal too

    1. I would set no limits to the attainments of the Negro inarts, in letters or statesmanship, but I believe the surestway to reach those ends is by laying the foundation in thelittle things of life that lie immediately about one’s door. Iplead for industrial education and development for theNegro not because I want to cramp him, but because Iwant to free him. I want to see him enter the all-powerfulbusiness and commercial world

      I can visualize a man holding a master key that symbolizes his education in industrial development that opens every door in a hallway and each one represents a different career. The foundation is industrial development and once you learn that there are so many options for you because you have learned the basis of everything.

    2. Every blow of the sledge hammer wielded by a sable armis a powerful blow in support of our cause.

      When reading this I am imagining a strong arm winding up and smacking a firm wall with a sledgehammer hard enough to break apart the wall. This visualization allows me to understand the purpose of this part of the quote, that hard work and consistency can create change/make a difference.

    3. Frederick Douglass:“Every blow of the sledge hammer wielded by a sable armis a powerful blow in support of our cause.

      I can visualize a strong arm banging a sledgehammer into a wall to show that hard work can truly make a difference.

  14. Aug 2022
    1. work/actions and harmful effects.

      X causes Y. Seems simple, but what the opposition wants is to create doubt with the word "causes", thus taking advantage of scientific method's careful and controlled use of the difference between causation and correlation. All of these groups have turned scientific method's greatest strength back on itself. There is a big difference between doubt and skepticism.

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    1. https://theconversation.com/abortion-has-been-common-in-the-us-since-the-18th-century-and-debate-over-it-started-soon-after-182496

      by Treva B. Lindsey, Professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University

    2. On Nov. 14, 1972, a controversial two-part episode of the groundbreaking television show, “Maude” aired. Titled “Maude’s Dilemma,” the episodes chronicled the decision by the main character to have an abortion. Roe v. Wade was issued two months after these episodes. The ruling affirmed the right to have an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. “Maude’s Dilemma” brought the battle over abortion from the streets and courthouses to primetime television.

      "Maude's Dilemma", the first of a two-part episode about the title character Maude's decision to have an abortion, aired on November 14, 1972 just two months before the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

    1. In this week’s leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, Justice Samuel Alito wrote, “The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions.” Yet abortion was so “deeply rooted” in colonial America that one of our nation’s most influential architects went out of his way to insert it into the most widely and enduringly read and reprinted math textbook of the colonial Americas—and he received so little pushback or outcry for the inclusion that historians have barely noticed it is there. Abortion was simply a part of life, as much as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

      Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has written in a leaked draft opinion of Dobs v. Jackson Women's Health that "The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation's history and traditions."

      However, historians have shown that in fact it was so deeply rooted in in early America that Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the country actively inserted medical advice about abortion into a widely read and popular primer on math and reading.

    1. The justices held their final arguments of the current term on Wednesday. The court has set a series of sessions over the next two months to release rulings in its still-unresolved cases, including the Mississippi abortion case.

      It's very likely that the decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization would have been released late in the typical cycle. The leak of this document prior to the midterm elections may have some profound effects on the election cycle.

    2. Alito approvingly quotes a broad range of critics of the Roe decision. He also points to liberal icons such as the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, who at certain points in their careers took issue with the reasoning in Roe or its impact on the political process.

      But didn't they also criticize the original decision because they felt that there were better and stronger arguments in favor of maintaining the right?

  18. Apr 2022
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    1. For example, if you pre-build a swordman, a spearman and an horseman in 4 cities, you can produce a total of 12 units in 3 turns. This make you save a lot of gold in units maintenance for a good amount of turns.
  20. ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com ivanov-petrov.livejournal.com
    1. — А как вы росли? Расскажите.— Я маму всегда стеснялась. Мы очень бедно жили. Летом ездили на дачу.— Полоть дурацкую картошку?— И ягоды собирали в лесу. Все девочки ели. А мы собирали на продажу. И надо мной смеялись, что моя мама ягодами у дороги торгует. Я на море только в десятом классе поехала.— А что делали вы?— А мне говорили: "Учись". Может быть и из-за этого у меня проблемы с мужчинами, что меня не научили, как с мужчинами общаться.— Нет, проблемы у вас не из-за этого. А из-за того, что вы не видите того, как много ваша мама для вас сделала.— Да, что она для меня сделала?! Я всё сама!— Конечно, сама. Кто оплатил ваше образование? Кто полол дурацкую картошку, чтобы у вас была еда? Кто собирал чернику и продавал, чтобы собрать вас в школу? Если я правильно посчитала — ваше детство это девяностые. Я их хорошо помню. Когда денег не было совсем, когда люди выживали благодаря картошке.— Вы только о материальном! А ведь есть же ещё и духовное! Дружба! Доверие!— Легко говорить о дружбе и о доверии, когда у тебя всё есть. Трудно, когда тебе нечем кормить ребёнка. И ваша мама сделала всё, что смогла. Она сделала ровно столько, сколько смогла. Она дала вам то, благодаря чему вы можете делать то, что делаете. Да, ей тяжело, да она не понимает, как можно жить по-другому, но её жизненная стратегия, судя по вам, оказалась успешной. А дальше ваша задача.— Какая?— Подумайте.Когда я училась в университете на психфаке, один из наших преподавателей сказал: «Родители всегда неправы, но у вас есть выбор какую жизнь вы хотите прожить, и этот выбор у вас есть благодаря вашим родителям». У наших родителей была не самая простая жизнь. Я хорошо помню своё детство. Я помню, как мама и бабушка кипятили бельё и стирали его вручную. Я помню, как мы жили, когда родителям по полгода не платили зарплату. И я помню зиму, когда у нас не было никакой еды, кроме картошки и консервированных овощей с дачи. Я помню, как плакала моя мама, когда в школе украли мою сменную обувь и не было денег, чтобы купить новую. Елена Пастернакhttps://irin-v.livejournal.com/2403364.html
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    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhgwIhB58PA

      Learning styles have been debunked.

      Learning styles: V.A.R.K. model originated by Neil Flemiing stands for:

      • visual
      • auditory
      • reading/writing
      • kinesthetic


      Pashler, H., McDaniel, M., Rohrer, D., & Bjork, R. (2008). Learning styles: Concepts and evidence. Psychological science in the public interest, 9(3), 105-119. — https://ve42.co/Pashler2008

      Willingham, D. T., Hughes, E. M., & Dobolyi, D. G. (2015). The scientific status of learning styles theories. Teaching of Psychology, 42(3), 266-271. — https://ve42.co/Willingham

      Massa, L. J., & Mayer, R. E. (2006). Testing the ATI hypothesis: Should multimedia instruction accommodate verbalizer-visualizer cognitive style?. Learning and Individual Differences, 16(4), 321-335. — https://ve42.co/Massa2006

      Riener, C., & Willingham, D. (2010). The myth of learning styles. Change: The magazine of higher learning, 42(5), 32-35.— https://ve42.co/Riener2010

      Husmann, P. R., & O'Loughlin, V. D. (2019). Another nail in the coffin for learning styles? Disparities among undergraduate anatomy students’ study strategies, class performance, and reported VARK learning styles. Anatomical sciences education, 12(1), 6-19. — https://ve42.co/Husmann2019

      Snider, V. E., & Roehl, R. (2007). Teachers’ beliefs about pedagogy and related issues. Psychology in the Schools, 44, 873–886. doi:10.1002/pits.20272 — https://ve42.co/Snider2007

      Fleming, N., & Baume, D. (2006). Learning Styles Again: VARKing up the right tree!. Educational developments, 7(4), 4. — https://ve42.co/Fleming2006

      Rogowsky, B. A., Calhoun, B. M., & Tallal, P. (2015). Matching learning style to instructional method: Effects on comprehension. Journal of educational psychology, 107(1), 64. — https://ve42.co/Rogowskyetal

      Coffield, Frank; Moseley, David; Hall, Elaine; Ecclestone, Kathryn (2004). — https://ve42.co/Coffield2004

      Furey, W. (2020). THE STUBBORN MYTH OF LEARNING STYLES. Education Next, 20(3), 8-13. — https://ve42.co/Furey2020

      Dunn, R., Beaudry, J. S., & Klavas, A. (2002). Survey of research on learning styles. California Journal of Science Education II (2). — https://ve42.co/Dunn2002

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    1. In V however, you can compile and run the whole folder of .v files together, using just v run .. Passing parameters also works, so you can do: v run . --yourparam some_other_stuff
  25. May 2021
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    1. En muchas de las ocasiones los seres humanos estamos sujetos a las actividades que otros hacen para guiarnos o quizá imitar comportamientos. Es por ello que existen una cantidad e prohibiciones de copiado para evitar la repetición de contenidos..

    1. A circular electronics system - one in which resources are not extracted, used and wasted, but re-used in countless ways - creates decent, sustainable jobs and retains more value in the industry.

      This sentence caught my eye because it seems like an obvious solution to reduce the amount of e-waste and materials used to create new products. It is upsetting to see that many people resort to being wasteful and using up the world's resources at such a quick rate before thinking about reusing and remodeling what we have already created.

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  29. Nov 2020
    1. Americans tend more and more often to marry people with education levels similar to their own, and to befriend people with backgrounds similar to their own.

      Here I believe the author is correct. Now a days everyone tends to stay within their own race groups. I believe this happens because if you find people with your similarities and same thinking you feel safe and comfortable. Most people do not want to feel left out when they are set in a place with everyone who is alike to one another except for them. Hence making us seem very less diverse because all we want is to fit in and feel comfortable.- Rebecca V

  30. Sep 2020
  31. Aug 2020
    1. Guo, L., Boocock, J., Tome, J. M., Chandrasekaran, S., Hilt, E. E., Zhang, Y., Sathe, L., Li, X., Luo, C., Kosuri, S., Shendure, J. A., Arboleda, V. A., Flint, J., Eskin, E., Garner, O. B., Yang, S., Bloom, J. S., Kruglyak, L., & Yin, Y. (2020). Rapid cost-effective viral genome sequencing by V-seq. BioRxiv, 2020.08.15.252510. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.08.15.252510

  32. Jul 2020
    1. Simply stated, students are often not provided with opportunities in school to practice the web literacies necessary to read, write, and participate on the web.

      I remember having to take a computer science course in high school/middle school, but it mainly focused on developing digital skills instead of digital literacies

  33. Apr 2020
  34. Oct 2019
    1. This year's Miss Eastwood winner, 17-year-old PLC Pymble student Lucy Fang of Marsfield, said she would use the $1000 prize money from Yuhu Group to restart a local reading program for young children. She also gets to lead Saturday's Granny Smith Festival parade. "I'm so excited to use this opportunity to give back to my community," she said.

      By this stage you would have been lamenting this disastrous assignment.

      It started out an quick and easy regurgitation to help a mate that only needed a few omissions and some unbalanced assertions and some of the cheaper of the available background paragraphs.

      And now you were hearing this year's winner would reinvest her cash prize into a community initiative. It wasn't what you signed up for.

      Where was the sinister, evil ingredient to be included in one line to top off your pre-written story?

  35. Mar 2019
    1. In this way, anthropologists often attemptto understand and appreciate culture from the point of view of the people within it.

      This statement reminds me of when I took an anthropology class here at Lander and our professor showed us a documentary about Julia Roberts living with a Mongolian nomad family for days to learn about and live their culture. The link I have attached is just one part of the documentary. Here she is learning about the Mongolian's relationship with wild horses.

    1. This modulefocuses on biases against social groups,which social psychologists sort intoemotional prejudices, mental stereotypes,and behavioral discrimination. Thesethree aspects of bias are related, but theyeach can occur separately from the others(Dovidio & Gaertner, 2010; Fiske, 1998). Forexample, sometimes people have anegative, emotional reaction to a socialgroup (prejudice) without knowing even themost superficial reasons to dislike them(stereotypes).

      The article talks about how prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination has a correlation, but can happen separately. I do believe that this is true. You can be prejudice, stereotypical and discriminate towards others and not be aware. You see this happen a lot in this society. This are the people that see no wrong in there behavior and thinks society is suppose to keep accepting there behavior. Times have change from the 70's to now.

    1. gender stereotypes, or thebeliefs and expectations people holdabout the typical characteristics, preferences,and behaviors of men and women. Aperson’s gender identity refers to theirpsychological sense of being male orfemale.

      I think in today's society a lot of people struggle with gender stereotypes and their identity. Society is set up to believe that the man is masculine and the women is feminine, and that if those traits are switched, then it's wrong. It's hard teaching a child about gender stereotypes because you don't want your child to feel as though he or she can not do certain things, but it happens which "may or may not" cause a crisis with their gender identity. You want the child to explore their options but in this case a lot of parents may not agree because they don't want to cause confusion. According to the article gender stereotypes, or the beliefs and expectations people hold about the typical characteristics, preferences,and behaviors of men and women. A person’s gender identity refers to their psychological sense of being male or female.

  36. Jan 2019
    1. I want to plea for monistic affirmativepolitics grounded on immanent inter-connections and generative differ-ence

      This strikes me as a key distinction between postmodernism and posthumanism. Postmodernism can be thought of as post-utopian, while posthumanism works toward an affirmative, generative future. I don't know if posthumanism is utopian, per se, but it doesn't seem to be dystopic in the way that postmodernism often is.

    1. Mark V Computer

      Since the story was written in 1954, Clarke was probably anticipating the Harvard Mark V. The Mark IV machine was developed in 1952 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Mark_IV) while the Mark V was built in 1960 (http://museum.ipsj.or.jp/en/computer/dawn/0034.html) so Clarke was 6 years ahead of his time.

  37. Dec 2018

      Moción de censura queda recogida en el Art 113 de la CE, y es un instrumento que tiene el congreso de los diputados para obligar al presidente del gobierno a dimitir, dicho con otras palabras, sirve para que el congreso de los diputados cambie el poder ejecutivo, (presidente del gobierno y resto del gobierno incluido ministros y vicepresidentes. La finalidad de la Moción de censura, es enjuiciar políticamente por parte del congreso de los diputados, la actuación del gobierno, exigiendo responsabilidad política al mismo y procediendo a una sustitución sin nueva convocatoria electoral. Se conoce como Moción de censura constructiva porque la retirada de la confianza lleva aparejada la investidura de un nuevo candidato. La moción de censura debe ser firmada al menos por 1/10 de los diputados, debe incluir los motivos que la sustentan y el candidato a presidir el gobierno que proponen (este no tiene que ser miembro de la cámara y debe haber aceptado previamente). En el procedimiento de la moción de censura, regulado en los Artículos 113.1, 113.2, 113.3 de la CE, expone que, la Moción de censura , deberá ser propuesta al menos por la décima parte de los diputados y hay que incluir un candidato a la presidencia del gobierno ( art 113.2 de CE) , además a la hora previamente anunciada, se vota la moción, y debe a ver transcurrido al menos 5 días desde su presentación en el registro de la cámara y en los dos primeros días de dicho plazo podrán presentarse mociones alternativas (Art 113.3 de CE). La votación es pública por llamamiento, es decir, se pronuncia el nombre de cada diputado y desde su escaño responde, si, no o abstención. Para prosperar necesita el apoyo de la mayoría absoluta de la cámara, al menos de 176 diputados, Si se aprueba una Moción de censura el congreso retira la confianza al presidente del gobierno actual y el candidato incluido en ella se considera investido presidente a los efectos previstos en el (Art 99 de CE), el primero presentará su dimisión y el segundo será nombrado por el rey (Art 114.2 de CE). Si el presidente del gobierno no prospera, mantiene la confianza de la cámara y los firmantes de la moción rechazada no podrán presentar otra moción en el mismo período de sesiones (Art 113.4 de CE).

  38. Nov 2018

      La disolución del Parlamento no es otra cosa que la decisión por la que se pone fin anticipado a este órgano representativo. Éste proceso es recogido en el artículo 115 de la CE (Constitución española), en el título quinto (De las relaciones entre el Gobierno y las Cortes Generales).

    2. La moción de censura la podemos ver reflejada en el Título V "De las relaciones entre el Gobierno y las Cortes Generales", de la Constitución Española de 1978, concretamente en el artículo 113, donde podemos encontrar 4 apartados. Es un artículo donde se valora la actuación del Gobierno. Dependiendo de si triunfa o no dicha moción, habrá unas consecuencias u otras. Un ejemplo de moción de censura que podemos tomar, puede ser la ocurrida entre mayo y junio de 2018, donde Mariano Rajoy tuvo que dimitir, ya que triunfó la moción de censura que realizó Pedro Sánchez, siendo este último el actual presidente del Gobierno de España.

    3. DISOLUCIÓN ANTICIPADA DE LAS CÁMARAS Cuya finalidad es reforzar la mayoría parlamentaria del gobierno a base de una nueva elección electoral. La iniciativa es que el Presidente tenga deliberación con el Consejo de Ministros. Sus aspectos son : 1 Que el decreto este firmado por el Rey y refrendado por el Presidente. art 64 2 Debe de haber una convocatoria electoral. art 68 3 Puede afectar a una o las dos Cámaras. Título III. Sus límites son: -No puede haber una disolución anticipada mediante una moción de censura. art 113. -No puede haber una nueva disolución sin haber pasado un año del anterior. art 115 y art 99 -No puede haber disolución en los supuestos del art.116.


      Es un mecanismo jurídico que representa la contrapartida de la moción de censura: la posibilidad de disolver anticipadamente el parlamento y convocar nuevas elecciones. Para ello, el Presidente del Gobierno podrá proponer, bajo su exclusiva responsabilidad, la disolución del Congreso, del Senado o de las Cortes generales. Dicha disolución será decretada por el Rey y en ella se fijará la fecha de las elecciones. El protagonista de la disolución es el Presidente del Gobierno, no pudiéndose negar el Rey a firmar el decreto. El texto constitucional establece que no podrá presentarse propuesta de disolución anticipada del parlamento cuando esté en trámite una moción de censura. Disuelto el parlamento, desaparece el mandato parlamentario de sus miembros, salvo el de los que formen parte de las Diputaciones permanentes de las cámaras. La disolución anticipada de las cámaras aparece en la Constitución Española en el artículo 115, en el que muestra lo siguiente: El Presidente del Gobierno, previa deliberación del Consejo de Ministros, y bajo su exclusiva responsabilidad, podrá proponer la disolución del Congreso, del Senado o de las Cortes Generales, que será decretada por el Rey. El decreto de disolución fijará la fecha de las elecciones. La propuesta de disolución no podrá presentarse cuando esté en trámite una moción de censura. No procederá nueva disolución antes de que transcurra un año desde la anterior, salvo lo dispuesto en el artículo 99, apartado 5.

  39. Oct 2018
    1. It will be observed that the basis of confederation now proposed differs from that of-the-United States in several important particulars. It does not profess to be derived from the people, but would be the Constitution provided by the Imperial Parliament; thus affording the means of remedying any defect, which is now practically impossible under the American Constitution.

      §§.91, 91(1), and 92(1) of the Constitution Act, 1867.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1982.

  40. Sep 2018
    1. It appears therefore that the only alternative which now offers itself to the inhabitants of Lower Canada is a choice between dissolution pure and simple, or Confederation on one side, and representation by population on the other. And however opposed Lower Canada may be to representation by population, is there not imminent danger that it may be finally imposed upon it, if it resist all measures of reform, the object of which is to leave to the local authorities of each section the control of its own interests and institutions. We should not forget that the same authority which imposed on us the Act of Union, or which altered it without our consent, by repealing the clause which required the concurrence of two thirds of the members of both Houses in order to change the representation respecting the two sections, may again intervene to impose upon us this new change.

      Preamble, Part V, §§.51, 52, 91, 91(1), 92, and 92(2) of the Constitution Act, 1867. of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    1. ” The Local Government and Legislature of each province shall be constructed in such manner as the existing legislature of each such province shall provide.” I do not understand from this whether it is competent or not for us in this Legislature, before there is a Federal union, to make provision for the Local Government and Legislature, or whether we are to await the action upon the subject of Federation of the Imperial Government. Our action, one should suppose, ought to be taken after the Imperial Government has pronounced. Perhaps this is the intention. Mr. SPEAKER, they refuse to tell us anything about it. It may be that, as soon as these resolutions are carried, we will be sent about our business ; that the Imperial Legislature will be invited to pass an act, and that they will convene us again, provision being made for that course, and so in point of fact, having once affirmed the principle of Federation, we will have to accept such local legislatures as they choose to give us.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    1. they will soon be dispensed with, just as in a machine we do away with useless and expensive wheelwork. Nothing will then be left to us but the legislative union which the honorable members have not ventured to propose, because they are compelled to admit it would be an act of crying injustice to Lower Canada. But we are told to rely on article 42, which gives to the local legislatures the right of amending or changing their Constitutions from time to time, and it is said that when Lower Canada is separated from Upper Canada, she may alter her Constitution if she pleases, and adapt it to her own views.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    2. It is true that, according to the 41st article of the resolutions, ” The local governments and legislature of each province shall b3 constructed in such manner as the existing legislature of each such province shall provide.” But the English element is at present in the majority. We are told that the English are naturally favorable to responsible government. That is true when it relates to themselves ; for how many years did Canada remain without responsible government ? The painful events of 1837 and 1838 were the result of that anomaly in the parliamentary system. Upper Canada will not need, as we shall, a local responsible government ; it will not have, as we shall have, to defend a nationality which will be in a minority in the Federal Parliament, but which, at least, ought to enjoy in Lower Canada those powers which parliamentary authority everywhere accords to the majority. Upper Canada only desires to make of her local legislature a municipal council on a large scale ; she will fight out her party quarrels in the wider arena of the Federal Parliament. The English of Lower Canada, who will gain nothing by having a responsible local government, because that government is the government of the majority, will unite their votes with those of Upper Canada to impose upon us the same system of government as in the other section. The local parliaments, in the event of that system being adopted, having no part in the government, will soon become perfectly useless, and

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    1. I contend that the local constitutions are as much an essential part of the whole as the general Constitution, and that they both should have been laid at the same time before the House. (Hear, hear.) We ought, besides, to have a clear statement of what are the liabilities specially assigned to Upper and Lower Canada.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    2. a Constitution with the Upper House as proposed, without knowing what sort of local legislatures we are to have to govern us ? Suppose, after we have adopted the main scheme, the Government come down with a plan for settling the local legislatures upon which great differences of opinion will arise, may it not happen then that the majority from Lower Canada will unite with a minority from Upper Canada and impose upon that section a local Constitution distasteful to a large majority of the people of Upper Canada.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    1. And as I have said, the process of submitting any statute to the popular vote, in order to give it the force of law, is unheard of in British constitutional practice.

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    2. alluded the other day to the conservative feature of the Senate in the United States, in allowing the same representation to small states as to the larger states. But this does not at all affect the general arrangement, because the large majority are large states. But while my honorable friend approves of this portion, he should have expressed an opinion on the whole system. In the United States, no change of Constitution can be effected without the consent of two-thirds of both branches of the Legislature, and that must afterwards be sanctioned by three fourths of the state governments. This is a conservative feature also.

      Part V, §§.22 and 92(1) of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    3. The Federal Government will have the right of imposing taxes on the provinces without the concurrence of the local governments. Under article five of the 29th resolution, the Federal Government may raise moneys by all modes or systems of taxation, and I look upon this power as most excessive. Thus, in case it should happen, as I said a moment ago, that the Lower Canada Government refused to undertake the payment of the debt contracted for the redemption of the Seigniorial Tenure, the Federal Government would have two methods of compelling it to do so. First, by retaining the amount out of the eighty cents per head indemnity to be accorded to the Local Government, and secondly, by imposing a local and direct tax. The Lieutenant Governor of the Local Government will be appointed by the Federal Government, and will be guided by its instructions. We are not told whether the Local Government will be responsible to the Local Legislature; whether there will be only one or two branches of the Legislature, nor how the Legislative Council will be composed, if there is to be one ; we are refused any information whatsoever on these points, which are nevertheless of some importance.

      Preamble, Part V, §§.90 and 91(3).

  41. Aug 2018
    1. questions in respect of which we are in complete ignorance, and in relation to which the Government will say nothing whatever. And, with respect to the constitution of the local governments, are we, in case the Upper Canada majority choose to impose their ideas upon us, are we, I say, to submit to them ?

      Part V of the Constitution Act, 1867.

  42. Jul 2018
    1. Can explain concepts, principles, and processes by putting it their own words, teaching it to others, justifying their answers, and showing their reasoning.• Can interpret by making sense of data, text, and experience through images, analogies, stories, and models.• Can apply by effectively using and adapting what they know in new and complex contexts.• Demonstrate perspective by seeing the big picture and recognizing differ-ent points of view.• Display empathy by perceiving sensitively and walking in someone else’s shoes.• Have self-knowledge by showing meta-cognitive awareness, using productive habits of mind, and reflect-ing on the meaning of the learning and experience.

      Awesome examples! kind of reminds me of Bloom's taxonomy concept

  43. Mar 2018
  44. Sep 2017
    1. While it intervenes to protect legitimate state interests, the state must nevertheless put into place a robust regime that ensures the fulfilment of a three-fold requirement. These three requirements apply to all restraints on privacy (not just informational privacy). They emanate from the procedural and content-based mandate of Article 21. The first requirement that there must be a law in existence to justify an encroachmenton privacy is an express requirement of Article 21. For, no person can be deprived of his life or personal liberty except in accordance with the procedure established by law. The existence of law is an essential requirement. Second, the requirement of aneed, in terms of a legitimate state aim, ensures that the nature and content of the law which imposes the restriction falls within the zone of reasonableness mandated by Article 14, which is a guarantee against arbitrary state action. The pursuit of a legitimate state aim ensures that the law does not suffer from

      21 obligates the state to take steps to protect privacy (even in horizontal relationships?)

    2. reasonable expectation that it will be utilised

      Does the constitutional right to privacy envisage the purpose limitation principle? Does it only apply to state/private parties acting on behalf of state or for purely horizontal relationships as well?

    3. Court repudiated the notion that a person who places documents with a bank would, as a result, forsake an expectation of confidentiality. In the view of the Court, even if the documents cease to be at a place other than in the custody and control of the customer, privacy attaches to persons and not places and hence the protection of privacy is not diluted

      2 important observations

      • recognition of privacy attached to persons and and not places (moving beyond a propertarian view of privacy)

      • sharing of information does not lead to forsaking a reasonable expectation of privacy. Without reference, repudiation of third party doctrine. privacy not quivalent with secrecy.

    4. Aristotle’s distinction between the public and private realms can be regarded as providing a basis for restricting governmental authority to activities falling within the public realm.

      Aristotle's Public v private sphere. Role of government restricted to public sphere. Early conception of a sphere of rights (?) repelling state action