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  1. Mar 2020
    1. In order to combat these form spam BOTS, websites often employ a series of textual or picture quizzes to the user submitting the form such as CAPTCHA. These tests are somewhat effective for standard BOTS, but are annoying to website visitors and often lead to abandoned contacts or site sales. In addition, BOTS are evolving to the point where these measures are becoming obsolete and ineffective.
  2. Jan 2020
  3. Dec 2019
    1. This song:




      is a file that I have. I believe that prefering your own race is very natural, but hating other races is a personal problem; that is more psychological than natural. This song makes no stance on any this at all though (FYI).

  4. Nov 2019
    1. The only place he could think of was the Trianon in mid-town

      Mapping Assignment Location - Emi and Ichiro go dancing

    2. Thinking that he heard a knocking on the front door, he remained still and listened. It came again, faintly, hesitantly. He went through the store, wondering who it could be.

      Emi coming to Ichiro's store to talk about his mother's passing - Mapping Assignment location

    3. He squirmed uneasily and wondered if Taro would acknowledge the telegram which he had sent the day before after finally having hunted down the information that he was taking basic training in a California camp

      Mapping Assignment Location - Taro's location during Ma's funeral

    4. HE FUNERAL WAS HELD SEVERAL DAYS LATER AT THE BUDDHIST church up on the hill next to a playground.

      Mapping Assignment Location - Ma's funeral

    5. They did not speak again until the car was beside the grocery store.

      Mapping assignment

    6. I went to Portland with him.”

      Mapping Assignment Location

    7. ‘Put my ashes in an orange crate and dump them in the Sound off Connecticut Street Dock where the sewer runs out,’

      Mapping Assignment Location

    8. It scared him to think that he might be sobering up.

      What scared him more, sobering up or facing reality?

  5. Oct 2019
    1. Each year the winner is crowned with great fanfare at Eastwood Shopping Centre, which is owned by Yuhu Group, the company founded by billionaire property developer and political donor Huang Xiangmo.

      A suggestive paragraph that may have had currency at the time you put together the story - but really, pretty much irrelevant.

      With all this unnecessary detail - it's no wonder you never got round to the teeny weeny task of counterbalancing the grand crusade of George Simon to put an end to to the event, with the fact that it failed. Spectacularly!

      And if you had just a bit more time, you probably would have been able to also include there was another similar attempt prior to his, from one of his factional colleagues, that was also punted by council.

    1. “To measure the head, the height, etc., does not indeed mean that we are establishing a system of pedagogy, but it indicates the road which we may follow to arrive at such a system, since if we are to educate an individual, we must have a definite and direct knowledge of him.”

      This is obviously done incorrectly in schools nowadays, referring to the large class sizes and common core putting restrictions on mostly everything. This raises the question, though, does homeschooling produce a better pedagogy? Or is it dependent on the specific educator?

    2. But in spite of all these tendencies, Scientific Pedagogy has never yet been definitely constructed nor defined. It is something vague of which we speak, but which does not,[Pg 2] in reality, exist. We might say that it has been, up to the present time, the mere intuition or suggestion of a science which, by the aid of the positive and experimental sciences that have renewed the thought of the nineteenth century, must emerge from the mist and clouds that have surrounded it.

      It is interesting to think about the hugely varying ideas that restrict the existence of a Scientific Pedagogy. Not even those that oppose each other through a research standpoint, but also those that are constrained by religious beliefs.

  6. Aug 2019
  7. Jun 2019
    1. AtthecoreofmyargumentisthewayinwhichGooglebiasessearchtoitsowneconomicinterests—foritsprofitabilityandtobolsteritsmarketdominanceatanyexpense

      I have been trying to avoid the word "money" in my annotations to avoid coming off as anti-capitalist as I really am, but yes: Corporations do not give a care about individuals or marginalized groups outside of how they can profit off of their oppression. Remember this June; this Pride Month; that any company selling you rainbow merchandise is not doing it out of legitimate care about LGBTQ+ rights but because it's profitable! Yes, even if they're giving 20% of proceeds to charity - where do you think the other 80% goes?

  8. Apr 2019
    1. Our culture is defined by the music we listen to, and the way it is portrayed in the media. Every culture around the world has a different style of song or dance that represents their traditions. Culture can not only be changed through popular songs, but is best represented through music. One of the best ways to understand a foreign culture is by listening to the music that is favorable among the people whose culture you are trying to understand. Music is one of the most powerful forms of art between cultures.

      Music has the power to redefine cultures. We can see this through generational differences between song preferences. For example, American country music back in the late 1900s has a much different feel and style compared to country music now in 2019. While keeping within the same genre, this style of music touches upon different subjects, and uses different instruments, sounds and lyrics. Even early hip-hop has evolved from its beginnings. Hip-hop music is considered the most popular music as of right now, but it has not always been that way. Each generation favors different types of genres of music, and it is clear which backgrounds over the years have favored certain genres of music. As much as music can differentiate cultures, and generations, music can bring people of completely different background together by its artistic flavor and general popularity throughout the mainstream media.

    2. Music and the media directly impact the way we view sports, and the way we prepare for our games. Sports depend on music and the media for inspiration, and something to be connected to. Not only can we use music to get us ready for a big game, or a long practice, but we can use the songs we listen to, to connect us to the atmosphere in which we like to play our sports in. The entire world of sports revolves heavily around music, especially the way in which our sports are portrayed in the media. Every season professional sports and the NCAA included will use a popular song in one of their commercials to give you something to tie that sport to when you hear that song. This method of familiarizing the game to a song helps viewers always connect the two when either watching a game, or listening to a song.

      ​Not only can we connect our sports to songs, but we prepare for our games with music. Music can influence the way we feel as stated previously in the about section. This can be a powerful effect for pre and post game activities. For people who are unfamiliar with being in a locker room atmosphere, nothing can bring a team closer together than a song that is consistently played before or after games. Teams will usually have a few songs that have significant value to every player and become part of the teams ritual. When you have a song, or multiple songs that bring you together as a team this can significantly increase the feeling you of joy you have during wins, or loses with your teammates. Music is one of the most important ways to artistically articulate the world of sports.

  9. Mar 2019
  10. www.microbiologyresearch.org www.microbiologyresearch.org
    1. The fluorescence signal atCT37±7 corre-sponds to the no-template-control andrepresents bacterial DNA contamination inthe commercially supplied reagents.
  11. Feb 2019
    1. by these elucidations given rise or increase to his doubts, and drawn obscurity upon the place

      Following Dr. Rivers's postmodern note, this reminds me of our discussion in class related to Nietzsche, how we're so often trained to assume that the text means something other than the text itself, and we search for the "true" meaning buried underneath the text, perhaps in the author's subconscious. I'm reminded to of a comment made in Dr. Johnston's poetry class, that we as critics don't spend enough time on simply characterizing texts; in place of depth arrived at through analysis, we should strive for complexity in our attempt to take the words on the page at their word.

  12. Jan 2019
    1. excessive reading has a scattering effect: “In reading of many books is distraction.”

      I feel personally attacked. ;)

  13. Nov 2018
    1. Beyond the Frame: The New Classroom

      In this video a discussion of how the school system is broken but cost billions of dollars. 9 billion dollars a year is spent of textbooks that become outdated the minute they are printed according to the author.

      With the new generation of learners, virtual reality will be embracing how most learners learn the best by visual means and not by reading.

      This video short impactfully presents how VR will change the face of education.

      RATING: 5/5 (rating based upon a score system 1 to 5, 1= lowest 5=highest in terms of content, veracity, easiness of use etc.)

  14. Oct 2018
    1. having children is a privilege that has been historically denied to many nonwhite and nonafflu-ent people.

      The idea of "no future"/ "declining to reproduce the Child" doesn't do anything to help indigenous people because having children is an act that has been regulated for indigenous people. Settler colonialism/white supremacy does not want indigenous people to create future generations so having a child could be seen as a radical act for indigenous people.

  15. Sep 2018
    1. What order, so contriv'd as not to mix Tastes, not well joynd, inelegant, but bring [ 335 ] Taste after taste upheld with kindliest change,

      We may interpret it according to the Indian thought, e.g. by enjoying our sensual pleasure it is never fulfilled rather it increases.

  16. Aug 2018
  17. edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com
    1. Incessentaly correcting graamer

      This may be my favorite line of the entire code of conduct! I'm doing my best to resist....

  18. May 2018
    1. Puedes perder peso RAPIDO con esta dieta para adelgazar 5 kilos

      En esta noticias nos aseguran perder ese peso rápido pero lo que no nos dicen es el efecto rebote que posiblemente ocurrirá cuando dejemos la dieta

    1. Causa Bromatología: “No está probada la asociación ilícita”

      Lo dijo el abogado de una de las detenidas. La Cámara de Apelaciones debe resolver la excarcelación. Si bien se había fijado audiencia para declarar, Claudia Carlos no declaró.

    1. Cuando hagas tu ejercicio cardiovascular antes te vas a preparar poniendo un gel adelgazante en la cintura, después te envuelves en papel transparente y te pones una faja que te haga sudar, pero no muy apretada ok!, te vas a correr, a tu zumba o lo que quieras que te haga sudar, por lo menos por 40 minutos, mínimo 3 veces por semana. Si puedes y no te parece muy incómodo usa la cinturilla (waist trainer) durante el día bajo la ropa. Esto combinado con las otras cosas que te digo aquí te va a ayudar a moldear cintura.

      Para empezar, esta noticia,es sensacionalista por que llama la atención del publico para conseguir el restuldado de la persona de la foto. En este párrafo, podemos ver que le falta información a la noticia puesto que: En primer lugar, liarte papel transparente al rededor de la cintura hace que el cuerpo no transpire y este peuda crear hongos. En segundo lugar, hacer que sudes más de lo necesario lo unico que hace es perder liquido del cuerpo, por lo tanto te provoca deshidratación. En tercer lugar, falta esta información de lo que podría provocarte hacer eso. Por ultimo, pienso que haciendo distintos tipos de ejercicios que trabajen la zona abdominal puedes conseguir un resultado también satisfactorio sin poner en riesgo tu salud.

    1. Existen por lo menos dos formas de saber con quién habla tu amado o amada.Aquí te vamos a explicar lo que debes hacer y por supuesto, esperamos sea de gran ayuda para ti, puedas quitarte esa perturbación de la cabeza y sigas tu vida en total tranquilidad.

      Se considera que está no probado porque no está constatado que se pueda realizar.

  19. Apr 2018
  20. Feb 2018
    1. ¿Es posible pensar en configuraciones no totalizantes que no se comporten como sistemas convencionales pero que, sin embargo, actúen como un todo? Dicho de otra manera, el pensamiento de sistemas se basa en la idea de que el todo surge de la interacción de las partes. Durante las últimas tres décadas las teorías de emergencia y auto-organización han puesto de relieve el hecho de que estos procesos dan lugar a sistemas complejos que no son fijos ni estáticos sino abiertos y adaptables y, a menudo, existen dentro de condiciones de inestabilidad y lejos del equilibrio

      O en equilibrio dinámico.

    2. La creciente visibilidad de la no dualidad también es un reflejo del hecho de que, en realidad, nadie funciona como un juguete cartesiano puro; en términos fenomenológicos simplemente no podemos hacerlo; rehusamos dividir la vida de acuerdo con separaciones rígidas
    3. Existe el riesgo, sin embargo, de pluralizar lo moderno. Aunque tiene mucho sentido hablar de modernidades alternativas o múltiples (a nivel mundial) el riesgo es reintroducir, por la puerta trasera, la premisa de un solo mundo compartido o real y la universalización de las formas dominantes de ver. Un segundo peligro es absolver a la modernidad de cualquier mal ya que, después de todo, muchos ‘modernos diferentes’ (por ejemplo, aquellos que provienen de regiones o culturas europeas no dominantes) argumentarán que nunca fueron parte del orden moderno dominante.

      Para evitar estos riesgos la pluralización de la modernidad se tiene que hacer de una manera postdesarrollista y decolonial

    4. Hay fuentes importantes en lo que podría llamarse ‘Occidentes alternativos’ o ‘modernidades no dominantes’, algunas de los cuales ya he mencionado

      [...]El biólogo Brian Goodwin (2007), por ejemplo, habla de una ciencia ‘goethiana’ de las cualidades que reconoce la importancia de los sentimientos y las emociones como fuente de creación de conocimiento y como esencial para ‘sanar nuestra cultura fragmentada’.24 Algunas tradiciones filosóficas o estéticas occidentales del pasado están siendo convocadas de nuevo por académicos y, en menor medida, por activistas en su búsqueda de perspectivas no dualistas, como lo demuestra el renovado interés en la obra de Spinoza, Bergson y Whitehead; en pragmáticos como James y Dewey; y en los escritos sobre la naturaleza de los románticos estadounidenses.

  21. Jan 2018
    1. Como hipótesis provisional sostengo que la dependencia de formas de racionalidad y análisis logocéntrico de larga data sigue siendo fundamental para la producción académica crítica (¡incluyendo este libro!) y que, a pesar de su notable productividad, tiene consecuencias para ir más allá de las ontologías dualistas. Para desarrollar esta hipótesis, aunque de forma rudimentaria, comienzo recordando el argumento de Varela y sus colegas sobre los límites de la racionalidad abstracta y su insistencia en unir la reflexión y la experiencia. Esto es precisamente lo que trató de hacer la fenomenología; sin embargo —argumentan Varela, Thomson y Rosch— no pudo contestar, completamente, las preguntas radicales que planteaba. ¿Por qué? Su respuesta es relativamente simple pero las consecuencias son de largo alcance. La fenomenología se estancó, precisamente, porque su análisis de la experiencia sigue estando “dentro de la corriente principal de la filosofía Occidental [...] hizo hincapié en el contexto pragmático y encarnado de la experiencia humana, pero de una manera puramente teórica” (Varela et al. 1991: 19). ¿Puede esta afirmación17ser aplicable a la teoría social en su conjunto, tal vez incluso a aquellas tendencias que problematizan sus dualismos estructurantes?

      [...] [...] Lo que esta formulación quiere transmitir es que la reflexión no es sólo sobre la experiencia; la reflexión es una forma de la experiencia [...] Cuando la reflexión se hace de esa manera puede cortar la cadena de patrones y percepciones habituales de pensamiento para que pueda ser una reflexión abierta a posibilidades distintas de las contenidas en la representación actual que tenemos del espacio de la vida

      Quizás se requieren materialidades nuevas para romper estas lógicas que hacen academia crítica desde los logos, métricas y formas de la academia clásica. En ese sentido la experiencia, que está en el centro de lo hacker, artítistico y activista es clave, pues enactua en discursos no siempre logocéntricos. Es decir, esas reflexiones (usualmente escritas) que son también una experiencia, atravesadas por otras materialidades que dan cuenta de ellas pueden ayudar a deconstruir su expresión logocéntrica.

    2. Los actores que operan en estos diversos campos están elaborando un léxico para una transición cultural y ecológica significativa, impulsada, en parte, por un énfasis en formas de ser y hacer no dualistas, postcapitalistas y no liberales (

      Habría que ver cómo esas iniciativas entran en diálogo, se visibilizan, realimentan y transforman mutuamente.

    3. El primer punto es que el problema no es que los dualismos existan; después de todo muchas sociedades se han estructurado en torno a las dualidades, aunque en la mayoría de los casos estas dualidades son tratadas en términos de complementariedad de pares no jerárquicos (e.g., la dualidad yin/yang). El problema es la forma como son tratadas esas divisiones culturalmente, en particular las jerarquías establecidas entre los pares de cada binario y las consecuencias sociales, ecológicas y políticas de esas jerarquías. En el argot de la perspectiva decolonial latinoamericana esta característica se conoce como ‘colonialidad’ y es considerada central para el sistema mundo moderno/colonial que nació con la conquista de América y que erigió al mundo europeo en la cúspide de la civilización. Una característica central de esta colonialidad del poder es la clasificación jerárquica de las diferencias, lo cual conduce a la supresión, devaluación, subordinación o, incluso, destrucción de formas de conocimiento y ser que no se ajustan a los dictados de la forma dominante de la modernidad de origen europeo. En términos de género, la colonialidad cimentó la separación entre lo humano/civilizado (el mundo europeo), clasificado también en términos de género, y lo no-humano/no-civilizado (los mundos no-modernos de los pueblos racializados), los cuales solo podían ser descritos en términos de sexo biológico.
    4. Por otro lado, el matriarcado no se define por el predominio de las mujeres sobre los hombres sino por toda una concepción diferente de la vida que no se basa en la dominación y las jerarquías y que respeta el tejido relacional de la vida. Por eso se puede decir que en el principio de todas las culturas estaba la madre (en última instancia, la Madre Tierra), es decir, la relación, como aún sucede en muchos pueblos indígenas que conservan prácticas matriarcales. Progresivamente, sin embargo, los hombres socavaron este fundamento de la vida en su intento por usurpar el poder de las mujeres y crear vida a través de lo que von Werholf llama ‘alquimia patriarcal’.

      Sobre la alquimia, valdría la pena reconsiderar mi protocolo doctoral, antes de inscribirme, (que mencionaba al alquimista) desde la distancia a estas ópticas de alquimia patriarcal.

      Quizás la última alquimia sea cambiar mi definición de alquimia.

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    1. I realized that what sold was not the script but the connection of excitement, the acceleration of a heart beat, the comic tone, the sudden absurd eruption in the life of another.

      Facts count for nothing.

      Excitement. - Career? Power? Attachment? Identification? Meaning? Numbers?

    2. The people on the other end were targets. They were nothing. They were nobody.




  27. Feb 2017
    1. I shall only remark that it might well suit the poet's fancy, who sings of sparkling eyes and coral lips, and knights in armor clad; but it seems to me ut-terly inconsistent with the dignity of a Christian body, to endeavor to draw such an anti-scriptural distinction between men and women. Ah! howl many of my sex feel in the dominion, thus un· righteously exercised over them, under the gentle appellation of f'rutection, that what they have leaned upon has proved a broken recd at besl, and oft a spear.

      This is badass and actually had me loling. Basically, Grimké says: "That little poetry bit was cute and all, but frankly, I find your comparison of the female body to a beautiful (but still frail and dependent and clingy) vine as fancifully out-of-touch, demeaning to my faith, and personally offensive to my sex. P.S. The metaphorical tree of masculinity that women supposedly lean on for support and protection (anyone catch the underlying phallic reference here?) is actually either a weak twig or a weapon that impales us. So thanks."

    1. All that man can say or do can never elevate us, it is a work that must be effected between God and ourselves. And how'! By dropping all political discussions in our behalf, for these, in my opinion, sow the seed of discord, and strengthen the cord of preju-dic

      Oh, so maybe the personal is not political for Stewart. . . .

  28. Jan 2017
    1. And hence we see that, in the interpretation of laws, whether divine or human, there is no end; comments beget com• ments, and explications make new matter for ex-plications; and of limiting, distinguishing, vary-ing the signification of these moral words there is no end.

      "There is no end." Another useful way to think through rhetoric in light of Muckelbauer.

      But, of course, there are often temporary ends achieved.

    1. In the knowledge section, you can create the outline of your thesis or paper. The individual knowledge items can be dropped on the categories on the left, which correspond to your chapters, and within each chapter, they can then be ordered to develop your argument. Thus, your paper is taking shape before your actually start writing.
    1. Because polygamous marriages are not recognized by the state -- imams who conduct them are subject to punishment -- the wives have no legal status, making them vulnerable when marriages turn violent. Yet the local authorities here typically turn a blind eye because the practice is viewed as a tradition.

      In marriages, women have no right to to report or divorce their husband when thay are in a violent situation that's occur ring in the marriage.

  29. Dec 2016
  30. Nov 2016
    1. De acuerdo con Michael Moore, algunos votantes podrían dar su voto por Trump como una señal de advertencia para el deteriorado sistema político en EE.UU. que se niega a cambiar. "Por el enfado que muchos sienten hacia el sistema político, millones de personas votarán por Trump. No porque estén de acuerdo con él, no porque les guste, sino solo porque pueden hacerlo, solo por enfadar al sistema". 
    1. Les victòries de Trump als estats inconstants (els ‘swing states’) no han estat per gran diferència, però el sistema majoritari dóna tots els delegats al vencedor. D’aquesta manera, i quan encara no se saben els resultats definitius escrutats, Clinton podria haver guanyat en vots (el vot popular) però haver perdut en delegats. Als Estats Units, els delegats que atorga cada estat són els que escullen el president.
  31. Sep 2016
  32. Aug 2016
    1. “Starting from a place of 'I don’t have biases' is never helpful.” It’s not necessarily the gender of an engineer that matters, it’s that engineer’s ability to consider perspectives outside their own.
    1. When design solutions address the symptoms of a problem (like sleeping outside in public) rather than the cause of the problem (like the myriad societal shortcomings that lead to homelessness), that problem is simply pushed down the street.
  33. Jul 2016
    1. Marvel has always been political. Captain America started fighting Hitler and the Nazis before the USA entered the War. Fantastic Four fought the Communists. Captain America fought, then resigned because of Nixon. The Invisible Girl became The Invisible Woman, you had a character actually called The Black Panther from a fictitious, idealised African country.
  34. May 2016
    1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

      This worked well for me with a Dell Vostro 3550 and Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 virtualised inside VirtualBox (Version 5.0.16 r105871). When you run this command, the shell will present the configurator and the choices this user recommends are valid mostly. By contrast, I chose the Dell SK-8125 as a reasonably close match to the Vostro 3550. I also set the left Alt key to function as the AltGr key and this solved the problem. Now, if I want to type the pipe ( | ) character, I use the key combination


      This is not the most intuitive solution; but it works!

  35. Apr 2016
  36. Jan 2016
    1. No publicarás contenido que resulte hiriente, intimidatorio, pornográfico, que incite a la violencia o que contenga desnudos o violencia gráfica o injustificada.

      que bueno que no hay pornografía en facebook...

    2. Tu privacidad es muy importante para nosotros

      Al parecer esta frase no pudiera ser tan cierta.. esto queda bajo nuestra responsabilidad y no de facebook, pero no lo podríamos saber con certeza

  37. Nov 2015
    1. You need to take some time each day to specifically be out from Mind and ignore the demands which seem to be coming from “out there.“
  38. Sep 2015
    1. I think the choke point for the transition to postcapitalism comes when the market sector and non-market sector become round about the same size.
  39. Aug 2015
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    1. for easily running your own instance!

      This is a lie!

  41. May 2015
    1. I find it disturbing that the example "learning" tool is a classified ad.

  42. Feb 2015
    1. Forbudet må bort. Regulering må til. Når det skjer,og bare når det skjer vil vi "vinne" "krigen mot narkotika". Fordi krigen mot narkotika er egentlig et spørsmål til staten: Vil vi styre dette,eller la "kriminelle" styre dette? Hva er best for folket? En regulering som innebærer aldersgrenser og kvalitetssikring er klart det beste for folket. Nå er det bare opp til folket å se det selv om de ikke røyker weed eller setter sprøyter.

      Good luck.

  43. Sep 2013
    1. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to add useful notes at any point

      Is that a fucking fact